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  1. TUvet

    2023-24 WBB Thread

    It was out there within the first week Matt. The only question for me was there any substance to the accusations, or was it just a disgruntled individual making the accusations. The fact there was discipline action taken indicates to me the accusations were substantiated and yes it had to be a breach of contract. The accusations were serious.
  2. TUvet

    2023-24 WBB Thread

    Congratulations to former assistant Coach Joe Glowacki on his new position as video coordinator at Maryland. Joe is wise for staying a step ahead.
  3. TUvet

    WBB General Thread for 2022-23

    I did not see the Harvard game, but was in attendance at he CAA championship vs Monmouth. The team simply stopped playing with about 4 minutes to go in the game. There was no rotating back on defense, in fact there was no defense at all. I defy anyone to go back and watch the last few minutes in that game and tell me there was any effort on the defensive end put forth. In short they simply quit. I am not surprised in the least some girls went rogue vs Harvard.
  4. TUvet

    2022-23 General MBB Thread

    They have three commits ranked in the top 150, including umber 41 yesterday. Charleston is a nice city, Kelsey can recruit, but i can't but think some NIL money may be involved
  5. TUvet

    General MBB thread 2021-22

    Frank Martin has brought in two of the top four freshman A10 recruits, and loaded up in the transfer portal. UMass will be a formidable opponent
  6. TUvet

    Fall Roster is out

    Pigrome is a tremendous athlete.
  7. TUvet

    Top 10 point guards of all time

    https://archives.towson.edu/Documents/Detail/roger-dickens-receiving-award-for-male-athlete-of-the-year-at-the-2nd-annual-sports-awards-banquet/61927 Back when Baltimore prep players were rarely recruited, the top ranked Towson D2 team was comprised of five starters from the state, including three from Baltimore. The best player on arguably the most talented team in Towson history was by point guard Roger Dickens. A 6'3 point guard that was drafted by the Washington Bullets "tricky dick" had unbelievable handles, great range on his shot, and tremendous vision.
  8. TUvet

    MLax thread for 2022 and 2023

    Stony Brook will absolutely dominate the women's side. Joe Spallina is an incredible coach.
  9. TUvet

    WBB Transfer thread for 2022-23

    I stand by what I said. I got things that I have debated posting for a couple of weeks off of my chest. I even debated whether I should hit the submit reply button yesterday. My angst is entirely directed at the Towson University administration. There is no ill will towards Coach Harper whom I am told is a very nice person. I wish the womens' basketball program the best of luck. I will be rooting for them. Go Tigers
  10. TUvet

    WBB Transfer thread for 2022-23

    When I said I was disappointed in how the administration handled Diane and the entire staff leaving has absolutely nothing to do with a video.
  11. TUvet

    WBB Transfer thread for 2022-23

    I wish Coach Harper and her staff the best of luck. Yes if they were going to go outside it was a good hire, but Towson had it going and could have kept a person that was integral to their success, and from what I have been told from someone close to the situation would have kept the roster largely in tact. Like I said, I wish Coach Harper the best of luck. Coppin is a brutal job and she did a great job turning that program around. However, the way I was told this entire situation was handled with not only the candidate on the staff, but the entire departing coaching staff, is extremely disappointing and told me a lot about this current administration. I am not sure what you mean regarding it being "more difficult for a male coach moving on." Five of the eight coaches in the women's basketball Elite 8 were male. A male coaching a female sport can succeed. Especially if they hire the right staff. Just like I feel a female can succeed coach a male sport. Given two candidates (a male and a female) with equal credentials for a female sport then you absolutely hire the female. In Towson's case you had a coach that worked his ass off for five years. Towson had a chance for continuity and a coach that had built positive relationships in the mid-atlantic region with basketball coaches and players, and could have had the team going into next season as unquestioned favorites to win the CAA. Like I said, I wish Coach Harper the best of luck, I will be rooting for her and the team, but the Towson administration has really made things difficult for her.
  12. Zach Kancher is an integral part of that program and I hope gets the job.
  13. TUvet

    MLax thread for 2022 and 2023

    2018 made it to the CAA championship game, 2019 beat Hopkins, Georgetown, Loyola, won the CAA, lost to Maryland in OT in the NCAA's. We have a proven coach. His issue is at the faceoff X. I agree it is disturbing that we can't get that position resolved. However, in my opinion he deserves time to get this corrected. He has the player the was selected as the top high school player in the state of Maryland committed for next year. He turned down opportunities to coach at Michigan and Princeton to stay at Towson. Nads is well respected in the profession.

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