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  1. Moleman1

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Well ok on that brainstorm.. But in my defense - I don't follow University of Merryland. I'm a Towson fan! 🐅 😃
  2. Moleman1

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Under Armour Arena ?
  3. Moleman1

    2023 General Football News

    Just judging from the box score, but I believe those two teams are about even. Meanwhile, the Tigers demonstrated they're capable of better than they looked the first four games; indeed, Saturday's result was a quantum leap achievement. Did we play over our heads, or were was the team merely lucky? How we perform vs Albany should prove to be the barometer reading required to gauge this team.
  4. Moleman1

    UNH preview

    Unbelievable, but Believe!!!!! 😃
  5. Moleman1

    2023 General Football News

  6. Moleman1

    The Canada Trip

    From what little I just read (skimmed really), Grade II ACL tear, Watson could return in as little as 3-4 months, or take until next season.. This is one star-crossed program, where "when it rains it pours".. I know bad things can and do happen to most teams, but I swear I STILL suspect our athletic trainors, wondering if we're up to speed w other similar athletic programs (UDel, VCU, Richmond, etc). I know you called me down on this before Matt, but seems like those folks come & go every 3 or 4 years, and we're left getting another gang of recent graduates to experiment and pad their learning curve on our players..
  7. Moleman1

    2023 General Football News

    Definitely sounds like things are being done differently this year:
  8. Moleman1

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Above video shows Tiger highlights against Toronto Metropolitan University Rams. https://tmubold.ca/sports/mens-basketball/roster Uncertain how they'd stack up vs average NCAA Div I teams, but I'll guess they're about like a good Div II team. Last season, they were 15-9 in their Canadian schedule. So from an 80-67 win at this juncture, I'd venture that we're about on track for a partially rebuilt team. Agreed - May does look like he may have a breakout season. Some nifty passing by TU in the video.
  9. Moleman1

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Appears to be a good get. His stats and awards from MEAC, rebounding, cans a few treys - all looks solid except maybe FTs. And he arrives as a guard when we are suddenly shorthanded there by at least 1.
  10. Moleman1

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    As a Maryland alum, perhaps there's an expectation he can get the Terps put back on the Tiger's schedule with some regularity(?)
  11. Moleman1

    Summer Evaluations

    Based on all I've read so far, the summary in my head is that we should be able to expect a reasonably good defensive and rebounding team. This in turn could make for more than usual # of transition plays for these Tigers.. So offense more than defense is where the focus for improvement needs to be.. So Question #1 - will we find the capability to cash in on these extra transition plays; or set plays too for that matter? Part of the answer would come from quality of passing, off-ball play and sharing the ball when advantageous. I hope the players become smarter in how to break down defenses, & more alert.. Question #2- with so many new parts to this '23-'24 team, how closely/smoothly will these individuals gel in tune w one another, and how swiftly (or slowly) will that will develop? Thanks for all the juicey, promising and interesting details - you do a great job Matt!! One question if I may - is there going to be a hire to replace coach Clark?
  12. I agree w '93 - keep this fire burning! Just total focus on Charleston now. They should be feeling the power after dismantling Delaware last evening. They sure looked 2B in concert with each other. Nice spreading out of their attack; and the Tiger's Jersey-wall-barrier defense helped feed numerous transition field goals.. Prayers answered last (Sun) night. I'm so ecstatic with what I heard (Spiro's PBP), & just saw in the above video. Two more tests ahead. Towson MBb fans have waited so freakin' long (30 years) for the moment we're on the doorstep of!!! Goh Tigers! 🤍💛🖤
  13. Moleman1

    Delaware III preview

    Please Lord, let the potent transition game we've had glimpses of be on tonight. Also help these Tigers w their FTs. Also assist the Black & Gold w 3-pt accuracy, defense without fouling and keep us from having turnovers. Lastly, bolster the supporting cast in taking pressure off the Big Three. Pave the way for us to get into the Dance! I know - a lot to ask for; but we're a desperate program, from an athletics department that's begging for something to be excited about for a rare change.. Amen
  14. Moleman1

    UNCW preview

    2-1 the last 3 games (tho admittedly 2-3 last 5). Hoping, as with most Tiger athletics programs - "hope springs eternal". Hoping we catch some luck and get the post-loss bounce back that sometimes comes. Maybe we even witness another 30' trey from Radhir. If possible, find Seahawks' weak spot and just keep hammering away at it..
  15. Moleman1

    MLax thread for 2022 and 2023

    Football, then MBb. Now MLax.. Holy cow - seems to me AD Eigenbrot has a LOT of work to do to get these 3 programs (@ least 3) reserected and back on track! Tony Seaman had the two top-notch assistants that produced the last formidable MLax teams, but tz been downhill since then.

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