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  1. 5 hours ago, mat1992 said:

    Maybe they saw that Miami-FL exhibition game and thought he could score down low in the CAA. They were hoping for the next John Davis and that wasn't the case. He actually had a decent shot but he rarely took one outside of five feet. He was also a turnover machine at times whenever he put the ball on the floor. They didn't need a star and weren't going to get one with Cam there, but needed someone with more length who could shoot from the perimeter. Which is why I keep harping on that for at least one of the ships available.

    Checks out old posts… checks out.. hahaha😂

  2. 45 minutes ago, TSU88 said:

    Not nitpicking Mat, but none on that list played in the Baltimore City public school league. I’m pretty sure Nolan, McNeil and Gorham played at private schools. Conway is Baltimore County public school. Again, just sort of a statistical anomaly that in over a decade Skerry’s never had a City public school kid. 

    In any event, it’s not that stellar of a list regardless. Nolan was only here 1 year; Holland never played a single game; McNeil stayed from start to finish, but was a role player. Gorham was the best of the bunch, but he transferred to Houston 

    Do good players go to public schools anymore?  Going back further, Franklin Dupree, Philmore etc. private schoolers. All for whatever reason didn’t pan out for whatever reason.

  3. 21 minutes ago, TSU88 said:

    I think May may (see what I did there) have potential to be a legit starter. His shooting percentage numbers in his freshman year were better than Timberlake’s. Disclaimer, NT avg’d more ppg as a freshman, but he played more minutes than May. NT played fewer games his freshman year, due to getting injured and ultimately red shirted. 

    I don’t see Hicks as anything more than a role player, unless he significantly improves his offensive game. I don’t see Conway as anything more than a one-dimensional guy (3 point shooter) unless he improves his offensive game, in terms of hitting midrange shots and/or creating/driving to the basket.  Williamson could be an X-factor, but right now he’s an unknown quantity. (Still don’t understand why he was redshirted last season). 

    While it’s true that in the past freshmen have not been significant contributors in the Skerry era (no freshman has ever averaged more than 9ppg, and that was Jerome Hairston, a million years ago), next season might be an exception. First of all, we have, at least on paper, a good incoming class. Second, it’s possible 1 or more of them could play more minutes than what we usually see out of Skerry freshmen, by necessity. Then again, it might be wash, rinse, repeat. History shows that freshmen under Skerry make their biggest leap in production in their sophomore season (I’m thinking Morsell, ZM & Betrand, as examples).

    One thing is clear. Skerry MUST hit 1 or more home runs in the portal. If he does, all bets are off in terms of writing off next season, before it even starts. If he strikes out, or just does “meh” in the portal, then next season could be fugly.

    Memo to 2012: everything you say about the team sucking raw eggs next season might turn out to be true, but you needn’t be do F’ing gleeful about it 



     Not saying they are going to suck eggs. Let’s see what they get in the portal but without 3 impact players there, this team as assembled looks bad.

    Gleeful?! Come on. Realist, sure. I bleed black and gold and firsthand got my head bashed in by this program.  Under skerry it’s better (obviously) but it’s the same old same old

  4. 19 hours ago, mat1992 said:

    Preseason expectations were high for the 2022-23 season and Towson didn't deliver their goal of winning their first CAA Tournament title. After winning their share of the first regular season title in 2021-22 with three senior all-conference players returning, the Tigers were picked first in the CAA and ended up going 21-12 and 12-6 in the CAA. So what happened during the regular season and why did they fall short again? Let's review the 2022-23 season from start to finish.

    Towson opened up a tough non-conference stretch at home (tough because they played 10 of 13 on the road, not because it was graded difficult. Was 278th rated by KenPom) against Albany. After jumping out to a 10-point half lead, Towson struggled in the second half, taking just two three-pointers (making none). Sekou Sylla scored 19 points off the bench and grabbed nine rebounds. Nicolas Timberlake had one of the worst games of his life, shooting 1-of-10 from the field, but did go 6-of-7 from the line. He scored eight points, while Cam Holden had just eight and five assists on 1-of-7 shooting.

