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  1. bucketsandbirds

    CAA Tournament Records

    Not a chance!
  2. bucketsandbirds

    CAA Tournament Thread

    Elon may officially be the home team, but William and Mary definitely have the "home" crowd advantage, I'd say their outnumber the Elon crowd 3 to 1 or 4 to 1. And even with Elon holding a mild lead with 3:00 to go, they are very loud.
  3. bucketsandbirds

    CAA Tournament Thread

    Been here all day. Definitely a larger crowd going to be on hand for the evening session. I can't see the upper arena from where my seat is, so I don't know if anyone is up there. with being easy drives you would expect that for the first game tonight Hope they stick around for the night cap and that Towson has a strong showing, being in it's backyard and all.
  4. bucketsandbirds

    MBB gets 3rd seed; Squeezes by NE 75-72 in finale

    Ok. Bad math by me. It is a good "mix" of vets and youth. Hopefully they can put a complete 40 minutes together. Going against a Bill Coen coached team with a week to prepare for what he just saw first hand in a loss is no small task.
  5. bucketsandbirds

    MBB gets 3rd seed; Squeezes by NE 75-72 in finale

    Agree, if they lose, a 3-7 record In the tournament is hard to defend. That said, they will be relying on alot of youth next weekend, Gibson, Betrand, Dottin and Thompson are all young. But tournament time is time to grow up and show you belong. I hope they do.
  6. bucketsandbirds

    MBB gets 3rd seed; Squeezes by NE 75-72 in finale

    On the road victories at Hofstra and Northeastern to finish the conference season on a 12-3 run. Where are all the pitchforks now? People are so quick to reaact and say the sky is falling. I said early on this is one of the most balanced teams Towson has had in a while and was an early fan of Gibson, even though he had many detractors. Of course the cries thst it means nothing if they don't beat NE next Sunday will dominate this thread. That's the nature of the internet. But I say enjoy it for a week and give these kids and the coaching staff credit, for the turnaround.
  7. bucketsandbirds

    Streak ends at 7; Riller leads CofC over MBB (story)

    Tough loss. Didn't play the type of basketball in the 2nd half that had less to so many of these wins. Sanders was a non factor. Kinda surprising with his play of late. As mentioned they settled for too many contested shots. Many of those came with the shot clock about to expire. So gotta credit the COC defense as well. Love seeing the contined progress of Gibson.
  8. bucketsandbirds

    MBB wins seventh straight; takes out UNCW 77-66

    Yeah. I understand what you're saying. But trying to be unbiased, he is good fit there I think. UNCW was a mess before Keatts and immediately after. Burke could turn things around, he's not just all show. Skerry was complimentary of his defense changes. One funny note that many missed thst I just happened to cstch. Late in the game I mean I think the last minute. A ball went well over the heads of the UNCW bench into like the 5th row. Burke turned around and clapped his hands at the fan like saying.....fire it to me baby. The fan did and Burle fired a two handed chest pass right back at him. Then caught it in return. Then turned and handed it to the ref, smiling the whole time. Good stuff.
  9. bucketsandbirds

    MBB wins seventh straight; takes out UNCW 77-66

    Good win, some will call it ugly. But to get contributions from others when Betrand struggled and Fobbs had a slow first half--3 points--yet they still managed a comfortable margin most of the way. I think Burke is great not only for UNCW but for the league. He is possibly the most animated and positive coach I've seen on the sideline in a long time. We got to speak to the UNCW AD for a few minutes before the game, and he seems to be a big fan of what he's done so far and the changes he's made in the practice routines and culture. I hope they keep him. The early onslaught of threes was unexpected but played a huge role in allowing them to keep the energy up on defense as well. Really like the season Sanders is turning in, he can hold his own underneath with just about anyone in the league. And has been mentioned the play of both Gibson and Timberlake if it can continue on the upside, could really spell some good things over the next few years.
  10. bucketsandbirds

    Upcoming Games

    All great suggestions!! Quite honestly. I dont know why the last 3 points are a standard for every game. Especially the shuttle.
  11. bucketsandbirds

    Does Gibson get ROW?

    I will say, I predicted at least one of these for him at the beginning of the year! Towson's Jason Gibson Named CAA Rookie Of The Week TOWSON, Md. – Towson University freshman guard Jason Gibson was selected as the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Rookie of the Week Monday morning. It’s Gibson’s first career CAA honor. Gibson had a huge week in helping Towson extend its winning streak to a season-high six games. In road wins over Elon and William & Mary last week, Gibson averaged 17 points per game, 2.5 rebounds and 1.5 steals on 61.1 percent (11-for-18) shooting. He also made 5 of 8 3-pointers (62.5 percent). Gibson scored 13 points and grabbed three rebounds in a 72-61 victory over Elon. He made a 3-pointer during the Tigers’ decisive 11-0 game-ending run. Two days later, in a critical victory over first-place William & Mary, Gibson scored a career high 21 points and tied a season best with three 3-pointers in 35 minutes. The Tigers never trailed against the Tribe. Gibson’s 3-poimnter with nine minutes remaining in the first half gave the Tigers the lead for good, 24-21. Gibson has been a steadying force during the Tigers winning streak. He has scored in double figures in three of Towson’s last four games. During Towson’s winning streak, the Tigers are limiting teams on defense to 37.7 percent shooting. Towson is making 48.3 percent of its shots during the streak. For the season, Gibson has scored in double figures seven times. He’s third on the Tigers with 39 assists and 25 3-pointers. In addition, senior guard Brian Fobbs was named to the CAA honor roll for the second consecutive week after leading Towson in scoring in both of its wins last week, averaging 18.5 points while going 11-for-19 from the field. In Thursday’s win at Elon, Fobbs recorded 20 points, knocking down 4-of-5 3-point attempts. The performances of Gibson and Fobbs helped Towson lift its overall record to 12-9 and conference mark at 6-3. Towson is in a three-way tie for second place with Hofstra and College of Charleston, one game behind William & Mary.
  12. I said very similar things About Gibson early in the season. Sure he’s had some down moments. But he’s a freshman and being ssked to carry the load at PG. i see him doing nothing but progressing over the next couple years. Very good win. Not many saw this streak coming just three weeks ago. Including myself honestly. I felt they would get better, but might have seen more like 3-3 or possibly 4-2 coming.
  13. bucketsandbirds

    TIGERS @ W&M

    Nice call!! Now waiting to see all the negative nannys pick this win apart.
  14. Vermont would be a steal of a win. They only lost to UVA by six. And they only seem to lose to UMBC at home
  15. Glad to see im not the only one. Like you said, bad losses sure there’s nothing wrong with frustration and saying what went wrong. But by the dominant tone here is like its been 1-31 every year. And they DONT lose every close game. There were several games during the 17-18 season where they pulled out some close ones, where Matt and i said to each other, they probably lose that game in the past. yeah, last year not so much. This year we will just wait and see.

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