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  1. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Sanders, Solomon, Gorham, Tunstall & Thomas. That’s some serious size & upfront depth next season.
  2. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Well, at least before he got to TU, McCartney had a lot of hits with the Beatles & Wings. Oh wait, never mind.
  3. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    Meaning we’re likely looking at a 5th straight season without making the playoffs
  4. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    Generally, it takes an 8-3 record to make the FCS playoffs, though every now & then a 7-4 might sneak in. So, if 8-3 is the bar, we pretty much have 2 L’s guaranteed, with Wake Forest & JMU. Means in the other 9 games we’d have to go 8-1. Even a diehard fan like me can’t envision that happening
  5. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    It’s a small TU world 🌎 after all!! Was he a Hunt recruit?
  6. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    Interesting thought. Isn’t RA under contract through 2020? That’s 4 more years. I’m skeptical we’d buy him out & pay a new coach at the same time. Maybe it’s 🍎 to 🍊, but look how we suffered through the end of Kennedy’s contract, rather than firing him
  7. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    In a way, I hope he redshirts. Maybe that would mean Stover improved in the off-season. Give Miller a year to acclimate & then he still has 4 years of playing eligibility, starting in 2019.
  8. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    So here’s an excerpt from a story about a recent game between Solomon U’s team vs the #3 HS team in the country. Solomon’s team lost 61-39, but he scored 17 points, including 2 3-pointers. The most interesting thing in the article to me was that his coach was having the 6’8 Solomon bring the ball upcourt, because apparently he had more confidence in Solomon handling the ball then the guards on the team.
  9. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Some recent updates on Betrand & Dottin
  10. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Well, there you have it. I’m intrigued by Betrand too. It doesn’t look like he scores a lot, but I’m not sure that’s the role his HS team needs him to fill. He’s out of the Philly Catholic league, & the last two guys we got out of there turned out pretty good. Dottin is also intriguing. I think his HS team in Boston was quite successful, with him running the point. Now he’s doing a year of prep school in CT Lets face it, Skerry needs a bounce back recruiting class. This year’s incoming class consists of a kid who’s already left the program, a kid who redshirted, & a kid who has scored one basket all season.
  11. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Don’t feel bad, I had Prophete scoring 10-15 ppg this season. Was Solomon really offered by all those schools you mentioned, or were some of them just sniffing around/expressing interest? I do recall seeing confirmation of a Georgetown offer on his Twitter. Assuming some or all of those schools offered him, it’s quite a coup to have beat them out. IF, IF, IF he lives up to potential, this is why I believe with him & Sanders next season that next year’s squad will be better than this year’s team (assuming we get decent point guard play, which has been the bane of Skerry’s existence here).
  12. Feature on Solomon Uyaelunmo

    That’s a nice story. Seems like a really good kid. 6’7-6’8 with athleticism. He’s only going to get better-lots of upside. I try not to look at things through Tiger colored glasses, but it’s hard not to be excited about this kid’s potential. Hopefully more productive in his freshman year than our last Fla recruit
  13. 2018 CAA Recruiting Class Rankings

    I’m just guessing, but perhaps he’s not terribly mobile, given his side. No-huddle, spread, run/pass option QB’s are the norm these days in college, it seems
  14. Grad transfer for next season?

    The kid Scott-Grayson has 3 years of eligibility left (like Damas did, I think). Plus, you gotta love the name of the school he currently attends-State Fair Community College. That’s just a great name! Interesting side note-his school is in the same conference as the school J.J. Mathews transferred to, Moberly Area Community College. Matthews’ stats are meh-8 points & 8 boards a game, and he must be injured, because he hasn’t played in a month or so. Several of the outstanding offers appear to be for small forward types, though you’re right, the rest are for guys who are clones of each other-6’2 & 175
  15. Grad transfer for next season?

    We’ve got a boatload of offers out. Has to be 10 or more.