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  1. omniland

    MBB falls to Charleston in Semifinals 77-72

    Perhaps. But I'm not sure I have ever heard of a good Division 1 football program starting a season with a coach who has no years left on his contract. It had to be budget. There is no way the athletic department was pleased with his performance up to that point. And yet they did the unthinkable and played the season out.
  2. omniland

    MBB falls to Charleston in Semifinals 77-72

    I want what you want but with our budget or lack thereof and our lack of fandom I don't think you get what you want. The best I think you can hope for is a George Mason run when the stars align. And now look at George Mason. Never to be heard from again. Never. You think it can't happen here?
  3. omniland

    MBB falls to Charleston in Semifinals 77-72

    I certainly do not feel like many of you do about Skerry. Ambrose was simply not competitive after the 2014 season. I'm including the Flacco teams. We got destroyed by a lame Duquesne Team that got blown out the next week and not worthy of being in the playoffs. That is Abrose's best post West season and that ain't saying much. Ambrose had almost 10 bad years. My god Skerry is no where near that. Ambrose was not competitive, Skerry is. Maybe Charleston is just a slightly better team. Slightly. But there is no doubt that Charleston is a really good team. They don't have 30 wins for no reason and yet anyone on here can easily find a way if we did this little small thing or that little small thing all three of these 2 possession games could have went in our favor. We were right there. That is good basketball. We beat Hofstra pretty good and we beat UNCW no matter how ugly that game was. They played ugly also. Foul shooting, turnovers and foul trouble have plagued us at times throughout the season. However I believe that Gibson was a big deal. I had no idea that such a young man had a back issue. When he went down in the fall it didn't look like much. He is a very good shooter that can get hot and an experienced player. I can only imagine how much more difficult it would have been to shut down Nick had we had a shooter like Gibson. Gibson is better than May and Conway at this point. We don't have the biggest budget and unlike football it only takes a one or two players to have a good division 1 basketball team. I'm not sure you are going to get any better with the budget we have with another coach. The portal has changed everything and a program like Towson can easily become a bottom dweller if you are not careful for what you wish for.
  4. omniland

    MBB falls to Charleston in Semifinals 77-72

    Will miss all of these guys. Everyone try not to hate so much. I'm disappointed. One of the best games entertainment wise you could ever watch.
  5. omniland

    MBB falls to Charleston in Semifinals 77-72

    great come back. Just needed those layups at the end and nick hitting a shot. Holden was fantastic.
  6. omniland

    Charleston III preview

    We were right there with Charleston in both games. It will probably come down to a combination of our foul shooting, bad pass turnovers and foul trouble. We would have won both games I think but for those issues.
  7. omniland


    6 teams can win it most likely. My dark horse is Drexel. Williams is a beast and Butler appears to be a top player. Hofstra can win it but I have them as the 5th best because Delaware is healthy. Hofstra may run into a Drexel buzz saw. Charleston is just a tough team to get past and I believe is constantly better than everyone else. I would much rather play Hofstra though than Charleston. We have to hope Delaware gets knocked off today. All 6 teams (UNCW, TU, Drexel, Hofstra, Charleston, DE) can beat each other on any given day and it would shock no one.
  8. You are not going to have a perfect game, yet another example of showing that we have the talent and we are not far off from being right there with Charleston and Hofstra. It took a lot of talent to be up on Charleston all those minutes. But good teams are not going to quit. They are going to have their runs. We are going to have slumps. It will always come down to small things when you play close games against good opponents. There were terrible passes and ill-advised shots in this one however foul shots made the difference. Unlike the other areas, foul shots are hard to correct. It would be like telling someone they better get better at shooting 3 pointers. Some just can't do it. The two players that are able to pick up fouls more than anyone else are our worst foul shooters. This is a real problem. The others teams just need to rotate players in to foul both Thompson and Holden and you pretty much have a 75% chance converting that possession into a turnover. Whether they miss both on a two point attempt or the front end of a one and one. We can get lucky one night where Thompson and Holden shoot great from the line. They have done so, but it is rare. I'm not sure how playing Hofstra and Charleston is not going to come down to just a few points.
  9. omniland

    Charleston II preview

    Everyone on here wants to win the tournament yet thinking that this bunch can just throw in the towel this week and then show up next week strong seems like fantasy. The biggest flaw with this team is its inability to win tight games. We have some bad losses against lesser opponents, but the thing that most sticks out is the tight games. We could have won all of them and that is not just wishful thinking. Yet this team's marginal flaws (Holden and Thompson foul shooting, Holden turnovers, no other 3 pt shooters showing up to help Timberlake, Thompson taking bad shots to far in the paint, young guys having silly turnovers like Conway and Hicks, Holden losing his cool). For the tight games, these things showed up and caused us to lose. They didn't necessarily all show up but enough of them showed up to drop all of the tight games. If we are going to have some magical run you have to go into the tournament with confidence and you have to believe you can beat the top teams. I don't care where we finish in the tournament absent winning the entire thing. We could have beat Charleston the first time from the game I watched and it didn't look like we were getting lucky. Likewise we could have beat Hofstra a second time. This team needs to learn how to play with less mistakes in tight games against the top teams in the conference.
  10. omniland

