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  1. AtlantaTiger

    MBB falls to JMU, 69-66 on Senior Night

    What’s disheartening is that this team hasn’t really gotten better at anything as the season has gone on. If anything, I feel like they’ve regressed. I think that’s an indictment of the coaching staff.
  2. AtlantaTiger

    MBB edges Delaware, 67-65

    Abysmal FT shooting and far too many turnovers, but a W nonetheless. Nothing comes easy with this team. They just need to find a way to get hot in Charleston.....sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Anything can happen in the conference tourney.....while it's not probable, it's not impossible either. Go Tigers!
  3. AtlantaTiger

    MBB hosts Delaware on Thursday at 7pm

    C’mon boys, get me a W on my birthday!!
  4. AtlantaTiger

    Since Skerry became coach

    Even if it means we never get a home game in the deal, I still think it's better for us to go on the road and get our teeth kicked in by the likes of Wake Forest, Butler, Georgia Tech, etc., than to play a bunch of tomato cans and get ZERO benefit. I'd rather go 3-7 in non-conference play if it means it's going to get us better prepared for the CAA schedule.
  5. AtlantaTiger

    Since Skerry became coach

    Going back to the issue of scheduling.....until we schedule some *marquee* non-conference teams AND beat them on occasion (I'm looking at you, Tim Leonard), Towson will continue to be a far-under-the-radar basketball program. Assuming we won't be breaking our NCAA Tourney drought anytime soon, it would be nice to create some buzz for the program by occasionally taking on some brand name teams. The next best thing to making the Big Dance would be for some noteworthy non-conference wins. Will we get steamrolled most of the time? Maybe, but at a minimum it would help generate interest on and off campus for the program.
  6. AtlantaTiger

    Since Skerry became coach

    What do we think of Skerry’s assistants? I wonder if Gary Neal would ever consider coaching once he officially hangs ‘em up on his playing career. He might make a nice assistant coach and be a big time help on the recruiting trail with establishing credibility for the program.
  7. Learned all I needed to about this team from this game. Little or no killer instinct or sense of urgency. Coming off an emotional OT win, at home, in special uniforms against a conference elite and they lose by 15. Underachievers for sure.
  8. Have to find a way to win this game. This is a "gut-check" type game. Go Tigers!!
  9. AtlantaTiger

    MBB comes back from 18 down to beat Drexel in OT

    Hopefully this win brings the team closer and becomes something they can rally around for the final part of the season and into the conference tourney. Tons of credit is due to Coach and his guys.....however, they can't afford to sleep-walk like they tend to do at the start of the second half of games, especially against the better teams in the CAA. Towson needs to find a way to come out of the gates a lot faster with much more intensity. Go Tigers!
  10. AtlantaTiger

    Late signee thread

    We're so undersized at LB....with the exception of Tyne, everyone else is pretty small. Also wish we had more thumpers in the secondary. I remember when Towson had Khalid McCleod (sp?) at safety. That dude had to have been 6'3 225.
  11. AtlantaTiger

    MBB finishes road trip at Drexel at 7pm

    They could lose this game by 3 or win by 16.....who knows anymore with this group?!
  12. AtlantaTiger

    Towson vs Michigan 1997

    Apologies if this has been discussed on this forum in the past (I'm new here) but does anyone have any insight on how we were able to get Michigan to come to our place in 1997? Despite the loss, it was the most exciting sports experience I had during my time at TU. We came soooo close! Any chance we ever get another high-major program to come to our building?
  13. AtlantaTiger

    MBB blows 11 point lead, falls at JMU , 79-73

    The big picture problem is that we seem to keep making the same mistakes over and over and nothing is being corrected game to game. If anything, they are regressing as the season goes on and at this point of the season they should be hitting on all cylinders. Just very disappointing that this isn’t going to be the season many of us thought it was going to be. Absolutely no focus or attention to detail with this group.
  14. AtlantaTiger

    MBB blows 11 point lead, falls at JMU , 79-73

    What does this team work on in practice? It’s like they have performance anxiety or stage fright come game time. Does Towson have a Sports Psychologist on its staff? They could use one. Embarrassing loss.
  15. AtlantaTiger

    Towson vs Michigan 1997

    I would rather see Towson get steamrolled in the non-conference schedule by superior, nationally recognized programs to prepare for conference play than beat up a bunch of cupcakes and get a false sense of ability. I would think we could get home & homes with the likes of St. John’s, Seton Hall, Providence. I would even prefer schools like Marshall, Toledo, UCF over Coppin etc.
  16. Wow! I don't remember hearing about that. That was awful man. Punk play......ashamed that happened.
  17. AtlantaTiger

    MBB edges Delaware, 75-71

    Nothing comes easy for this team. We could use a decisive 15+ point win sometime soon to help boost some confidence coming down the stretch. Maybe against JMU? Go Tigers!
  18. AtlantaTiger

    Elon Postgame

    Coach Skerry better find a way to get through to his team fast. It's concerning that it hasn't already happened but there's still time to get things going in the right direction. I'd hate to think that we might squander this season when we have arguably the most athletic team we've had in the last 25 years. Get it together, Tigers!!!
  19. AtlantaTiger

    Elon Postgame

    Without having actually seen a game this season, I'm getting the impression that their up-and-down play is rooted in either a team chemistry issue (do these guys like and play well with each other?) or they don't respect or believe in what Coach Skerry is running/teaching. Perhaps even a discipline problem....they freelance too much on court. Whatever the problem, they better get it figured out real soon.
  20. AtlantaTiger

    Elon Postgame

    We can beat anyone in the conference.....we can lose to anyone in the conference. Consistently inconsistent. Does not bode well for the conference tourney. NO KILLER INSTINCT!
  21. AtlantaTiger

    MBB faces W&M at home on Thursday at 7pm

    Great win! This has been a roller-coaster season, for sure. I have no idea what to expect from this team......gut-wrenching losses and dramatic wins. We need some consistency. Go Tigers!
  22. AtlantaTiger

    Skerry Frustrated by Close Losses from Hero Sports

    Someone on this team needs to step up in a big way and assert themselves as the leader. We need someone who can WILL this team to victory in close contests. Who has the "killer instinct"? Go Tigers!!
  23. AtlantaTiger

    MBB gives one away in Wilmington in OT

    Yet another concerning loss. Per my post yesterday, at some point, coaching will have to come under the microscope. Coach Skerry has done a tremendous job getting this program to respectability and laying a foundation for future success but perhaps there’s something missing in his ability to draw up the right plays or play the right guys in clutch situations.
  24. AtlantaTiger

    MBB visits UNCW on Saturday night

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and excited that I stumbled upon it. Go Tigers! Regarding the UNCW game tonight, these are the games that this Towson team should put away early. As a proud alum and interested fan, I've exchanged emails with our AD in the last several months regarding the state of TU hoops, and he's been VERY confidant that this year's team will be the one that breaks the NCAA Tourney drought. I think it's time to either have the breakthrough season we've all been waiting for or begin taking a hard-look at the coaching staff, if it doesn't happen.

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