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  1. AtlantaTiger

    New AD Thread

    I think we need to look further south for the next AD. Pluck an assistant AD from an SEC or Sunbelt school who is ready to take the next step in the career as the top AD. We need someone who comes from a culture in which football is truly treated as the lifeblood of the athletic department, with men's hoops being a close second.
  2. AtlantaTiger

    MBB falls to Pitt on the road 63-59 (story up)

    My first opportunity to watch this year's squad. Clearly there's an improved level of talent, athleticism and team chemistry up and down the roster. Unfortunately, it's still a Pat Skerry led team. A good number of games we win this season will be because we'll have the superior talent on the floor, not because we have superior coaching. In how many games will we have the coaching advantage? Winning IN SPITE of your coaching and not BECAUSE of your coaching is a problem. (This applies to Towson football too.) This was a game we should have won. Pitt was ripe for the picking. I'm actually NOT laying this loss at the feet of Pat. If our team hits a handful more free throws, if they hit a couple more of their insane number of 3's, we win the game. However, it does beg the question, how come Pat Skerry teams are historically woeful at the free throw line? How come launching ill-advised 3s is a Pat Skerry-approved strategy? In what's a pretty underwhelming non-conference schedule this would have been the marquee win and we couldn't close the deal. I think this team will provide a lot of fun moments over the course of the season but Pat Skerry has more than proved himself to be a subpar HC at this level. I have no faith in him.
  3. AtlantaTiger

    Albany preview

    ....and lethargic.....did I say lethargic?
  4. AtlantaTiger

    Albany preview

    Can't wait to see more of Skerry's slow, plodding, methodical, disjointed offense this season!!!
  5. AtlantaTiger

    Fire Rob

    I believe the success of a program boils down to its culture. North Dakota State is a machine like no other. They are a machine because of the unbelievable culture they have established. There is a NDSU "way" of doing things. It is instilled in each coach and player year after year after year. The players are completely bought into the program. They are extremely disciplined on the field, everyone knowing exactly what their job/role is and a fierce commitment and pride in doing their job well. I'm guessing NDSU is one of the least penalized teams in FCS over the last decade. They have DISCIPLINE & PRIDE and it is the fabric of their culture. Towson football (and athletics in general) is completely devoid of culture. What is our hallmark or calling-card style of play? How would anyone define Towson football's culture or identity? We don't have one. The players seem to be more concerned with which uniform combination they'll be wearing since it's all about looking the part of a big program.....not actually performing like one. Which leads me to my next rant. How can we expect our players to know how to win when the coaches themselves haven't won anything? We don't exactly have a who's-who of coaches in this program. Who is the most accomplished coach on this staff? Who's won anything of significance in their previous coaching gigs? Coaching pedigree is critical for establishing credibility with recruits and current players. Should we expect that the coaching staff can teach/coach our players to win when they haven't experienced winning/success themselves? Go Tigers.
  6. AtlantaTiger

    Football gets routed at home by ND State 35-7

    Our football team suffers from the same problem as our basketball team....the head coaches are NOT head coaching material. Probably exceptional as assistants but in over their heads as head coaches at this level. Both are DIII level caliber head coaches......their recruiting, team prep, player development and in-game coaching decisions substantiate my claim.
  7. AtlantaTiger

    Fire Rob

    What’s sad is that in his mind he thinks he’s doing an amazing job.
  8. AtlantaTiger

    Same as it ever was

    I'm truly shocked at how non-explosive Towson's offense looked. Looked like they were moving in slow motion. I don't know why I assumed there was much more speed on this team than there apparently is. No urgency or creativity in the play-calling. Soft defense. Also, just curious about Elorm Lumor's status on the team? As someone who also keeps a close eye on Rutgers football I know that he was a very solid player for the Scarlet Knights' defense. Has he been getting any time for Towson? Time for new leadership for Towson football. Go Tigers!
  9. AtlantaTiger

    2021 Football Depth Chart (all speculative)

    I haven't been in the loop the last few weeks, what happened to Jawon Pass? Did I miss him on your depth chart? Is he no longer joining the program?
  10. AtlantaTiger

    2021 Internet Roster updated

    I love seeing a fellow Bergen County, small-school kid heading to Towson! Lukkas Londono looks like a sneaky-good player.
  11. Mark Collins, DB from South Dakota.
  12. AtlantaTiger

    Jawon Pass!

  13. AtlantaTiger

    Jawon Pass!

    QB Jawon Pass transferring from Louisville to Towson!!(?)
  14. AtlantaTiger

    GMU thread

    How much more Pat Skerry must we endure??? Picking up where I left off at the end of last season.....the sample size is plenty big to know that he's reached his ceiling with this program. Time. For. A. Change.
  15. AtlantaTiger

    Shane Simpson/CAA Transfer Thread

    I was pulling for him to select Texas. Would have been fun to see what he could do in the Big 12 at a truly elite school. Best of luck to him regardless!

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