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  1. BK_Brian

    In other CAA news

    How much of scheduling is Skerry actually responsible for? Back when I worked with the program (late 90s) the coaches had little to no say. Maryland didn't want to play us, let alone come to TU. (I believe it was b/c Gary Williams didn't want to risk losing to us.) In general big schools don't want to be a road team at a small school or mid-major. Generally just doesn't happen. Only way we're getting big names is on neutral courts (the pre-season tournaments) or we're traveling to them. When Michigan came to TU (1997) it was b/c they were doing it as a courtest for Louis Bullock.
  2. BK_Brian

    2019 Basketball Offers

    A halfway athletic 7 footer in the CAA, I'll take my chances and bring him on board.
  3. BK_Brian

    WBB media thread

    Seeding does kinda stink, but being paired against the most dominant college basketball program over the last 20 years in the first round makes it way worse.
  4. BK_Brian


    Our most successful football team (2013) went into Connecticut and bested the Huskies. This is our most successful women's basketball team and we're going into Connecticut...... (Fingers crossed)
  5. BK_Brian

    2 down...

    To an extent. He was apparently at Elon for 10 years and in the last 5 in the CAA had a winning record one single season. Elon simply has not even been competing (like Towson before PS).
  6. BK_Brian

    2 down...

  7. BK_Brian


    Are there game highlights anywhere? Currently unable to find anything.
  8. BK_Brian

    Tony Shaver

    I realize there is a business aspect to it and coaches leave, etc. I also realize and understand the arguments that players should be compensated. The problem is that it becomes a slippery slope if you start paying players. Who gets paid? Only revenue producing sports? Do women and men get the same amount? What about field hockey, tennis, track and field? How do you justify paying some athletes, but not all. At the same time, I wish the NCAA would lighten up on the restrictions they place on players that want to transfer, etc. With limits, players should be able to leave, especially if a coach leaves, etc. I can go on all day with this.
  9. BK_Brian

    Tony Shaver

    Did Benimon stand out in the year he redshirted?
  10. BK_Brian

    Tony Shaver

    I guess I disagree that this is simply a business. If it was a business, then they should be paying players and if they start paying players it would likely crush any chance TU has of succeeding.
  11. BK_Brian

    Tony Shaver

    Has anyone observed Gray in practice? Will he be a solid contributor?
  12. BK_Brian

    Tony Shaver

    Is anyone else getting tired of TuTigers2012? Every comment is a complaint, nothing is good enough. If you're not making the NCAAs you must be fired. Get a grip, we are a mid-major college basketball program in metropolitan area at a former commuter school (maybe still?) with little to no history of success in the lifetime of any player PS has had an opportunity to recruit. Without debate PS has been TUs best men's bball coach in 30 nearly years. I'm not familiar with what Truax did. Outside of his first season, the team has an overall winning record and generally competes. The team is not an embarrassment both on the court and off the court. At least from what I can tell, the players go to class and get decent grades. Moreover, if/when a coaching change occurs we have at least established the fact that TU is not a conference doormat and will not be on academic probation. In 8 seasons (can't count the first) he's given us 2 teams that had a great opportunity to dance 12/13 and 13/14. Unfortunately the prior coaching staff/NCAA fucked over the 12/13 team and the 13/14 team did not produce in the CAA tournament. Comparing Shaver to PS: W&M parted ways with Shaver after 16 seasons and although he had some recent success, he really can't hold a candle to what PS has done. The year before Shaver took over W&M they were 12-16 (7-11 in the CAA). The year before PS took over TU was 4-26 (0-18 in the CAA). In Shaver's first 10 seasons, he produced 2 winning seasons (17-16 in 07/08 and 22-11 in 09/10) and a total of 57 conference wins. In PSs first 8 seasons (including the first season when cupboard was empty) he produced 4 winning seasons and 68 conference wins (and that's over less CAA games due to conference changes).
  13. And #1 JMU goes down. If Towson gets past the hosting Hens the road to the NCAAs should be a little easier.
  14. BK_Brian

    Tony Shaver

    Shaver's offense and Skerry's defense, we'd be unstoppable. Unfortunately prob requires different types of players.
  15. BK_Brian

    Skerry Era by the numbers, Part I

    It's way too early to assess what everyone will bring back and lose b/c there are so many transfers each year. All teams lose players some expectedly and some unexpectedly. The good news (for now) is that Hofstra loses a bunch, NE loses its best player, and C of C loses one of it's best two (and hopefully Riller grad transfers out). We only lose Thomas, who was injured all year, and McNeill. I have faith that PS will get us into the top 3 in the conference next season with a shot at something more. We had so many close games and were battling for 5th/6th until we tripped over our own feet at the very end of the season into the bottom 4. In my observation, the biggest weakness from the PS era (other than not finding and keeping a top PG) is either (A) drawing up a play(s) at the end of the games to convert or (B) having a good enough/clutch player to give the ball at the end of those games. Watching our second to last offensive possession against JMU (when we still had a 2 point lead) reminded me of the 2014 CAA tournament game against W&M when we still had Benimon and we could not get a decent shot off near the end of the game. I fully expected this season to be a dud after losing Zane, Justin and all those seniors. We essentially had 3 players return and still competed for most of the season. 2-3 more baskets and we have 8-9 wins and are in 4th or 5th place. Did the season end disappointingly? Yes. Did the team still exceed my expectations? Yes. Assuming we only lose Thomas and McNeil, we will compete next season? Yes. Am I happy with PS? Yes

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