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  1. Yesterday
  2. Football Home game times announced

    I don't think 4 pm helps with student attendance, which will be a challenge anyway given that we don't play at home till the end of Sept.
  3. Last week
  4. Release on Juwan Gray

  5. Martin, Gorham get their release

    dont let the door hit ya on the way out. good riddance. I view transferring as quitting, obviously without extenuating circumstances (family, health, coach change, no playing time). would like martin to go to maryland, gives me more hate for the turtles
  6. Release on Selcuk

    I’ve been clamoring for us to dip our toes in the European pool of players for some time. Seems to have a good skill set & a high character kid.
  7. Release on Selcuk

  8. Release on Timberlake

    Does our awesome band pick up a JT tune over the summer to perfect!? Any picks!? “Can’t stop the feeling” Thanks for choosing us Nick. Something tells me this kid is gonna be a program changer.
  9. Release on Timberlake

    Good to see this post, about a kid who wants to be here. Time to look forward, not back.
  10. Release on Timberlake

  11. Martin, Gorham get their release

  12. Martin, Gorham get their release

    Yes, that was mentioned by Jeff Goodman in an earlier post. They will lose Huerter. Wiggins might be a 3. Zane could possibly start but likely come off the bench as a sixth man. His defense and ballhandling have to really improve to play at the B10 level. Read the scouting report on him. https://247sports.com/Article/Maryland-Reaches-Out-to-Towson-Transfer-Zane-Martin-118407008
  13. Martin, Gorham get their release

    Maryland is interested in Zane Martin. I coach high school basketball and this comes from someone I was speaking to this evening who is part of their program
  14. Looks like Loyola Chicago has ditched the Bahamas 🇧🇸 tournament. Guess they’re “too good” for it now. That’s ashame. I was hoping we’d play them, just so we could get a feel for how we stacked up against a team that went to the Final 4 last season
  15. Vermont is a good home game. Interested in hearing more about Atlantic City tournament. One D3 is tolerable. If you look at the home schedules last year of other CAA teams, I believe you’ll find many other schools played a D3 home game
  16. Vermont is coming here. Playing GW on the road. We're playing in this tournament Atlantic City where we will be facing Tulane. Other game features La Salle and TBD. Also looking at some Ivies. You have Virginia, Bahamas, locals. One D3 team.
  17. Martin, Gorham get their release

    This is not unique to us. By way of example, U Wisconsin-Milwaukee (or maybe it’s just U Milwaukee) lost their top 3 scorers from last season by way of transfers. Yes, these guys were talented, but I for one am not going to pine for them. It’s like being jilted by a woman-there’s always lots of other fish 🐠 in the ocean.
  18. Martin, Gorham get their release

    We will miss their talent, especially on the offensive end. Neither was a great defender, so you have that. I think Zane felt he was too good for this league, which is why he put his name in the draft. So now he's got a huge list of big-time schools considering offering him. That's great. But he needs to go to a situation where he has a chance to start. Maryland, for example, would seem like a good fit because Kevin Huerter is leaving this year or next year. Other schools will have guys that will graduate this year or head to the NBA early. But how much does Zane want to fit in? He'll have his sit-out year to improve his defense, ballhandling, shot selection, free throw shooting, etc. I wish him the best but honestly, he had a chance to be a mid-major star. Now sure how that translates at a higher level. Sometimes it does work out. Look at Damion Lee, although he had the size and shooting ability. As for Justin, I don't know if he just needs to get out of the area. Maybe that's the issue with him. He was the guy I was hoping would stay before we added our last ship with the San Diego transfer Juwan Gray. That loss may hurt more because I thought he could be a 16-8 guy as early as this season. It's tough keeping everybody happy. Zane had a million shots a game and he left. Justin didn't start until late in the season, partially due to an ankle injury. They aren't the first transfers and won't be the last but they also were different because they had major success and potential unlike Prophete, Ingram, Hawkins, Foster, Astroth, McGlynn, Marshall, Alston. Biggest loss ultimately was Jerome Hairston, who showed talent and potential in his first season and then threw it away.
  19. Martin, Gorham get their release

    I would hope they’d collectively look at it as a chance at more PT, along with a chance to fill the scoring void that’s been left
  20. Martin, Gorham get their release

    How do the incoming players look at this? More PT for them? Or 2/3 major pieces we had just left willingly?
  21. Martin, Gorham get their release

    Good luck, godspeed...and I'd prefer not to hear about them anymore. Turn the page and look forward to what we have on the roster who do want to be here and hopefully take us to heights we haven't seen in over 25 years.
  22. Martin, Gorham get their release

    Yep, it’s a no win at this level (sometimes. Not all kids do what ZM & JG are doing). In any event, kudos to Skerry for spotting a diamond in the rough in ZM, who I don’t believe was heavily recruited out of HS. As far as I’m concerned, ZM & JG are in the rear view mirror. Wish em the best & time to move on. I like the pieces we have going forward. I’m not sure we would have gotten Timberlake if ZM we’re still here. We lost with ZM & JG, so if we have to take some lumps this coming season, so be it.
  23. Martin, Gorham get their release

    At least it’s becoming a national story
  24. Zane Martin - NBA

    https://twitter.com/GoodmanESPN/status/998592078916608005 Justin Gorham also officially got his release.
  25. Does anyone have any Insight on this years non Conference scheduling

    Lame! this is why we are never going to make the tournament again. We can never seem to schedule more than one good OOC opponent each year and never at home.
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