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    Love the First Union reference. It truly fit Philly. FU Center. Sad they changed sponsors. Philly the one city where the Big 5 always play each other. No matter what Villanova is ranked they still play Penn. I’m a believer in Skerry and he’s gonna get it done. We have so much better talent coming through the door now. I’ll be there when we make the dance whether it’s Dayton Ohio or Portland Oregon. We have come too far not to think we won’t ... 58 years for my Eagles 27+ for our Tigers... no sweat When I was at the Burkshire Marriot for the Elon game I spoke to JG in the lobby. He and Zane are gonna get it done for us before they leave. I’m calling it now. I’ll be sending pics with my Towson gear on from the Golden Gate Bridge either basking in our glory or jumping off.
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    Sanders, Solomon, Gorham, Tunstall & Thomas. That’s some serious size & upfront depth next season.
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    http://towsontigers.com/news/2018/2/17/mens-basketball-nipped-by-jmu-in-home-finale.aspx 17 turnovers and 10 of 23 from the line. Very late call in the last minute when Martin stole the ball and would have had an easy layup/dunk to tie the game but Mosley got the call and made both FTs. That's a four point swing but it shouldn't have come to that. Some of those passes today were just inexcusable. Throwing the ball to the bench. Gorham not looking for the pass when Starr throws it. Again problems inbounding the ball underneath the basket. Starr not on the same page with Gorham we're in the what, 29th game? Decent crowd for the snow. I'll have comments later. But JMU has some really good guards and our lack of size, length and athleticism up front hurts against a team like that. Even though we outrebounded them, it felt like we gave up every key offensive rebound.
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    I hate that kind of speculation and he lost his father last season so maybe that anger is being taken out on the floor. He's probably going to start next season here so if he wants to make a move to another similar program, he won't be guaranteed anything. But again, it's ludicrous to even think that.
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    I think there's going to be some good news about the schedule next season. Another tournament, and potentially, an A-10 opponent or two and an ACC school. Not complete yet but sounds promising. Still working on improving home slate.
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    Coaching -- There are decent points being made throughout the discussion but the question I ask would be who you would have in mind that could be that extra push. I go back to when Truax was here and we had a number of rollercoaster seasons at the end of his tenure but within those seasons, we had some big wins over P5 schools. The admin at the time decided that he had plateaued and decided to go in a different direction. It took 16 years to dig the ship out of the bottom of the sea. Skerry's not quite done building this yet and I'm sure he'd admit that not having had a decent point guard is a pox on his tenure here but we're in the right direction and I don't see what would cause us to want to change course. Scheduling -- I completely agree with what everyone is saying about the schedule. It's been very discouraging the last couple of years seeing the Gouchers, Gallaudets, and Central Penns of the world in the REGULAR SEASON schedule. You wanna play exhibitions against them, go right ahead. But that's not going to generate any sort of buzz. It seems like we feel like we're 'above' doing 2 for 1s but again, if it gets a bigger name into the house, you have to sacrifice and do it. I think we should still play the city schools and I also think there needs to be a way to always have Maryland on the schedule or at least every other year. And if you have to play them at the Baltimore Arena because they're too scared to come to SECU, then you do it. It's about building the brand. And if you need to expand it so you use the Baltimore Arena to bring in a much bigger name, then maybe you have to do that too. It sucks to have an on-campus arena like SECU but still have to look downtown but sometimes you have to sacrifice there. Temple has been doing it for years...they've got a 10,000 seat arena but have had to play Duke and Kansas at the FU Center instead (and won a couple of those games) because big names are too scared to play in a tough venue. CAA -- the administration really dropped the ball by not having any sort of TV contract, even if it was a digital only deal like what America East has. The Thursday-Saturday conference schedule doesn't help that at all either. They need to go to a Friday-Sunday schedule and take over those nights, which are usually lacking for major college hoops games. Why am I seeing Vermont-Albany on ESPNU one night and then Jackson State-Prairie View on the U the next? It's a total joke that the CAA doesn't have some piece of that pie. As a result, our conference is a ghost town and more people know more about Northern Kentucky than they do about Charleston.