    The Tigers would bounce back with an impressive 67-55 road win over UMass. Timberlake bounced back with 27 points on 10-of-14 shooting. Towson also outrebounded UMass 40-31 which was impressive considering they've had issues with Hofstra/Monmouth transfer Isaac Kante in the past (held to four rebounds).

    They followed that with an 80-74 road win over Penn. Timberlake led the team again with 23 points, but the only significant thing about this game was that Jason Gibson scored 11 points and dished out three assists in 25 minutes. Gibson also dove on floor for a loose ball and grabbed his back. He may not have been hurt on that play, but that unfortunately may have been the final game of his career.

    Gibson would be replaced in the lineup by Radhir HIcks, who went scoreless in his first game against UNC Greensboro on the road, but did play 24 minutes in an ugly 56-53 road win over the Spartans, Timberlake led the way with 26 points on 10-of-19 shooting but the Tigers shot just 3-of-16 from long range including 0-for-4 for Holden, who scored just 7 points on 3-of-11 shooting.

    Towson would win their fifth straight as they were able to beat Coppin State at home 83-67. Charles Thompson led the way with 18 points and 10 rebounds, but also had five of the team's nine turnovers. That wasn't a problem in this game, but it would become an issue in non-conference play. Sylla had another solid game off the bench with 14 points and seven boards. However, Sylla at 6-5 (maybe) was able to take advantage of smaller frontcourts and struggled against bigger ones.

    The five-game winning streak was snapped at the Hostilo Hopps Community Class in Savannah, Ga. after the Tigers were stunned by Fairfield 74-69. The Stags finished 13-18 overall and 9-11 in the MAAC, which is a bit of a surprise because they were big but slow. Yet they found a way to beat a very lethargic Towson team led by Holden, who had 18 points in his home stats, while Timberlake added 15, but had four turnovers. Towson had just five points from Nygal Russell and Hicks. Another player, who would see very limited time this season poured in eight rebounds in eight minutes. His name? Chase Paar.

    Towson woke up and won the next two games over South Alabama (62-60 and Mercer (70-60). It wasn't really reviewing considering the games were played without about 300 fans in a very small gym. Guessing Towson will never return to that tournament.

    The Tigers returned to the road on Dec. 2, facing Rod Strickland's LIU team. The Tigers basically slept-walked in the first half before slicing the lead to two. They wound up having a better second half and won 74-65. Holden had a strong game with 22 points and five assists, while Timberlake finished with 15 points (1-of-7 3pt). Hicks, who suffered a sprained ankle in Georgia, played just five minutes off the bench. Redshirt freshman Ryan Conway got the start and scored six points in 21 minutes. The point guard or lead guard position would become a concern with Hicks injured, Gibson out and Conway trying to get his feet wet. Holden would become the de facto point guard and things were about to get a bit out of control. 

    Looking back at the Clemson loss (80-75), Towson played their best game or one of the best games of the season. Sure, the ACC Tigers did not make the NCAA Tournament but in P.J. Hall and Hunter Tyson, they faced their best frontcourt of the season. That was the difference as Hall (6-10, 240) and Hunter Tyson (6-8, 215) combined for 44 points and 19 rebounds. Timberlake led the way with 21 points and eight rebounds, while Holdedn added 18 points and five assists. Towson hung in this game and probably should have won because they turned the ball over just seven times. Conway had his best game with 14 points and hit 4-of-9 (all four three-pointers).

    Things would get ugly as the Tigers as the Clemson loss began a five-game losing streak. They fell to Navy at home on Dec. 11, 71-69 in overtime. Timberlake had 17 points, but shot just 2-of-10 from three-point range. But the big problem was turnovers led by eight from Holden. Towson finished with 18 turnovers while Navy had 14, but they shot 47% from the field. Hicks missed the game once again (missed Clemson) and would miss their next game in Chicago against Northern Iowa.

    Towson led the Panthers 33-31, but was outscored 52-33 in the second half as defense was non-existent and turnovers reared its ugly head again (18). Holden and Timberlake both had five turnovers apiece.

    The Tigers finally finished the non-conference schedule with a trip to Rhode Island to face Bryant on Dec. 22. It was a pretty hideous performance against a decent team from the America East. Towson struggled with 18 turnovers and Timberlake and Holden combined for 9-of-29 shooting. Thompson showed up with 19 points and eight boards. Towson also shot just 4-of-18 from beyond the arc. 

