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  1. Just a quick observation that UNH is picked two spots ahead of us when last year’s starting QB left for Minnesota. They must think highly of the kid who’s replacing him. They were also a fairly mediocre team last season. I wonder what’s changed to make them the projected #7 team. 

    I don’t put a ton of stock into any of this really. 

  2. These updates on the team’s progress and performance are terrific and very much appreciated.  I’m sure the guys are busting their tails this offseason to be in great shape and form for the upcoming season.

    What I’d REALLY love to know is what Coach Skerry and his staff have been doing to improve at their craft. As I’ve pondered in offseasons in the past, what does Pat do in the summer to get better as a coach?  Does he attend coaching clinics? Does he visit other programs and meet with other coaches to compare ideas, concepts and strategies? How much film of OTHER teams does he watch to possibly “borrow” set play designs or better understand clock management? 

    If Pat is convinced that his system and style of play is untouchable and is in no need of adjustment, we’re doomed. Won’t matter who starts at the 5, how many minutes so-n-so gets, how many free throws they practice, etc. I think it’s been pretty well established that a lot of our failures as a program have been less about the Jimmy’s and Joe’s and more about the X’s & O’s.

    What is PAT doing this summer to be a better coach?

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  3. So there was the Instagram post a couple of days ago from the men’s basketball team announcing the jersey numbers for the incoming players this fall. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw “Skerry #22”. 

    What recruiting news did I apparently miss over the last few months? Does Skerry’s son play for us now? I’m really confused.  Someone please explain.


  4. I realize it’s highly unlikely to happen but if Towson was going to hit the eject-button on CAA football (or maybe all sports) perhaps a good potential landing spot would be the SoCon. 

    - SoCon currently has 9 member schools, by adding Towson they get to a nice even 10.

    - SoCon has some solid programs with histories of football success. 

    - I think there’s something to be said for the benefit of its geographic footprint with regard to football. There’s definitely a deeper appreciation and distinct culture for college football in the south, even for smaller FCS programs. I think there could be a beneficial “halo effect” for Towson being associated with that culture.

    -Maybe most importantly, it would expand Towson’s brand visibility within some extremely fertile recruiting areas throughout the south. 

    It would be much nicer to be playing late November games in Macon, Georgia than Orono, Maine. 

  5. 1 hour ago, TSU88 said:

    I’ll take my chances with this guy, over our current fearless leader. Oh yeah!!!


    Make no mistake, the Richmond move is an indictment of the inept CAA leadership. As evidenced by what happened at the FBS level where the SEC and B1G leapfrogged all the other conferences by being assertive, aggressive and forward-thinking, you can see the same thing happening at the FCS level among programs with historically strong leadership, success and AMBITION. Delaware, Richmond, Stephen F. Austin, JMU, Missouri State….even upstart Kennesaw State. Making bold decisions that are in their best interests.

    Meanwhile, the CAA is managed by reactive, small-minded, milquetoast-weenies, who broker god-awful media deals and “poach” random, marginal, snooze-worthy programs to simply fill the void when marquee schools walk out the front door. 

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  6. 2 minutes ago, mat1992 said:

    What would be our realistic options? We’re not going up to FBS and no current FCS has any real “juice” outside of MVC which we’re not a geographic fit for. Unless we drop to Patriot League ourselves for the academic-prestige-by-association factor, I don’t think there are many good options on the table. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Blazer49 said:

    Sorry kid hard pass.  If you misspell the name of a school you got an offer from, that offer should automatically be revoked.  How can you truly be "more then blessed" if you do not spell the name of the school correctly.  I understand kids make mistakes we all do, but you need to "thank my family and coaches" for proofreading this before it was posted.  It is literally spelled out for him 6 different times in the 3 pictures he posted in his tweet.



    Completely agree. Furthermore this is a kid from Virginia. I understand that Towson is not a national brand but shouldn’t we at least be a pretty familiar name and brand in neighboring Virginia at this point in our almost 160 years of institutional existence? 

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  8. 9 hours ago, Bay Area Tiger said:

    Oh boy.  Riordan HS in SF.  
    He was originally committed to USF and then a relative who was on the coaching staff left.   Definitely a project but as we know you can’t teach size.  Got some minutes for Hawaii 🌺 this past season.  If no NIL money required then sure go get em. 

