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  1. Blounge

    New attendance policy

    You think we can find 5,000 people to pack the U on Saturday for the lacrosse game?
  2. Blounge

    Spring FCS Playoffs...

    I think the extra practice time will pay off in getting Jawon Pass acclimated. I think we'll have our usual fun on offense / hard to watch on defense type team
  3. Blounge

    Spring practice thread

  4. Blounge

    MLax meets Hofstra on Tuesday at noon

    I enjoyed the coverage watching on my phone at work. Good commentary by sprio and glen. They said it best, in no sport does it ever seem to pay off to slow down the tempo and try to kill the clock. Gotta keep up the intensity for 4 quarters, almost blew a nice lead in the 4th
  5. Blounge

    Ferry hired to coach UMBC

  6. Blounge

    No Spring Football

    i saw coach rob liked this tweet. I agree, huge miss for ESPN not showcasing spring fcs football on Saturday’s and sundays. People are starved for content during the pandemic yet they basically only featured Jackson State. FCS should permanently move to spring football and get the games on TV.
  7. Blounge

    No Spring Football

    We should try to schedule Jackson State, see how coach Ambrose compares to coach prime
  8. Blounge

    Coaching Futility

    Our team this year clearly doesn’t belong in this March madness tournament. Are you watching the terps right now? Every guy on the team can score
  9. Blounge

    Rhode Island beats Nova behind Kasim Hill

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/athlonsports.com/college-football/fcs-spring-rankings-top-25-power-poll-following-week-5-2021%3famp lots of CAA teams in the FCS Top 25 rankings. Would be interesting to see where we stack up in the spring league. Can’t wait for fall!
  10. Blounge

    Coaching Futility

    I believe the block is on Baltimore Street. And believe it or not the strippers had a protest at town hall not too long ago to open the strip joints as they were previously closed for corona. Gotta make money somehow in this economy
  11. Blounge

    Coaching Futility

    How do we feel about Rob? As strongly as Pat?
  12. Blounge

    Women's VB off to Another Good Start

    Maybe Towson needs to shift it's focus from being a lax school to a women's volleyball school! The women have been outperforming the men for awhile now!
  13. I think our next hire needs to be a former player to really juice up some interest in the program. As mentioned previously Juan Dixon, local md terp legend, is having success as a coach. Also, Deion Sanders is winning and drumming up excitement for Jackson State. Give em something to talk about other than same old miserable skerry ball
  14. Blounge

    1491 Days

    I guess we are the broke boys of the league! No money = no championships
  15. Blounge

    MLax falls at Drexel 12-10 in CAA opener

    Maybe the lax coach deserves some of the same criticisms as the basketball coach!
  16. Blounge

    Do we know when spring practice starts?

    Gonna be interesting to see how fresh our guys will be after resting a season vs teams playing spring and fall schedules. JMU looks scary as always putting up big scores the past few weeks
  17. Blounge

    Is Kiona Jeter injured?

    Hold on...wait a minute... something ain't right
  18. Blounge

    2021 Fall Football Schedule is out

    I’m enjoying the Lincoln / Nichols state game on now!
  19. Blounge

    2021 Fall Football Schedule is out

    I would have enjoyed watching us play spring football this season, but it’s probably for the best. We saw how on and off the basketball schedule was this season it’ll probably be a lot of the same for the spring football teams.
  20. Blounge

    Back on Pause

    Pathetic, complete mismanagement of the program.
  21. Blounge

    Walker leads NE over MBB 76-67

    The preview article from yesterday must have been wrong SKERRY APPROACHING 150 WINS AT TOWSON Pat Skerry, who is in his 10th season at the helm of the Tigers, is quickly approaching his 150th victory as the team's head coach. Currently, Skerry has amassed 146 victories at Towson, including six years of at least 18 wins since the 2012-13 season. Skerry is looking to be the third Towson men's basketball head coach with over 150 wins. Vince Angotti won 229 games as Towson's head coach from 1966-83 while Terry Truax notched 202 wins with the Tigers from 1983-97. Skerry is also the third longest-tenured coach in Towson history.
  22. Blounge

    Walker leads NE over MBB 76-67

    Skerry won’t get his 150th career win this year!
  23. Blounge

    2021 Fall Football Schedule is out

    It’s gonna be a grueling task to finish 8-3. Love that North Dakota State is coming to town. Hopefully we can have some fans in the stands
  24. Blounge

    Over/under on rest of season

    Even though we are bad sometimes out of pride teams can come out of a slump and surprise the other team on any given night. Give me the over! Life is too short to bet the under
  25. How long will the losing streak continue? Need to snap this losing skid soon

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