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  1. Tiger93

    URI preview

    My feeling last week was that we needed to win to assure ourselves that this season was not going to be a complete disaster. It was not exactly a convincing way to do that, but I feel like we have at least a couple of more wins in us this year (I would say at least 4). A win this weekend would let me to believe we can be a middle of the pack conference team and grab 5-6 wins this year. More importantly, it would set us up to have some bigger aspirations for the year. This arguably could be our toughest remaining home game, and if we have any desire to have a quality season I think we need to win all of those games (Albany and Elon remaining). If we can hold serve (for lack of a better term) at home, then we can see what we can accomplish on the road. Our earlier games against New Hampshire and San Diego State had their moments, but overall were not pretty and gave us a lot to build from. Same last week, but the important part is we found a way to win. I feel we will face a similar type of game this week. Hopefully we can limit the dumb penalties. not turn the ball over and do just enough on offense to give ourselves a chance to win. I know that is about as cliche as possible, but it is true.
  2. Tiger93

    Football holds on to beat Stony Brook 21-14

    I am on the bandwagon for a win next week, and we will see how that looks and go from there. So far Towson has been unimpressive, but just getting a conference win (ugly as it may be) is momentum. A win against Rhode Island at home could build more momentum and confidence. Heck, they went overtime at home against Stony Brook and barely beat Albany so it is not like they look unstoppable (even though the Delaware win was probably a huge confidence builder for them). I don't think we are very good, but James Madison really looks like the only completely unwinnable game left on our schedule. The rest are winnable if we start playing better, build some confidence, and gain momentum. All of those are big ifs, and we could be also easily finish 3-8. Sorry andy7171, I am on the bandwagon but my enthusiasm dwindled he more I typed. Still hoping for a good things this weekend. Go Tigers!
  3. Tiger93

    Off-season news and clips

    I think it is fair to have guarded optimism. These transfers are certainly one of the more accomplished groups we have brought into the program in recent memory based on what they did at their previous institutions. Skerry has also shown after bad seasons (2018-19 the notable exception) that he can generally navigate us back to decent results after losing conference seasons. We have had losing conference seasons in three of the last four years (after having winning conference seasons in four of the first six years), but 2019-20 was a good showing down the stretch and last year was hard to count against anyone in college hoops because it was so weird. The main elephants in the room are obviously Skerry's complete inability to do well in conference tournament play, most of his teams have been terrible shooting teams, in general they don't play a very aesthetically pleasing style, and he has had not really many (if any to speak of) signature non-conference victories. I realize that is a lot of elephants in one room. I just want to see this team re-establish the toughness that Skerry's teams have had that have led us to good regular-season conference success in thepast, and it would be nice if some of these new guys could breath life into what was a completely unwatchable and inefficient offense last year. I get the sense from some of what I have read that these transfers can fit in and be good leaders on this team, which is desperately needed after last year. This brings me back to the fact that I have guarded optimism that we could a solid CAA team this year.
  4. Tiger93

    Stony Brook Preview

    Agreed, as far as I am concerned we have one game of real data to go off in terms of what we think will happen against Stony Brook. Morgan State's QB was a joke and our defense didn't have to do much to stop them (our offense wasn't very good in that game). I am not sure we would have beaten San Diego State or NDSU with the 2013 roster (and we are obviously long, long, long way from that talent level). We moved the ball fairly well against New Hampshire which was encouraging, but we had some really sloppy turnovers. The defense also whiffed quite a big on getting key stops. I don't think the Stony Brook game will tell us much about how good we are, but it sure could reveal how bad we are.
  5. Tiger93

    Summer practice report #1

    Thanks for the update. Seems like a lot of interesting pieces going into the year. Hard to get overly optimistic, but it does sound like Skerry is trying to evolve and do different things. We will see how that translates in-season. Last year was a disaster, but in his defense there were a lot of teams who had those types of years with the uncertainty of last season. We are only two years removed from a nice CAA run at the end of the season. Hopefully a somewhat normal offseason can help this group of players establish some chemistry. There is clearly potential, but as others have said even with the decent quality of stats these transfers have coming into the program it is hard not to take a "prove it to me" approach to this program at this point.
  6. Tiger93

    2021-22 Schedule Thread

    I am with everyone else who wishes we could get a big name team to SECU, but overall Monmouth, Penn and UNC Greensboro are the type of teams I like to see us play in the non-conference, especially at home. Penn and UNC Greensboro have both made the NCAA Tournament within the last few years (UNC Greensboro last year), and Monmouth had a couple of seasons in 2016-17 and 2017-18 that I would kill to see Towson have. Overall a pretty solid schedule. I actually liked our schedule last year, we were just awful and the pauses hurt us as well. No idea what to expect this year, but at least the transfers seem better on paper based on the stats at their respective previous institutions. Of course that is no guarantee of anything. Football and basketball both are complete wildcards this year in terms of what they could do. I am not trying to be overly optimistic, but both definitely have some upside on paper and if you remove some of the recent disappointment there are some things to get excited about. That being said, we all know the reasons to wait and see before buying into anything that is too optimistic.
  7. Tiger93

    Predictions on 2021 regular season record?

