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  1. TTiger2024

    MBB gets blasted by North Texas 65-39

    "we may have one of the worst offenses in the country" seriously? lol, the sky is NOT fallin. did anyone think we were gonna come 3-0 outta dis thing? 1-2 woulda been huge, but looking at the field; 0-3 was the play; and ....here we are. jeez - back away from the ledge. get some reps, get healthy, get some guys cleared (hopefully) and bring on league play. all the folks who say "20+ wins dont matter, its only the conf playoffs" kick and scream when we lose to da big boyz in the reg season. VENMO me if you wanna bet the Morgan St game..............
  2. TTiger2024

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    in fairness to Blounge; it does appear you forgot the first rule of joking (again) .......
  3. TTiger2024

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    I can’t imagine how unhappy this made you ….
  4. TTiger2024

    General MBB Thread 2022-23

    ok....so your comment of "research", got my (albeit tiny) brain thinking....and consulting professor Google (plse let me know if the following research is off; i mean dat) Towson hoops: 1979/80 - now.....44 years Div 1 hoops. Have we always been D1? i think so. sucks no NCAA tournament; we are part of a shitty trivia question im sure 572-738 43% #losers 79-83, Agnoti in 4 seasons = .250% 83-98 Traux, 14 seasons = .499% 97-01 Jaskulski 4 seasons = .327% 02-04 Hunt 3 seasons (why so fast?) = .276% 05-11 kennedy 7 seasons = .330% (ran into, probation? WTF) 11-23 Skerry 12 seasons = .511% so... i'm trying to figure out why this group * (*well, like 4-5 sad lads) wanna run the guy w/ the best record, EVER, outta the school. SMH. 1-31 to 18-13; is the GREATEST turnaround in the history of D1 basketball? is this still true/still stand? WTF? helloooooo towson, not UCLA then i peel da onion a bit more and say....WTF. if you eliminate Skerry year 1 (1-31) (ya know, the year they were on PROBATION) (pretty sure that has practice hr restrictions/ recruiting restrictions...thats on the "other/previous pat" btw -)....and eliminate the covid year ( maybe a stretch - but....work wit me, as the players ALL got a muligan on Covid, what if this staff did too?) (4-14)......i'm no math major -doesnt skerry & this staff record become like 75% ? can someone plse fact check this? year 1 out, covid out? and.......75% ? WTF? if this is true (and again, I think year 1 100% should be out....and global pandemic thingy kinda real, but i get everyone had that -so im 50/50).... shouldnt you guys be building a fcuking statue (albeit short one) for SKerry. are y'all insane? i think these numbers check out. look, im bias to teams dat WIN consistently , play real defense, play hard and rebound... get in the mix (almost) EVERY year, and have a chance....a yearly chance!( I guess some don't give a shiat about consistency, and it's ncaa tournament or nothing - bring me da shiny toy. I like shiny things too, but this program was a JOKE before this group. A F*cKING JOKE., no consistency. Seriously, a joke. https://grantland.com/features/visit-worst-team-men-college-basketball/ Now, ask any coach, player, fan of the CAA what they think about playing Towson NOW (and im even not talking about graduation rate, autism acceptance and other stuff that never existed prior to) . i know this is a futile post - haters gonna hate. "we havent danced, blahblha" ....coach has takin us as far as he can (lol, where ya thinking you are going w/out him?) but im curious (not really) to what said haters think if they look (really )looked at the numbers?; again....this aint ever gonna be Gonzaga. who da fcuk is gonna do better? this aint a destination job. 100% sucks we aint been dancing, but i dont get da lack of self awareness. fire da coach i say IF you can get phil jackson, rick pitino, dean smith, (or their budgets #NIL)...but otherwise; as my grandfather said, "they actually made chicken salad, outta chicken shit". i'm shocked (not really, #poopinpants message boards love to complain, see kentucky lol)) the 4-5 sadlads just dont get it. ....y'all just dont get it (yep, you 2 really end of day) 2012 & tualum hang out? onto the portal........onto next year.....hope NT & CH cash big checks ballin. #may....CT?....conway! loved the journey this year, bummed wit the end. but....I can still see the forest thru da trees/idiots
  5. def fan...buying your beers in DC if (when?) we git to Tuesday !!!!
  6. "You play to win the tournament, not the game. IMHO tonight's win was a strong indication of the low basketball IQ this staff has. Oustide of those of you who hang a banner for 20 wins, nobody will remember this game in a week. That is last I will bring up tanking" WOW. you really wanted to LOSE? lose on purpose = loser. what a d-baggery comment post after a great come from behind win on da road (and amazing Cam-show). i'm da glass half -full guy (mostly cause i keep re-filling) but you are the shit-colored glasses guy fo sure. anyone here that dumps on 20wins for TOWSON....TOWSON (i've researched the records of the other coaching staffs prior to this one - do-do); ...i'll be graduated - but it's gonna suck when guys like you run this staff outta town; and we return to shitsville and i gotta be embarrassed for 6-20 seasons. Have you been to Charleston?....Boston...New York? my last president called the large city 20mins from us the murder capital of the USA; GET a GRIP! aint ever gonna be Gonzaga. 20 wins per year and a CHANCE at the tournament is all you (well, a reasonable person) can ask for. WE make fun of 20wins now? lol. Ask Univ of Pitt (who we almost beat) if they miss they 20+ a year from their last staff, or if they are happy running that guy out cause he never "won a final 4" . SMH, good for SMU (same story here, lower level. absolute idiots). excited for Sunday, super jacked. i'll be there - and Nick, Cam, CT & crew have a chance (CHANCE - all you can ask, reasonably) to do something special. Shit on'm if they choke - but the 5'ish miserables/negative nancys here wanna bury them before tip-off? Fine. you bring your shovels, i'll bring my pom-poms. will join the disappointed if we lose, fall short of the big dance (absolute goal fo show). but will never join the disillusioned. smh. #Cam4Pres #Nick4NBA #bringbackCT #MayPOY
  7. TTiger2024

