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  1. TigerFan54

    Thoughts on the rest of the season

    Agreed. RA may be the least self-reflective guy on the planet.
  2. TigerFan54

    Thoughts on the rest of the season

    Here's my thought on the rest of the season: Everyone on this board -- those who just read the comments as well as those who contribute them -- email the new AD to register your displeasure. And cc the school president.
  3. TigerFan54


    Devin Matthews averaged 10.4 yards per carry ... on four carries. Can someone explain why he was on the sideline most of the game while Mighty Mouse D'Ago Hunter (3.4 yards per carry) got the lion's share of snaps? (And where was Mystery Man Joachim Bangda, whom RA described as "another bullet in our arsenal" in his interview with Spiro?) Of course, these and other questions of this sort have been asked by us for years on this board. Please, God, make it stop. Send the bad man away.
  4. TigerFan54

    Other Fall Sports

    Field hockey got a 4-1 win over Ohio U. Very encouraging for a program that's just beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. TigerFan54

    Volleyball 2022

    Agreed -- this team's continued success deserves great fan support.
  6. TigerFan54

    Football Edges Morgan State 29-21

    A few thoughts: RA has been flagged at least three times in his years here for poor sideline conduct. Having watch football since the 1960s, I've NEVER seen another coach -- even Gordy, who could get pretty riled up at the officials -- get flagged. This is not just an embarrassment, it's shameful. Why is No. 0 in the backfield at all? He's tiny, provides no protection for the QB, and averaged 3.1 yards per carry. Reynolds averaged 6 yards. The math is obvious, or should be. Piggy's passing skills are modest, at best, but his mobility gives him playmaking ability. If he gets hurt at West Virginia, we might not win another game. If he stays healthy, my expectation is we win two more games, three max. (I hope I'm wrong, that Bangda finally gets on the field and proves to be a stud, that we start gelling in general. But it's hard to ignore what I've seen, and how hollow the head coach's past overstatements have proven to be.)
  7. TigerFan54

    Bucknell preview

    1-10 teams can surprise you -- witness our turnaround from 2010 to 2011. But my expectation is a Towson win despite some uneven play.
  8. TigerFan54

    Final Scrimmage update

    Thanks for the report, Mat. I was there for about an hour and, like you, thought TJ was putting a nice touch on the ball. It'll be a real shame if he's done, but it would create an opportunity for someone else. I suspect RA goes with Piggy because of his experience. If he starts throwing INTs or otherwise failing in clutch situations, then Scott Smith probably gets his chance. (Despite the impressive comparison to Schaeffer, I believe you have to have a mobile QB to be successful at this level.) I wasn't impressed by the placekicking, and kickoffs weren't deep.
  9. TigerFan54

    Volleyball 2022

    V-ball has been consistently good for many years. They deserve plenty of attention and praise.
  10. TigerFan54

    General Football News

    I'll be there. On a related topic, it appears that there will be no TV/streaming coverage of the Bucknell game. I hope that ain't so.
  11. TigerFan54

    2022 Summer Camp Thread

    Mat: How does the long snapper look? (It's someone new this year, yes?)
  12. TigerFan54

    General MBB thread 2021-22

    Anybody know the formula for playing certain CAA teams (UNCW, Elon, Stony Brook, Hampton) just once? Will other schools rotate into those single-game slots year to year? Will some natural rivals (U-Del) always be played twice a season?
  13. TigerFan54

    2022 Summer Camp Thread

    Mat: No mention of TJIII among the QBs -- is he hurt or has he fallen down the depth chart? Also, RA says, "Last year's group wasn't excited about being together. They are excited about playing together. These guys like hanging out together." But I recall him saying something much different this time last year, especially about the camaraderie of the quarterbacks. So it's hard to take his assessment at face value.
  14. TigerFan54

    2022 Summer Camp Thread

    Nice reply from Steve Irvine: Thanks for pointing that out to me. Sorry for my mistake. Not sure how I didn't notice that but it certainly wasn't intentional. Hope things go well for the Tigers this year.
  15. TigerFan54

    2022 Summer Camp Thread

    Inexplicably, the writer's email address at the bottom of the story misspells his name: To connect with the author of this story, or to comment, email steve.irwin@1819news.com. I tried to send him a polite correction, but the email bounced back as undeliverable. I checked the top of the story, and his name is Irvine. Strange. Anyway, I re-sent the email to that address; am curious to see if he responds.
  16. Yes, thanks for the thorough write-up. I think you mistyped here: "Can we be patient. We know we can get Towson, but we'd rather not. We got Pitt late last year in August."
  17. TigerFan54

    Tyrrell Pigrome transfers to Towson

    I know the college game has changed irreversibly, but I really don't like this constant reshuffling of the deck via no-sit-out transfers. It penalizes the guys who choose to stay for 4-5 (or 4-6!) years and diminishes loyalty/enthusiasm.
  18. TigerFan54

    Press Box Interview with Steve Eigenbrot

    In 2011, we had the perfect arrangement of three dynamic forces: 1. First three games (and, I think, four of the first five) were at home, when the weather was good. 2. The team played well from the start, and won. 3. T-Unit (if I'm remembering correctly) was well organized and worked hard to get frats and other student groups out. The result was solid student attendance all year long. Doesn't look like we can replicate No. 1 anytime soon, but hopefully No. 2 comes to fruition and SOMEBODY is motivated enough to generate T-Unit 2.0.
  19. TigerFan54

    Top 10 Cornerbacks of all time

    Forgot about Julian Blair -- he was a good player too. (And he was the last guy to touch the ball on that crazy kickoff return against Northeastern as time ran out, which set up the miracle win (Crowley to Orlando TD) on the untimed final play after the penalty on NE.
  20. TigerFan54

    Top 10 Offensive Guards/Centers

    Yep -- Jeff Law. He was overshadowed by others on that talented O-line, especially Karl Nieberlein, but Law was solid.
  21. TigerFan54

    Top 10 Linebackers of all time

    Arbutina was tough as nails, and I loved PD Moore's energy. (Very likable guy too.)
  22. TigerFan54

    Top 10 Cornerbacks of all time

    Mike Locksley was a pretty good player on those bad teams at the end of Phil Albert's tenure.
  23. TigerFan54

    Top 10 Offensive Guards/Centers

    I can't remember the name of our center on the '93 team, but I think he transferred from Hopkins. A bit undersized, he was nonetheless a big part of the line that opened holes for Vinson and McCarty and gave Crowley plenty of time to throw.
  24. TigerFan54

    Top 10 Defensive Tackles/Nose guards

    Bill Fisher, who played at Minnesota as a freshmen, transferred in at the end of the Phil Albert era. Those teams struggled, but Fisher could be a beast.

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