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  1. MBB edges Delaware, 67-65

    Is it too soon to start speculating on who we may play in the tourny
  2. Since Skerry became coach

    New question... 4 games left with 17 wins... Would be amazing to get to 20
  3. Grad transfer for next season?

    @JonRothstein: Cal's Brandon Chauca tells me he has received his release and will be a grad transfer.
  4. Top 5 Favorite Tigers and Games

    Temple game was awesome
  5. New look at TT.com

    looks good
  6. Since Skerry became coach

    no tv deal no marketing package. agreed. And yes they beat a lasalle team. And honestly we can say we're too good to play good mid majors and too bad to play p5. But other schools do it, no excuse we cant. get the right people in the dept. if TL cant do it, get someone who can
  7. Since Skerry became coach

    Agreed. We all got excited with 10-1 with no true legit mid majors really. I mean starting with ODU was cool. But we definitely need more of that.
  8. Since Skerry became coach

    from experience, being in greek life. as well as on IFC ( the board which governs fraternities) I held meetings with Nads and bringing OSU and Hopkins here are what attracts kids. I wont say winning doesn't matter. being good AND scheduling good games are key. We got more kids in lax seats. Its tough to get these new gen kids to enjoy the FCS when all they see is SEC on espn. And also like beating a dead horse, the school will never live down RUINING all momentum with the T West szn with tailgates. In terms of Basketball. We can copy the Mason / VCU blueprint. Its been done. We need those Tourney appearances.
  9. MLax falls to JHU, 14-6

    Exactly what I took from it. Defense tightened up in the second half with Miller in goal. No way he doesnt get the start right? also FOGO will be solid with Woodall. Hoping the Offense can find their groove next week.... Also great W from the womens team.
  10. Sun Story on Recruiting

    This argument stands for some players as long as we can stay atop in the CAA / FCS
  11. I will be at the season opener at hopkins Saturday
  12. Towson vs Michigan 1997

    Seems like it was easier to get a TV deal in the 90's .. Thats awesome tho
  13. Students wont care until we start getting come ncaa appearances was my feeling
  14. MBB edges Delaware, 75-71

    I also am a fan of Eddie, and moreso disappointed by Mike.. We all hoped he would have come into peak form for his senior year.