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  1. AtlantaTiger

    New Coach Thread

    I guess the Pat Skerry sample size isn't quite big enough for you? How many more seasons should he get to finally get over the hump? Honest question.
  2. AtlantaTiger

    New Coach Thread

    I'm already working on my list of possible coaching replacements for Pat Skerry for when he leads us to another stink-bomb performance in the CAA Tournament. Stay tuned....
  3. AtlantaTiger

    New Coach Thread

    I'm sure we could collectively come up with a pretty extensive list of coaching names that we'd like to see at Towson, in the event the Ambrose era comes to an end......eventually. Some of those names will be wishful thinking as I don't know that our recent history or our budget will allow for a well-established/accomplished veteran coach to come in and save the day. I found two names that could be interesting. One, a very young guy with ties to some successful programs and the other, a proven veteran coach at the DII level. The first is Rick Bowie, OC at DII powerhouse Valdosta State. Young guy with experience on Dana Holgerson's staffs at WVU & Houston and maybe more importantly, connections with Baltimore prep school football (St. Frances & Gilman). Obviously, he's still very young and maybe not quite enough experience but sometimes you need to roll the dice and take a chance. Rick Bowie - Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks - Football Coaches - Valdosta State University Athletics (vstateblazers.com) My second candidate and perhaps a longshot is Slippery Rock HC Shawn Lutz. Dude has a .774 winning percentage as a HC in seven years. He knows the MD/DC, PA, NJ recruiting area very well. I would like to think Towson could find the $$ to make it enticing for him to leave Slippery Rock. Shawn Lutz - Football Coach - Slippery Rock University Athletics (rockathletics.com) I'm sure I'll come across some other names in the weeks ahead that could be worth considering. Go Tigers!
  4. AtlantaTiger

    New Coach Thread

    Maybe Ambrose can somehow get himself into the Nick Saban School of Coaching Rehabilitation.
  5. AtlantaTiger

    2022 Summer Camp Thread

    Been a minute for me....hope everyone on here is doing well. I know he's probably a long shot to contribute this season but any word on if Lukkas Londono is getting any meaningful reps in camp at WR? The kid is from around my way in NJ and would love to see a local kid make some noise for the Tigers. Supposed to be a speedster.....maybe some kick return opportunities this year? Looking forward to the upcoming season.....GO TIGERS!!
  6. AtlantaTiger

    2022 Spring Football

    Selfishly, I would love to see TU schedule more OOC games with schools down south to make it easier to get to a game. Why not look at getting games with Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Furman, Chattanooga, Kennesaw St., etc......could help expand the brand and our recruiting base.
  7. AtlantaTiger

    General MBB thread 2021-22

    Is there any "bracketology" scenario that has us playing in Greenville in the first round?? Would LOVE to make the quick 2 hour drive up to G'ville to see the Tigers play......while sporting my #14 Neal Towson jersey. Please close the deal, Tigers. For the love of God, please.
  8. AtlantaTiger

    MBB dominates No. 1 UNCW 79-55

    While I am critical of Coach Skerry, I don't think I'm unfair and so he deserves credit when credit is due. That was a great, confidence-inspiring win. Great job from top to bottom. Keep it going, boys! Do NOT take your feet off the gas. Go Tigers!
  9. AtlantaTiger

    New AD Thread II

    Time will tell, but on initial review of credentials and experience, I think I really like this hire. As I stated in earlier posts on this topic, I thought it would be a wise idea to get someone from a southern/SEC school where there is a greater appreciation and urgency around the football programs. Plus, this guy is a "local" of sorts with his ties to PA & UMD. Hopefully he's a great salesman and an innovative marketing mind. Color me impressed. Go Tigers!
  10. AtlantaTiger

    Georgia Bulldogs or Towson Tigers?

    Thought some of you might find this funny. Last week Atlanta sports talk station, 680 The Fan, had on Jeff Schultz who covers UGA football for The Athletic. In discussing the transfer portal and how the Georgia Bulldogs might be impacted by it he somehow decided to make a random, and not so flattering, reference to "Towson State". Needless to say, I almost drove off the road. Of all the small, FCS, mid-major programs that exist between Atlanta and Baltimore that he could have mocked, "Towson State" was the one that popped into his head at that very moment?? Not to mention, he and the on-air folks had a good chuckle about it. No respect. Let's get UGA on our schedule!! 😉 m_40830_1880679117_1641998088367_1641998137821__c184071d-9a7a-45bb-ac58-ce9a2a61e540.mp3
  11. AtlantaTiger

    General MBB thread 2021-22

    Love my Towson Tigers and am extremely proud of their recent performances. However, as a well-documented skeptic (critic) of Coach Skerry, the conference tourney is all that matters. He needs to win the conference tourney this year. No excuses, no almosts, no maybes and no buts.....WIN. THE. TOURNAMENT. He's had too many years and too many chances. GO TIGERS!!
  12. AtlantaTiger

    New AD Thread

    I think we need to look further south for the next AD. Pluck an assistant AD from an SEC or Sunbelt school who is ready to take the next step in the career as the top AD. We need someone who comes from a culture in which football is truly treated as the lifeblood of the athletic department, with men's hoops being a close second.
  13. AtlantaTiger

    MBB falls to Pitt on the road 63-59 (story up)

    My first opportunity to watch this year's squad. Clearly there's an improved level of talent, athleticism and team chemistry up and down the roster. Unfortunately, it's still a Pat Skerry led team. A good number of games we win this season will be because we'll have the superior talent on the floor, not because we have superior coaching. In how many games will we have the coaching advantage? Winning IN SPITE of your coaching and not BECAUSE of your coaching is a problem. (This applies to Towson football too.) This was a game we should have won. Pitt was ripe for the picking. I'm actually NOT laying this loss at the feet of Pat. If our team hits a handful more free throws, if they hit a couple more of their insane number of 3's, we win the game. However, it does beg the question, how come Pat Skerry teams are historically woeful at the free throw line? How come launching ill-advised 3s is a Pat Skerry-approved strategy? In what's a pretty underwhelming non-conference schedule this would have been the marquee win and we couldn't close the deal. I think this team will provide a lot of fun moments over the course of the season but Pat Skerry has more than proved himself to be a subpar HC at this level. I have no faith in him.
  14. AtlantaTiger

    Albany preview

    ....and lethargic.....did I say lethargic?
  15. AtlantaTiger

    Albany preview

    Can't wait to see more of Skerry's slow, plodding, methodical, disjointed offense this season!!!

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