    “…..you can’t teach size.”

    Add that to the long list of things Skerry is unable to do. 

    (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

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  9. 1 hour ago, Blazer49 said:

    Slow paced offenses are a thing of the past.  Virginia winning the title a few years back extended its lifespan a bit but it is time to move on.  I'm looking at you TOWSON, Rutgers, VA.  Bennett even was quoted post game "We've got to look at things, certainly, from a system standpoint."

    Not an apples to apples comparison because it’s football but even Nick Saban eventually relented and changed his offensive philosophy years ago to be more uptempo because he knew his offensive system was falling behind and becoming passe. The game had changed and evolved.

    Pat Skerry is a relic from yesteryear but he’s so enamored with his own philosophy and approach he’s willing to sabotage his own program’s success to try to prove it still works in today’s game.  Tony Bennett got the wake up call last night…..meanwhile, Skerry is still asleep at the wheel.

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  10. What’s even more disheartening is that there’s not much chance that help is coming through that door in the form of recruitment. 

    What’s the old Bill Parcels quote? “If you want me to cook the dinner, let me buy the groceries.”  Well, the groceries that Pat Skerry has been “buying” tend to be the leftovers and scraps from other programs and lately the groceries have been rotten. 

    How often is Towson a player’s first choice? Pat only recruits the players that he considers to be good fits for HIS preferred style of offense, which I think we all agree is a dreadful style of offense. So to think we’re going to magically get a slashing guard or high-flying explosive 3 or 4, probably not going to happen. I feel like we’re too often everyone’s “backup” school or fallback option. 

    If I’m a decent recruit and Pat is pitching me and my parents in my living room one of the first questions I would ask (after “how much will I make from NIL at Towson?”) would be, “hey Coach how many times have you taken Towson to the NCAA tournament?”

    In the ruthless world of recruiting beggars can’t be choosers and right now I think Pat is more beggar than a chooser. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, TuTigers2012 said:

    It is standard everywhere but here. Unbelievable. What a joke of a university. Steve and co, why was the last extension given last season?!  Why was it hush hush?!

    564 winning % and just one losing season?! 

    After giving it some more thought, this whole Pat Skerry contract extension could really come back to bite Steve and impact the trajectory of his own career. How will potential future employers view Steve’s decision to extend a coach who is just north of .500 with ZERO NCAA Tournament appearances over the course of 13(?) seasons?

    ”So Steve, in your opinion it made sense to extend Pat Skerry, based on what exactly? Would you use those same standards/criteria here at University X when evaluating our coaches?” 

    Steve has hitched his wagon to Skerry with no clear or practical contract exit strategy. No one will be able to bail Steve out of this other than Skerry and that’s highly unlikely. What if the Tigers take a massive step backwards next season and only win 10-12 games? These two are married to one another….for better or for worse. 

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  12. 13 minutes ago, TSU88 said:

    Look, I’ve posed this question before, and I’ll do so again now…who would we want back next year from this team? The list is dwindling. IMHO, it’s down to Lowery, Tejada and Williamson. Can anyone truly say they enthusiastically want May back? Jones? Tarke? Suliaman? Coleman? Cole? (This one pains me, because I held out great hope for him, but no longer, at least not here). 

    I honestly don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but to be speculating on who comes back, who leaves, who starts, etc. is a bit like rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. Have we not learned that the players that come into our program make little or no difference?? As long as the captain of the ship remains Skerry, this ship will ultimately sink. 

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  13. It took all of about 3 minutes after this complete collapse before some people started mentioning the possibilities of “next year”.  Next year?? That’s laughable. 

    There’s ZERO reason, !ZERO!, to believe that next year will be any different. Maybe 18 wins and get bounced in the quarter finals, or maybe 24 wins and semi-final tournament loss, who knows maybe a complete regression and only a 10 win season. Give Pat long enough and the bottom will completely fall out.

    Wanna talk about tonight’s game? Let me refer back to something I brought up about two weeks ago. The need for a bona fide sports psychologist for this program. Case in point, air-balling a crucial free-throw attempt late in close game. How on earth do you completely miss the rim in that situation? That issue is entirely in the players head. The “yips” as golfers call it. We are a mentally fragile team. No amount of mediocre coaching from Pat Skerry is going to solve that problem. Bring in a professional shrink. 


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