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  1. Ihop

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    https://nypost.com/2023/09/16/kansas-suspends-arterio-morris-amid-rape-accusation/ https://nypost.com/2023/09/16/kansas-suspends-arterio-morris-amid-rape-accusation/?utm_source=url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons
  2. Ihop

    It's getting close to the end of the line

    An original FOOL That O-Line was great
  3. Ihop

    Second Scrimmage Review

    It appears we have recruited a lot of talent The question is, Will there be any chemistry? You can have the best players but if they can’t play together you are going nowhere I hope they have had enough time to learn from each other, respect each other, fight for each other and gel as a team
  4. Ihop

    Mount blog

    This guy on here with Spiro needs to spit out the candy or lozenge because it’s nauseating to listen to him rolling it around in his mouth
  5. Ihop

    Towson vs Michigan 1997

    Michigan was awesome - packed house, christened our new hardwood floor (used to play on that rubber composite floor). Robert “tractor” Traylor on Michigan I remember. wasnt there for Louisville - I think it was during winter break?
  6. Ihop


    I can't believe I'm getting angry on a message board - c'mon I'm better than that i've played with guys that work for the athletic department and I played with guys on the coaching staff - so I do hear some things that others don' t hear also. im just frustrated it seems like we are in this situation a lot - talking about what could have been, frankly I'm done. This is the avenue the university chose to go. A MW type was big on promotions, hype and putting butts in the seats, TL was supposedly brought on to be a big fundraiser. i talk about the tailgating because I'm still going to go to games I would just like to enjoy the full college football experience i'll stroll back into the shadows now
  7. Ihop


    Do what? are you trying to say I don't care about what's on the field? you are sadly mistaken my friend. I do care, I support the program, I travel to games, I donate money to the program. I PLAYED football for this university im sick and tired of listening to guys talk who think they know the locker room and are always talking about next year or recruiting classes or we would have done this if so and so didn't get hurt i've browsed these boards for years but hardly ever comment but it's gotten comical - guys like you talking about the future halfway through the season
  8. Ihop


    that's why mediocrity will be accepted at Towson
  9. Ihop


    No not time to get over it they ruined the atmosphere that was being created
  10. Ihop


    I didn't want to bring up Wardell's name because I know a lot of people don't like him, but it's pretty obvious the swing in momentum and excitement since he left
  11. Ihop


    The ones I listed, we never strike while the iron is hot to create excitement. We failed to capitalize on the fact that we had a nationally ranked football team and a grand opening of a beautiful brand new basketball arena, can't go back now and redo how we handled those two situations. I think those two situations were not handled well and we will suffer for years i do like Rob Ambrose, I was excited when he came back, but I just don't understand how the AD allowed him to hire his brother. I think this was a mistake - very uncomfortable feeling to have a family member working with you when it's your neck on the line at the end of the day
  12. Ihop


    True there was never interest or support until the T West days I was happy with the attendance numbers during that time but I think there are a few things that occurred that knocked us backwards heading in the wrong direction again first when we played Lehigh in the playoffs the place was packed there was a buzz, there was excitement, people were trying to get tickets. Fast forward to when we played Fordham in the playoffs - no excitement no buzz not even close to a sellout and then you have the debacle that chased students away forever - when the university put the clamps down on the tailgating. I know it is their job to protect the students but they went way over the top and guess what - the students have never returned as far as basketball attendance back in the 90's when we christened our new hardwood floor there were ticket giveaways excitement being pumped up, they made it an event! They brought in Michigan! Open up a new arena - no buzz and you play Navy, I think this was a huge mistake and a very big reason why there is no excitement. We should have come out of the gate on fire, making it a destination where everyone would want to come check out. as far as the future, I'm sick and tired of talking about the future while we are still in season. This athletic department has made mistakes that I don't think will ever get us back to where we want to be

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