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  1. AtlantaTiger

    2023 Offers/Commits

    Ah yes, “Townson”. 🙄
  2. AtlantaTiger

    MBB holds on to beat Elon 66-62

    Did we play to Elon’s level or did they play to ours?
  3. AtlantaTiger

    2023 Offers/Commits

    Interesting. I see that one of his coaches is former TU Tiger Darnell “Sporty” Evans.
  4. AtlantaTiger

    General Football News

    I'm guessing Rob doesn't have an agent and would negotiate any future coaching gigs himself?
  5. AtlantaTiger

    What is wrong?

    As a well documented Skerry critic I will try my best to be objective but I believe it really boils down to three things with Skerry. 1. Poor recruiting (relative to other CAA programs). The talent just hasn’t been cutting it. 2. Zero player development. When you’re starting with work-in-progress/mid-tier talent you had better have a the type of staff that knows how to bring players along and maximize their potential. Has anyone seen that in our guys over the years? 3. Coaching acumen. In my opinion Pat has long appeared to be a bit in over his head. I can’t help but feel like there’s a disconnect between he and his players as though they either don’t listen to him, disregard him or lack respect for his coaching. I think he’d make a fine DIII coach. Charleston is having the season we thought we could have. Good on them.
  6. AtlantaTiger

    Limping into conference play

    Towson men’s hoops under Pat Skerry has largely feasted on mediocre/inferior competition. While 20 win seasons are very nice and should be commended, it’s a bit of “fool’s gold”. Skerry has a bunch of wins against lesser teams, very few signature/marquee wins (defined as either upset OOC wins or clutch conference wins) and regularly has some flat-out stink bomb clunkers. The sample size is plenty big and he is what he is as a coach. Zero reason to believe this team will get the job done in the conference tournament. I will fly back to Baltimore and personally apologize to coach if & when this team makes it to the big dance under his leadership. Great man, so-so coach.
  7. AtlantaTiger

    A look at the four newest assistant coaches

    I have no problem at all with his first four hires. He's new and needs guys he that he trusts and who are familiar with his system, style & processes to make sure they can hit the ground running in establishing a new culture at Towson. I agree that we need some local flavor on the staff in some capacity. I have absolutely no idea what to expect from the December or February signing periods. Guessing the bigger impact will come from portal newcomers.
  8. AtlantaTiger

    General MBB Thread 2022-23

    Watching this game. First time seeing CofC this season. This Scott kid for Charleston is a monster! He looks like a defensive end playing PG. He’s listed at 6’5 225lbs. Can you say, matchup problem?!?
  9. AtlantaTiger

    UNI pummels MBB in second half, wins 83-66

    Sincere question, do the guys on the team respect Skerry as a basketball coach and as a basketball “mind”? I’m sure they all like & respect him as a man and as a pillar of the community that he truly is but do they trust what he’s taking about when it comes to X’s & O’s, strategy and his bball IQ? Do they respect him as an authority figure? I feel like he could read them the riot act to get them motivated and get their butts in gear and it would just go in one ear and out the other. What’s his reputation on the recruiting trail and in coaching circles?
  10. AtlantaTiger

    Pete Shinnick named football coach

    I just think it's refreshing and fascinating to see someone who has no prior/existing connection to Towson at the helm. Our previous 4 coaches were all Towson "lifers". Felt a bit high schoolish that each coach was someone with direct ties to the program.....felt a little bit like nepotism and a small-minded approach to hiring. Having an outsider, with bona fide success and credentials at other programs with no preconceived notions or bias towards the program is great. He's coming in looking at things with fresh eyes and is not jaded by any historical connection to the program. Will he succeed? Who knows. However, he's not beholden to doing things the "Towson" way, he gets to do things his way. With each passing day and with every little bit more info/content I see or read about him, I like this hire more & more. Can't wait to see the staff he puts together.
  11. AtlantaTiger

    Pete Shinnick named football coach

    Don’t mind his DII experience at all. In fact, I was hoping the Slippery Rock coach would have somehow found his way into the mix. I liked his record, regional connections and his age. I think that dude could have a bright future in the FCS or FBS ranks. After thinking about the Shinnick hiring some more, what I hope could be a silver lining are his connections to Florida high school programs. Wouldn’t mind some more Florida speed and talent in Baltimore.
  12. AtlantaTiger

    Pete Shinnick named football coach

    I personally felt like we needed someone with a track record of success and a proven winner and this guy appears to meet that criteria for sure. Hard to argue with his resume. Will it translate at this level? Will top level FCS talent be clamoring to come play for this guy? Who knows? I will be very interested to see what kind of staff he brings with him. Will he just bring his current staff or will he look to upgrade? How "hands-on" is he with Xs/Os? Is he a fantastic recruiting salesman and game day motivator? More questions than answers right now, but absolutely need to throw all of our support behind him. Go Tigers!!
  13. AtlantaTiger

    General Football News

    We need to make a splashy HC hire to draw interest to the program and to drive ticket sales. Is there a "poor man's" Deion Sanders available? 😉
  14. AtlantaTiger

    General Football News

    William & Mary really crapping the bed right now.
  15. AtlantaTiger

    General Football News

    Been a while since I’ve been back to Johnny U. but couldn’t a creative architecture design group find a way to squeeze in a few extra thousand seats in both end zones if needed? Make it a complete bowl?

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