    The losing streak would continue at home against Charleston on Dec. 31 with a solid crowd of 2,472 with students off for the break. Towson came back from a 35-25 halftime deficit to send the game to overtime, but Thompson made just 1-of-2 at the line with two seconds left with the Tigers down one. Had he made both the Cougars would likely have to fire up a desperation heave to win the game. Instead, the Cougars won in overtime 76-74. Thompson had 12 points and 12 rebounds, but was outplayed by 6-10 Ante Brzovic, who had 22 points and 12 rebounds. Towson turned it over 19 times even though Hicks returned (had 3). Holden really struggled with 12 points, six assists and six turnovers. 

    With Towson going into the CAA at 0-1 and losing five straight, without their starting point and turning it over at an alarming rate, what else could go wrong? A Cam Holden suspension that's what. Fortunately, it last just three games and Towson did manage to beat Drexel 64-58 at home on Jan. 5 to end that losing streak and beat up on Stony Brook 67-55 on the road. In that game, Hicks came off the bench and Conway started (9pts, 0 TOs). Sylla had another solid game with 14 points and 11 rebounds in place of Holden. Timberlake had one of his best all-around games with 20 points, six rebounds and six assists.

    Holden would miss one more game and it came in Newark against Delaware. The Hens were missing star guard Jameer Nelson Jr., but didn't need him against a Tigers' team that shot just 32% from the field in the first half and 35% overall. Timberlake continued his streaky ways with 13 points on 4-of-11 shooting, but Thompson struggled with just eight points and eight boards on 3-of-10 shooting against Jyare Davis (16pts). Ebby Asamoah added 17 points and made 9-of-10 from the line. Freshman Christian May (11pts) was one of the few bright spots.

    The Tigers did get Holden back against Monmouth on Jan. 14 and he came off the bench (7pts, 4 steals, 5 TOs). They didn't need him as Conway led the team with 17 points in a 68-48 win. 

    On Jan. 16, Towson's defense really shined in a 68-47 home win over Hofstra on Jan. 16 in an early afternoon start on the MLK holiday. Timberlake (17pts) outdueled star guard Aaron Estrada, who shot just 5-of-17 (0-of-10 3pt) and was the only Pride player with double digits (10pts). Transfer Tyler Thomas was also held to five points on 2-of-11 shooting. 

    That win over Hofstra and Monmouth was part of a six-game winning streak. Towson was able to beat NC A&T (79-67) on the road, struggled to beat Elon 66-62 on the road, took care of Northeastern by nine at home and then crushed William & Mary 92-73 at home on Jan. 28. Feeling confident, they took on Hofstra against on Feb. 2 in one of the best CAA games of the season. Hofstra got their revenge in a 76-72 win, but Timberlake was fantastic with 32 points on 7-of-11 from the three-point line. The problem? Nobody else scored over eight points. Holden continued to come off the bench, but played 34 minutes and had 11 rebounds and seven assists. But he shot just 3-of-11 and wound up with seven points. It also didn't help that Rusell was held to four points and Thompson had just two points in 17 minutes due to foul trouble. 

    The Tigers went back to Hodlen in the starting lineup in an 86-72 win over Hampton at home. He had 22 points and 12 boards, while Timberlake led the way with 31 points in a back-to-back 30-point display. 

    That feeling was short-lived as the Tigers fell in another overtime loss at Drexel 73-66. Holden brought it with 25 points and seven boards, but the Dragons were on Timberlake like glue and he wound up with just 14 points and turned the ball over five times. Russell and Conway combined for just six points as Hicks, who played 27 minutes, was about to go back to the starting lineup.

    Hicks returned to the starting lineup on a Monday night against William & Mary on Feb. 13. If you think the Fairfield loss was bad, this was about 5x as bad considering the Tribe had several starters out. Holden had 22 points, but Timberlake went 1-for-9 from the field. May started and scored just two points in 18 minutes. Conway had 11 points off the bench but it was the Towson three-point defense that was a no-show. The Tribe went 10-of-19 from long range and that made up for the fact that they were outrebounded by 10. (After the game, Timberlake apologized to the team after the 3+ hour bus ride back).

