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  1. MBB falls to JMU, 69-66 on Senior Night

    I think one good offseason for Tunstall and Gorham and we are looking solid next year. I do think Starr is very inconsistent, I would love to see Zane work on his ball handling over the summer and be that guy next year. I just hope we can make surprises during the tournament.
  2. Interview with Jeff Miller

    I cannot wait to see what he is going to do in a Towson uniform. We struck gold.
  3. Women's Basketball Thread

    She has these girls competing night in and night out. She hasn’t brought in her own class yet. We might see a turn around happen.
  4. Hofstra debacle

    I thought we would atleast go to OT. Not sure why Starr has the ball at the end of the game and why he would take that shot. Skerry has to fix this.
  5. Yeah it look like it helped, he was everywhere tonight. He seen the ball go in the basketball early and ran with it.
  6. Ugly, embarrassing, pathetic. Pitt postgame

    Yeah, horrible move. It led to two key turnovers. Have to have one of the two on the floor.
  7. Skerry signs extension

    I wonder when the dollar amount is I’ll be released. He was already making pretty good money, I am glad he signed with us for a little longer.
  8. MBB faces Oakland on Wednesday (ESPN3)

    Probably leaving work early to catch this one.
  9. Towson not that far off

    Yeah but we have to have a change for the play calling to get better. We have potential transfer and a pretty good QB in Jeff Miller coming in. I do think we will improve next year.
  10. Cardiac Kids win 80-78 in OT

    We have to bring it against UMBC they’ve been able to score the ball all season. We have to play tiger ball and we get a much needed break after.
  11. More Bozeman

    This article stated he had an all MEAC crew last year and still lost. I stopped reading after that, I feel they got the calls yesterday and not us.
  12. Cardiac Kids win 80-78 in OT

    He had a huge block in the second half that kept us in it too.
  13. Cardiac Kids win 80-78 in OT

    How about that shot and OT from Zane. He wasn’t scared of the moment.
  14. Cardiac Kids win 80-78 in OT

    Amazing atmosphere tonight, if the fans sat the whole bottom bowl would have been filled. That comeback was brutal but it happened with some bad calls and shots. It was a quiet comeback but we pulled it out. My friends really enjoyed the game and want to comeback, I also heard students talking about how good the game was. Go tigers!!!
  15. More from Belfast Classic

    He was pretty good at on campus promotion. I remember he had a mid day event when they installed the new turf. I’m not sure how word got around campus but it was packed just for a speech. When I joined his staff we constantly challenged each other on ideas to reach the students, fun times.