    MBB falls to #26 Charleston in OT 76-74

    From Skerry’s comments it doesn’t appear Gibson is coming back. That is a big deal. Timberlake is our best shooter by far and right now you just have to concentrate on him and you pretty much eliminate Towson’s 3 point game. This can change with May and Conway but they have to prove it. They are probably the only two that can help Timberlake get more looks. Without a better 3 point game we really are not going to have comebacks or win a lot of games. Cam can have his moments where he does great things and really pulls out a good game, but overall he does make a lot of bad plays. Just too many bad things (bad passes over and over and over, and terrible foul shooting). His game is drawing fouls and getting to the line. Maybe picking up an old fashion 3 here and there. I would say assists but he makes so many bad passes that all of his assists are sort of cancelled out. There is no sense in drawing fouls if you cannot shoot free throws. This also goes with Charles. CT plays has hard as you can ask but we lose so many points when Cam or CT go to the line. They go to the line more than anyone else. No one has any confidence when they go to the line. You just know they are not picking up two points. If they hit both free throws you are sort of shocked. Just atrocious foul shooting from both of them which has cost us a few games. They remind me of one of my favorite Maryland players, Jamar Smith. Jamar could get to the line as good as anyone. He could put the other team in foul trouble. But he just could never consistently shoot free throws. Looks like this season will come down to whether Conway and May can contribute now, right away, at a high offensive level. We need more offense. Starting lineup, CT, Cam, May, Conway and Timberlake. Russell as the 6th man.
  11. omniland

    UNI pummels MBB in second half, wins 83-66

    Just not enough of a 3 point threat without Gibson. If Gibson is healthy teams have to guard him and Timberlake will get some better looks and less pressure. You cannot be a good mid major with only a 6'7" big man and not be deadly from 3. The young guys just are not there yet in terms of making teams worry about their 3's. I really don't know when Gibson is coming back but he had some great 3 point games last year. I really don't know where the improvement in 3's is going to come from.
  12. omniland

    #12 W&M routs Football 44-24

    I would rank over all his QB transfers 1. Enders, 2. Flacco. However we only had 4 years with them. Add in the one year of Athens and you have 5 good QB years out of 13 or 14 years.
  13. omniland

    #12 W&M routs Football 44-24

    Yes. No doubt this President could prove to be incompetent making men’s division 1 basketball and football decisions. These sports take tremendous skill and competence to compete in. Alabama would be nothing without its football team. Towson has no ability to be on any stage without men’s football and/or basketball. Is she satisfied being a lack luster regional state school that no one really knows? Perhaps. It is impossible to break into the academic elite of the Ivy or a few others. The only way you can gain any notoriety is through men’s football and/or basketball. No exception. It is what the average person knows that equals reputation, not gurus and geeks that follow this stuff and not the pay for play US News and World Report rankings. The average person knows Alabama for one thing and one thing only regardless of what the President of Alabama thinks. Saban is worth his weight in gold to that University. She is guilty until proven innocent and may live in a yes man academic advisor bubble. Hard to believe that RA will get an extension. I just cannot imagine. As a side note, perhaps Matt can comment. For Athens, who I think is the only high school QB RA has ever landed, should we even give credit to RA? Or was this a left over Combs recruit where RA honored the scholarship offer? I don’t know the background but I believe Athens came from the same high school as Schaefer and I believe both were All Met. If you take Athens away, in 14 seasons, that would give RA not one high school QB that was worthy of Division 1 mention. A startling statistic.
  14. omniland

    #12 W&M routs Football 44-24

    I get it that we don’t really have anyone else but Piggy at this point, however this is really a marvel of division 1 football to field a team (2 years in a row now) that does not run the triple option, to be this unable to complete a 10+ yard pass without any type of consistency. RA is delusional in that if we have more penalties or TFL against us than what happened yesterday, drives that led to scores end. 100% certainty we punt a lot more. No ability to overcome a negative play because we must have one of the worst passing games in the country. I can’t say I’ve seen anything like it. QB is everything. Every team we face has a better passing game without exception. How is it possible to suck this bad at passing two years in a row.
  15. omniland

    New Coach Thread

    Mat, I know that any one who cares about this program knows that without your efforts there would be no interaction about this program. We are all thankful for what you do. I want the best, but am a little doubtful based on the past. I want to be pleasantly surprised. Whoever they hire I'll certainly give a chance. This type of collapse however is just terrible for the program. Anything I have ever promoted about the football program to others locally has sort have gone down the drain by fielding a product like this. RA should have been bought out his last year as you simply cannot recruit when you have no extension and no more years on your contract. I think we would have been better off taking our best assistant and letting him get through this year as interim plus search for a new coach with the idea that he has a shot to get the job. As for the championship year, I actually have a more favorable opinion of Athens. I think he had great accuracy, threw a perfect spiral, a strong arm and was a good athlete. I'm not sure he really got the credit he deserved.

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