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  1. Blazer49

    Volleyball 2021

    Props to the volleyball team. To help some of us who do not know the volleyball terrain, any upsets in these 12 matches or were they exoected to win those matches?
  2. Blazer49


    Don't get me started! Unfortunately it is still "Aunt" Flo for us. Even the MEAC is smart enough to have a deal with ESPN.
  3. Blazer49

    Off-season news and clips

    Sniff, sniff hmmm. do I smell burner account? You can use it to give us a juicy off the record story from time to time! Great name for it Mat(t)1992! What do you think? LET'S GO!!!
  4. Yea, let's continue to fall further and further into obsurity! I didn't even realize until I read this release the Flosports charges more than ESPN+. I truly do not get why this conference contniues to work with Flosports. IF and that is a big IF they are getting more from Flosports than they would with a deal with ESPN, it amount they are getting more cannot equal the amount of exposure they are losing out on by being on a service that serves good for no one.
  5. Blazer49

    The First 50 -full movie

    Never saw this when it was originally posted. Very nice documentary! Loved the story by Landetta "Lawrence Taylor one day said 'Hey Landetta! Where the f**k is Towson State?'" I think that quote should go on t-shirts and brochures. For obvious reasons they really could not do anything or mention Meggett, but like a previous poster said it would have been nice to Vinson.
  6. Blazer49

    2022 commits and offers

    Well at least he didn't call us "Towson State"!?!
  7. Blazer49

    Two-sport athletes

    Jeff Bolser after he was done playing baseball played on my intramural softball team. Not sure how and where softball is played now, but we use to play on the Burdick Field which I beleive is all turf now. Anyway one of the softball fields was right next to what is now Scherholtz Park. The softball backstop ws near the 3rd base dugout of the baseball field. Anyway Jeff hit a softball on to the top level of the parking garge. It was a BOMB!
  8. Well at least he was able to use his relationship with Jamie Dixon for something. Not sure what or how this could benefit us, maybe in the good old transfer portal a few years down the road, the kids trying out now will remember him.
  9. Blazer49

    Let's talk about 2021 roster vs. 2019 vs. 2017

    Mat as usual bringing the goods, with knowledgeable pieces! Good stuff
  10. Blazer49

    2021 Spring & Summer Transfer Thread

    I'm assuming it can't be talked about but leaving us with a big cliffhanger here
  11. Blazer49

    2021 Spring & Summer Transfer Thread

    What the heck is going on? The portal is crazy enough as it is, but I did not know a player could transfer, check out how things are in spring pracitce and then go back into the portal again. What a joke.
  12. Blazer49

    MLax holds on to beat UMass 9-6

    Have not been able to see one game this year, but it seems like the way we play is far from entertaining. I'll take the "W" though
  13. Blazer49

    2021-22 Schedule Thread

    Any games that keep us off of Flosports I am for even though we will probably get trounced!
  14. Blazer49

    MLax meets Hofstra on Tuesday at noon

    Nice win and by more than a goal!
  15. Blazer49

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    Wow would have never have guessed him going there.
  16. Blazer49

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    We can only imagine how this conversaton went and the kid still chose to come to Towson! "He said wasn't sure what to think of Towson at first, but Tigers head coach Pat Skerry laid out a plan to win conference championships and qualify for the NCAA Tournament."
  17. Pleasant suprise to see them win yesterday. Darn shame they blew that 4 goal lead against the Chickens last week.
  18. Blazer49

    Grant to B.C.

    Considering how much the CAA has fallen isn't this kind of a latteral move for him? Why not stay there for another year or two for a bigger job.
  19. Blazer49

    Hofstra lax game postponed

    Sad but selfishly, after the basketball season, releived to know the popstponements were not due to postivies in our programs.
  20. Blazer49

    1491 Days

    This might be the best Thread this site has seen at least as far as I can remember. This thread is not the knee jerk reactions of yet another game we just threw away, it is a collection of frustrations seeing the same bad movie season after season after season. I found myself nodding my head throughout this thread. Valid points that continually hit the nail on the head. As much as the way this game is played now annoys me even I will admit you have to adjust to the new way to play. We are in the age of positionless basketball where there is no 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 positions on the floor. As a lower mid-level conference we will never get an old school dominate post player anyway so why not just recurit shooters? Put 5 guards on the floor have 2 or 3 that can create their own shots and then a few others that just stand in the corner and drain threes? Now I know I am simlifing things put I think we all get the picture. I would have no issue with a "Three and D philosphy" Anything is better than what we are doing now. I never like or advocate for coaching changes as I never like to see anyone lose their job, but this cannot go on any longer. PS will probably keep his job this year but like Chris said in his post. PS needs to be put on notice and that cnversation should have been had before they even left the arena on Saturday.
  21. Blazer49

    Duke Preview

    Let's hope they do not give up more goals than the baseball team is giving up runs right now. They are currently down 13-1 end of the 4th.
  22. Blazer49

    Back on Pause

    https://towsontigers.com/news/2021/2/16/towson-mens-basketball-temporarily-stops-team-activities.aspx Sigh
  23. Could not see or follow the game. I just looked through the Play by Play. I am sure it was mentioned in the chat but on this thread how come no one is mentioning up four with 20 seconds to go in regulation and we foul a guy taking a three? How bad was the foul? Granted you do not want to give up an open look but why are we close enough to foul in that situation? Obviusly that had a hand in how the game ended up
  24. Blazer49

    JMU postmortem

    I am unable to watch our games as I refuse to play for Aunt Flo Sports so I get my feel for this team through these threads and much appreciated work that Mat does. That being said something does have to change. If you remove the players names from the comments from the posters and replace them with "Player X" and "Player Y", no one would have any idea if the thread was from yesterday's game, a game from last year, two years ago etc. From the one or two games I am able to watch a year to the threads I read this team has: 1) Tough to watch the brand of basketball is not fun viewing. Standing around for 25 seconds and then "Player X" forces up a shot 2) No shooters 3) No one to handle and/distrbute the ball. 4) Player X has not developed in his 3 or 4 years on campus 5) The list could go on and on but it will start to be as boring as one of our offensive possessions! I am never like to see anyone anywhere lose their job, but in order for him to stay Skerry ball needs to adjust to present times.

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