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    we wouldnt get our teeth kicked in against those type of teams. mostly because those teams would NEVER play us. the mediocre power 5 teams like maryland, wake, gt, vt, gtown etc will not play us, as we are to risky to put their at large change at risk. so we are stuck with novas, kansas, of the world which are games we shouldnt really play (maybe 1 for the money guarantee crowd) as they do nothing to prepare us for CAA. I am all for 2 for 1's with any a10 league or higher. Even their bottom level teams. Temple, ODU, Mason were some nice teams that we have had. I just hate playing the crappy local teams, does nothing for me. add navy and mount and you got something. There is no reason we cannot schedule 4-5 games a year with a10, maac, nec schools. They are all for the most part close to us where a plane would not be needed. We could also get away from the meac schools and try for horizon and MAC. Spreading your recruiting footprint to the midwest doesnt hurt. Tough kids, and chicago, cleveland, indy, detroit have some solid players
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    Kudo’s to Skerry (as I’ve said many times before) for graduating kids & turning around a woeful program to the point where we are winning 20 games in a season. But call me greedy...I won’t be fully satisfied until we go dancing, & I bet Skerry would say the same thing. This, “I remember when we were crappy, so I’m satisfied that we’re above average” mindset is lost on me. Accept being average to above average & that’s what you’ll get. I’d rather demand being the best. Doesn’t mean we’ll get it every year, but i want it in my lifetime. It’s been over a quarter century. Enough is enough. Clearly, most of that wasn’t on Skerry’s watch, but it’s high time he recruit a good point guard, & let’s win more than 1 damn game in the conference tournament
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    I was at Towson from 95-99 and worked with the team during the Jaskulski years (Who appears to be a HC again http://www.stritchwolves.com/news/2015/6/26/GEN_0626154020.aspx?path=general). For the first time since I graduated the team has finally not been an embarrassment. I realize Skerry has yet to get to the CAA championship game or NCAAs, but with a little more time I believe that will come. Besides, once he gets the team to the NCAAs, I'm sure some bigger school might come sniffing around. I had higher expectations for this season, but am at least happy we are generally competitive each season in the CAA.
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    What do we think of Skerry’s assistants? I wonder if Gary Neal would ever consider coaching once he officially hangs ‘em up on his playing career. He might make a nice assistant coach and be a big time help on the recruiting trail with establishing credibility for the program.
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    http://towsontigers.com/news/2018/2/8/mens-lacrosse-no-14-tigers-open-2018-at-no-11-johns-hopkins.aspx If you want to chat, this game is on ESPNU at 6pm and we can talk about it and other things as well.
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    All I can say https://youtu.be/UPw-3e_pzqU
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    Opening Statement Rob Ambrose A lot of hard work that got done over an extensive period of time by a lot of people. It was an entire team effort. Eight different states and 11 positions. I have 11 over 3.0, six over 3.7. It's an ecletic group. Young men of great character. Support staff have done a tremendous job. Thanks.....(left the rest out, thanks professors, restaraunts, Marriott, etc.). I'm honored that the families chose Towson Univesity. On early late signing periods I will not be surprised if the Power Five or Money Five if they try and change this. Having an early signing date, you find the kids that want to be here. They have done research. They know what they want out of college. They know who they want to play for or at least they have a general idea. Then there are the young men that love to be recruited. Recruiting ends when college begins. The early signing date you can find a lot out about people, about commitment. I was thrilled to death that we had so many, so early. We weren't the only one that could do that. The bigger schools saw this as a detriment. There was a lot less picking and lot less poking at the end. That maybe recruiting has gotten a little more honest. It was great for us. It will be great for the future. I can't see a downside from this perspective. Normally, you have to work it. If kid commits to you in October, you can sign him in December. We've been poached quite a bit in the past because of the hard work we've doen. This will alleviate most of that. On last year and early singing period Two fold. The timing of it the new concept changed things. The other one was that we re-evaluate who and how we recruit. There was one thing above all else that we wanted from this class and that was character. We might have to sacrifice talent for character because character sticks. Those without it don't. On early signees Truth be told, that if they were committed and declined to sign early, they wouldn't be coming here because clearly they didn't understand the meaning of the word. Of the class itself, there are two that are enrolled today. One was long snapper Conrad Brake. We had to replace Will Hayes. And Jihre Love. Both are older kids. On late class A smaller pool in the end. A lot more fined tuned looking. We're talking about 3 or 4. This is a smaller class for us. Very proud of this class. As an alum, I'm very excited that these kids are going to represent my degree. On Jeff Miller Jeff is huge. I did see a play at a high school all-star game, where the defensive end was unblocked and he's not huge. He bends the corner and beats the tackle and he hits Jeff and he falls down and Jeff throws the ball for