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  1. TUvet

    No. 1 Duke pummels MLax 19-7

    Time for the CAA to get another TV/online service provider. Three years of a spinning wheel on Laxsportsnetwork is enough. That network is useless. It was absolutely impossible to watch the game. Ty Xanders @tyxanders · 6h Just got eight seconds of uninterrupted live (?) lacrosse. Then 30 seconds of PSU-Cornell from last March. Then half a dodge at Duke-Towson and a dash of sound. Honestly, streaming companies shouldn't continue to use AOL dial-up internet. Just a thought.
  2. TUvet

    Fire Pat and Leonard

    When did he sign that 10 year contract? What a disastrous contract. Two Baltimore coaches ready to the next step. Chester Frazier: Associate head coach at Virginia Tech. Tech coach Mike Young will be ACC coach of the year, and is in the running for national coach of the year. Kim English: Top Tennessee assistant. Both have great relationships with area high school coaches
  3. TUvet

    RIP Phil Albert

    I was at Towson from 1974-1978. I played another sport but had Coach Albert in my sophomore year for a mini-mester class on Coaching football. During my tenure Dan Dullea ( who unfortunately has also passed) and Ron Meehan were the quarterbacks. Mike Preston nailed it in his article. In a time when Nebraska, Ohio State, and Michigan were running teams Towson was spread out with three wide receivers with intricate passing routes. He was ahead of his time. Towson was fun to watch. I will never forget watching the national championship game when were behind by I believe 28 points in the 4th quarter and we came back to tie the game. Towson on TV was a huge deal at that time. Coach Albert was a great person but above all else Coach Albert was a tremendous person.
  4. TUvet

    I guess Dartmouth Game is now Postponed

    Below is a retweet from Jay Bilas BGSU Football is scheduled to play at Ohio State and Illinois. BGSU would lose out on $2.2 million if the Big Ten doesn't have conference games. That is absolutely crippling to a department that already has an extremely limited budget. This is legitimately devastating.
  5. TUvet

    I guess Dartmouth Game is now Postponed

    You may be correct. I hope you are. I just know that the loss of around $400,000 possibly higher is a devastating hit for the athletic department.
  6. TUvet

    I guess Dartmouth Game is now Postponed

    I agree the dominos will now fall. I would expect sports to get cut. You are looking at a loss of about $400,000 to the athletic budget.
  7. TUvet

    Mazza to transfer

    Thanks for your work Matt.
  8. TUvet

    Mazza to transfer

    Honestly this is a good thing for the program. Time to move on. Does anyone have updates on the Nadelen to Hopkins possibility?
  9. TUvet

    Will Nads take the Hopkins job?

    I don't want Nadelen to leave as well. He runs a first class program. Hopkins the expectations are that of final four or bust. At Towson the expectations are realistic. I am hearing from some of Hopkins friends they also like Greg Raymond from Princeton and Marr from Albany. Matt I saw your comment about Petro being bombastic on the sidelines. That is true but I would say if Nads did leave I would still be in favor of hiring Petro at Towson. You know Bill Belichick and Paul Rabil will be the first recommending him.
  10. With Dave Pietramala being fired today at Hopkins it opens things up for Nadelen to be in position to be the front runner for the job he has long coveted. His wife could still teach at TU, he would get a substantial pay increase and he would be able to recruit top 50 talent. He is clearly the favorite among most Hopkins alumni.
  11. TUvet

    Transfer Portal thread

    Maryland is aggressively pursuing Aiken
  12. https://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/scrimmage-roundup-virginia-races-past-towson-navy-gtown-braveheart-denver-delaware-photos/55886 We knew faceoffs were going to be an issue.
  13. TUvet

    Athletic Department Ideas/Suggestions

    From another angle, a coaches and recruiting point of view an indoor practice facility should be a top priority. I know money is obviously the issue but I know for lacrosse recruiting and I am sure football the competition sells their indoor facilities. https://www.google.com/search?q=stony+brook+indoor+practice+facility&oq=stonybrook+indoor&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l5.7788j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  14. TUvet

    Women’s Lax Recruit

    Great recruit for the women's program and good to get a relationship with the heavy hitters in the girls lacrosse world. I know Blair's stepfather Chris Robinson. He is the former head coach of the ultra successful McDonogh program and is now coaching in Florida. He won a state championship in his first year in Florida. Blair's uncle is Scott Robinson who also coached at McDonogh as well and runs the also very successful M&D lacrosse club. I know Scott is a Towson grad and I see him at quite a few Towson mens lax games.
  15. I was only able to watch the first quarter but winning on the road against a decent opponent is not an easy task. Good win. The Citadel has had the entire off season to prepare (as has Towson). I am not a football guy but I know the Citadel offense has brought victories for Navy against Notre Dame etc. It is very difficult to go against. It sounded like the announcers were calling the game from the studio.

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