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  1. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    2021 Spring & Summer Transfer Thread

    Any idea of players we are targeting?
  2. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Hartford and D3

    I don't really care and I'm assuming most of their alumni don't as well. They are a small school in the northeast and they don't play football so I think it's up to their community to see if the costs are worth it for basically keeping basketball as a revenue(ish) sport. I could see a better fit in the MAAC for them (all private schools) vs the America East (Hartford is the only private school) Also, they have 'esports' as an official team on their athletics website so I doubt they care all that much about physical sports..... I get that esports is now a thing but it's not an NCAA sport.
  3. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Baseball's surge

    getting hot at the right time.
  4. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    MLax holds on to beat UMass 9-6

    I don't get this team. How do you score zero goals in the second half?
  5. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Spring FCS Playoffs...

    5 mvfc teams in with the reduced playoff size... gross. Since this is clearly a playoff based on names only they should have cut the auto bids. feel bad for richmond and rhody who are clearly better than half of these teams. one caa loss each. southern illinois getting in with a 5-3 record is a joke (4-3 if you don't count the fall win) they were blown out by north dakota and SD State. Missouri Sate isn't as bad if you throw out the fall season (3Ls). But are we throwing out the fall season or no? Seems like the fall season helped one team and the committee ignored it for another.
  6. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    No Spring Football

    You are assuming those local teams are willing to play +pay us. There are plenty of other FCS teams in the area looking to do the same and unfortunately, the two FBS teams in the state are not going out of their way to help us out. (Navy - sure based in MD but really a national university; UMD 💩....has never done anything for the betterment of other state schools). We don't have the sweet hook-up like the VA and NC schools. While I agree it's no LSU or Florida game it's nice to give the team an interesting trip once a year and the entire goal is to not get half the team injured. Looking at FBS games in years past: LSU/FL/WVU = Hi, happy to be here! SDSU = Wake/UMD/USF/IU (could maybe win with the perfect game; likely lose but not get overly embarrassed) UCON/Kent St/ECU = winnable...will still likely lose I don't want to become one of those MEAC schools that travels all over the country to be a preseason SEC game just to fund their athletic department. We missed out on the playoff the LSU year because we played two FBS games.
  7. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    COVID-19 attendance policy

    100% but sadly I expect more incompetence
  8. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    COVID-19 attendance policy

    Should have added home game. The national championship game was amazing but we had like 5% of the fans. Hopefully, we actually get a majority of fans in the stadium this time
  9. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Walk off win for Baseball over GMU

  10. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Montgomery delivers game winner against Loyola

    let's hope we can build off this
  11. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    COVID-19 attendance policy

    Nice to see the families will be able to see games but does not really impact things. Since Lax is trash this spring, I don't foresee any reason the 'general public' would be interested in attending games until fall football season. The NDSU game is the biggest game in the history of Towson football. We need to be promoting that now and figuring out a plan for fans to attend safely. (vaccine required? if we can actually get them to the general population)
  12. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    MLax falls in OT to Delaware 13-12

    gross. can't blow a halftime lead like that.
  13. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Coaching Futility

    I hear maryland native Steve Wojciechowski is available to help us close out the game.
  14. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Towson FB player reported missing through Balt Co PD

    Did they find him? pretty strange to not have an update for a few days now. Does anyone have any idea of what happened? Going missing at 7am on what appears to be before a practice day is very concerning. Hopefully, the team culture is okay.
  15. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Not a surprise

    pretty cool and good for her, get that money. Hopefully she will get drafted and can have a long wnba career. it will be nice to have a towson alum in the top flight of pro basketball again. i always liked checking the nba nightly stats for gary neal's line.

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