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  1. Yep ….. agree. Ho-Hum; another 20 wins ! 😂 (at Towson; nottttt Duke 😂) Bring on da Cougars !
  2. TTiger2024

    Where have you gone Zane Martin?

    Ok…. Fair, So You do give credit ( 2012 just can't ever get there )…. Cheers, you get it. And yeah …. It’s kinda a big deal. I love (degree soon I hope 😂) Towson; but …. Let’s be real. If Kansas wants any of our guys - that’s a good, no…. Great thing
  3. TTiger2024

    CAA Men's Basketball Thread

    Absolutely could lose the first game …… and …… it’s also da same team that won AT C of C. sooooo; yeah, I think the Tigers can win this thing (prob 6 teams that can). I’m buying beers in DC if (when) we get to the finals (TY Bitcoin 🚀) …. Will send my coordinates WHEN we get there. Sorry to be so positive , but that’s loving sports/ being a fan. Most of y’all dismiss the 18-20 reg season wins anyways 😂 ….. so, LFG. NOW you can check in. Playoffs ! Next game(s) (per the negative Nancy’s) is ALL THAT MATTERS. #TIGERSROARINDC
  4. TTiger2024

    Some final regular season stats

    5th seed ….. not great. I was hoping for 3 or 4. but …. can we scroll back ? We did u have them ?
  5. TTiger2024

    Where have you gone Zane Martin?

    Ahhhhh, you know Timber plays at KANSAS now (bit diff than Towson, right ? ) And ….. do you know how many other D1 offers he had ? I mean …… if you are gonna kill the coaches for the “misses” you THINK they’ve made , I wonder why they don’t get credit for wins like ( ya know , a guy at KANSAS) 😂
  6. TTiger2024

    North Carolina A&T Preview

    Jeez, No doubt dancing would be DA BEST - but count me in da minority ( I guess 🤷‍♂️ ); cause ya - I DO care about winning 18+ a year, almost every year ……
  7. TTiger2024

    Tejada leads MBB over Monmouth 80-61

    “Throw the parade…./ give the ext “ …
  8. TTiger2024

    The Five Year Rule For Coaches

    No …. Prob no reason to extend if no finals . But ( and I’ve seen the Kentucky message boards, I get fans being unreasonable) my question / thoughts are : what makes ya think Towson doesn’t go da other way ….BACK to da bottom of the barrel again? Like …. You know ; 1-30, on probation laughing-stock ? I wanna dance too, who doesn’t - but I just think we got a system NOW that gives us a chance every year …. Charles doesn’t sprain his ankle ; C of C doesn’t bury those 3 ballz last year ; …. You guys actually happy ? IDK. I get it …. Dance or die . But ….it could (has) been wayyyyy worse (how soon they forget ) 🤷‍♂️. #InMatt(andPARR)ITrust
  9. TTiger2024

    The Five Year Rule For Coaches

    You mean the President wasn’t overly concerned with the opinion of a ( I assume- random; non basketball professional , non major donor ) fan / alum…. When measured against a staff that took the program from dumpster-fire / probation status to top handful of the league EVERY year while graduating ALL their players ? Shocking . Although- Adam Silver ignores my ALL STAR tweak suggestions ; so ….. 🤷‍♂️
  10. TTiger2024

    May leads MBB over W&M 61-52

    I’d like to win them ALL too (reg season AND tournaments) but , like ……. Anyone here REALLY not OK with being in 3rd place right now? this team is gonna be in the mix , have a CHANCE …… AGAIN…. To make a run in DC. but yeah….. let’s complain about the substitution patterns 😂. ( and what else ….?). Parr > Embid
  11. TTiger2024

    CAA Men's Basketball Thread

    Semi - agree (for once ?) love to have that semi-automatic goto guy (usually a grd at mid major) …for tournament-time. But; if you tell me Tark, May, and Dwill keep progressing (front court aside , which I love ) ….. LFG; who should we be scared of ? Make / miss tournament/ league / game - but I KNOW 💯 we will defend and rebound . We getting sneaky good! Even you gotta (albeit half) smile ! Now FUKK NORTHEASTERN
  12. TTiger2024

    MBB pounds Campbell 77-43

    I’m doing a 180 on you 2012! True skillz to find the turd in an otherwise meadow of roses. Amazing week for da program (C of C road win, thrashing of da camels ) & your dirty diaper stink is still strong. Credit where credit is due. If we slay the dragonsThur, and you still have a dump in yur pants ( fire the coach, May not that guy, Charlie needs to be , blah blah blah) I’m sending you an edible arrangement: DM me address GoTigers!
  13. TTiger2024

    MBB stuns Charleston 82-78

    on da road....major win. wow. all this means; is.....we can....can get it done for one wkend in DC. CAA is gonna be fun love this squad
  14. TTiger2024

    Tejada leads MBB to a 67-64 win over UNCW

    Gosh that win had to kill ya ! (“Act like you’ve been there before” ; nice quote on the live chat ; Captain Miserable) congrats to rest ; WHAT A WIN !!!
  15. TTiger2024

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Love da positivity ! And let’s be honest; really only need to serve up 3 or 4 shitburgers (unfortunately; it’s those that scream/cry da loudest) rest of us are amped for league play ! #2024🕺

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