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  1. Blounge

    Hero Sports preview

    Lol Terrance west is trying to be a rapper now he has no money left
  2. Blounge

    Hero Sports preview

    Great article. I’m excited to see touchdown Tommy and crew light up the scoreboard this season. He needs to stay healthy and lead this team back to the championship. High expectations for sure, but hopefully we surpass them. The defense has to be better than last year with experience under their belts and some big freshman ready to make an impact. It’ll be interesting to see how the offense operates under rowdy Rob without his little bro. Some questions to speculate because it’s August: Is it championship or bust this season? Will we be able to take down JMU? Will the defense be able to stop the run and win games for us this year? Or will the offense have to carry the team on their backs? Lots of good games on the schedule this year, which home game do you think is the biggest/worth going to? Last question, anyone want to pay for my ticket and flight to the Florida game? I’ll settle for the Citadel, Charleston is v nice too!
  3. Blounge

    Struggling to find words

    God blessed the rains down in Africa, but for some reason cursed the rains up in Towson. We can’t seem to catch a break with both of our two big home playoff games this year being effected by torrential downpours. We NEEDED that win yesterday, would have felt great to beat the big bro.
  4. ^UMD is afraid to schedule us 👀
  5. Tickets are going like hot cakes!? how many fans do you estimate will be in attendance?
  6. Blounge

    MLax comes back to edge Delaware, 14-12

    ^what bar was he at? Greene turtle?
  7. Blounge

    National Champs!?!?!

    Is this club or do we really have varsity dodgeball at Towson?
  8. Blounge

    Gibson commits

    (Donald Trump voice) HUUUGGGEE signing for the tigers! Can’t wait to see him ball
  9. Blounge

    MLax is No.1 in all polls

    @RundaPower I’m not familiar with fake recruiting and helmet stickers. Can you elaborate? Its nice to see our squad is a bunch of hometown Maryland laxers. University of Maryland doesn’t even have as many in-state players as we do.
  10. Anyone able to find a free link to stream the game?
  11. Blounge

    Poor kid....

    If that guy can’t find a girl in Towson he has no shot of finding a girl anywhere.
  12. Blounge

    No press conference but.....

    What is he doing on campus to help the fan attendance? What fun tailgate activities will we be able to enjoy this year? What do we know about Bucknell’s new coach? Should we expect them to bring a big crowd? Is JMU the same beast without their old coach? Does beating Delaware become even more important this year in terms of bragging rights over Thanksgiving dinner? Will the U offer better food items or beer this upcoming year? How many European athletes should we expect out of the trip? What TV deals are they working on the showcase Touchdown Tommy and the Tigers? Does this team have what it takes to make a title run? What about Towson do you highlight when recruiting new players? Coach, where do you like to grab drinks after practice now that Bill Bateman’s has closed?
  13. Blounge

    New Year's Wish List

    I wish we make our free throws in 2019!
  14. Blounge

    Jared Ambrose named OC at Delaware

    And another reason why UDel is an attractive move for him is location. That’s the closest CAA school to us so he doesn’t need to uproot his family and move across the country, just the next state over. Good for him getting his money and moving out of his big bro’s shadow. He’s an affable guy, obviously nepotism played a role at Towson, but his play calling against Dusquense made absolutely no sense. Huck and chuck it 40 yards time and time again in the pouring down rain after it continuously didn’t work, insanity. I’m still bitter about that game. If it had kicked off at noon we would have won but he refused to adapt to the elements. On to the next one!
  15. Blounge

    5 Years Ago Today

    Was watching that game at a party in the Towson woods apartments and we were going nuts
  16. Blounge

    Changes coming again...

    ^What’s wrong with rob?
  17. Blounge

    Reality Check

    I think NewDay USA is our biggest donor
  18. Blounge

    2019 Football Offers/Commits

    He’s from the same alma mater as Keon Payne. Good Counsel high school produces around 10 D1 scholarships just about every year. We need more of those guys, local talent right in our backyard
  19. Blounge

    2018 Football Recap

    Was Jabari greenwood injured this season? I couldn’t believe how he went from our top receiver to Mr. Irrelevant.
  20. Blounge

    2019 Football Offers/Commits

    They should tell anyone going to play for Rutgers that they can be on that team that sucks or they can go to Towson and actually win games at a school with much more attractive co-eds A night uptown in Towson and they’ll be thinking they’re in South SeaSide Heights, NJ
  21. Blounge

    Thanks Everybody

    I love that this forum exists, If only we had 100 more guys just like Mat. That's a good goal to reach!
  22. Blounge

    why we lost 4 of our last 5

    Need to put most of the scholarships this offseason towards defensive players. The CAA is too good to be weak on D. The offense is in a good shape to re-load next year The coaches need some new pieces as well. QB coach to prime Flacco? New offensive coordinator mind to ultimately replace Jammer. The players seem to like Lyndon and Kosmakos but it seems like we need more football minds to get to the next level. With no basketball worth paying attention to this year we'll all be twiddling our thumbs for next year's football campaign. I guess we root for JMU or Maine to win it all now?
  23. Blounge

    why we lost 4 of our last 5

    We didn't stand a chance against South Dakota State anyways so at least we saved some time and money blowing this one to Duquesne.
  24. Blounge

    why we lost 4 of our last 5

    Lack of funding
  25. Tough game, almost a good thing that nobody was there to witness it. We'll be back next year

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