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Comments after the Delaware game

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(Surprised nobody asked about beating his brother)

Ambrose opening comment

"Games like these you get a lot of things going through your head. A lot of emotions. A game you know you have to win. You have to win every game. And it's Delaware. And it's November. And we're beat up. I'm incredibly proud of my guys. The heart, the character, the resiliency, the desire. Not willing to lay down. Hard-fought game from Delaware. These games usually come down to the last quarter. Makes me old. They play hard. Very well coached. Not what we do, but who we are. Our character shined through. I'm incredibly proud of the young men downstairs."

On Hunter run

"D'Ago is extremely quick. He has good vision. We put him in position to succeed due to his skill set and what our team needs right now. Some guys in my position may not have done that. The last time he ran the ball, he fumbled it. I had a choice of whether I could believe in him or not. I think we all did. Because of it, we're sitting up here today-smiling."

Flacco on win

"Had that thought about last year. Kind of a similar situation at halftime. We were up by 10 Very similar game. This time we came out on top. It feels good to get that win against an CAA opponent."

Caleb on getting 200 yards receiving

"Never in my life (did he have 200 yards). It's meaningful because we needed this win. Tom's birthday. Our O-line was blocking really well. We ran the ball well."

RA on coaching Caleb, playing with his father Rodney

"As an alum, there is something special about watching one of these guys kids grow through the program to the point where he's excelling against incredibly good competition. We preach this all the time. Opportunity-Obligation.  This young man has made the most of his oppotunities that I don't think any of us could have seen coming."

On Henderson

"Very simple. I have a boatload of Tums this week because of him. I will continue to do that tonight. He's really impressive. I give some credit to my brother. He seems to find these guys and coach them. They run around and he's awsome with the ball in his hands. He's going to be a threat in this league for awhile. He's really good with the ball in his hands."

On just missing the first down (Henderson)

"At first, I thought it would be -27. The game's over. But credit to that kid. It wasn't just him. That whole team played their faces off. They helped give him the opportunity to make that play. "

On third down plays

"It's one of the most key stats we discuss every week, is how can convert. If you convert on third down, you keep the ball. You have a chance to score. Everybody plays a tough third-down defense. We had a good plan and we executed very well."

On defense

You play a game in this league and you turn the ball over three times? The odds of you winning it are very small. That's a credit to our guys defensively. Credit to the team. The character of the team. Rallying together. Offensively, we turned the ball over. Defensively, we let them score in three plays. That's not the end of the game. That's just part of the game. The game inside the game."

Flacco on Caleb

We all know what he's capable of doing. Our offense, our receivers in general are all capable of doing what he did today. The look that we got, that's why there are different people each week putting up big numbers in our wide receiver group. Depends on the look. You can't leave him one-on-one. I came back to him consistently. It just kind of happens. The read takes me to him. What he does with the ball in his hands, he's athletic and strong."

Flacco on brother (question from Delaware reporter)

He's not here today. He has bigger things (to deal with). Joe's rooting for us by the way. 

One reporter said, "They have his millions of dollars that he donates"

Tom responded, "I guess. I'll do that for Towson."




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