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  1. https://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/scrimmage-roundup-virginia-races-past-towson-navy-gtown-braveheart-denver-delaware-photos/55886 We knew faceoffs were going to be an issue.
  2. TUvet

    Athletic Department Ideas/Suggestions

    From another angle, a coaches and recruiting point of view an indoor practice facility should be a top priority. I know money is obviously the issue but I know for lacrosse recruiting and I am sure football the competition sells their indoor facilities. https://www.google.com/search?q=stony+brook+indoor+practice+facility&oq=stonybrook+indoor&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l5.7788j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  3. TUvet

    Women’s Lax Recruit

    Great recruit for the women's program and good to get a relationship with the heavy hitters in the girls lacrosse world. I know Blair's stepfather Chris Robinson. He is the former head coach of the ultra successful McDonogh program and is now coaching in Florida. He won a state championship in his first year in Florida. Blair's uncle is Scott Robinson who also coached at McDonogh as well and runs the also very successful M&D lacrosse club. I know Scott is a Towson grad and I see him at quite a few Towson mens lax games.
  4. I was only able to watch the first quarter but winning on the road against a decent opponent is not an easy task. Good win. The Citadel has had the entire off season to prepare (as has Towson). I am not a football guy but I know the Citadel offense has brought victories for Navy against Notre Dame etc. It is very difficult to go against. It sounded like the announcers were calling the game from the studio.
  5. TUvet

    Athletics Website

    SPOT ON!!!!!!!!
  6. TUvet


    in response to your nepotism question womens' lacrosse head coach and top assistant are a husband and wife combination.
  7. TUvet

    Lacrosse Decommit

    Ty Xanders @tyxanders · 1h Ridge Johnson, D, Lakeside (Ga.) /@ThunderLB3 has flipped from @Towson_MLAX to @NDlacrosse . Raw athlete with upside who has been among the most dramatically improved players in the 2020 class. A Killler for the Tigers
  8. TUvet

    Lacrosse Decommit

    https://www.collegecrosse.com/2019/6/4/18652136/ncaa-college-lacrosse-coaching-updates-fairfield-harvard-andrew-baxter-gerry-byrne-navy-stony-brook Nadelen would double his salary at Navy. I was told by a person I would consider a pretty reliable source at a club tournament this weekend that there is another high profile coach not listed in this article pursuing the Navy job. If this person took the Navy job I could see Nadelen being a prime candidate for the position that vacates. I would hate to lose him, but from his perspective now may be a good time to go.
  9. TUvet

    First lax transfer reported

    Today I read where Jacksonville added the #61 ranked and #38 ranked players in the country as transfers. At the same time High Point signed the MVP of the Inside Lacrosse Invitational. With the additions of schools to the lacrosse landscape the last few years the need for Towson to nail their incoming freshman recruits is really becoming crucial. We had a span the last couple of years where transfers were a substantial part of our lineup. The increased competition for transfers, and the advent of the transfer portal I believe have hurt Towson. To my knowledge we have added one impact transfer in the last two years. I was told earlier in the summer there is a second transfer that is a good player. Nads has proven to be a GREAT coach. The university is so fortunate to have him as a coach. However, his staff's job is more challenging than ever with not only fighting the traditional programs for recruits but new programs like Jacksonville, Marquette and Utah for potential recruits. and transfers.
  10. TUvet

    First lax transfer reported

    My understanding is there is another transfer coming the Tigers way.
  11. TUvet

    2020 Basketball offers

    Adam Finkelstein @AdamFinkelstein · 13m Archbishop Carroll (DC) & @teamdurantaau rising senior Cory Barnes has committed to Towson. Powerful and super tough guard who fits the Towson mold.
  12. TUvet

    Gilardi to Stony Brook

    This is the busiest time of the year for recruiting. Congratulations to Coach G but a tough time to lose him.
  13. Ubriaco originally committed to Hopkins. Hi father is head coach at Loyola High School. Both his father and mother played lacrosse at then Loyola College. He got some playing time this year I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up at Loyola.
  14. Scoll to the 4:05 mark and you will hear legendary Boys' Latin coach give his assessment of Andrew Milani as he is featured in a players to watch segment. He is a big pickup for the Tigers
  15. We have to remember that the 2019 commits were still recruited under the old recruiting rules where the blue bloods like Hopkins, Notre Dame, Carolina, Duke, Maryland had their recruiting class finished in the fall of the high school player's freshman year. I had a player on my club team commit to their college in the summer before they entered 9th grade. We are just not going to get any of those kids. The 2020 class will be the first class under the new rules of no contact under September 1st of the athletes junior year. Some of the 2020's committed before this rule took place. There were only a handful of 2021's that committed in middle school before the rule took place.

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