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  1. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    North Dakota State Preview

    I want to watch the game but do not want to give Flo Sports any of my money. Does anyone know if NDSU has a stream? If not, does anyone know if you can just trial Flo then cancel or only do a month and cancel? There is literally no pricing on their website w/o giving them your email and I'm trying to avoid getting spammed
  2. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Football starts off 0-1 in the CAA after a 26-14 loss at UNH

    No one is talking about the 4 turnovers! You can't win a game (even more so on the road) when you are minus 3 in the turnover battle. The turnovers and lack of discipline are on Rob and I love crushing Towson coaches (remember I started the Fire Gordy stuff) but I also think we need to keep in mind this is ONE GAME vs a quality CAA team on the road. UNH is good; had a big crowd. It's also their first home game in two years. We clearly had this effect us and were not as prepared as we needed to be. I thought the D played fine. Yes the UNH kicker is not great but we forced him into longer kicks which he missed Opening with cupcake Morgan and playing NDSU next likely had us overlooking this game. (again on the coaches) Look at the box score, we had the name number of first downs, out rushed UNH and had more TOP We lost because we threw 4 picks and had 3x the penalty yards. Our talent is fine; just need to stop making mistakes. If the team (and coaches) and use this as a wake up call we will be fine. If we tailspin from this time to get the Fire Rob shirts ready.
  3. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Finding the right QB from this roster

    The turnovers are killers. I think you need to give Amendola some snaps. He seems to be the best fit for our system. We need someone to extend plays and escape pressure. Listened to the game on the radio and it seemed like Ferguson would get pressured then hurry the pass.
  4. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Second Scrimmage Review

    I want to know more about this stadium stuff. Would love to remove the track and sink the field + new front sectons to get the seats closer to the action.
  5. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    New CAA Football COVID policy

    Wonder want our vaccinations % looks like considering we sat out the spring? Best way to avoid a forfeit is to get vaccinated.
  6. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    CAA Media Day Thread - picked seventh

    Picked right in the middle of the pack. Not shocked by this at all since we didn't play in the spring and have a ton of new pieces. If the team can gel and avoid injuries we could be top 3 but with any setbacks we finish middle to back of the pack.
  7. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    New Tiger entrance

    100% agree but we know that isn’t going to happen with this administration
  8. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    New Tiger entrance

    Mascots and logos are cartoons so I just kind of expected that. It's not the classic T logo (which I also like) but hard to run out of an inflatable T.
  9. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    New Tiger entrance

    Love it. Wish we had gear with the frontal tiger view on it after seeing the pictures of the tunnel.
  10. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Story on Morgan/Towson series

    Don't love this. As a non-Baltimore area native, i'm not excited by this since I have no local connection. I want to see use play more competitive games but I understand the need for warm-up games I honestly doubt anyone without a connection to either school will care. I'm tired of us trying to be 'Baltimore's team - It's just not going to happen. Focus on being better connected to alumni and build our Towson community that way not trying to lean into the geographic area. I've said this before it's crazy to me that we have zero DC area alumni events; it's all Baltimore and some NYC and the one Orioles spring training thing in Florida.
  11. I got the "Towson Athletics Stakeholder Survey" emailed to me last week. Did other folks get it? How did you respond? I was pretty critical in my responses that getting a SWOT analysis done by an outside consultant (Carr Sports) isn't the answer. We need creativity, energy, innovation, fire... winning... literally any signs of life. All things that Towson Athletics has struggled with for a while (other than maybe Waddell, and he almost burnt us to the ground). I just don't see any motivation to be better in our current staff at all.
  12. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Summer practice report #1

    Great recap as always. Glad you are feeling better. The write-up has me more excited than usual for MBB but I think we are all desperate for Tiger men's basketball to relevant again, so hoping it's not false excitement. The Skerry quote about "my AD" was interesting and a weird way to phrase it. I'm shocked TL would put any pressure on results given the lack of them we have seen in the major sports during his tenure. Maybe seats are warming up? I got the "Towson Athletics Stakeholder Survey" emailed to me last week and I was pretty critical in my responses that getting a SWOT analysis done by an outside consultant isn't the answer. I'll actually start another thread about this.
  13. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    2021-22 Schedule Thread

    switch the home and road schedule and i'm buying season tickets. our home schedule is still so weak. at least try to get an A10 team or low Big East team in the building.
  14. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Skerry selected as court coach for U19 World Cup Team

    Would love to finally get a marquee game at SECU
  15. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Predictions on 2021 regular season record?

    Yup, for many years people said the CAA was the SEC of the FCS. I think the MVFC has taken over within the last couple of years that but until recently it was only NDSU then a huge drop-off. The other Dakota schools have improved recently to give them the crown IMO. Before the A10/CAA, run as the best conference the Big Sky would have been the best in the mid 90's. Appy State won a bunch and had the Michigan before they moved up to FBS but Appy State was really the only team in the SoCon of any value. If you look at the national championship games for the last twenty years it was more likely than not a CAA team playing Appy State in the 00's and NDSU on the 10's. MVFC = SEC CAA = Big 10 Big Sky = ACC Southland = Big 12 After that hard to tell, maybe the Ivy League is the Pac 12. Hard to know because the Ivy does not do the playoffs so it's only a handful of OOC games to start the season for comparisons.
  16. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    WBB to play in Preseason WNIT

    Nice. Maybe we can get a TV game out of it.
  17. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Neal named head coach at Calvert Hall

    I don't follow Baltimore high school basketball. Is Calvert Hall any good?
  18. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Nice "Cribs" for Student Athletes

    nice to know all college apartments still look the same 😁
  19. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    2021 Spring & Summer Transfer Thread

    Bummer to hear. Wishing you and Adrian the best. Others might poke fun but I always enjoyed your passion for your godson and TU football on the message board. It sucks to lose a pretty active poster in our small Towson Fans community. Hope you stick around and keep an eye on Towson as a casual fan.
  20. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    2021 Spring & Summer Transfer Thread

    curious why he wants out? he was up for more playing time this year. Must have not impressed in the spring.
  21. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    2021 MBB offers

    maybe next year πŸ˜‚
  22. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Tigers in the NFL thread

  23. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Predictions on 2021 regular season record?

    athletic department incompetence.....100% that is a given making the playoffs and deserving to keep his job...50%?
  24. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    2021 Football Depth Chart (all speculative)

    Is Rob still going to call plays this year?
  25. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Predictions on 2021 regular season record?

    11-0! 😁 More realistically the best case I see is 8-3 but could be much worse and depends on the QB play. It's hard to know what we have as it will be ~18 months since we last saw tiger football

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