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More from the Loyola win

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Comments from after the game

Tyler Canto on spectacular save

I was just trying to watch his stick and stay with it. I knew he had to shoot it. I just threw my stick out there and was lucky enough to get it. It felt good.

Defense was causing them to shoot low-angle shots and I was eating them up. I felt really good out there. It's awesome having a defense as good as we have. It really helps me out a lot. Just a great win.

Kobe Smith on defending Spencer

I defended him in high school. He's a lot better now. He's just another player. Play to my best ability against him or anybody else. I just tried to stay low because he's a bigger guy and I'm not. Honestly, it was more knowing that my teammates had my back. If I got beat, I knew I had somebody backing me up. We returned a lot of players from last year. This year, we're a lot closer of a team. We just feel more comfortable.

Sunday on the drought

We didn't have a lot of time to prepare. So we didn't focus on zone that much. We knew that they were going to play it. They usually do it off of timeouts and at the end of quarters. We were shocked when they went exclusively zone from the 2nd quarter one. We started adjusting a few guys in different positions. We started attacking them from behind. We were in the right spots. I moved to wing. 

Sunday On the win

It's a big for our program that showed we can beat teams like that. But coach talked about in the locker room. It's February, It's our 4th game. We're happy and excited for the win but we're looking forward to playing Jacksonville. We have two games in three days in Charlotte next weekend. We're looking forward to that.

Sunday on balance

We were super sloppy at the end of the 2nd and third quarter. We had a few turnovers that we'd like to have back. We did have the most points. They couldn't make a run in the third quarter. We have room to improve.

Woodall on face-offs

If you go early three times, it's a penalty. Once you get two, it's really hard for a face-off guys to get into a groove. I knew that. Just tried and stayed poise, get a clamp and a win for our team. I think we've always had a good defense, strong goalie. This is a new team, different energy. Three years here and they are all different teams. The energy is high and going in the right direction.

Kobe on Canto's save

Honestly, I don't know what was going through the kid's head. I slid and I turned around and all of a sudden, Canto's butt is on the ground and the kid is throwing a thousand fakes and he threw it into Canto's stick and my mind was blown. I didn't know what to do, so I just took off upfield, said Oh crap and I have to get out of here.

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Coach Nads

Excited for our program to earn a win against a tough team in Loyola. We expected it to be a battle from start to finish and it was. I don't think either team was especially sharp at points during the game. Didn't look like it impacted either team too much. We were fortunate to make some plays down the stretch, Alex going 10 for 10 in the fourth quarter. Canto making some amazing saves to seal the win. 

Key on containing Spencer

He's such a monster of a matchup. He's so skilled, Great IQ. He can play as a dodger, he can shoot. Has great speed. The combination between him and Lindley is almost impossible to defend. Pat got him the ball a lot. We wanted to allowed Kobe or whomever was on to play hands-on. We wanted to help when needed and stay on it to create some discomfort. They had a lot of looks. There are some things we have to clean up. I don't know how many guys like Pat Spencer we're going to face, Our guys got caught watching sometimes but overall we did a pretty solid job on him.

On man-down unit

The big thing is that your goalie has to make some big stops and Tyler was there. We got a pick on one. Lindley can score at will. He caused some headaches for us.

On Canto's save

I almost chalked it up to getting the face-off guys back there. When you see a guy make that many fakes...Tyler continues to impress for a guy that has earned the opportunity to start and play four games into his career. For him to play the way he did, esp. in the fourth quarter, that game could have gone either way.

On Canto

I didn't see it. He's a competitive kid and is a worker. They work hard. They want to compete. Even if they are not playing, they have a role. Tyler was our third goalie or even fourth, depending on the work. His mechanics needed work. Andy Schilling our goalie coach has done a great job in developing all the goalies. It's great to see him take advantage his opportunity.

On Sunday as go to guy

He has to. We have other guys but not sure they can shoulder the load. We still have some inexperienced guys on attack. He's really stepped up. He's taking advantage of his opportunities and made some big plays. Got the lefty alley goal to get us going in the second half. There are times you feel like he can make more plays.

On Kobe again

His mentality allows him to accept those challenges. When he came in, he had two weeks of practice. He has great athleticism, is a playmaker and has the right mentality for a number one cover guy. He has played much more disciplined this year. He's maturing as a defender and as a part of our defense. Zach Goodrich has done a good job of working with him. Understands how good he can be but also has to temper it at times.

On offense

We're doing a good job of sharing the ball. Brendan draws a lot of attention. The other five guys have to understand their role. I like where we are right now but sometimes we get a little complacent with just when we dodge if our feet get stuck. I feel like overall we have nice pieces offensively. All three of our attackmen are different and they complement each other. That's tough to match up with defensively. Our midfield, the second group is young and inexperienced. They are doing a good job of keeping it moving.

On whether this was best they played

No, I think our first game was our best. I don't think, no knock on the opponents at the time, we were much more efficient and cleaner in our first game. It was a more balanced effort and the guys did a good job of distributing the ball. We had 49 shots and just 12 goals. They were much more efficient. I thought we bailed out Stover at times but simply missing the cage. We had some very nice looks, hands free and we'd send it high and wide. We missed some nice opportunities. We're doing a good job of sharing the ball.

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