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  1. RundaPower

    Second scrimmage update

    Thanks for the update Mat .So, it sounds like the staff is still tweaking the depth charts. I would expect lots of rotation this week in practice for the 2-deep. The D has been preparing for the Citadel TO since spring . With the move to an odd front and a deeper rotation along the line, I expect the D to be improved against the Bulldogs.
  2. RundaPower

    2019 Game Predictions

    I’m predicated a run toward a National Championship.
  3. RundaPower

    2019 Game Predictions

    Ok, I’ll play. What if Brent doesn’t drop the Winning pass for a last second TD against UD? Maybe we get a seed and don’t have to play Duquesne 😊! Do you know which kid is replacing Carbone? They don’t have a transfer QB and the young kids they have had a rough Spring. Not addition by subtraction. That only works on Madden...Also, I guess you are forgetting that we put 450 yds of offense on them! That is their Defenses fault! Hmmm WM is not Bucknell in any way shape or form. WM tripped over themselves and still beat them 14-7 last year(1st game). Bucknell didn’t have 100yds of offense until late in the game. By the end of the season the Bison didn’t have a starter over 250 on defense last year.
  4. RundaPower

    2019 Game Predictions

    Well, SB has essentially the same D as last year minus their top two players. They gave up 50 to us last year. How could they possibly hold us to 16pts? They also have a new qb and new OL. Logic would tell us that you are wrong here. Elon, lost RB and OT’s. on D they lost a bunch too. Also, new coach and the fact that we put up 45 on them last year leads us to you being very wrong here. Bucknell willl not be a trap game. They are woefully outmanned in every game they play and Joe Susan has been replaced by Cecccini (Valpo and Lehigh) Did you do any research while making these picks?
  5. RundaPower

    2019 Football team

    Ok, I will stop with the sarcasm . I truly believe that this team is built to win a National Championship this year. Look at the roster, an amazing amount of talent . A deep an talented OL and DL along with an abundance pro level skill position players . You will be shocked at the amount of size and speed that will step on the field this year. No joke.
  6. RundaPower


    Yeah, I also heard that Flacco may play some safety this year . Probably just 3rd and 4th down and long situations. With the fact that he’s a know entity on offense and is obviously getting older, it may be one of the only ways he can impact the outcome of the game. They could always use Cheripko at QB for a couple of snaps each game.
  7. RundaPower


    Also, Flacco is getting older now and his speed must have been impacted over the past 12 months. All those 350lb linemen probably eat too much and will likely effect the football budget this year(that should cost us a game). oh, almost forgot about the D lwith all those 3/4* transfers ... they could get homesick and have to call home during halftime every game.
  8. RundaPower

    Men’s Golf Team

    I did hear they bought new balls this year.
  9. RundaPower


    Tough schedule, Flacco will be a known element this year and 4 star transfer players on D are small and very slow. 2-10 wins over NCC and Bucknell
  10. RundaPower

    The Hunt Begins

    Well done by TSN.
  11. RundaPower

    First practice update

    Thanks Mat! Seems like camps injuries are making different to evaluate the OL competition. Hope to see them all back in action this week.
  12. RundaPower

    New Uniforms?

    Uniforms will stay the same as last year. New helmets are in ADDITION to the black helmets. Not a vent system... new concussion /impact system. Allows for individual programming to fit and monitor each player.
  13. RundaPower

    Hero Sports preview

    Not rooting against him. Wishing he was still in the NFL. He will always be regarded as one of the greatest Tigers of all time.
  14. RundaPower

    Hero Sports preview

    Gotta win the CAA outright. Towson has to be a one or two seed in order to avoid having to travel throughout the playoffs. WAY TOO EARLY TO BE TALKING A OUT SEEDS! I think the Tigers have a great opportunity to knock off JMU this year. We know the Elon offensive/defensive schemes. No surprise. UDEL with Jammer as OC and call TWEST for plane fare and tix to UFLorida.
  15. RundaPower

    Hero Sports preview

    Wrong, got a much better D front in 2019. The move to a multiple set will allow the Tigers to use the 3-4 against The Citadel. I believe we can shut down that TO and cause some turnovers. The Cit ain’t Navy. also, I would always expect additional newcomers in upper echelon FCS/CAA programs. Check the roster.. over 20. @300+ lbs . This is a whole different team than the one that lost to Dusquene in 2018.

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