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  1. MBB falls to JMU, 69-66 on Senior Night

    Was a pretty bad game. Noticeable things that stood out was how Starr performed. Everytime I took a look at the feed he turns it over (from going baseline and getting nearly trapped with a bad pass that went no where, to the inbound pass at the end of the game that flew over his teammate's head). Guy is pretty mediocre (hate to say it). Thought the refs missed some calls. Did anyone see that goal tend that wasn't called on JMU? The foul at the end was questionable as well. Oh well...
  2. Since Skerry became coach

    Skerry is a decent recruiter but an average coach at best. His X's and O's are pretty poor though.. He isn't going anywhere as others mentioned here so we just have to embrace it...
  3. MBB falls at home to Northeastern, 77-62

    Been saying Skerry has plateaued for several seasons now. That first half was pretty bad to watch. Same ole song...
  4. Grad transfer for next season?

    Thought Hairston was the best out of the bunch. Kid had some potential imo...
  5. A Bigger, Better Burdick

    Talked to some recent grads while working out at the local gym and they told me it flooded due to a busted pipe? wow...
  6. Morman

    Nothing new to see here folks.. move along...
  7. Elon Postgame

    With the exception of myself and perhaps 1 or 2 other people who have watched Skerry's team this year or over the past few years knew that 10-1 start was fool's gold. Beating up on inferior competition doesn't bode well for conference play. Pretty much same issues that plagued the team for years now. My major complaint is how soft Morsell is. I was expecting a lot more from him after seeing him his freshman year. Boy was I wrong...
  8. That statement about being the most successful in history is all relative. I first assumed that the writer was quoting that based on Skerry's overall winning percentage during his tenure here. Not sure about his predecessors before him with the exception of the guy everyone loved (PK)....
  9. LSU game memories

    Man, miss those times with T. West and Enders...
  10. W&M Thread

    Why does the ref on the left seem excited that it went in. Looked like he was a hofstra fan.. LOL. Tough loss..
  11. MBB falls to Elon, 75-72

    New season, same ole song..
  12. Not sure why everyone is surprised and mad. This was exactly what would happen once we played good teams. At least we competed and kept it close on the road. I just want to have a winning record by the time season ends. But to expect CAA titles and a NCAA appearance was just out of the question...