    It is probably a break for us that we are not playing Delaware since we already have NDSU, San Diego State and James Madison as games that seem very difficult to project as wins. Still, I hate that they are not on our schedule. They may not view us as their primary rival, but it is definitely a rivalry especially with all the wild games we have historically played against them with unexpected results. This is one of those quirks I hate about modern college football. They should be a team we play every year. When I look at our schedule, even if we are really good it is hard to imagine getting more than seven wins. With the tough matchups against San Diego State and NDSU (and the conference game at James Madison), we will have to be near perfect in our conference if we want to make the playoffs. I hope we can piece together the talent it sounds like we have in our transfers. Looking forward to finally having Towson Football back after the long hiatus
  8. You are correct. It wasn't just Towson, the Big South did not get a NCAA Tournament bid that year. I believe that is why we redshirted Scooter Alexander. I think the conference not having a bid had something to do with combination of Campbell leaving, UNC Greensboro only recently having joined the conference, Towson leaving the next year and maybe one or two other schools in the same category. It was one of those weird situations where not enough schools in the conference were eligible or something similar to that. Sorry to hijack the thread with old history. Just wanted to close the loop on the conversation.
  9. I definitely remember the Michigan game was the first home game of the Mike Jaskulski era (not sure he deserves to even have an era). Me and one of my friends drove to American to watch Towson win on the road in his first game as head coach. In his first home game they played the Wolverines pretty tough until the end. I think you are right that Truax worked that out with Fisher/Ellerbe prior to getting fired. I would agree that year might have been the beginning of the end of Truax, but we redshirted Scooter Alexander that season. I thought I remembered that we were ineligible to make the NCAA Tournament out of the Big South that year because we were transitioning to the NAC (eventually renamed the America East). That West Virginia win was a buzzer beater three with the game tied by Ralph Blaylock on Gale Catlett Night. The next year, 1995-96, was probably Truax's last stand when we finished 11-7 and third in the NAC (the next time our conference record would be this good was 2012-13). I remember an odd scheduling quirk had us play Delaware in the final two games of the season (both of which we lost), but then we knocked them out of the tournament in third straight meeting on their home floor behind several clutch Florian Schneider three-pointers off the bench. We made it to the conference tournament semifinals (something we did not replicate until Kennedy's magical run in 2009), and lost when the referees gave Jeff Myers and Malik Rose a parade to the free-throw line. The next year was Truax's last, as he went 9-19 despite a great year form Ralph Biggs. I also thought they should have given him one more year, but as we have seen with Skerry I am admittedly forgiving to coaches and always think they are 1-2 players away from putting things together. I remember before they got rid of Truax hearing a rumor that North Carolina might come to the Towson Center (I believe Truax was a grad assistant there), but in retrospect that probably was not true. As for scheduling then vs. scheduling now, I agree it was very different. Like you said, I believe that Louisville game was actually scheduled either right before or during the first week or two of the season. I have never heard of anything like that happening at the D-1 level. The one thing that I think is the same between the two eras is that previous relationships or visits home for a star players are often reasons for big teams to come to a smaller team's gym. They also usually do require 2-for-1s so I don't think that is sword Skerry should die on if the right opportunity is presented. I am just surprised that Skerry has never been able to get Pittsburgh or TCU to come here with the relationship it seems like he has with Jamie Dixon, but I do understand that might be a tad simplistic. Sorry for the long post, but I just enjoyed Towson basketball so much from my freshman year 1993-94 through my senior year 1996-97 (even when we were bad his last year, Truax's teams played a fun style). Skerry has brought back some of the winning with not quite as enjoyable of a style. I just want another year like 2013-14 where I can actually trick myself into believing we have a shot to make the NCAA Tournament. My freshman year (1993-94) when we dominated the Big South only to lost to Liberty in the semifinals, the aforementioned 1996-97 season and 2013-14 season were the only seasons in nearly 30 years of watching Towson basketball where I let myself believe it was possible to get to the NCAA Tournament (I got excited, but never truly believed it during the Kennedy run in the CAA Tournament in 2008-09).
  10. This is were I really miss the late Terry Truax. He got Louisville and Michigan to come here while I was a student at Towson. I remember towards the end of his tenure there were even rumors that he was close to getting North Carolina to come to Towson (those may be exaggerated). As time goes, by his accomplishment of getting Towson the NCAA Tournament twice grows in mythical proportions.
  11. Tiger93

