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  1. 55 minutes ago, Blounge said:

    LOL at least Delaware is getting trolled online during their 15 minutes of fame. Bunch of old folks who spend their retirement fan girling the blue chickens. 

    Who is gonna be out new big rival? Morgan State?

    Far flung conference for sure. But when they say, you’ll play New Mexico State. Western. Kentucky Louisiana tech etc, it’s slightly better than Bryant Campbell Hampton nc and t, Maine lol.    C USA hoops is much better than caa so they have that going too. 

    would think nova leaves to go patriot league for football and that may bring wm there for all sports. 

  2. 32 minutes ago, Blounge said:

    Hindsight is 20-20 we essentially sleepwalked through the whole decade somehow regressing after a championship run. After 2013 they should have turned the money printer on and made grander plans but of course we stood around finger popping each other’s you know what’s 

    i guess we can join a MAC type league next?

    Just be happy to have a program!!   

    Ideally both coaches would have moved on after their big success in 2012-2014 and we replaced them with younger hungry coaches who could take the next step. Instead they stayed and got extension after extension and became (or remained for the tough people on here) average 

  3. 18 minutes ago, Blazer49 said:

    Can't wait for a Tweet from our boy Joey D saying something like this "This afternoon it is great to have my red solo to help me bail out this sinking conference ship.  Come check it out on Flosports!"

    Bahahah. Obviously the caa was on its way down when the VA3 left at the end of Yeagers reign but it was put into rapid decline under clueless joey d incompetent leadership 
    If he ever leaves, at least we know he will have a job waiting him at Towson. 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, TSU88 said:

    That’s correct, though I think there’s also some requirement about having a certain minimum number of student athletes on scholarship. 

    You have a point about the geographical shift in the FCS power structure. With the JMU’s, App State’s, ODU’s and all the other southern schools (Georgia Southern I think is another example) leaving for the FBS (you can now add Delaware to the list) the strength of what’s left of the FCS is in Montana and the Dakotas. 

    Wouldn’t surprise me if those schools tried to make a conference and move up.  If everyone moves up to FBS, then the G5(+) will be like the FCS once again… diluting the field.  Kind of like raising minimum wage but the price of everything else goes up along with it..

  5. 6 minutes ago, TSU88 said:

    5 million dollar application fee? Even if we wanted to move up to FBS, where’s that money going to come from? Let’s be honest, given last year’s football attendance, paying 5 million (even if we have that kind of money just lying around) would seem absurd. What precisely would that 5 million buy us? The other question that comes to mind is what if the CAA keeps hemorrhaging schools and ceases to exist at some point in the future? Then where are we? Are these issues being discussed in the war room of our athletic department? 

    If we had that type of money, we would have had a new coach years ago.  I believe the new fee, up from 5,000 (lol), nullifies the attendance and stadium barriers for teams moving up to meet. 

    We are FCS or lower for the future. Not sure FCS has any future on the east coast (if it even does now?)


  6. 4 minutes ago, TSU88 said:

    Not surprising. My question is where does this leave us? The CAA is devolving into a low rent, “we’ll take anybody” conference, at least as far as basketball. I can’t imagine C of C hanging around, although maybe their strategy is to have a clear yearly path to the dance, by dominating a bunch of weaklings. Do we have any sort of exit strategy, or are we resigned to staying in the CAA? 

    I think you already know the answer to that… Reactive not proactive 

    Charleston to the A10 makes too much sense. Would be their 16th member. 

    Again, this leaves us in purgatory. League has lost half dozen or so public universities in the last decade plus and replaced them with small private colleges. 

  7. 56 minutes ago, TSU88 said:

    On this I agree. The success of the team this season was premised to some degree on the belief/hope that May would make the freshmen to sophomore year improvement, such that he would average in the low teens-not seamlessly step into Timberlake’s shoes, but at least be a consistent scoring threat. It’s obviously a small sample size so far, but the early results are not favorable 

    Agreed. He is atleast defending and rebounding well but some of those shots are brutal.  Close and beyond the arc, can’t air all them. It doesn’t allow for us to get into the offense, getting our misses. 

    As Mat says, needs to run off screens and move more.  His confidence is shot right now but hopefully those two threes help

  8. 11 hours ago, mat1992 said:

    Dylan Williamson is our only true guard and he's learning how to be a point guard. While had a couple of bad turnovers and one really bad foul, he did dish out five assists (4 TOs). That first three from May was well set up by Williamson and it was because we pushed the ball up the court off a miss. Not saying we have to play in the 50s in tempo, but it would be nice to let Williamson, Lowery and May get some transition opportunities. I thought the ball movement was awful in the first half and so was the lack of off-ball movement. In the second half, May, Tejada, and everyone in the paint had good looks. The ball movement was much better and then we just missed shots. There should have been more 10 assists, but I'm sure that's been said a lot over the years.

