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  1. Tigerone94

    2019 OOC opponents

    Not too surprised to hear nothing but crickets on this thread. Disappointed that we've been forced (can't imagine we chose) to play Goucher. Any improvement that Kent State brings to the home schedule is totally shot by facing a D3 school that will be a total blood bath this season. The walk-on from last year will have a career game that night. No end in site of playing multiple locals every season, but figured Morgan would be home this year. Guess we initiated the talk of Morgan making the drive to Royal Farms to embarrass us last season. No doubt the tournaments in Charleston and DC are an improvement over the Bahamas and Atlantic City last season. I'll probably catch 2 out of the 4 home OOC games. Wish there was more excitement. Someday...
  2. Tigerone94

    2019 OOC opponents

    I'm hoping it's Harvard and not Cornell
  3. Tigerone94

    2019 OOC opponents

    From last year's media guide, it looks like that MAC team is Kent State
  4. Tigerone94

    2019 OOC opponents

    So those 4 home games could be UMBC, Morgan State, George Washington and ??? This is assuming we are continuing our annual series with the locals and that the GW contract was at least a 1 home 1 away.
  5. Tigerone94

    New Gymnastics Coach

    Job is posted on Towson's HR website for a new head coach and I'm probably reading too much into things but there was no mention of the EAGL, whereas the job for an assistant WLAX coach mentions competing in the CAA.
  6. Tigerone94

    Interesting new hire

    Pretty sure this position was started by Mike Waddell. I think the first guy that filled the position works for the Brooklyn Nets now. I hope he's done his research and knows that this is a challenging place to grow and sustain interest in the programs. Think outside the box. Best of luck to him.
  7. Tigerone94

    2019 OOC opponents

    So it looks like the Florida game is the on campus game for the Charleston Classic. Too bad we're not hosting an on campus game against St. Joe's or Buffalo.
  8. Tigerone94

    New Gymnastics Coach

    I gotta believe that it's also been hard on her personally because her and the cross country coach got married and then he was let go. A shame that the team can't fight for a top spot in the EAGL. Wonder how their funding compares Pitt, NC State, GW etc. Good luck to her.
  9. Tigerone94

    UMass dominates MLax, 14-10

    Didn't spot this in early season posts and don't follow MLAX too close, but why did a 2018 all-rookie selection who started 15 games leave the team in January?
  10. Tigerone94

    D1 Transfers from Verbal Commits

  11. Tigerone94

    Skerry's Staff

    We'll now have a new DBO for the 3rd year in a row since Skerry's first DBO left to join Andy Enfield at USC.
  12. Tigerone94

    2019 Basketball Offers

    Interesting to see if we would offer a spot to Solomon's big brother (at least I think he is)
  13. Tigerone94

    2 down...

    And now Bozeman is let go at Morgan... "Bozeman finishes his tenure as Morgan State’s all-time winningest coach with a 195-218 overall record. His teams participated in six of the last 13 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) Tournament championship games, delivered three regular season titles, captured back-to-back-MEAC titles, and appearance in the NCAA Tournament (2009 & 2010) and the National Invitation Tournament (2008)."
  14. Tigerone94

    Tony Shaver

    I won't comment on TuTigers2012 and every one on this board has differing opinions on the state of Towson athletics and my opinion is different from one week to the next, but the bottom line here and to other threads...I don't care how Skerry compares to Shaver or any other coach. I don't care how many wins Towson has compared to the other 9 schools in the Colonial. I lost count of how many f-bombs I threw at the TV when we lost to Madison. All I care about is Towson making it to the big dance again and again and again. No sport at Towson has the opportunity to be the front porch of the University all around the country like Towson men's basketball. I truly appreciate all the research done to pull together stats left and right, but bottom line is that Towson has to make it to the tourney. We can still graduate players and lead the country in community service when making it to the tournament. Those things will simply complement the fact that Towson has an excellent basketball program. I'll continue to dream.

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