a strike and a 20-yard gain. He's huge. He might be the biggest quarterback I've ever coached. Academically, he's one of the smartest. He loves football more than most things. He's one of the few people who grew up on the West Coast and swears that people have told him his whole life that he's an East Coast guy. Parents are from the midwest. He never goes to the East Coast. The Southern California lackadaisical lifestyle doesn't fit into the sense of urgency to be a D-1 caliber of the East. Jeff loves that. He was the MVP of the whatever all-star game and he only had a week to prepare. His stats and how he did it, the fact that he only worked with these guys for a week, that bodes well for his ability to adjust here. On DL help Garrett is large. He's a juco prospect and we've known him from Va. Was a all-everything in Virginia. Junior college kids are one of two things. They are either kids that didn't figure it out and aren't going to figure it out, or the kids that didn't figure it out, didn't have good foundations and are fighting, scrapping and clawing for another chance. That would be him. It's one of those things that after I got to know him and he spent some time here, one of those mutual love at first sight type of things. His hunger for personal success and his quick falling in love with this place was a great combination. On QBs in the spring The goal was to bring in an older guy, somebody to push Ryan (Stover) a little bit. Somebody that has experience at a different level. But we weren't going to take a guy, we were only going to take the right guy. So we said no to a couple. I'm leaving the door open for that to happen at the end of spring. As it stands, we will give those younger guys some reps in the spring and let them get better. On Daniel Thompson and Logan Justice He is an overly large WR with freakish skills. We weren't going to sign a wide out in this class. He was so good, we could not say no. He's really good. Stonebridge is a perennial champ in Virginia and Mickey Thompson (no relation) is one of the best coaches in the state. This young man is coming from a great program where academics and athletics are very important. On Justice and him. Thompson academically is catching up. He may not make it by the fall but will certainly make it by next January. Might have to grayshirt. Mr. Justice is about as straight and strong as you are going to get. Son of a Delaware cop, who graduated from Fork Union himself. So they moved to Virginia. There's not much there. To move from Lewes, Delaware to Virginia tells you about their family. Bryan is fifth nationally in the 4x200. He's fast. Faster than Summers but not nearly as big and strong. On Sean Bryan Yo guys know me. This is not the end. There are still some loose ends to be tied. But Mr. Bryan is a very celebrated New York back. He looks small like a scatty guy but he's extremely strong. He plays much bigger than his size. There will be some other running backs that fit into this mix as well. Those guys are all going to compete. If I would have had my drothers, I would have an older quarterback and older running back this semester. It would raise the level of play. I'm still not done with that. At the running back position, there were a couple that we were on, I wasn't going to take a younger guy like that, I was going to take a bigger guy. I didn't work out three times and I wasn't going to force it. On secondary We've older secondary guys, younger secondary guys. Truth be told in the past, we've had a lot of issues with eligibility at that position and off the field stuff. We decided to recruit a bunch of them. Before the conversation was, can he run, can he hit, can he cover? Now it is also who is he as a person? They are exceptional characters. On Troy Vincent Jr. Depending on where we are in the spring, he can be a boundary corner. He's good enough to do it. It depends on where he fits in terms of everybody else. Has at least one if not two years. On Character I guess I'm getting old. I have a concept of recruiting and choosing your college. Choosing the place that will help mold the rest of your life to getting married and picking that person, the right fit for you. Once you truly know, you know. Picking your wife or spouse or life partner, it's not a carnival. It's one of the greatest decisions and most important decisions you are ever going to make in your life. So is picking your college. And when you make picking your college a carnival, it shows what kind of respect you have for both the college and your own future or lack thereof. It's a broad brush that I say in reference to character but are they honest? Do they have integrity? Are the committed? So they sign. That's easy. Sadly, this should be relatively anticlimatic. And for the ones that not, it's about attention and things that are the most important. The future is the most important thing. Your future should not look like a carnival. It should be well-thought out. We tend to look at all these things these young men can do physically compared to what they won't be able to do due to their lack of consistency and who they are. We need kids from good foundations or ones that are willing and are desperate to learn good foundations both on and off the field. That makes for a good program and a good family. On recruiting story Ryan Kearney is one of the best players in the state of Maryland, Howard County Player of the Year. He is a kid whose father died during the season and instead of not playing, he decided to play and he played his heart out. He played in a way that inspired his teammates and people. They won a game they probably shouldn't have won. He's one of my 4.0+ guys. He comes from a great family. He understands what football can do for him and his family. On early class I like Reaves. He's large. He's a big human being. He's going to help and contribute right away. There's a lot of guys on this list, early or late, that are going to have a chance to contribute next year.
