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  1. Blk&goldfan

    2021 Football Recap

    Thank you Matt. Appreciate your perspective and the time you put in!
  2. Blk&goldfan

    2022 transfers, commits and offers

    Hate to lose him! You are right though, I’ve already heard a few more names of guys who have entered or plan to enter the portal. Can’t say I blame them.
  3. Blk&goldfan

    Eight players earn All-CAA bids

    Glad some Tigers made the made the all-conference list! Good for them! 👏🏼
  4. Blk&goldfan

    7 days until “the unveiling “.

    Matt- 100% correct, I have actually felt bad for some of the parents on this board. Could definitely see why they would not want to continue posting. On another note, many of FBS transfers may have not worked out the way it was anticipated but I for one am real glad we got Mark Collins and SJ Brown (I know SJ wasn’t new this year) but they were fantastic for us on D. Wish we could keep them another year. There were some others that also did pretty well but those two really stood out to me.
  5. Blk&goldfan

    Football gets routed at home by ND State 35-7

    He was on the fall roster. He roomed with current players. Although I don’t think he played in any games this year. It makes the football program look bad to keep silent about it. I understand there are legal issues but some kind of generalized statement should be made.
  6. Blk&goldfan

    North Dakota State Preview

    While I’d love to see a great turnout, I’m not sure it’s been promoted very well. At least I haven’t seen a lot of social media hype. Hope I’m wrong. On another note, any word on Lumor, Collins? Will they be playing this week?
  7. Not a whole lot more that can be said. It’s was horrendous. I had high hopes after all of the earlier hype on this board by some posters about how great this team was going to be but wow, sorely disappointed!
  8. Blk&goldfan

    Chatting today

    Oh okay Gotcha Thanks
  9. Blk&goldfan

    Chatting today

    Nothing there when I click on it
  10. Blk&goldfan

    Second Scrimmage Review

    Appreciate your updates Matt!
  11. Blk&goldfan

    New Unis

    Cool video!
  12. Blk&goldfan

    2021 Spring & Summer Transfer Thread

    Curious as well. Sorry to hear he’s leaving
  13. Blk&goldfan

    Adrian Feliz Platt

    Disappointed to hear that. Looking forward to seeing what he could do this year.
  14. Blk&goldfan

    Story on D’Ago Hunter

    Happy for him and his family! Good people
  15. Blk&goldfan

    Chiz Umunakwe

    I’d guess he may be embarrassed to try to go back to Towson. I just hope he makes his mental health a priority.
  16. Blk&goldfan

    No Spring Football

    Agree on that! I’d be really interested to know how spring practice went and how we’re looking thus far.
  17. Blk&goldfan

    Towson FB player reported missing through Balt Co PD

    Many thoughts and prayers going up for him and his family! Really hoping for a good outcome!
  18. Blk&goldfan

    No Spring Football

    You make a good point. Covid isn’t going away anytime soon so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I sure hope we aren’t the only ones to opt out. Early on it was obvious RA didn’t want to play a spring season and I do get his point although I was hoping for some sort of normalcy and to be able to watch some games. On another note, I heard Miller is the #1 QB right now. I’d be interested to hear your commentary if your able to get to any fall practices.
  19. Blk&goldfan

    Some players not on current roster

    I think some of these players left after last season. But I was afraid COVID would have this type of affect on sports programs. Kids being back home for that length of time and others things become more important- job opportunities, family issues, etc. I am sorry to hear about Stover and Johnson though.
  20. Blk&goldfan

    Adrian Feliz Platt

    Rather have parents/family posting on here than a silent board, imo Welcome, Godfather18
  21. Blk&goldfan

    2021 Football Offers/Commits

    Is this Ryan Rutkowski’s brother?
  22. Blk&goldfan

    Early Signing Day Thread

    Agree with you completely! Ed, Don’t let one rude comment discourage you! I hope you’ll stick around. Your insight is valued.
  23. Blk&goldfan

    Towson 2019 Football Recap

    I think there was a much more balanced attack towards the end of the season that sometimes included a full house backfield and utilized the FB, Hamilton, a lot more. It seems to me, maybe Ambrose was putting all his eggs in one basket, so to speak, regarding Flacco. I was glad to see RA install more running plays towards the end and wish we had been more balanced from the get go. It seemed to work out pretty well (at least until Elon). Would like to see Stover get a shot as starter but at this point, I’m not fully confident he can get it done. Looking forward to seeing what recruits/transfers they bring in.
  24. Blk&goldfan

    If we win Saturday...

    Forecast for Saturday is rain and temps in the low 40’s. Hopefully that changes but if not, my fingers are crossed that Rob’s strategy of having an early spring practice in bad weather is beneficial for us🤞 Really want to see this team succeed!
  25. Blk&goldfan

    Flo Football coverage

    Paying for this subscription and game shut off in 3rd quarter. Guess they only cover it for a certain amount of time? Makes no sense and completely unacceptable!

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