    You can't make up for a loss like that, but ultimately, Towson wasn't going to catch Hofstra or Charleston for first place. They absolutely dominated Delaware 95-72o on Feb. 16 before 3,010 at SECU in what was the best played home game of the season. Timberlake scored 29 points on 11-of-15 shooting to lead the way. Davis was held to 10 points on 5-of-13 shooting. 

    Towson finished up their home schedule with an 87-75 win over NC A&T before 3,598. Timberlake had another big outing with 26 points and five assists, while Thompson added 15 points, 17 rebounds and five blocks. The only regular who struggled was Holden, who had six points on 3-of-12 shooting, but he did have five assists and just two turnovers.

    The Tigers would go down to Charleston on Feb. 23 and fell 83-75. It was a game that should have been closer had the Tigers shot the ball better from the line (14-of-24). Timberlake had a career game with 34 points, but once again, he had little help (like the 2nd Hofstra game). Thompson was held to five points and fouled out in 26 minutes. They did a better job on Brzovic, who was held to 12 points, but the Cougars had six players in double figures and shot 29-of-35 (83%) from the line and that was the difference. Towson defended the three well, holding the Cougars to 4-of-16 from the line. But another issue crept up in this one and was too much fouling.

    Towson finished with a 57-53 road win over UNCW and defense ruled the way. Holden had a strong game with 22 points, while Timberlake was held to 12 points on 1-of-6 shooting. But he got to the line 10 times and made all 10. UNCW shot just 21% in the second half and wound up shooting 39% for the game. 

    The Tigers received the third seed and took on Delaware in the quarterfinals. Towson bashed the Blue Hens for the second straight game 86-60. Timberlake led four players in double figures with 19 points and nine boards. Thompson added 17 points and six boards.

    In the semfinals, Towson met the Cougars of Charleston for the third time. Unfortunately for the Tigers, the third time was not the charm. Holden ended his career with an outstanding game of 21 points, six rebounds and four assists. Timberlake added 17 points, but was just 3-of-12 from long range. Thompson fouled out in 25 minutes with six points and 10 rebounds, but went just 3-of-9 from the field and once again, struggled against the bigger Brzovic, who had 19 points. Once against, the Cougars dominated at the line, going 28-of-35. But it was Reyne Smith who was the difference for Charleston with 20 points and took over the game in the second half. A late comeback for Towson showed that they had heart, but once again, this team couldn't come up with a big basket late in the game when they needed one.

    So while there were many positives in the 2022-23 season, this was ultimately a disappointing season considering all the expectations. Turnovers? Too much fouling? Not a player who could create his own shot? Trouble defending the three? Lack of height up front? All were issues at times this season. Did they miss Gibson? Of course on the offensive end and in terms of turnovers, but he wasn't a player who could create his own shot and he wouldn't have helped defending the three. That's where they missed Terry Nolan and Juwan Gray, two players who could guard multiple positions and were not undersized. Sylla played some small ball center this season and while Gray didn't necessarily have the strength, he could make centers guard him from three-point range. Gray could also guard at least four positions. Sylla could barely defend one (sorry, it had to be said).

    When you look at the overall numbers, Towson shot 44.7% from the field and held their opponents to 42%. Even if the defense was not up to Towson standards, they ranked second to Hofstra in defensive field goal percentage. They ranked second to Hofstra in shooting percentage. Even though they had some bad games against the three-point shot, they ranked fifth in three-point defense (33.2%). They also finished in third place in three-point shooting (36.7%). They ranked second in defensive rebounding, offensive rebounding and in rebounding margin (+6.03). But the biggest problem was turnover margin (-0.48), where they finished 9th in the league. They did finish third in assist/turnover ratio (1.14). They also finished second in the CAA in assists (13.97). Free throw shooting (70.8%) wasn't great either, as they finished seventh in the league.

    One thing Towson has improved at, but still has a ways to go is in attendance, where they averaged 2,252 at game at home in just 12 games last season. Delaware (2,133), Northeastern, Monmouth, Hampton, Drexel and Stony Brook finished behind them. Charleston (4,631), Hofstra (2,363), NC A&T (2,561), W&M (2,632) and UNCW (4,048) all finished ahead of them.

