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  1. BK_Brian


    I disagree and think a number of people will miss the team not playing this fall. I would assume RA has spoken to the most important people, the players, coaches, etc. Otherwise, I'm not overly concerned about statements from the Admin, etc. regarding football or any sports right now during this very crazy and fluid situation. I don't think it's unreasonable to sit and wait to see how shit plays out before making public statements. Look at Big 10 and Pac 12, they were all about going forward with football within conference and making alternative plans, but it was never going to happen. Everything is upside down. I'm not sure what kind of bubble you all live in, but there's a whole lot more pressing issues than whether Towson football or any football is played this fall. Millions of people are out of work and/or are working at reduced salaries wondering how they will make ends meet. People with children are worried whether their children will be safe at school this year and if they are not going to be in school, how will they work while also watching their children. Nobody cares about any sports right now. I'm a diehard Mets fan and have maybe watch 4 innings total this year. Sports of any kind is the last thing on my mind. I live in NYC and it's a fucking ghost town. Sorry, I just need to vent a little. Hope you all are well.
  2. BK_Brian

    2020 CAA season

    Look at the latest story with the Miami Marlins (https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29547211/two-mlb-games-postponed-marlins-outbreak). These are professional athletes with millions of dollars on the line and twelve members of the team (including some staff) now have COVID. Now these individuals are staying in Philly for the next few days to undergo testing, etc. How does anyone expect any college sport, let alone football, to go forward? Football has more personnel than any other sport and there will surely be no bubble for college sports. Could you imagine if a team travels to another state and then a bunch of players test positive. I'm sure the colleges will love the idea of putting up a football team at a hotel for a week or so. Who knows how the Marlins players got sick. Hypothetically (and probably a good guess) a few players went out to a bar/club and got it and then possibly spread it amongst the team. Professional athletes have lots of $$ on the line and you would think they would be incentivized not to go out to the bars/club or engage in behaviour at which they may be exposed, but that was possibly not the case. Now, you're going to tell me that college athletes/students are going to not put themselves in risky behaviour that may potentially expose themselves, teammates, staff, etc. when they have little on the line. What happens when a coach or staff member unknowingly spreads it some players and one of the players has a bad reaction. Could you imagine the lawsuits? There is a lot of money on the line, but there is a whole lot more at stake if they try to go forward and it fails badly.
  3. BK_Brian

    2020 CAA season

    It's only July, I will be shocked if football (or in-person anything) will go forward at JMU, Elon or any other college this year.
  4. BK_Brian

    COVID 19 and NCAA Athletics

    I just look at what's happening with MLS and even MLB. MLS has far more resources and created this bubble and so far at least two teams have dropped out. They have postponed several other games due to positive tests. The NBA also had a bunch of players drop out of the restart b/c of health concerns or positive tests. The measuring stick right now is how the professional leagues are attempting this and if they are having so much difficulty pulling this off in what they believe is an ideal environment (this bubble), how on earth can anyone reasonably expect college athletics to go forward. I hate to say it but college sports are f***ed in 2020-2021.
  5. How many of you really think there will be any college sports this fall or maybe even for the 2020-2021 season? I would put the odds at less than 10% for the fall and maybe 25% for the year. Do you think this pandemic may force schools and conferences to re-think the lay out of conferences and consider creating geographically local conferences to cut down on flights, travel, etc. for the purpose of cutting down on risks?
  6. BK_Brian

    CAA Tournament Thread

    what time is tip off?
  7. BK_Brian

    CAA Tournament Thread

    WOW, Elon knocks off W&M. I knew the Tribe were not that good, but still didn't expect that they would lose to Elon who played on consecutive days.
  8. BK_Brian

    CAA Tournament Thread

    ESPN had 4 different "college basketball expertes" select winners of all 32 conference tournaments. Regarding the CAA they each selected a different team and left one of the top 5 teams out. Guess who? https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28820898/predictions-all-32-college-basketball-conference-tournaments
  9. BK_Brian

    A good young nucleus

    Although I believe most of us are reasonably excited for this upcoming CAA tournament, I'm pretty stoked for the next couple of seasons. Assuming of course everyone stays and stays healthy. Gibson, Thompson and Timberlake (by default) I think make up our best freshman class in recent memory. Throw in Betrand who is only a sophomore and we have a legit solid foundation. Add a few more pieces and I think we can have a nice stretch of success. Fingers crossed for this season and beyond.
  10. BK_Brian

    CAA Tournament Thread

    Other than having NE in the first round, these are prob the best match-ups for us to advance. Having CofC, Del and Hofstra on the other side of the bracket was ideal. The only way this could have been better was if Elon finished 6th and NE 7th. Although W&M had a good season, I can't help but think that team is all Knight and smoke and mirrors. I believe they are the weakest of the top 5 teams. Whoever gets to the championship game from our side of the bracket is going to get a very tired CofC, Del or Hofstra (all of whom have little depth). I'd like to get payback for the 2014 TU team and knock out W&M in the semis.
  11. 3rd seed (or even 2nd) is ideal, assuming we can knock off NE. With the 3 seed we likely get W&M in semis who is beatable and then the best of Hofstra, Delaware and Charleston who all have little depth on the 3rd straight day of play. Fingers crossed.
  12. BK_Brian

    Towson Clubs Hofstra

    So, where can we finish? What tiebreakers do we have with UD and C of C? God, I hope we beat NE and finish as the 3 seed (or even 2 seed).
  13. BK_Brian

    Hofstra II preview

    Wow, holding Buie to 2 of 14. What a good job stopping him.
  14. BK_Brian

    Darrick Jones

    Let's not forget about Ralph Biggs, he was all skin and bones. Maybe came in at 175 pounds at 6'6" and he was one of the better players in our program's history.
  15. BK_Brian

    Top 6 seed

    I think this year will be different, as any of the the top 6 teams can make it. Except W&M, they will not make the championship game.

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