    The fact that Wynston Tabbs, their leading scorer, got thrown out for slapping Lowery in the first half, didn't hurt our cause.

    Wish we would push it more too but that’s not going to happen. 
    I think Williamson being thrust into the ball handler spot will pay dividends. Yes he’s better off the ball and can create his shot off the dribble more than most but he’s our leading assist man(not saying much) and has a 2 to 1 assist to turnover ratio.  That’s not bad considering.  He could have a few more more but some of our misses were ugly ones. 

    5 needs to step up. And by step up, I mean play like even an average mid major role player.  If he can shoot 40 and 33 from the field and three, we are scoring ~68 a game not 60

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  9. 23 minutes ago, TSU88 said:

    My point is that, for whatever reason, Cole may never be physically able to play this season. If that’s the case, what other option is there other than to redshirt him? Much rather Jones than Coleman? Well, duh. Again, you miss the point. The question isn’t whether Jones is better than Coleman, as Coleman isn’t a D1 player. The question is how has Jones gone from being modestly productive at Wofford, to being a stiff so far here? 

    Minutes is one.  Can’t guard smaller players. And bigger players are too big.  Looks timid. Bur when you don’t play it’s hard to be productive 

  10. 14 minutes ago, TSU88 said:

    Kudos to Williamson. He’s literally our only guard right now, as inconceivable as that sounds. As “meh” as Hicks is, we sure need him back. If he’s out long term & we don’t get Tarke, well, be prepared for an extraordinary long, cold season.  Assistant Coach Bitee said before the game he thinks Cole is still 2 weeks away from playing, in his personal opinion. If the young man isn’t ready to go by the beginning of conference play, they should just redshirt him and be done with it.

    Paar with the (first) half of his life. Lowery is a work in progress, but you can see glimpses of his talent; thought he did a decent job as backup point guard. 

    Nice to see May drain back-to-back 3’s, but we need a lot more from him than 6 point games. 

    CT plays so hard; nonstop motor, but he misses so many shots close to the rim. I guess you just take the good with the bad and say it is what it is.

    Thoroughly unimpressed with Jones. I’m hard pressed to identify a single facet of the game he excels at. 

    Tejada might wind up being our leading scorer when all is said and done. Talk about bizarro world-a freshman in the Skerry era as the leading scorer. 


    Who besides us redshirts anymore? If he can play whenever and help. Let him play. Charles is the leader but not the only one who can’t make bunnies.  We have never made them so. 
    Jones just doesn’t play and gets called for fouls.  Much rather him than Coleman. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Blounge said:

    Score predictions? DraftKings let’s use move the line 8.5 to 20 point spread (odds change, but you can do it) 

    do we think Towson realistically can cover a -13.5 point spread?

    I’m thinking Morgan covers 13.5 maybe even 8.5

    Do we have all our ballhandlers? Are we gonna break 70 points today to hit a 140 point over? I’m not confident even at home we’ll be able to shoot much better

    These games are always way closer than they should be. Under and anything around 6-10 should be good

  12. 42 minutes ago, Bay Area Tiger said:

    Morgan State tomorrow is a must win of course. 
    South Dakota State went to Hattiesburg and beat Southern Miss.  Gonna really be a tough game on Friday now. 

    I keep thinking about what 2012 said weeks++ ago..  play Tarke and disregard the NCAA.   We signed him in mid August and it has now been 3+ months.  Nuts.  

    UMass after we return from Brookings..  Frank Martin wants paybacks.  UMBC after..

    I keep hearing both football and basketball programs preaching what a great campus etc we have to recruit players etc and being a homer alum.. absolutely yes I love the campus and community but that all being said NIL will rule things going forward and money talks…  really hope/pray we can stay in the mix as a D1 program. 




    South Dakota state has had some close games but yes got their first win of the year against souther miss.   Morgan, Coppin and Robert morris still have a combined 0 wins this year…

    NCAA really has no control anymore so like I said. Just play him! After last week, it seems he will more likely be denied than approved. 

    17 minutes ago, mat1992 said:

    The Tarke situation is different than NIL stuff, but I don’t care who is coaching this program or how nice our campus is. If we are middle of the pack or worse in our conference in terms of NIL collective, then we are going to miss out on a bunch of opportunities to win just as we did in the spring. Quality Transfers are looking for the best deal.

    Haven’t we missed out on other players before too without NIL. We won’t compete with Charleston, uncw, Delaware etc in hoops with money. 

    I’d rather a better fit player than someone money hungry. We are stuck with lame duck pat for the next 4 years or so, so let’s get players that fit his system. (Athletic wings, who can’t shoot, or handle the ball, but will defend and crash the glass). Look a Policelli. Left stony to go to Charleston for the money and has been awful so far 

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