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  1. Dan Steenkamer

    2023 General Football News

    Wow, that's a grind out of the gates. at FBS Cincinnati vs. Morgan State at Villanova at North Dakota State Nova/NDSU in back-to-back weeks is something else. Good to have the open date after NDSU, but then it's William & Mary, which could be a good one if W&M is serious about payback. The very end of the Tigers' schedule eases up noticeably; I just hope for their sake it will matter for playoff contention by then. Let's see what the TU roster looks like in Pete's year 2.
  2. Dan Steenkamer

    CAA pecking order

    Trying to place this in the most appropriate existing thread: Richmond Times-Dispatch: W&M holds tight to CAA affiliation as league continues to evolve Interesting story, to be sure. William & Mary being the only all-sports CAA member out of the W&M/Richmond/Villanova perpetual-Patriot League-football-rumor trifecta is also (even more) interesting. The Tribe seems to be characterized in this story as more wedded to the CAA/F than UR/Nova are, but it's also hard to see W&M sticking with CAAFB in an era devoid of not just JMU and UD but hypothetically lacking UR and Nova.
  3. Dan Steenkamer

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Jake is among the CAA's finest! My guy. And on those lines, I sorta doubt it was "given" to the Towerlight. Probably nitpicking your statement but as a practical matter, more credit goes to Jake for obtaining the record, which takes hoops to jump etc. TU definitely did not want it out and wasn't handing the TL any favors. Apples and oranges scenario in all likelihood, but it reminded me to compare with Delaware's Ingelsby extension announcement: Ingelsby Extended Through 2028-29 Season
  4. With game at Penn State looming, potential Delaware move to FBS gains momentum Tresolini with a report here, the most notable portion IMO is: Delaware's athletic dept has received approval from trustees "to more closely examine a move up to FBS and entertain possible conference destinations." I've talked a bit about DEL generally having a much different approach than JMU RE: the politics of realignment--JMU had for a while a strategic plan published that was unabashed about ambitions, regardless of CAA ruffled feathers. That intensified upon the COVID conflicts in CAAFB. UD has historically been so much more close to the vest, setting aside/let alone the on-field strides that James Madison took that helped it jump while Hens regressed on field to relative mediocrity. It's turned around for Delaware lately competitively. The short of it is that any UD Board of Trustees activity on athletics getting out/being public as far as openness to exiting CAA/CAAFB...that's striking to me
  5. Dan Steenkamer

    Tigers thrashed at Maryland 38-6

    Have to say that I didn't get the chance to watch TU/Terps, so this thread is helpful in gleaning the takeaways. Just browsing the team stats for the game, 4.4 yards per rush by Towson isn't something I'm sneezing at vs. B1G. Having double-digit penalties for 90 yards isn't ideal, although adjusting for it being Week 1 takes some edge off that. Not that the expectation per se was to walk away with the win, but late 1Q looked like the killer--7-0 until two Taulia TD passes of over 20 yds. Probably being unhelpfully obvious there, just getting a sense of the game flow scanning these #s in real time. With the observation about the lack of chances taken on offense, you figure a (or really the primary) goal was to stay in it through half 1. Deflating to be out of it 15 min prior. Don't mean to get off-topic, but regionally appropriate and conference-related: How about Morgan State upsetting Richmond 17-10? Morgan got it done with only 99 yds passing. Richmond lost three fumbles (each by a different player) and new starting QB Kyle Wickersham had 0 TD/1 INT for the Spiders. UR was 3-12 on 3rd down. "The Ticks" have to go to Michigan State this Saturday. Other than the Battle for Greater Baltimore, Morgan St. has CAAFB foes in UAlbany (Sep 23) and Stony Brook (Oct 7).
  6. Dan Steenkamer

    2023 General Football News

    https://twitter.com/DanSteenkamer/status/1689691581261971457?s=20 Some thoughts on the similar (and valid, as above) discontent with CAAFB composition that you'll find at GoHens.net... UD is basically a bit paralyzed, in my view. The William & Mary message board either wants to leave with Delaware or figures Hens will be gone next, but UD doesn't have an easy way out/way upward. If I'm Towson, I'd expect Delaware to be in my football scheduling pod for foreseeable future post-Bryant-addition.
  7. Dan Steenkamer

    2023 General Football News

    This caught me by surprise this morning. I think we knew that CAAFB was a better geographic landing spot for Bryant than anything the Big South-OVC football association could become, but for that reason and because the CAAFB stood at 15 here in 2023, felt like BU needed CAAFB more than the other way around, at least in the near future. Pretty much a conference relying on strength in numbers more than a home run on-field addition haha. The potential of four 4-team pods for scheduling is semi-appealing, though. Working through combos and whatnot and you always get stuck with/on the UD, TU, Nova trifecta in some form or another.
  8. Dan Steenkamer

    Pete Shinnick named football coach

    A look at Coach P's opening comments to lead off the intro presser: Towson Football Head Coach Pete Shinnick's Remarks | Introductory News Conference
  9. Dan Steenkamer

    2022 General Football News

    Don't think 20K is the number these days and regardless, none of that is being enforced. At all. (Not a criticism, just pointing out.)
  10. Dan Steenkamer

    New Coach Thread

    Shawn Lutz looks like a Slippery Rock lifer. 20 seasons as an assistant at SRU, going on three decades there total. Still, he's clearly successful enough to be a notable speculative candidate. .784 career head coaching winning percentage. Furman OC Justin Roper and his old boss at Holy Cross are similarly interesting. Chesney especially, if we're being honest. HC announced a five-year contract extension for Chesney back in February. Maybe the AD's South Carolina ties send him looking south. Very interested to see which names surface.
  11. Tresolini: Delaware may finally be eyeing FBS Thought I would share the story of the day in my parts. Mods, feel free to relocate to any more appropriate location on site, but as a football story, I started here.
  12. Dan Steenkamer

    Head to Head: Hens and Tigers

    I'm new to this board, but I wanted to introduce myself as Dan Steenkamer; I am a student journalist and the Delaware "Campus Correspondent" beat writer for HERO Sports FCS. I thought you all might be interested in having a peek at a new story on HEROSports.com: Delaware-Towson Pits Ambrose Brothers Against Each Other In Crucial CAA Game. In the article, Blue Hens head coach Danny Rocco and offensive coordinator Jared Ambrose discuss the significance of the Ambrose-vs.-Ambrose reunion and tackle what makes Tom Flacco so hard to defend as well as Towson's penchant for takeaways. There is no subscription necessary to view any HERO Sports coverage. I hope you enjoy!

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