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  1. AtlantaTiger

    Towson shocks No. 14/17 UNH 54-51 in overtime

    Just now having a chance to see the box score and the highlights.....very happy to see Lukkas Londono make such a clutch play towards the end. Love those scrappy Bergen County dudes!
  2. AtlantaTiger

    Towson shocks No. 14/17 UNH 54-51 in overtime

    Absolutely outstanding win. Can’t wait to see how some on here might still come for Shinnick. Go Tigers!!
  3. AtlantaTiger

    UNH preview

    41-17 UNH......and will still not be a reason to panic about Shinnick.
  4. AtlantaTiger

    2023 General Football News

    Taking a page out of the "Nick Saban School of Coaching Rehabilitation". A smart move that keeps him plugged into the coaching community & network. Maybe he parlays this into a full-time gig with the Terps next season or more likely lands at a school like ODU, Marshall, etc......a regional mid-major.
  5. AtlantaTiger


    So is the belief that this roster is stacked with superior talent and that Coach is inept for not being able to win with what he has? It appears to me he’s working with a patch-work group of marginal players. Leftovers from Ambrose, transfers who didn’t cut it at other programs, dudes looking for a last chance to play college ball and first year kids. This isn’t a terribly impressive group of players. Let the man have a couple of proper recruiting cycles. Also, his UWF team, a team he literally built, is currently 3-1. What’s that you say? It’s not comparable since it’s a D2 program? It’s all relative, the guy knows football and the kind of players it takes to win at the respective level. I think UWF would beat this Towson team today. I’ll tell you what’s set Towson football back behind so many other programs. It was Towson’s refusal to part ways with “lifetime contract” coaches like Gordy Combs and Ambrose. Year after year of mediocre seasons with no consequences. The program was managed like a high school team. And you’re shocked that an outsider can’t come in and can’t get things rolling after 4 games?? A few of you are delusional.
  6. AtlantaTiger

    2023 General Football News

    Fully admit that I have a local bias and it's a sample size of ONE, but I look at a school like Kennesaw State, here in GA (~15 miles north of Atlanta). I think this qualifies as a metro/suburban University similar to Towson. -Didn't have a football program until 2015 -Play FCS; Big South Conference -On-campus stadium holds 8,300 -Undergrad Enrollment: ~33,000 -Program winning %: .739 This is a school that compares very well to Towson in all facets from academic reputation/status, local reputation, media coverage (or lack thereof), light years behind in fan interest compared to the "big-boy" in-state programs and the local pro teams. I would guess that the university budgets & endowments are not too different or are similar in relative terms. They don't pack their stadium on game days either. They even wear black & gold like our Tigers. And yet, this time next year, they'll be a card-carrying member of C-USA and the media & financial benefits that come with it. In less than 10 years of existence. Now, that .739 winning % over 8+ seasons is pretty damn stout and clearly has something to do with the move. Winning solves a lot of problems and gets noticed.
  7. AtlantaTiger

    2023 General Football News

    Miss Debbie was the best! Twenty-plus years later, I can still taste those chicken patties and smell the waffle batter. #Towerlife
  8. AtlantaTiger

    Football holds on to beat Morgan State 20-10

    Nice win. Clearly making progress each week with signs of improvement across most (not all) position groups. Will this most likely be a 3 or 4 win season? Yes. Is that unexpected or unacceptable for a first-year coach? Of course not. Still very bullish on Shinnick and his long-term plan. Go Tigers!
  9. AtlantaTiger

    Morgan State Football preview

    27-24 Towson.
  10. AtlantaTiger

    Monmouth routs Tigers 42-23 in home opener

    Man, I wish there were as many fans coming for Skerry’s head as there are coming for Shinnick’s. Pete is TWO games into his Towson career. Two. Everyone settle down. He’s working with a bit of a patchwork roster and hasn’t had a full recruiting cycle to work with yet. The two teams we’ve played so far aren’t the dregs of college football. Clearly we’re in need of better QB play. I’m confident that will be addressed in the future.
  11. AtlantaTiger

    Delaware to FBS?

    Hens to the FBS?
  12. AtlantaTiger

    Maryland preview

    Can't wait for 3:30! However, thinking it will be 38-13, Terps. Go Tigers!
  13. AtlantaTiger

    2023 General Football News

    Is it true that this guy is 25 years old?
  14. AtlantaTiger

    2023 General Football News

    Nathan Kent is the projected QB1? He's a walk-on, correct?
  15. AtlantaTiger

    2023 General Football News

    It's the track & field equivalent of having a football field with red, blue or black turf as some colleges do.

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