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  1. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Story on CAA expansion

    I never understood a couple of things related to all this conference realignment stuff why keep rehashing old conferences instead of starting a new one? the power 5 on down. ie what does Vandy bring to the SEC? Rutgers and Maryland in the big 10, etc. Smaller is better...because you might be able to actually win once in a while. The power 5 is trying to be the NFL 2.0; who cares, that isn't going to be us. Why does the CAA keep bailing out schools from the A10 and Big East with football? Play hardball, if they want to play football at this level join the conference in all sports I realized Villanova and Richmond will never do this but make that the Patriots league problem. Rhody would have to at least consider if the CAA 2.0 was attractive Let's assume we need 10 schools for a conference. Find 10 like-minded schools and stick together. State schools, in Northeast that play FCS football: Towson Delaware W&M UNH Maine Albany Stony Brook VMI Youngstown (i'm sure they would rather come east than go to the Dakotas) Rhody Backups The Citadel Central Conn Another option is to try and join the Missouri Valley Football Conference and break away as an all sports league with an east and west. Work out some deal for the Illinois schools to always play each other and that is a great looking conference to me. Again, sizeable state schools that play FCS football. This might even be a multi bid basketball league in some years. It's far better in MBB than the new CAA. East: Towson UD W&M Youngstown Murray State Indiana State Illinois State Eastern Illinois (from the OVC) West: North Dakota State North Dakota South Dakota State South Dakota Northern Iowa Missouri State Western Illinois Southern Illinois
  2. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Story on CAA expansion

    not excited about this. can we leave already
  3. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Press Box Interview with Steve Eigenbrot

    Alumni engagement If he plans to stop trying to be "Baltimore's team" (it's never going to happen) and focus more on the Towson community Bringing back something like T-Unit - student leadership to help drive attendance Engagement with more avid fan (aka us on here - does he even know about this site) I remember I only learned about the old CAA Zone because they used to advertise it during football games on the PA It's always been strange to me that we don't have like a fan engagement townhall, forum, or survey. When I was a season ticket holder for the Caps they would survey me and ask me questions about my experience all the time.
  4. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Press Box Interview with Steve Eigenbrot

    Also look to minor league baseball for ideas. People love antics.
  5. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Press Box Interview with Steve Eigenbrot

    Really? If so we need to celebrate.
  6. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Wake Forest preview

    Yeah, I think it all comes down to what type of teams show up. Who is more motivated by missing the NCAAs vs dejected.
  7. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Kobe Young news

    Really sad. Do we know what happened? Gotta be so tough for his family.
  8. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Down but not out

    i'm happy with the NIT. we still get a banner to put in the arena from this millennium
  9. TheGoldCrotchPiece


    actually watched the game and got my hopes up - still unsure if that is a good or bad thing good - I started to care and had hoped we could actually win something for the first time since the 2013 FCS championship game bad - we Towson'ed like always silver lining - this team got me to care AND my emotional investments are much lower each year
  10. TheGoldCrotchPiece


    Not super shocking for a noon game vs the 8 seed. I'd still be sleeping by the time the bus left if I was still in school. Hopefully, they keep sending the buses for whoever will get on. I never understood why we basically don't require greek kids to go. Tie game attendance to whatever funding they get
  11. TheGoldCrotchPiece


    So you are telling me all I had to do was to move 3000 miles away and we'd win something????? If I knew that I would have moved away years ago. 🤣 It is legit a bummer that I used to be a 10 minute metro ride from the arena where we for the first time since I was 4 have a real chance to make the tournament. Regardless if we make the NCAAs I'm going but San Diego or Portland would sure be a nice trip.
  12. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Towson hires Steve Eigenbrot as new AD

    wow I was expecting this search to take a year. seems like a good get on paper but we'll see. MW was a marketer, TL an admin/fundraiser (not sure that held up). SE seems to follow the TL path, major gifts, but he did oversee ticketing so maybe he gets the concept that you have to actually promote the programs for people to come. it's one thing to sell tickets and fundraise at an SEC school with no pro sports team in the state; it's another to have to create demand at a mid-major/FCS school
  13. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Towson/Delaware game suspended

    Right, this does not happen without a failure in oversight. PS mentioned in his press conference the women's team has noted this issue before.
  14. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Towson/Delaware game suspended

    The issue is we don't have more information so logically speculation will happen. The real question is 'who does the buck stop with?' Until that question is answered Towson will always be a circle of finger-pointing.
  15. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Towson/Delaware game suspended

    When I first heard it I was like how does the roof leak in a brand new building? Seems like that was not the case but condensation? Still kind of hard to tell from the write-ups what the players actually slipped on. Whoever is in charge of the building needs to get in touch with the court people and the builders ASAP. I'm assuming some type of insurance would pay to fix this unless it's just our floor mopping people are that incompetent and it was just a cleaning issue. Check the mopping/cleaning agent and process What was the humidity/temp outside vs in? Call an HVAC expert before anyone else touches that court. WBB using the floor today is a bad idea. Hope no one gets hurt. We are owed a full explanation for this not the lack of 'game suspended for unsafe conditions BS'. When I saw the twitters updates then nothing for like an hour I was concerned something way more serious happen. Use the TC until this gets sorted A small part of me thinks this is TL's final revenge. Like when MW left we found out he drastically overspent on marketing and f-ed the dept financially. Is this the cause of TL trying to save money due to all the covid increases in costs and cutting budget on facilities? It would not shock me one bit. Regardless something is very wrong with Towson athletics culturally...and has been for years. Turning around the culture has to be the first priority of the new AD. You have too many people working within the department that clearly don't give an f about trying to get Towson to reach our potential. New AD must root that out and I realize it very will be very hard at a public institution to fire people.

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