    General MBB Thread 2022-23

    Easily coulda jumped ship for a bigger league. Tuff, mature, proven big time ATHLETE who has improved his long ball immensely! (Heck, he dropped a bunch at …. Florida?) He’s 100% bought into this program and staff -and because of that - he is going to make real money at the next level ! too bad so many (well, like 5) of the posters here have not (as I’ve learned more - it was a total shitBag-disaster of a program prior to this regime; now it cranks out 18+ Ws YEARLY!). This is a VERY good team; with good players to really like ;a few bounces (yeah, a few - don’t need a ton) and this group can git it done in early March . F*Ck da 🐉s….. LFG … #inCamwetrust #Nick4Pres
  8. TTiger2024

    Inside the Numbers: Second half

    2nd in FG Defense (41.9%) 2nd in Rebounding Margin (+4.91) play defense and rebound; you are (almost) in every game. (instead of da old "win by da 3, die by da 3"). love the consistency & the number of "W"s this program has stacked in my time here because of that philosophy, and feel like we got a good shot 2put 3 great days together in early March with now better ball movement and SHOOTING. CT, NT, Cam, C'Way, Russ, May, Hicks, SS and co......This is an easy team to like! HUGE one at Hofstra, gotta slow Estrada again (i'll take just unlucky shooting on his end) #incamwetrust
  9. TTiger2024

    Elon Preview

    🐯- 72 Phoenix -58
  10. Tualum & TuTigers2012; truly only happy - when they unhappy 🤦‍♂️. Great TEAM win on da road v a video game playa making crazy long ballz. Don’t look now “TeamT&T” (da malcontents) but yur “skerry ball” is 5-2 in da league. Here we F’King Go !!!!!
  11. TTiger2024

    Monmouth Preview

    Raising Canes god beer Cam/NT/CT conway/may ConfTourney marchmadness 💩 = zaxbys, CofC, taxes, traffic, cole slaw, tualum, UNCW, refs
  12. TTiger2024

    Drexel Preview

    I don’t no why you (and TuTigers2012) constantly have a dump in yur pants - but I hope you enjoyed this win …..
  13. TTiger2024

    What is wrong?

    disappointed, but.....am I the only one that is "OK" losing to a top 25 team by a bucket in OVERTIME? WTF / SMH CofC is really good, we were right there.....and now two pages of "what is wrong"???? TOWSON......TOWSON...not Duke gents. I'll ride w/ these players and coaches if we are playing teams like this down to the wire. sucks not having gibby (spreads the floor so much just being on it) and the turnover issues are real; but May & Conway are going to get better faster w/ more mins. Ton of things to work on and ton of hoops left. but this isn't a stock you should sell right now. (get over the preseason chatter/rankings... now meaningless). this team is going to be good....right there in da mix, AGAIN, when the CAA tournament comes around. bring on da dragons .........
  14. TTiger2024

    Charleston Preview

    while im sick with the result (fukkkkk) , i'll be sicker if you lost all that (sure thing) money......
  15. TTiger2024

    General MBB Thread 2022-23

    catching-up on some light 2022 reading before the calendar turns; jeez the negative nancys have been busy bees ! Tigers start the year 5-0; and its basically a buncha " big deal....who cares....NCAA or bust...wake me when the CAA tournament starts" comments (#miserables) then tigers drop a few in a row and its "sky is falling, we stink, CH isn't that good (laughable/ignorant) , NT isn't that good (really?/smh) and such ........ while i dont agree with either (they all do matter...and they sky isn't falling) .....id like to at least see the haters be consistent. pretty-plse? so for "only the CAA tournament matters / NCAA or bust guys......happy new year - enjoy the NBA/NFL - and i look frwd to your comments in March !!! for the rest (some who might actually like a team that consistently wins more (quite a few more) than they lose) .....giddy-up for tomorrow. HUGE/ EXCITING league opener v a stacked opponent.

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