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  1. Moleman1

    2024-25 Transfer Thread

    Well that sure isn't the kind of news to cheer us Towson Fans up ๐Ÿ™„
  2. Moleman1

    Hofstra Thread

    On a good roll with yesterday's win over a comeback-minded Hofstra team. The good thing is we earned another W, while the bad is that we opened the door for our opponent late, allowing a flood of goals. Luckily, a traditionally resolute Hofstra program is surprisingly weak this year. Had we been playing a top-12 team, things might've ended differently. Need to remind this team that they'd better focus and play hard all four quarters.. Must agree with others, Tiger's offense this season is a pleasant improvement. Hoping Nads will work on the quirks where we are troubled in the next two games, as these are teams that should allow us to do some experimenting. We're clearing well, and grabbing GBs. Just a few errant plays here and there, some costly. Hope we ratchet up for those Chickens, as it looks like it's us and them.
  3. Moleman1

    Stony Brook Thread

    What I meant was questioning why we've been playing multiple goalies last few games. But gotta confess, I've not been paying so much attention this year, and see that Downs had been injured. Yes - 11 saves on 19 shots on goal isn't bad..
  4. Moleman1

    Stony Brook Thread

    Talk about lucky, OMG!!! What IS the problem at the goalie position this season anyway?! Well, a dubya izza dubya, 7-3. But must we so often win these squeakers "the Towson way"??!! We usta have a volunteer goalie coach; not sure he's still around..
  5. Tarke, Sulaiman and Paar combine for 2 points, and maybe 4 RBs..
  6. A sizeable confidence booster, and itz needed considering the next opponent. CC is daunting, but not almighty - the mountain can be climbed because we've climbed it, pure & simple. We'll, maybe pure though not so simple.. They've GOT to calm down with the TOs, for certain. Good job defensively at at the line today! Only 80 minutes away from Dancingโ—
  7. Moleman1

    UNCW II preview

    Regarding Spiro's 2023-24 MBb broadcasts, especially as we anxiously focus on end of season / post-season success is the color commentary. I for one am happy the last two games did NOT have Jimmy Patsos giving his 99ยข worth. I tried to endure the relentless jabbering, but ultimately gave up and switched to the stat feed to keep up w what's going on. When Jimmy P commandeers the mic during action, it causes Spiro's PBP to lock up - silenced! ( :D also sounds like actor Charles McGraw from "Hang 'em High", but I digress). We've had good color guys in the past for teams incl Glen Smith (MLax) and Gordy Combs (football) that gave Spiro the space needed.
  8. I'd retain May(So), Hicks(Jr) (assuming he returns as good as before injury), Sulaiman(Jr), ditch Coleman(Jr)(sorry), Cole undetermined?.. Utilize the Portal a lot more.. Truax got so many great guards: Boyd, Lee, Scooter A, Blalock, Jacobs - all those greats before the Portal. (.. in addition to Williams, Tejada and Lowery)
  9. Moleman1

    When is enough, enough?

    Not only hiddeous; downright PREDICTABLE! As one of the holdouts for PS & staff, I've finally seen the light. As an avid Tiger MBb fan since the '89-'90 season who's waited for decades for a return to the greatness of the "Boyd & Co" years, looks like I'll continue to my grave without seeing Towson realize major success in MBb (or Football* or MLax for that matter). A school w 24K students located in the richest state in USA, reminding one of USSR/Russia: you can be comparatively big, but without competent leadership running the show, you're apt to fail, and to continue to ("wash, rinse, repeat") fail until said leadership is remedied. So, another Spiro and PS post-game windage wrapup forthcoming, folks.. *(exception for football 2014)
  10. Moleman1

    Jason Gibson Update

    Well, Gibson's record was 5-14 according to the attached link: in any case, you have to start somewhere.. Keep in mind, it is ONLY year one for him as a coach. Granted the difference between high-school vs college teams, but in 1961, Dean Smith finished his first year as HC at UNC at 8-9. While I'm very reluctant to predict Gibson will wind up even close to Smith's achievements, I'd just say he deserves a chance to get acclimated to the job before judgments be made based on his very first season. Besides, Smith had several years asst coaching experience before coming to UNC. Let's look at where Gibson is in 2026+/- or so to see if there's improvement..
  11. Moleman1

    Jason Gibson Update

    Don't know if this info has already circulated, but former point guard Jason Gibson has apparently become a high-school basketball coach : "Former Tiger Jason Gibson has been named the new head coach for Indian River High School boys basketball!" https://www.coastalpoint.com/sports/gibson-is-named-new-ir-boys-basketball-head-coach/article_e298731e-84ba-11ee-8292-379624a8d44d.html Good luck, and Goh Tiger !
  12. Moleman1

    Hofstra edges MBB 59-56

    Playing against Hofstra, a usually quick Williamson who's been scoring well recently was blunted by the "speedy" defense of Hofstra's guards.. As for others on the Tiger's offense who might penetrate in to score, they too were often stymied by double and triple defenders who collapsed on our ball handlers; ie I think maybe what's needed is improvement with our drive-and-dish plays.. We've got a team that has remarkable talent in rebounding, decent defending, 10 man depth, and now remarkable FT skill. Just some flaws on offense that need straightening out, incl Tejada's scoring slump. He had the magic, so he can get it back; just hope it happens soon.
  13. Moleman1

    History of Baltimore Sports+

    I had three chances to speak w Johnny U. 1st time in 1963 when I was 10, my dad spotted him as we were all coming out of church by Enoch-Pratt central library. He gave me a pen & paper and said to get his autograph. I ran to him walking by himself, and he gave me the signature.. 2nd time was 30 years later, when I was stacking canned food right by him at Bea Gatty's Thanksgiving dinner along McEderry St. He looked like he'd been through a war, and he pretty much had! Another autograph which I gave to my brother.. The final time was a Saturday evening football game at Minnegan stadium the time it was named after him. I was only about 9 seats away from behind his right shoulder. There was a throng of Tiger football fans surrounding him, and so I didn't wanna add to his being overwhelmed by one more. And then about three days later, he passed away. A Baltimore icon..
  14. Moleman1

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Well ok on that brainstorm.. But in my defense - I don't follow University of Merryland. I'm a Towson fan! ๐Ÿ… ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  15. Moleman1

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Under Armour Arena ?

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