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  1. Basketball Mat

    MBB falls at Drexel, 72-66

    But I think while we have not won very often in Conference play, they are competitive. A few less turnovers and a few more made shots, or a couple of key stops down the stretch and we are above 500 in Conference play. I think they can be learning from the losses which can lead to more positive results in the future. Now they haven’t played The top tier teams of the Conference, which begin this weekend but they have been in games. Those positives I have taken from watch them play so far
  2. Basketball Mat

    5 stages of grief...

    The freshman need more time to play and develop. Fobbs is a good all around player who has things that he can work on to improve, but passing isn’t one of them. Sure he took a lot of shots lately but that was due to the lack of offensive output. His role is not a set up role. Howard and Dottin should be your drive and dish players. Skerry overall is not doing a good job at getting the right guys in positions to score with the lack of offensive plays designed to do that. Defensively we are just not that good right now.
  3. Basketball Mat

    Fobbs Named Co-Player of The Week in CAA

    Fobbs is a very good addition to the team. Has a Chance to be a great player at this level. Looking forward to him turning the corner and Skerry continueing to molding him. Skerry has to let the kids play through mistakes and stop with the yanking for every mistake. They will be much more ready to play in Conference
  4. Basketball Mat

    MBB, Fobbs stun UMBC in double OT, 80-76

    Great win. Loved some of the adjustments by Skerry. I thought he let them play through mistakes a little more which helps their confidence build. Fobbs can score and is unselfish. If we can cut those turnovers and at least get shots up we would see continued improvement. I think this will be a boost for us. Conference play is around the corner and I expect to surprise some teams
  5. Basketball Mat

    MBB faces GW on Wed. at 7pm

    I agree with everyone. Great shot for a win. I am looking forward to it. I have been able to attend every game except the Wesley game and tonights. There was a lot of excitement in the building for the Vermont game. The late rally in that game coupled with the GW loss to Vermont also gives us a decent look at a win. Having said that we have to go out and earn it on the court each game. We need consistent defensive play in both halves the entire game without frequently missing assignments. I do think we can be better than anyone thought initially by the time conference play rolls around.
  6. Basketball Mat

    MBB falls at No. 5 UVa, 73-42 (official story up)

    I am also very encouraged by this team. I saw them play in person at the scrimmage and at Virginia. I would like to see more transition points as well as the guards driving to the lane and kicking it out to Fobbs, Bertrand, and Timberlake for a few more uncontested shots. Our press almost got their hands on a few steals which they should get better at as season goes on. I thought Skerry had these guys ready to play. I believe that venue anyone would consider a hard place to play. That arena must hold 1400 seats and they were almost full. Very good program at Virginia. Not going to write them off soon
  7. Basketball Mat

    Virginia Cavaliers

    0 assists, 14 turnovers and a lot of missed shots. No win tonight. I think this team will be a tough out in the CAA this year.
  8. Basketball Mat

    Virginia Cavaliers

    Are we liking what we see. Halftime and we still in this game. We have the team to beat Virginia guys
  9. Basketball Mat

    Virginia Cavaliers

    Preseason top 25 they are ranked 5th in the country. This is a huge test for this young team right away. If we play the way we are capable of, and even better than that on defense it can be a confidence booster for a young team. Is it possible that with an upset win Towson shows up in the rankings. Someone once said you play to win the game, so while it may not be probable anything is possible. Sometimes youth works for you, especially if you don’t know your supposed to lose. I will be at the JPJ Arena to watch the first game. I want to know who else is going and do you think these young men can pull off the upset win and put themselves on the rader. I am predicting that our guys will play better than anyone expects and shock the Cavaliers with the win. And if not it will be a close game. Tell me am I crazy?
  10. Basketball Mat

    Scrimmage at 12:30 on Saturday

    Also wanted to give props to the staff and school for the reception. The meet and greet with the players was awesome I enjoyed it very much
  11. Basketball Mat

    Scrimmage at 12:30 on Saturday

    I was at the scrimmage and your analysis is spot on. I thought Fobbs was great and if he can be consistent all year he should help with the lost scoring. Betrand attacks the basket and shot better than I thought he would. Timberlake shot well and I was anticipating a few dunks. Dottin is tough and aggressive in the half court but missed a few layups. I would’ve loved to see a few fast break points in transition with Betrand and Timberlake on the wings. I was pleasantly surprised with Nkaye, Tunstall and Thomas inside. They played tough. All in all I am looking for a great year from this Group. I think they will surprise a lot of people
  12. Basketball Mat

    Summer Hoops Report

    Great post mat1992. It was very informative and I loved the player by player breakdown. I gained insight on each player. If this team can learn to play solid defense collectively as well as play together on both ends of the floor this summer, they can have a very good successful season. I am very much looking forward to it. On another note, I want to travel to the Bahamas on a mini vacation and watch our team complete. Anyone else thinking about going? Do you think Towson will offer any type of travel package or put out travel specific info in the coming months?
  13. Basketball Mat

    Roster Released

    The official roster has been released on the web. I’am seeing a nice foundation laid by Coach Skerry for the foreseeable future with the incoming freshman. This team has a lot of talent on the roster. I personally don’t think scoring will be an issue with this team. Fobbs can score from the perimeter, along with Timberlake who can score the ball from anywhere on the floor. Betrand is a slasher who can dribble drive. Solomon, Sanders Selcuk can be solid inside as well. You have experience with Thomas and Tunstall. Running the whole show is Tobias and Dottin. Easy baskets will come in transition with solid defense and an uptempo play. They do lack that 6’10 - 6’11 player. But considering everything that took place with the transfers ( which is a problem everywhere) I give Skerry a B +. I am looking forward to the season and the team geling together, gaining valuable experience and confidence
  14. Other than the Bahamas Showcase and the potential teams we may face there. What are the other teams we may play this year Non Conference schedule. Will there be any out of the Country trips? This team needs a lot of experience and exposure especially early on in order to pay any dividends later in the schedule!?
  15. Basketball Mat

    A Closer look at: Yagizhan Selcuk

    Looks like he can shoot the ball with both hands 5 feet and closer

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