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  1. TigerFan54

    Nice video package on Caleb Smith

    Very impressive young man. I remember watching his father play -- he was a relentless, so the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
  2. TigerFan54


    I'm sure RA was supremely disappointed when the CAA pulled the plug, especially since so much effort had gone into working with the team/staff remotely and coming up with a plan to proceed. And then ... it's all gone. I wouldn't have known what to say either, or seen much point in it. My disappointment (apart from just missing out on games and cheering us on) is that we had a chance to be pretty good with Shane, DeBerry, and Ron Johnson all back, a very good o-line, some promising defenders, and Constantine. Now, at least some of those prospects for the coming season have all vanished, even if games are played in the spring. I fear the same way about b-ball, with Big Vic, the UAB transfer, and our returnees giving us reason to hope. Would be a real shame if that season falls by the wayside too.
  3. TigerFan54

    I guess Dartmouth Game is now Postponed

    Maryland game has been canceled. Very disappointing, as I liked our chances given that Md. lost their star RBs, we're getting key players back, and Constantine (assuming he pans out) seems like a better QB than Josh Jackson.
  4. TigerFan54

    2021 Football Offers/Commits

    Very impressive combination of speed and power.
  5. TigerFan54

    Press Box video interview with RA

    Rob says 70 players will arrive in July. Does that mean we'll have a smaller roster because of budget cuts or do the true freshmen come later?
  6. TigerFan54

    State of Towson Athletics Briefing Set for June 18

    If football is bringing players in starting July 6, that means an extra month of paying for out-of-staters' room and board. How do you add costs when a 25% budget cut is mandated?
  7. TigerFan54

    Release on Makhtar Gueye joining MBB

    He's eligible this year? Must be a grad transfer, right?
  8. TigerFan54

    Jake Constantine to Towson

    Daniels? (Daniel Smith.) And 2012, I said he reminds me "a little" of D. Smith, not that they were comparable.
  9. I think we're all surprised nothing has (apparently) developed, even with the CFL.
  10. TigerFan54

    Jake Constantine to Towson

    He reminds me a little of the Nova QB, though Constantine is not as quick. But it's good to have him in the fold.
  11. TigerFan54

    MLax lands a transfer

    He has an unorthodox face-off stance -- he wasn't down in a crouch, as we often see. Hard to understand how you get much push that way.
  12. TigerFan54

    Tippett set to transfer

    Oh, no! Bug loss for us.
  13. TigerFan54

    2021 Football Offers/Commits

    This kid is a real football player -- always around the ball on defense, a big hitter (and sure tackler) and a solid receiver.
  14. TigerFan54

    Late commit for 2020

    The Sun story mentions a QB who was injured during spring practice. Any idea if that involves a potential starter (Miller or Stover) and if it's serious?
  15. TigerFan54

    Jim Darcangelo passes away

    Very comparable. (Back in Darcangelo's day, the sticks were wooden and the pocket less deep than in Shek's era, so it was tougher to maintain possession against good defenders. But both were great athletes and highly skilled.)
  16. TigerFan54

    Jim Darcangelo passes away

    I saw him play when we won the national championship in 1974. He was great.
  17. TigerFan54

    All-time football team

    Jamal White dropped too many easy passes (quite a few of which would have gone for easy touchdowns) to be on my list. Crowley was very good, but I consider Grant Enders, with his ability to escape pressure and run, as the No. 1. Schaeffer was a terrific passer, but didn't sense pressure and took a fair number of sacks.
  18. TigerFan54

    Interview with Yeedee

    Watching Yeedee break so many long runs in the Elon game has me scratching my head five months after the fact: How did we ever lose???
  19. TigerFan54

    Spring Athletics Suspended

    Would Nads be on JHU's radar? He's had some lows to go along with his highs here. I suspect the powers that be at Hopkins would make a strong pitch for someone with a track record at a top-tier program.
  20. TigerFan54

    NCAA suspends recruiting

    Didn't Pat Kennedy go to Iona as part of his downward trajectory following his Florida State apex? (And we know where he ended up.)
  21. TigerFan54

    NCAA suspends recruiting

    Strange times for one and all.
  22. TigerFan54

    Spring Football thread

    I assume spring practice is cancelled, along with everything else.
  23. TigerFan54

    Spring Athletics Suspended

    Glad we didn't "make it back" to March Madness for the first time in three decades, since there would have been no reward for winning the CAA. (Poor Hofstra -- they finally get over the hump ... and nothing.)
  24. TigerFan54

    MLax falls at UMBC 10-5

    We're just one month into the semester, and Mazza is already behind in his academics?! Not a good sign...
  25. TigerFan54

    Lax falls to UMBC, now 0-5

    This team loses the face-off and ground ball battle every game; has terrible stats with extra-man opportunities and shots on goal. Unless Nads has some miracles up his sleeve, we might not win more than two games (and conceivably could go winless). What a difference a year (and key graduations) makes -- we were 5-0 at this time last year and atop the national rankings for the first time ever. Now, well, it's a different story.

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