    Another issue was the starting lineup at the end of the season. Timberlake had an exceptional season, averaging 17.7 points overall and 19.1 points per game in the CAA, while shooting 49.6% from beyond the league in conference play. Holden (14.5ppg, 42.3% FG, 62.7% FT, 25.7% 3pt), Thompson (12.2ppg, 56.5% FG, 63.1% FT), Russell (7.8ppg, 37.7% FG, 33.1% 3pt) and Hicks (2.6ppg, 35.3% FG, 21% 3pt) were not perimeter threats. Timberlake could have been a bit more consistent with Gibson or another shooter in the lineup. Of course, you can say that when your shot is not dropping, take it to the basket. That was not his game and wherever he moves on, he'll likely just be a shooter.

    Conway (41% 3pt) and May (38.5% 3pt) will have to step up next season in bigger roles. Both can shoot it from deep and May can really defend. Both will need to attack the basket more and get to the line considering May shot 94.4% and Conway shot 89% from the line in small sample sizes. Thompson is expected to return and is going to do what he normally does: rebound, score some inside, and defend the paint. He also may have to score more than his 12.2 points per game next season, but that depends on who Towson picks up in the portal. They desperately need a power forward to replace Holden who is taller than 6-5 and a wing who can score to replace Timberlake. Jaiden Cole (6-4, 175) and Tyler Tejada (6-9, 220) will probably have to play minutes right away, but probably won't be asked to start or this could be a rebuilding season.


    Good synopsis of the games. 
    In short, this season was a failure. End.

    13 minutes ago, Bay Area Tiger said:

    Good stuff as always. 
    With Hicks, May & Conway we gotta a nice core to build with but of course we need so much more.  Love to see some of our freshman contribute early and often next season… big if!

    Ultimately we need a lot of luck with transfers that come in.  You can scout etc but you don’t always know what you have until mid season.  I saw USF land a big from Georgia Tech this season and he was an absolute mess defensively so he went from starting to bench very quickly.  



    If that’s the core, is it a rotten apple core??   A few nice role players but not sure if they move the needle especially next year.

    freshman contribute? HAHHAHA

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  5. 10 minutes ago, AtlantaTiger said:

    St. Francis College in Brooklyn is dissolving their athletic department.  They currently play in the NEC (with FDU).  Looked at their roster and they have a couple of local/regional kids....a 6'8" Forward from Wilmington Delaware and a 6'3" guard from Baltimore.  Not sure if they're any good but they're available.


    2022-2023 Men's Basketball Roster - St. Francis Brooklyn Athletics (sfcathletics.com)

    St. Francis (Brooklyn) to drop NCAA D-I athletic program (espn.com)

    Well there goes someone from the D1 ranks who has a longer streak of not making the tournament than us. There are now 3 original teams without ever making it to the dance. 

    legit question, why is this area so obsessed with local kids? How many of these local guys work out? Not many. Most kids don’t want to stay at home.  There’s plenty more talented players elsewhere. Need to look elsewhere. 

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  6. 58 minutes ago, TSU88 said:

    Are we trading Skerry for him?😆

    Career 41% overall shooter. Drops to 34% from 3. Career 65% FT. Career 8.8 ppg. Hard pass, imho. I get doing due diligence, but some of these guys we’re expressing interest in are head scratchers. 



    Are kids averaging 15 a game lining up to transfer to Towson?

  7. 4 hours ago, Tiger93 said:

    Fair, but overall it was a successful season. Not everything is defined by one game. The loss to a No. 7 seed in the title game at home, definitely lessens the level of that success quite a bit. However, it does not make the season completely unsuccessful. If they were 11-21 and went the NCAA Tournament it would not be a complete success either. We will probably have this argument for an eternity even though we are looking for a similar level of success out of these teams, as I am sure they all are out of themselves. 

    The goal for any mid major player and coach is to win the conference and make the dance. Keep living in pure joy of 20-12 seasons and losing in the CAAt… sheesh 

  8. 2 hours ago, griggey20 said:

    I generally agree with these horrifically written comments but at some point enough has to be enough. I’m close to that point. I don’t think he deserves to be fired but if we don’t make the tourney I don’t think his contact should be renewed. 