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    It's perhaps analogous to comparing an apple to an orange, but here goes-In Starr's last year in JUCO he averaged basically the same in ppg, 14, as Robinson. His shooting percentage was slightly better (41% to 36% for Robinson) but he averaged 7 apg compared to Robinson's 4. Based on these metrics, one could argue Starr was the better JUCO player. Given what we now know about Starr as a mid-major DI PG, it's begs the question whether Robinson would be an asset, with the caveat I've never seen him play along with the fact our coaching staff must see something in if they've offered him
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    What’s even more disturbing is the fact that Skerry was a PG in college and should know the importance.
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    Here’s Video of the students storming the court. I shaved my head in honor of Josh Anderson I think his name was, big white guy!
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    Nothing comes easy for this team. We could use a decisive 15+ point win sometime soon to help boost some confidence coming down the stretch. Maybe against JMU? Go Tigers!
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    BTW, there's going to be a lot of competition in the frontcourt next season. Solomon U. is starting to fill out. Raw post moves but has a nice jumper. As the late Dick Enberg would say, "Oh my"
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    That first half looked like we brought back every team from 1998-2011 -- more missed shots and layups than you could ever remember. Absolutely pathetic. The more this season goes on, the more I realize that this team just doesn't have the mental makeup to get over any championship hump. All Elon is good at is making 3s and yet, we can't seem to find it in our defensive makeup to get out on them or to stop helping off of drivers and leaving guys wide open. Elon had the same exact formula as they did in the first game at their place and we're just not 'there' enough to realize it. Then, as they're mounting a comeback, the little things crush them -- not blocking out down 10 on 2 missed free throws and then fouling the rebounder and letting them get the 2 points anyway. Then, down 9, they come down on a 2-on-1 break and elect to shoot a 3 which naturally ends up missing. Get the 2, maybe you get a foul, but you keep the momentum going. And while Zane did get the ball back off the missed free throw for a layup and got the 3 total points anyway, he has 3 crucial free throws and only makes 1 of them. You can score 30 points a game but if you're clanking free throws when the game is on the line, you're not quite the complete player. We're 5-5 in conference. 4 out of those 5 losses, there's no excuse for (at Charleston the exception). Good teams don't lose those 4 games. This conference is so schizo that we could easily be running away with the regular season. Even when we've been sputtering, we keep missing opportunities. NE gets whacked in OT at Drexel and once again, we miss one. It'll make for a wild 3 days in March in North Charleston but unless we get a collective lobotomy, I just don't see this particular team having what it takes to win it.
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    Who? Seriously, he’s a non-person to me. Don’t wish him bad luck, just don’t care. I suspect he was too immature to grasp the concept that, as a freshman, he wasn’t going to get 30 minutes PT a night. Too bad, as he appeared to have talent.
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    Interesting, but totally understandable. Think about why Tom Brady is so revered....he finishes.. there are many teams that in football are good for 55 minutes...in college basketball, good for 38 minutes. It is the teams that are great in the last two minutes that are the teams that are remembered. All you can do is work hard to be one of those teams and without doubt, Coach Skerry will have the team working hard to be one of those. Hopefully they reach that goal, but until they do...........