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  1. towsonx

    Football falls to Albany 24-17

    Albany's team seems better this year than prior years. They beat Villanova 31 - 10 last week and their two losses were vs FBS teams. Lost by 11 to Hawaii & by 4 at Marshall.
  2. towsonx

    2023 General Football News

    Damn insecure websites... 🍻🍻🍺🀨
  3. towsonx

    Pete Shinnick named football coach

    Bio says he was at West Florida since 2014, but they didn't have a football team until 2016, so he was there to build it from the ground up. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Florida_Argonauts_football
  4. towsonx

    Pete Shinnick named football coach

    Not all OC's, DC's or position coaches are cut out to be a head coach, but he's proven he is. Not sure if there was a younger, proven candidate out there who was ready or available. An experienced head coach surrounded by young energetic coaches sounds good.
  5. towsonx

    New Coach Thread

    Jim O'Neil? He coached many places including NFL teams, but is currently DC at Northwestern. Not that we need the next HC had to have ties to TU, but I like to think one that does isn't just looking at the program as a brief stop. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_O'Neil_(American_football)
  6. towsonx

    Tigers in the NFL/CFL/UFL thread

  7. towsonx

    CAA Media Day Thread - picked seventh

    Not sure how many could predict where Towson ends up at end of this season. With new players and not playing in 2020, I won't be surprised by much. Could be a mediocre flop or maybe we have some shocking upsets. I don't recall anbody predicting our 2013 season. Am hoping for similar success.
  8. towsonx

    Citadel beat Georgia Tech

    Am still just amazed Citadel won by just pounding it in with their running game. 1 pass. Made me think of Notre Dame and the 4 horsemen of 1924. Not supposed to happen in football today. Like an adjustment or 2 should have shut it down. Especially when playing a fbs school.
  9. Last week Georgia Tech was probably looking forward to a weekend off as they prep for future games vs Temple & UNC. All they had to do was get by an 0-2 FCS school, which on paper should have been a contest where 2nd and 3rd stringers got some decent game experience. About a year ago, Villanova beat Temple, who 2 days ago brought the Terps back to reality. I hope the team remembers Duquesne, if there's ever any thoughts we can look past an opponent.
  10. towsonx

    Citadel beat Georgia Tech

    For the game, the Citadel (Rainey) completed 1 pass (4 attempts) and threw 1 interception. They won on the ground with multiple backs and with a consistent kicker. GT might be in cellar of fbs, but would be a top team in fcs, so it's a good win.
  11. Towson Rugby πŸ‰ A & B sides win in away match @ Delaware. https://m.facebook.com/10150126321920065/photos/a.10154573448450065/10162115006995065/?type=3&source=48 2019 Fall Schedule
  12. towsonx

    What is up with Attendance & Game Promotion?

    TU really needs to start recognizing students as adults and adopt policies similar to other schools. I've always thought TU could do a better job of tapping into new fans, outside of students. With little competition from colleges, minor league baseball has figured it out, with teams in Aberdeen, Bowie, Frederick, Salisbury, etc. Why not go after non-students? Other colleges do. When I in Frisco (2014), many NDSU fans were not students. With the cost of Ravens tickets, and access to games, I think TU could tap into similar potential. Building a greater fan base could be done through better marketing, but why not either greatly reduce, or eliminate ticket price to games that aren't sold out? Would at least make money on sales of other things. I don't see how empty seats are helping. In all the years when Baltimore was without a pro football team, TU really missed out. Most Baltimore nfl fans hated Redskins and still do. Program could have built much more. Hopefully, one day, TU admin will recognize as adults, students are personally responsible for thier own actions and face same legal consequences. Football is not the only sport TU has been not recognized potential. Basketball is another. There are no other big time college teams in Baltimore and it's been rumored to be a top contender for a possible NBA expansion team. Things have been improving recently, but the potential has been there for years. Georgetown, Terps, George Mason do well playing in close proximity to the Wizards. In Baltimore, TU's competition is UMBC, Morgan St, Coppin St. Enough rambling. Need to beat down some blue chickens today and get back to Frisco.
  13. towsonx


    True. I see the Delaware win over Elon the same way. Elon was without their starting QB & RB. Finishing 7-4 won't work for us. (See 2012 & 2015). The 2012 TU team really could have advanced in the playoffs. The 4 2012 losses were to LSU, Kent St, JMU & ODU. Just like every year we just need to win. Another reason other teams/conf are favored over TU is their fans. Southern & Big Sky teams bring more fans, fill stadiums, spend $, energize games. NDSU filled 90% of the stadium in Frisco vs TU. Apparently, nothing else to do in Fargo. NDSU is like the NFL to Fargo. Had a blast. If we make it again, I'm there!! All the NDSU fans I met were good sports, and welcomed me other TU alum to their backwoods drinking games.. Lol.
  14. towsonx


    Unfortunately poll & playoffs are biased against Towson. Where do I begin? FCS Coaches poll; https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/football/fcs/fcs-coaches-poll Wofford (5-2) ranked #7 in FCS coaches poll & TU ranked # 10. Wofford lost to Furman (2-4), Wyoming (FBS). We both beat the Citadel. We won by 17. They one by 7. Another issue is how other CAA teams are ranked. I.E. Maine (4-3) dropped out of top 25, but seems to be better than other 4-3 teams in top 25. Maine did beat W Carolina (FBS). TU beating a ranked Maine team would mean more than beating non-ranked. Why is Kennesaw St (6-1) ranked so high? No wins over a ranked FCS team, & 1 of their 6 wins was over DII Clark-Atlanta. Playing in Big South, lightweight competition, they'll probably finish high. In past years DII wins were counted if from a preferred conf. Big Sky is another favored Conf. Eastern Washington (5-2) is ranked above TU in several polls, with 1 of its 5 wins over a DII team. Didn't see any big wins over a team that made them stand out. They recently lost to Weber St ranked above us. Playing favorites in polls is why TU. seemingly shocked teams like E Illinois, E. Washington on the road to Frisco back in 2013. If I could go back in time, the $1600 $1800 for a round trip ticket would have been worth it.
  15. towsonx

    On an off day, this just happened.....

    Villanova's win over Temple is looking better now, as the Owls improved to 2 - 2, by beating Tulsa. So Temple beat Terps, and Terps are now 3-1 with wins over Texas (3-1), Bowling (1-3) & Minnesota (3-1). Texas beat #17 TCU(2-2), USC(2-2) & Tulsa(1-3) by 7. Hopefully this all helps us somehow. Am thinking some of those teams will end up in Bowl games. On another note, I saw Florida State (2-2) is looking very Mediocre this year. Unimpressive wins over Samford (36-26) & 37- 19 over N Illinois. They used to be so dominating. The only win for Samford(1-3) was against Shorter (DII).

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