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  1. mat1992

    Tigers in the NFL thread

  2. mat1992

    Justin Covington out for the season

    I would assume so. Probably depends on how his recovery goes.
  3. Was top rusher in nation at one point
  4. https://towsontigers.com/news/2019/10/15/football-towson-alum-victor-drafted-into-the-xfl.aspx
  5. mat1992

    Third commitment

    And I'm not saying there's a guy on the current roster that will leave. It's just the way in college hoops nowadays if a guy doesn't get enough PT. I do like both freshmen in Gibson and Thompson. Gibson should start while Thompson could play some minutes. Just don't know how the big rotation is going to be. Let me guess: Tunstall (25mpg), Gray (25mpg), (Sanders 15mpg), Solly (10mpg), Thompson (5mpg). Gray could play some 3 behind Fobbs, but going big is not the way to go in today's game. Betrand most likely gets those minutes behind Fobbs. Howard probably splits time with Timberlake at the 2. The question is whether he also plays the 1 as well or if Dottin gets all that time, assuming Gibson starts.
  6. mat1992

    Third commitment

    Towson math. I added 11 but it's 12. But it could be two. You just never know with the way guys leave. Right now, I think they sign a transfer in the spring, who will sit out next season.
  7. mat1992

    Third commitment

    Very little out there on him. So next season to update: PG Gibson, Dottin, Corey Barnes (FR) (can play the 2) SG Timberlake, Betrand (could also play the 3) SF Mims, Darrick Jones (FR) PF Gray, Solomon, Chris Biekeu C Victor, Charles Thompson One ship left.
  8. mat1992

    Preseason CAA

    Disagree about Knight. Best big man, yes. Not a defensive stalwart. Riller is best player in the league. Pemberton will have a huge year with Wright-Foreman gone. Was a great player but ball-stopper. Desure Buie is also very good.
  9. mat1992

    Vball off to a hot start

  10. mat1992

    Towson embarrassed 38-21 to Albany

    Yeah, maybe. He's 60 and by the time a move might be made, he'll be 61ish. Probably want to go younger route and the way things are going at Delaware, I'd think he would head back to his alma mater, though it ended pretty ugly so I guess he's probably just staying put.
  11. mat1992

    Towson embarrassed 38-21 to Albany

    i would say part scheme, part fundamentals and part recruiting. Even though Daniels brought the 3-4, at some point they had to realize with so many new guys up front, we should have stuck with the 4-3. We don’t have the personnel especially at outside linebacker. And all those transfer DLinemen, from what I heard, were banged up other than Vinny. Nothing against Gyeni, but he’s a former walk on starting at nose guard. So is Danagogo. With a four man front, you could had Carter, who was our best lineman last year, just on one side and Quashon Alexander or Bowman on the other with Gibbs, Vinny or Tibo inside. Unfortunately, Tibo is hurt again, Gibbs, Bowman and Alexander have been playing sparingly due to nagging injuries. Bryce Lauer started yesterday and he's a redshirt freshman. Again, I was hoping we'd move somebody on the O-line to the D-Line, since we had so many big bodies. Obviously we miss Deberry big time at inside linebacker. Everyone knows that, so they are running away from Robert Heyward and at Dixon, who has been decent. At safety, we look confused. Maybe we miss Jamal Gay (another ACL) but we brought in three transfer safeties. Not getting the job done. At corner, I wondered why would we stay with the same starting duo from last year. Just like running back, we failed address that issue. Yesterday with Shuman out and Javier getting his first start, I knew we’d be in trouble because the QB is outstanding and he has two great receivers. You had to dial up a pass rush and even when we blitzed, we didn’t finish the play. Javier and Gillette might have missed a combined 10 tackles or more. Scheme? Sure. Fundamentals also seem to be lacking on the back end. Up front, the personnel is there but not sure who is healthy. At least we force a ton of turnovers, which is something Lyndon Johnson and Hach never got accomplished. I don't know what the hell happened in the offseason. Everything was geared to getting bigger and stronger because we got outmuscled by JMU, Maine and even Duquesne in the rain. We started so damn early in the spring, not sure what you can get accomplished in that bad weather. I would say scrap all that and go back to playing real spring ball in April and not overreact to the Duquesne debacle because we struggled to play in poor conditions.
  12. mat1992

    Comments before the Comments

    You can't blame Tim. It's part of the contract. Make the playoffs-get an extension. He's not eating all that money so 2012STOP. If he doesn't make the playoffs this year and certainly next, he'll have a decision to make (assuming he's still around). He signed an extension in 2014 until 2020. Then got the one-year extension last year, which means I believe, the contract ends in 2021. No way are they paying for 2020 and 2021. But you can't bring a lame-duck coach for one year. That means if he doesn't make the playoffs this year or next, I think it's over. I doubt they pay nearly a million for two years. Then the next coach is going to get more money and they are looking to build more of a football-type of facility (hopefully) like Villanova and others.

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