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  1. Release on Selcuk

    I’ve been clamoring for us to dip our toes in the European pool of players for some time. Seems to have a good skill set & a high character kid.
  2. Release on Timberlake

    Good to see this post, about a kid who wants to be here. Time to look forward, not back.
  3. Looks like Loyola Chicago has ditched the Bahamas 🇧🇸 tournament. Guess they’re “too good” for it now. That’s ashame. I was hoping we’d play them, just so we could get a feel for how we stacked up against a team that went to the Final 4 last season
  4. Vermont is a good home game. Interested in hearing more about Atlantic City tournament. One D3 is tolerable. If you look at the home schedules last year of other CAA teams, I believe you’ll find many other schools played a D3 home game
  5. Martin, Gorham get their release

    This is not unique to us. By way of example, U Wisconsin-Milwaukee (or maybe it’s just U Milwaukee) lost their top 3 scorers from last season by way of transfers. Yes, these guys were talented, but I for one am not going to pine for them. It’s like being jilted by a woman-there’s always lots of other fish 🐠 in the ocean.
  6. Martin, Gorham get their release

    I would hope they’d collectively look at it as a chance at more PT, along with a chance to fill the scoring void that’s been left
  7. Martin, Gorham get their release

    Yep, it’s a no win at this level (sometimes. Not all kids do what ZM & JG are doing). In any event, kudos to Skerry for spotting a diamond in the rough in ZM, who I don’t believe was heavily recruited out of HS. As far as I’m concerned, ZM & JG are in the rear view mirror. Wish em the best & time to move on. I like the pieces we have going forward. I’m not sure we would have gotten Timberlake if ZM we’re still here. We lost with ZM & JG, so if we have to take some lumps this coming season, so be it.
  8. In depth look at: Allen Betrand

    Now that’s building a pretty damn good player, Dr Frankenstein 😊
  9. In depth look at: Allen Betrand

    Good point
  10. In depth look at: Allen Betrand

    He’s a winner & was a leader on his team. Looks athletic, shows outside shooting and ball handling skills. I think he could come in & see decent minutes as a freshman. Another in the recent line of Philly Catholic league players-JD, ZM & now Betrand
  11. A closer look: Solomon Uyaelunmo

    A few thoughts-this upcoming season is an outlier of sorts, in that in past seasons Skerry hasn’t had to force feed freshman. Simple mathematics suggest this coming season might be different. Besides, it’s not like freshman are genetically incapable of scoring. The last few years in the CAA look at Pemberton, Ryan Daly, Ryan Allen, Kirk Lee, Jr.... So, I’m not ruling out that one of our freshman could average 10-12 ppg. As another poster on a different thread pointed out, Skerry, by virtue of the vast turnover in players, basically gets a pass for whatever the record is this coming season. Realistically, I think a winning record is the ceiling; anything over & above is icing on the cake 🍰
  12. A closer look: Solomon Uyaelunmo

    Hard not to be excited about this kids potential. Size, athleticism, shooting ability & high character. As much as last year’s incoming freshman class was a swing & a miss (Prophete gone, Ingram gone & Drayton redshirted) this year’s class, highlighted by Solomon & Timberlake, has the potential to be something special. Would have preferred Gorham to have stayed, but that ship has sailed. Nonetheless, Solomon, Sanders, Tunstall & Selcuk could be a pretty good front court rotation-add in Juwan Gray in fall 2019.
  13. A Closer look at: Yagizhan Selcuk

    After watching his highlights I would say it looks like he runs the floor well, good ball fakes, not a bad passer & a good finisher around the basket. A little more athletic than what I 1st believed. I liked the one clip where he dribbled behind his back to avoid a defender. Most of the clips are of him scoring close to the basket, but there were a few jump shots mixed in. Skerry could be on to something here
  14. More in depth look at: Brian Fobbs

    My concern is the quality of the opposition he was playing against at a division II JUCO. But you have to love the improvement in the shooting percentages, especially from 3 & the foul line
  15. From what you saw of him last fall, before he was redshirted, what do you believe were Drayton’s deficiencies & strengths? As I see it, we need a couple guys who can knock down 3’s. Could he & Fobbs (and maybe Howard & Timberlake) be those guys?

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