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  1. TUvet

    First lax transfer reported

    My understanding is there is another transfer coming the Tigers way.
  2. TUvet

    2020 Basketball offers

    Adam Finkelstein @AdamFinkelstein ยท 13m Archbishop Carroll (DC) & @teamdurantaau rising senior Cory Barnes has committed to Towson. Powerful and super tough guard who fits the Towson mold.
  3. TUvet

    Gilardi to Stony Brook

    This is the busiest time of the year for recruiting. Congratulations to Coach G but a tough time to lose him.
  4. Ubriaco originally committed to Hopkins. Hi father is head coach at Loyola High School. Both his father and mother played lacrosse at then Loyola College. He got some playing time this year I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up at Loyola.
  5. Scoll to the 4:05 mark and you will hear legendary Boys' Latin coach give his assessment of Andrew Milani as he is featured in a players to watch segment. He is a big pickup for the Tigers
  6. We have to remember that the 2019 commits were still recruited under the old recruiting rules where the blue bloods like Hopkins, Notre Dame, Carolina, Duke, Maryland had their recruiting class finished in the fall of the high school player's freshman year. I had a player on my club team commit to their college in the summer before they entered 9th grade. We are just not going to get any of those kids. The 2020 class will be the first class under the new rules of no contact under September 1st of the athletes junior year. Some of the 2020's committed before this rule took place. There were only a handful of 2021's that committed in middle school before the rule took place.
  7. Matt great analysis. We will lose two of the the top 2 of the top 3, and 3 of the top 13 selections in the Major League Lacrosse league draft. Alex Woodall was the first overall selection, the third selection was Goodrich, and the 13th selection was Sunday. We will never have that again. That is why advancing this year was so critical. We will almost certainly take a step back. If you look at the roster for next year as currently constructed I think we would be in a battle to make the CAA playoffs. Umass returns a very talented group that should win the league 5, Hofstra whom we beat by one goal is very young, Delaware and Drexel will be good teams. The strength of our team will be our low defense. Bodden, Smith and Silah are all talented. Middies are our top need, defensive middies are also needed. McClean is a very good middie. Not a great scorer but is a really good athlete on the wings on faceoffs and on the defensive end. I thought Beachum had potential but his time diminished. The coaches watch the video and see the players everyday at practice so I trust their judgement. The transfer portal makes it a whole new ballgame in regards to transfers. As a high school and club coach I have contacted coaches on players behalf after they have communicated with the coach from whom they were playing for that they are transferring. The transfer portal opens the bidding to all the D1 schools. It is going to make things more difficult. Something to look at is a change in recruiting. This year we had 32 players on the roster from Maryland, the most of any team in the tournament. For the 2020-21 campaigns 17 of the 21 recruits are from out of state. https://www.insidelacrosse.com/team/commits/towson/19 I have no problems with that if it keeps us as an elite team. I can tell you from watching club and having assisted a team that has traveled south during our spring break to play teams in Georgia and Florida the sport has exploded in non-traditional areas. I know that having the Under Armour games on campus and the TU camps and tournaments have attracted players to TU's from throughout the country. I also think the Final Four two years ago helped in national exposure. I have seen three of the commits from the state of Maryland. Evan Long is a diminutive yet fiery goalie from McDonogh has really quick hands, is aggressive and quick. Andrew Milani is a very quick and again small attack from St. Paul's. He can finish. Josh Webber class of 2020 is a very fast yet small middie. He might be the fastest middie on a top 5 in the country Calvert Hall team. I know Jonathen Bender from Bullis had four goals vs Loyola but i have not seen him play. Logan Zimnoch was a very talented middie in high school at St. Paul's that was a freshman this year. There is not doubt that we need a few impact transfers. I hear associate head coach Giglardi could be involved with the Fairfield job. The head coach of Sacred Heat who is a Fairfield alum is also involved with that job.
  8. TUvet

    Struggling to find words

    I think both Silah and Koby are great talents and I don't want to seem I am blaming either one. On the double screen the person guarding the second screener should switch. That isn't Koby's responsibility. I get the coaches strategy of packing it in but the no pressure on the ball allowed the feeder to sit there for a few seconds to find the open shooter. I do want to commend Coach Nads for getting us in the playoffs five out of the last eight seasons. We are very fortunate to have him.
  9. TUvet

    Struggling to find words

    I was not listening to Spiro but I was screaming foul as well. The right decision was made in running the clock down and shooting near the end of the shot clock. . What occurred afterward is where we blew it. I love Mo Silah but there was no pressure on the ball or on the feeders hands. That is like Tom Brady standing in the pocket with no pressure. It appeared Bernhardt came off a double screen to get open. You have got to switch on that. It was a great shot but Canto was getting beat off stick side high all game and was beaten off stick side again. It was a great shot but there was no pressure on the feeder and Bernhardt had his hands free to shoot. Foul the crap out of him but you can't let them get a free look. I thought a key was at the end of the 3rd qtr. Frommert had a one on one with the goalie and he didn't pump fake and shot high to high right in the goalies stick. The goalie is taught to go high on that shot you have go to move him. That would have put us up 3. I think we played zone five possessons and they scored on three of them including the winning goal. I thought as poorly as Canto was seeing the ball and the shooters UMD had we played too much zone. We had this one. I feel awful for a talented senior class.
  10. https://www.testudotimes.com/maryland-terps/2019/5/9/18537724/mens-lacrosse-towson-matchup-ncaa-tournament-opening-round-schedule
  11. I agree regarding Georgetown. Matt do you have any insight regarding Woodall? Nads said something along the lines in the post game interview that he was not able to play or unavailable today. Conflicting what he has previous said. I heard it was a dental or jaw issue. I appreciate leaving doubt in the opponents mind but I think we will have a really hard time beating any of the opponents we have mentioned without Woodall.
  12. Great job by Coach Nads and staff. I thought Monahan, Sunday and Fromert were our three best offensive players and Koby Smith, Mo Silah, Boden and Canto were outstanding on the defensive end. I am expecting to play Hopkins, Loyola or possibly Maryland. There is the whole geographic component to the match-ups. With Denver losing it will be interesting to see where Notre Dame ends up.
  13. A loss to Drexel would drop our RPI I think will knock us out. That will be viewed as a bad loss. If we were playing UMASS in the finals and lost I think we would still have a shot. It will get down to us, Maryland or Hopkins and I think we would be the odd team out. We need to just go out and win.
  14. With Loyola losing and Hopkins winning we need to win to get in. Patriot will now get two bids, B10 most likely will get 3. We need Woodall to play.
  15. TUvet

    Regular season lax wrap-up

    Towson has to beat Delaware (not going to be easy) and we need Maryland to beat Hopkins, and Loyola to win the Patriot League. If Hopkins beats Maryland again and we lose to UMASS I think they will get in over us.

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