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  1. griggey20

    Shane Simpson Watch

    I do think his willingness to play special teams will help 2 fold. 1) he can get a spot on ST, not only as a returner, but on Kickoff/Punt 2) it’s less snaps for him and could let him stay healthier.
  2. griggey20

    2021 Spring & Summer Transfer Thread

    I was really hoping to open this thread and hear that Miller was playing great and Pass didnt want to sit behind him so we needed to pick up a backup. Is there any way that is true????
  3. griggey20

    2021-22 Roster, at the moment

    Mat, any idea if this means anything for Darrick Jones? Feel like we have a bunch of guys ahead of him on the depth chart. He seems like an elite athlete that we’d want to stay for the long haul.
  4. griggey20

    Spring practice thread

  5. griggey20

    2021-22 Schedule Thread

    Holy shit, I am getting old, I can't even keep my years straight!
  6. griggey20

    2021-22 Schedule Thread

    I was there when we played them in 2000. Kennedy's 1st season.
  7. griggey20

    Ferry hired to coach UMBC

    No interest in any of those allegations at PSU. That's baggage that isn't worth winning.
  8. griggey20

    Coaching Futility

    1) He's may be from Puerto Rico but he played HS ball in NY 2) His uncle was on the Kentucky staff when they had that crazy long run of success a few years back. He didnt just get hired to get his nephew there, he's a good recruiter, period.
  9. griggey20

    Coaching Futility

    Jordan Dangerfield wasn't a terrible pickup.
  10. griggey20

    Coaching Futility

    I do find it hilarious that when we land a good recruit/transfer its lucky but when the recruits/transfers arent good, its all the coaches fault. How many NFL players did we have before Ambrose was the HC? 2???
  11. griggey20

    Coaching Futility

    Funny you say this. I was at Alvernia for a game last week and started laughing when I saw a picture of a former Tiger, Marquis Marshall. He won MAC player of the year and avg 22 and 9 as a Sr.
  12. griggey20

    1491 Days

    I am generally a Pat Skerry defender but all of the points you have all made, even you 2012, are totally fair. I am also growing tired and want to see improvement. But let's be honest, this isn't rock bottom. Go look at the Mike Hunt era, that was rock bottom (3 years- 23-63 total, 12-42 CAA, 1-3 CAAT). We have had 5 winning seasons under PS. Before he got here our last was the '95-96 season. Anyway, this season was BRUTAL, COVID-19 or not, I am struggling to see guys playing hard for PS and that's my biggest concern. I go back and forth regarding the recruiting...we have had guys come in here and be successful, but nothing to the level of JB since he left. Morsell, Zane, Gorham and Betrand were All-CAA type players. Unfortunately only 1 of them stayed all 4 years. We got a guy like Fobbs who was a JUCO transfer, was really good and could score but he wasn't developed in the program. There is a reason they all aren't staying and it may be Pat. I do think PS does a pretty good job of developing guys from the Freshman-Sophomore year. You see the improvement in their bodies and in their skill set. CT is a great example of that. But for some reason they don't take that next step to being a "stud". Is that because they aren't good enough to be? Or are they not being coached to be? A combination of both? Not sure, but once again not good enough. While I still am a believer in PS and this program, I am definitley losing faith. I remember thinking from 2002-2006 when I was an undergrad...."just be relevant, over .500, this 4-24 shit stinks". Now that we are there, it's not good enough. If things don't get significantly better (roster not showing it) in the 2021-2022 season, I will be fully on board with you all. I do really appreciate PS getting us back to a place where we are competitive in most conference games, we have a chance to win 18+ games a season and we are getting better talent. At the same time I am in agreement that it's not good enough anymore, we need to get consistently to the NEXT step; going to the CAA finals, making the NCAA tournament and winning the CAA regular season. I'd love it if PS was the one to do it but I am losing faith.
  13. griggey20

    Back on Pause

    I have been testing multiple times a week per NCAA regulations to officiate D2/D3 games. I am fortunate that I work from home for my real job but if you are a player or member of the team and the season was something you valued I would think you would take additional percautions to prevent a positive test. Obviously we don't know who it is (player/personnel) but the value of the season doesnt seem to be a priority for the program as a whole this year.
  14. griggey20

    Fire Pat and Leonard

  15. Mat, you didn’t mention anything about Holland? Any idea regarding his status?

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