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  1. TTiger2024

    Las Vegas Invitational preview

    pains me to agree w/ 2012 lol, but this one feels like a 15-20 L. CT & Cam a bit small to hit those hooks against the Dons. We'd need to hit the long ball well, to very well tonight....and just not enuff scoring power/options without Gibby & Rizz. Would need everyone playing well & shooting well. routing for the win; investing for the loss. #hopeiamwrong. happy thanksgiving
  2. TTiger2024

    MBB falls to Pitt on the road 63-59 (story up)

    dont mind me, just here to make lemonade (tricky task with this group !) We lost in a close game, AT PITT. which is historically, and STILL is a tough place to play. (FYI - we covered, again. 3-1 ATS). I realize Pitt is down ...but did anyone REALLY have a "W" pencilled in AT PITT (if so, lol....you are in for a looong year). 2021 - not 100% sure of my exact quote, but stand by the thesis: we got several guys that CAN get 15 on any night (not avg, that would be a dream). its a small sample size, but you should be able to see the skill level & ability of the guys that can: Holden, Nolan, Timber, Gibson (cant imagine you'd argue with those 4); and with a decent 3 ball/free throw night, you can add Rizz, Gray, and CT???? I'm just saying, GREAT balance here, like we got good players. some in the past were just painful to watch. weight lifters and not ballers. I wasn't arnd for the Benimon years (have seen highlights,..MONSTA !) - but you gotta like this team more than any since him....no? and AtlantaTiger; looks like I'm gonna need to add vodka to your lemonade (and/or assist w/ the dump in yur pants): The entire board is talking about improved talent (coaches apparently hit the transfer wire hard) and ball movement/pace-of-play and you wanna blame the coach after losing AT PITT. 4 games in, conf play yet to start.....hang in there, they aint gonna win'm all, but its gonna be a fun team that will be well north of their pre-season conf ranking. if anyone needs some positivity arnd the holidayz....i'm be here. and (may not surprise you), i like our chances v UPENN !
  3. TTiger2024

    Albany preview

    Good teams win, great teams cover! yes sir !!!!!!! next up, monmouth.
  4. TTiger2024

    Albany preview

    did ya catch the game ?
  5. fine...guilty...you are right....i'll do better. this year stinks so far, but its all bananas via covid. who knows. im trying to enjoy, and tired of the miserable/old-head pricks. I get it, you wanna cut and fire everyone. feels like those 3 guys should just meet at da bar and have that talk, and stop posting the SAME THING. but the pitch folks for the players and coaches when i joined this chat last year was crazy for me....like; .....seems like these tiger coaches rescued things from the absolute bottom of the barrel. BOTTOM. i'll sport my colors w pride, but this aint my first choice school if i could pick......win more then lose and be in the mix - aint that the idea? i agree the lack of CAA tournament success sucks, and i wish we had more 3 pt shooters, and pressed more...and other stuff---but , get a grip. We got some ballerz you guys dont appreciate, especially the sophs. And CT, Zane, Gib, U brothers , timberlake are good players....so dont pound them. IDK. i guess i have a diff idea what a fan is.... whatever. i'll be watching tomorrow.....taking the points on the Tiger, and give'm on the Chiefs
  6. Where did you come from?! well, i chatted a bit last year; enjoyed the inside scoop from matt and such. but you and captain tulum were beyond miserable for "tiger fans", so i went away. #angryelfs We covered? Cool what does that get us? $100 dummy
  7. double OT heart-breaker. GREAT game to watch as a bball fan, big bummer result as a tiger. i'll be on Flo again tomorrow hoping for a win. the live chat was fun; and gotta say; nice to be free from your negativity. "bump"..."embarrassing"..."fire everyone"...."this kid cant play".....gosh u r a miserable pile of dog sheet. (P.S. we covered)
  8. TTiger2024

    Betrand leads MBB over Drexel 76-69

    you rip the Towson staff 24/7 ...now you rip the Drexel staff? lol. its clear you are related to john wooden, you might as well come out and say so ! (im not mad at you, just happy you posted after a win ! you dominate the board after L's )
  9. TTiger2024

    Betrand leads MBB over Drexel 76-69

    I don't think the majority of this group is really into giving credit.
  10. TTiger2024

    Delaware II preview

    Tigers +2.5. or the right play (me thinks) is to take Tigers to win +125; go LARGE. (also - both coaches are mic'd up ?....curious to odds on an F-bomb from the sidelines...especially Towson side . lol) . train back on track.... Tigers 74 Blue Hens 69
  11. TTiger2024

    TIGERS @ W&M

    guilty...meant to say the backcrt is young . i've been high on Gibson, AB...and yeah, i still think T'Lake will get there . but sure- not shocked to see YOU jumped on that ! lol . "SkerryBall" clean the backboards" AGAIN.... lets get 7 !!!!!
  12. TTiger2024

    TIGERS @ W&M

    seriously......its insane to me lol. i'll post an original topic on it soon...and enjoy "my gloat" while i can. we WILL lose again at some point, but i like this squad A LOT...and love how this coaching staff prepares and stresses defense and rebounding (give you a chance EVERY game)...... basketball is funny via miss/make results, and who knows what happens in a 1bid league. but this team is young, but also built to make a run in a tournament setting. 6 ...in...a.row!!!! maybe we can stop firing the coached and ADs ????
  13. TTiger2024

    TIGERS @ W&M

    line opened at Tigers getting 5.5; now its 5. maybe THIS board is pounding the Tigers??? !!! LOL . im prepping to eat crow as i called for 4Ws in a row, lets grab 6. (bit i'm taking a bow for calling out our amazing/game changin free throw numbers early). playing a legit pro tonight (knight); this is where y'all might be (finally) happy with the "defend & rebound first" approach. bigs need to avoid early foul trouble, and guards need to shot well (not great). Crystal ball says we put 4 guys in double figures tonight....and final is: Tigers - 72 Tribe - 69
  14. Spread was 2....won by 18 ! told y'all not to BLINK ! got a (good) shot at 4 in a row? put away the sour candy and enjoy the defense and rebounding calling card...it gives ya a shot night in & night out; then hopefully they make some shots. Betrand, Fobbs, Gibson, and Timberlake can score/shoot. The fact those guys are taking'm and the way they are taking'm tells you they CAN shoot (Gray too). if they roll into W&M at 5-3; surely you can removed the "brown bag campaign" some of y'all wanted for the SECU games? PS... this layoff/break sux. shoulda squeezed in that awful Regent game mid this week. the players 10000% rather play a game, any game, then practice vs each other all week (9-8 ATS..... 3-3 ATS in CAA)
  15. TTiger2024

    MBB drops the Dragons 89-73 (story)

    "Southpaws are gonna southpaw" is a hilarious comment !, and seems to be true. I didnt really see Zane Martin like you guys, but seems like he had the same ("i'll save my Right for the hand-shake line") type game. Great win (and cover!!!!) but id imagine Delaware will be a bit closer. Record looks good, but they didnt play who we played. I'd be curious if anyone saw/has any idea if their 8pt loss to Villanova was really a close game or not???? fingas crossed for a winner-winner, bluehen dinner

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