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  1. Tgr4life

    Sad news

    Very sad news. An exceptionally caring individual both in athletics and in life.
  2. Tgr4life

    Off-season news and clips

    I am sorry. I did leave the last sentence out of my original post. The last sentence should read "Though I am sorry that we only once got past the first game of the conference tournament". You are what your record says you are, and PS record in games that mean something is atrocious.
  3. Tgr4life

    Off-season news and clips

    It's the same old song.......year after year after year. "We are really good"...."This group has the best (fill in the blank) of any team in my (fill in the number of years) coaching. "
  4. Tgr4life

    Hartford and D3

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of the discussion going on at the University of Hartford regarding a move to Division 3, given the cost of D1 is so extraordinary?
  5. Tgr4life

    2021-22 Schedule Thread

    Have we found a spot yet on our schedule for Goucher?
  6. Tgr4life

    2021-22 Roster, at the moment

    Not sure, but isn't this the same quote I saw in 2020 &2019 & 2018 & 2017, etc?
  7. Tgr4life

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    What do you want him to say? There is nothing he can say that will make any difference. Let his results do the talking for him. In one of the posts above, some kid is coming because PS laid out his path to a conference championship. I fell bad for the kid as he likely will be very disappointed. Talk is cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Tgr4life

    Coaching Futility

    Maybe put up a banner for the longest enduring coach without winning anything
  9. Tgr4life

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    Looks like the staff will talk to anyone that is willing to talk back to them.
  10. Tgr4life

    Coaching Futility

    Funny how everybody says "PS is a great guy, but blah, blah, blah" Maybe he is and maybe he isn't. you only know him from afar, but that is neither here nor there. You don't get an extension for being a great guy, just like you don't get an extension for having a team get a 3.0 GPS. maybe you should....but you don't.....So talk about the stuff that matters. The teams have failed to perform at the moments that matter. That is all that matters. It is all that mattered when he got extensions based on numbers of wins....nothing to do with being a "great guy". Keep your eye on the ball......what's good for the goose is good for the gander. You don't need to soften the blow....other coaches have been fired for not winning and they have far less resources that PS. We don't need reasons...we don't need explanations...we need a new coach....period.
  11. Tgr4life

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    You are correct.....but that is the intention of the Power 5. If you believe that any of the Power 5 schools worry about being "fair" to mid majors, you are sadly mistaken. Do you think they really want to share the NCAA tournament money with Drexel or Mason or Towson. The mid majors are just a fly in the ointment for them. The best thing that could happen is to have the Power 5 break off...make their own rules and let the others make rules that benefit the vast majority of universities and student athletes.
  12. I read the information carefully. Does being an awful coach count as being fired with cause?
  13. Tgr4life

    Season is mercifully over

    Why does Skerry get a pass for this year? Was Towson the only school that had to deal with Covid. Loyola...a # 9 seed (and they had covid as well) beat # 1 seed Navy in the patriot League tournament. Regardless of obstacles, you have to get the job done, especially with that salary! He deserves NO PASSES. He used all of the ones folks should be inclined to give.
  14. Tgr4life

    Fire Pat and Leonard

    And not even close!
  15. Who ever thought that the ACC Coaches would be Skerry's best shot to get a team to the NCAA tourney. They have proposed that every D1 team in the country get invited. Probably means another extension. I would think his contract provides an extension if the Tigers make the tournament.

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