    Baseball's surge

    Of course in typical Towson fashion we lost the next two of the series right after you posted this. Still, glad to see some positive momentum around the program. The CAA site says there will be six teams in the conference tournament field. I am wondering how they will do that with nine teams split in the South (5) and North Division. Towson is currently second in the North Division and would have the second-best winning percentage. Still a long way to go with four-game series at Northeastern and Delaware, and a home series against Hofstra.
  12. Three Man Weave, which is probably the best podcast I have heard at comprehensively covering all D-1 conferences the best that they can, did a deep dive on the Transfer Portal last week. When they were talking about Mid-Major programs, they gave a quick plug to what Towson has done in the Transfer Portal. They then proceeded to talk about how Skerry gets a few interesting transfers every year and they are middle-of-the road to lower team that does the same thing. They admitted they watch very little Towson basketball, and said the primary reason for is they hate FloSports! Despite the fact, that they know very little about Towson I thought the 30-45 second soundbyte captured perfectly what we are as a program and the same things that frustrate all of us. I guess it is encouraging that they saw what we have done in the transfer market and gave it a shout out considering they were looking at a Google Doc that had every player in the Transfer Portal and a list and rating for everyone who has transferred in and out for every program. I am not saying they are experts in this, but they have put in more work to understand it than 99.9% of people covering college basketball. They talk about Towson (very quickly) around the 1:05:00 mark of the podcast. It looks like on their website they are one episode behind and don't have #211 (where this is featured) up, but it is on all the podcast platforms. https://www.three-man-weave.com/podcasts
  13. Tiger93

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    I know we are likely done with transfers and I am not even sure this kid is at a high level, but seems like a Four McGlynn type shooter from the little I saw of him as a freshman at Georgetown.
  14. Tiger93

    2021 MBB offers

    I feel like Skerry has always done a pretty solid job of bringing in decently high-level transfers (last year being a notable exception) and even recruiting some talented freshmen. Where it has gone south recently is keeping them here and blending them into a solid team. Even though I have often complained that our teams do the same things well and poorly year in and year out, last year's team had zero identity. I will give a pass on that with Covid, and I am guessing Zane and Skerry would be admit it was a mistake to run it back again. Hopefully, this is a group that will at least have time to blend together in the offseason, be ready to compete and have a chip on their shoulder after a miserable 20-21 season.
  15. Tiger93

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    I am right with everyone in doubting Skerry, but just because this year (and three of the last four years) was a disaster does not mean he has given up and can't sell a clear vision of how he things we get to a conference title. I am not saying it will work, but I know he won't stop trying to do it. Say what you want, but he has convinced Frank Mason (didn't qualify or play), Justin Gorham (transferred after one year and is now going to the Final Four) and Jerelle Benimon to come to Towson at one point or another. Benimon and Gorham are probably as talented as any players who have stepped foot on campus outside of Devon Boyd, Chuck Lightening, Kurk Lee and Gary Neal (maybe as it ended up Michael Green as well). I believe the level of talent has gone up since Skerry has come here (not including what we just watched). He just has a brutal style, does not coach well in one-game elimination scenarios and needs to update his thinking to modern basketball. That doesn't mean that he can't grind on the recruiting trailing, lay out his vision and hopefully for all of our sakes trip over the next Benimon. If we all bemoan being stuck with Skerry for the next five years, I think our only hope is the mantra "Players win championships not coaches". We all bemoan the fact we are stuck with Skerry. The only optimism I have left is somehow he convinces a player that this place is the right program for him and we get lucky. That is what we are all hoping for remote as it may be. I agree with Datres about waiting until transfers actually get to campus (heck that holds true any player no matter their hype), but the fact of the matter is with the transfer market the way it is there are more opportunities to get good quick if you can find the right fit for a player who is leaving another situation. Sometimes I feel like people here don't want Skerry to succeed. When getting another coach is reality, we can have that conversation. Until that time, I want him to succeed and he did at one point have a degree of success at Towson. It has just been really rough recently. I have a lot of doubt about what he can still do with this program, but I hope some day he breaks through and shoves all these comments back in our faces. Until then, I will continue to scan the transfers and recruits and hope we luck out and find the next impact player who makes Skerry look good.

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