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  1. I agree w '93 - keep this fire burning! Just total focus on Charleston now. They should be feeling the power after dismantling Delaware last evening. They sure looked 2B in concert with each other. Nice spreading out of their attack; and the Tiger's Jersey-wall-barrier defense helped feed numerous transition field goals.. Prayers answered last (Sun) night. I'm so ecstatic with what I heard (Spiro's PBP), & just saw in the above video. Two more tests ahead. Towson MBb fans have waited so freakin' long (30 years) for the moment we're on the doorstep of!!! Goh Tigers! 🤍💛🖤
  2. Moleman1

    Delaware III preview

    Please Lord, let the potent transition game we've had glimpses of be on tonight. Also help these Tigers w their FTs. Also assist the Black & Gold w 3-pt accuracy, defense without fouling and keep us from having turnovers. Lastly, bolster the supporting cast in taking pressure off the Big Three. Pave the way for us to get into the Dance! I know - a lot to ask for; but we're a desperate program, from an athletics department that's begging for something to be excited about for a rare change.. Amen
  3. Moleman1

    UNCW preview

    2-1 the last 3 games (tho admittedly 2-3 last 5). Hoping, as with most Tiger athletics programs - "hope springs eternal". Hoping we catch some luck and get the post-loss bounce back that sometimes comes. Maybe we even witness another 30' trey from Radhir. If possible, find Seahawks' weak spot and just keep hammering away at it..
  4. Moleman1

    MLax thread

    Football, then MBb. Now MLax.. Holy cow - seems to me AD Eigenbrot has a LOT of work to do to get these 3 programs (@ least 3) reserected and back on track! Tony Seaman had the two top-notch assistants that produced the last formidable MLax teams, but tz been downhill since then.
  5. Moleman1

    Around the CAA

    "Nearly" implies a degree of flexibility 😄. My estimate includes that there were a larger than usual number of standing folks, crowding & watching from the circular promenade. One Arena worker said they think the game was the largest attendance this season so far.
  6. Moleman1

    Around the CAA

    Was nearly a sell out at SECU today. Very sparse # of open seats around the lower tier, though the upper tier was barely filled 10% if that. First 10 mins was almost a duplicate of last year's UDel makeup 1/2, w smothering, opportunist defense and crisp, smart passing and deadly accuracy on the offensive end. So this gane didn't feature the usual slow start. If it HAD, we very well might not be celebrating as we lost the 2nd half 39-40. I find NC A&T a solid addition to the CAA, at least in MBb.
  7. Moleman1

    MLax thread

    I am going today, even tho this isn't the team or team record we expected at this late stage. I'll give them my support, but.. GOSH, these 3 athletic programs have been heartbreaking over the decades, with few paybacks for our patient support.
  8. Moleman1

    MLax thread

    Doesn't matter Towson is 3-1/2 X the student enrollment of St Joseph's. Doesn't matter we have something of a MLax pedigree ('74 Div III Champs &' 91 Div I Runner-up) compared to St Joe's. Also makes no difference we "have a lot of Calvert Hall boys from right down the street".. Guess itz time to turn my attention back to our roller-coaster MBb gang, those guys to whom I turned my attention after the mediocre football team finished their successful season. At least they've given us a teensy weensy prayer of hope after their commendable Thursday evening display..
  9. Moleman1

    MBB Dominates Delaware 95-72

    In hindsight, I really regret missing last night's game. Just that, after the Double Debacle, I'd lost faith in these guys. But all is forgiven - they convincingly proved they're not finished with this season just yet. Ok, Cam came up a bit short on shooting, # of team FT misses, and the high # of turnovers were unacceptable. But given Cam's other "Swiss army knife" stats, and with all the other parts of the engine running smoothly and powerfully, it was quite a lethal comeback game. Also really great to see the ball sharing, as that is when they're most likely to shift into their A-game. I love what '93 said about the importance of "the supporting cast". I believe this is especially critical in not overburdening the Big Three: "..the more the supporting cast shows up the more this team looks the way we want them to.."
  10. Moleman1

    Drexel upends MBB 73-66 in overtime

    So disappointing. All I can think (besides praying for this bunch to realize whatever potential they do have on "Monday, Monday", then same for the CAA Tourney games) is "what if"?.. What if Gibson HADN'T been injured? I mean, would his presence on-court been the difference maker to stretch opposing defenses, while spotting for Hicks and Conway + adding his roughly 10 points each game? Or was this season just over-hyped before it ever started? Or was it the loss of Nolan, Rizzuto, Gray & Parr that proved 2B too great to overcome? Probably some combination of the above. The next 6 games or so should unveil some answers, or verify answers already suspected.. It would be nice, indeed a welcomed change with Football, MBb or MLax - if (Lord PLEASE!) ONE of our top men's sports programs could excel some measure into post-season success.
  11. Moleman1

    Hampton preview

    Great video! Tigers should (SHOUUUUULD) tear it up!!!
  12. Moleman1

    MBB falls to Estrada and Hofstra 76-72

    "... Doesn’t matter how many we win in the regular season, it’s the same story" When I read that last sentence 2012, for me, a single word comes to mind: [lowest, eighth seeded]. Winthrop
  13. I too witnessed the incredible 46 point Boyd Barrage of '93.. I'm pretty sure that was the game where Boyd canned a beyond-NBA 3 right before the halftime buzzer sounded: Trying to hurry the ball upcourt from back almost at one of the Retriever's corners, Boyd was being hounded by a small but quick, capable guard UMBC had that year. With time running out, suddenly he shot the ball about 4/5 the length of the court and - WHOOSH!!! I was in on the court-storming party for that win, & shook Boyd's hand.
  14. Moleman1

    Thompson leads MBB over Northeastern 72-63

    I was at the game, and was surprised. I realize it's winter break, but still expected more people to show. Even some of the faculty regulars were absent.. I love the part in the posted video where NT drives to 8' from the basket but 2-3 Huskies collapse on him; so he turns & passes to Charles who's already basket-bound - beautiful play! Agree w what someone said about the importance of passing the ball around more, and how well their crisp passing last season worked to get opponents off balance.. Also good to see Coleman's game continue progressing, helping pad the bench stats. Expecting his support role to continue increasing.
  15. Moleman1

    MBB rolls over Hofstra 68-47

    Just wanted to add here - that reverse layup by Malik Missouri in the final minute of the Hofstra game might just be a harbinger of the future. If so, we may finally have someone capable to drive to the basket. I was impressed at his agility dodging & dribbling his way past several defenders, & skill making that tough shot. At 6-6" /200lbs, he's clearly got some size in his favor. The Tiger's bench certainly approved, seeing as how they went nuts when the ball ricocheted in for 2.

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