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  2. Late signee thread

    Another late addition. A defensive end from my old stomping grounds, P.G. County. https://wwe.hudl.com/profile/5167882/Prince-Ukpai
  3. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Sanders, Solomon, Gorham, Tunstall & Thomas. That’s some serious size & upfront depth next season.
  4. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Looked up his bio. It seems like he is much newer to the sport but I really like that he will be 19 years old a month before fall semester begins. May have some more maturity and leadership behind him. For perspective mike is a true senior and just turned 21 this last August.
  5. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    Thank goodness.
  6. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Solomon is a definite upper P5 recruit
  7. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    Agreed, I would not put much stock into these rankings.
  8. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    @ 7-4 it depends on who you are!
  9. New Linebackers Coach

    ... injury. He was a student assistant at Towson until 2013
  10. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    nice piece. seems like a good kid with the right mindset. but we shall see how much he plays and contributes next year...
  11. Yesterday
  12. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Well, at least before he got to TU, McCartney had a lot of hits with the Beatles & Wings. Oh wait, never mind.
  13. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Talk about a brutal recruiting class, that was Hunt’s real first recruiting class: Cilk, Jake McCartney, Stephen Warner and Andreus Petkunas
  14. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    Meaning we’re likely looking at a 5th straight season without making the playoffs
  15. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    Sure 8-3 doesn’t appear realistic
  16. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    Generally, it takes an 8-3 record to make the FCS playoffs, though every now & then a 7-4 might sneak in. So, if 8-3 is the bar, we pretty much have 2 L’s guaranteed, with Wake Forest & JMU. Means in the other 9 games we’d have to go 8-1. Even a diehard fan like me can’t envision that happening
  17. New Linebackers Coach

    I went to high school with him. Same one that Rob went to and he played football under Tim when he was AD. Also lived in my neighborhood growing up. He’s a good guy.
  18. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    I think it depends on how bad the record is. I could see them buying him out after the 2019 season if he doesn't make the playoffs. Then what is the point of having a coach with no years left and no extension. So he has to win this season, but with Stover or Miller, it's going to be tough unless you surround them with better weapons. Let's face it, as bad as the season was last year, we were 5-6 with our top two running backs hurt all season, a brand new OL and our top QB injured. There's no reason why we can't be at least 6-5 with better QB play, a healthy Shane, a transfer big back and improved OL play. Yes, I know we're playing JMU next season and that's a likely L. He's now running the offense so there are no more excuses.
  19. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    It’s a small TU world 🌎 after all!! Was he a Hunt recruit?
  20. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    Interesting thought. Isn’t RA under contract through 2020? That’s 4 more years. I’m skeptical we’d buy him out & pay a new coach at the same time. Maybe it’s 🍎 to 🍊, but look how we suffered through the end of Kennedy’s contract, rather than firing him
  21. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    That coach being Cilk McSweeney, who had a brief career in the early 2000s here before transferring to Penn State.
  22. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    If RA really loves Miller, he's going to throw him to the wolves so to speak because the clock is ticking and it's getting close to midnight.
  23. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    In a way, I hope he redshirts. Maybe that would mean Stover improved in the off-season. Give Miller a year to acclimate & then he still has 4 years of playing eligibility, starting in 2019.
  24. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    So here’s an excerpt from a story about a recent game between Solomon U’s team vs the #3 HS team in the country. Solomon’s team lost 61-39, but he scored 17 points, including 2 3-pointers. The most interesting thing in the article to me was that his coach was having the 6’8 Solomon bring the ball upcourt, because apparently he had more confidence in Solomon handling the ball then the guards on the team.
  25. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    I would take a smart, less mobile guy if he's strong as an ox like Big Ben and feels the pressure well. We'll just have to wait and see until the summer when he comes in whether he can play right away.
  26. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Some recent updates on Betrand & Dottin
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