    He was given a brand new arena with drastically increased facilities. I was in PKs staff as a manager and his whole thing was getting a new arena built. He was told it was going to happen and obviously never was during his tenure. 

    I very much appreciate Skerry getting us out of the depths of hell. But at some point it will be time to move on. I want nothing more than him to make the tourney. He’s a great man by all accounts and he’s been incredible for the program. But there is one thing left to do….

    Same, I was too. Kennedy era was hell, especially within front row view. Skerry has had every advantage, more money. New arena. New facility. Weaker caa. He has done a great job with the program where is started but that only gets so much good will.  

    The poster wants to eliminate the bad years fine, so let’s eliminate all the rebuilding years!  If you remove the first year and d2 wins he is a few games over 500.

    Honestly he would have been gone already if we didn’t give an unwarranted super long extension 

  9. 24 minutes ago, Blazer49 said:

    Yes the women had a good year and yes I hope the program has continued success, but how come it seems like people are acting like they lost by five points?  They lost by TWENTY-FIVE points at home as the number 1 seed.  No matter how well or how a team is playing in this conference no way they should lose by 25 points at home, no less to the 7th seed.  Hopefully they can go up to Haahvard and get the bad taste of yesterday out of their mouths.


  10. 6 minutes ago, TSU88 said:

    I think the comment/joke is borne of frustration, which I completely understand. Perhaps it’s an apples and oranges analogy but we’ve had two different HC’s take the WBB team to the finals of the CAAT tournament in the last 4 years, while the men’s team has yet to win more than 1 game in any CAAT tournament in over a decade under its coach.

    If that’s not a fair comparison, how about the fact that every school in the conference since Skerry took the TU job (so I’m excluding NCAT, Monmouth, Stony Brook & Hampton) has been to the finals of the CAAT (disclaimer-Elon might be an exception. Even if so, that’s all 7 of the other schools (NE, Hofstra, Drexel, Delaware, W&M, UNCW and C of C). 

    Elon has.  Covid year. But still

  11. 44 minutes ago, tualum said:

    So how much you got off this? lol

    Didn’t find a line but everyone who knows Towson athletics knew they were in for a choke. “Just didn’t have the championship talent to compete at home with an extra day of rest against a 7 seed from the maac”

  12. 31 minutes ago, mat1992 said:


    Very disappointing outcome and didn't like that the team did not battle in the fourth quarter. However, that was not a championship team on paper and what Laura Harper and her staff did was sensational. A shame that they disappointed the home crowd, but they had a lot of needs coming into this season, especially at power forward with Allie Koubek gone. Instead of going with Anissa Rivera, they went with Kornegay-Lucas at the 4 and went with four guards. It worked for the most part until we were just abused on the boards in the last game when they got outrebounded 40-26.

    A good recruiting class coming in next season, but could use an experienced power forward and a point guard in the transfer portal, though I liked the way Nelson and Agnumba played this season. Also, could use a 5-10+ wing that can score.

    I guess we're headed to the WNIT. Top seed that ties for regular-season CAA crown. I'd be playing a lot of the younger players like Gabby Scott and India Johnston more.


    7 seed 

  13. 3 minutes ago, tualum said:

    Interesting quotes, especially how he assumed he was the main guy the last 2 years. Thought cam took that role but he had a big role. Just too streaky and he will see much tougher competition and defense moving to a power 5. Not sure if he would be very successful but best of luck

    I think he will have some success wherever he goes.  Lots of really good caa players go to power 5 and become solid roll players.  If he moves up he can be a 6-8 ppg player off the bench. Will have some big games where he gets hot and some stinkers just like Now

  14. 2 hours ago, mat1992 said:

    I know you don't know lacrosse or care about it and just love taking shots, but this was probably the second-best game they played all year against the No. 1 team in the nation. They can be 1-20 in non-conference play. All they need to do is win the CAA. Just need to play better lacrosse going into CAA play and today was a step in the right direction.

    Stating their record is taking a shot?  Hmmm 1-5 is 1-5. Obviously Virginia is good. But Richmond umbc st joes?

    any realistic chance they win the caa?

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