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  1. It's that time of year! Below, we recap the season, briefly preview the CAA Tournament, and predict this year's All-CAA teams. Enjoy, and good luck! Link: https://wmsportsblog.com/2020/03/04/mbb-caa-tournament-preview-all-caa-predictions/
  2. Exactly TWO WEEKS until March! Hard to believe, but there are only a handful of games left in the CAA regular season. As such, we've put together our Win/Loss predictions for each team, as well as a predicted CAA Tournament Bracket. Check it out -- we're high on the Tigers (even if the ranking doesn't show it, read the analysis)! Good luck moving forward. Link: https://wmsportsblog.com/2020/02/17/2020-caa-tournament-bracket-predictions/
  3. WMSportsBlog

    CAA Basketball: Power Rankings

    Just published our CAA Power Rankings -- some ranks may surprise, others won't. What's undeniable is the incredible parity that exists in this year's CAA. Will the Tribe make it out of the regular season as the #1 team? It'll be tough. Check out the rankings below. Good luck the rest of the way, Tigers! Power Rankings: https://wmsportsblog.com/2020/01/28/2020-caa-power-rankings-week-6/
  4. In the middle of packing up our bags for the CAA Tournament, we set out to create a game-by-game preview of each team's 1st games in the tourney. With that being said, we didn't get too wild with these first picks -- even though we 100% think that this could be the year that one of the top-3 teams are upset. Despite our thoughts there, we listed our reasons for choosing the teams that we did. Any way you slice it, the matchups look great, as each team will surely create some interesting scenarios. Check out our complete guide and analysis below! Good luck Tigers! Article: https://wmsportsblog.com/2019/03/06/2019-caa-tournament-guide-analysis/
  5. FINALLY we know how the CAA Tournament will be seeded. With games having just wrapped up, we quickly put together the bracket. Take a first look here! Good luck Tigers! Bracket: https://wmsportsblog.com/2019/03/02/official-2019-caa-tournament-bracket/?fbclid=IwAR3iZTTiU5U3hM4-kO0wVj8jdgATJN9mAW5jXFwHYBHMPhR7miQsEoljSOk
  6. With just one week left in the regular season -- and with teams just one or two games from the CAA Tournament -- we set out to predict each team's final win/loss record, and have put together the CAA bracket that would reflect this finish. Curious to hear everyone's thoughts on the potential bracket scenario, and how you think the Tigers will fare. Good luck the rest of the way! Article: https://wmsportsblog.com/2019/02/27/2019-caa-tournament-bracket-predictions/
  7. WMSportsBlog

    Final CAA MBB Power Rankings (before CAA Tournament)

    Good question -- we haven't heard any talk about Nathan leaving W&M early. When Knight came into W&M he was deemed very "raw;" I seriously doubt you come into a league like the CAA as a raw athlete and leave early to go to the NBA. As folks have said on these boards throughout the conversation, I think (and HOPE) he needs one more year. You all have already said it -- but we should be a top-2 contender for the league next year if we have the three-headed senior monster led by Nathan Knight (other 2 including Justin Pierce & Matt Milon). For us, we always saw this as a transitional year (5 freshmen rotating in throughout the year); we knew the 3 juniors in their senior year had the ability to take us to the promised land. Fingers crossed.
  8. Tigers Nation -- We present to you our final CAA MBB Power Rankings of the year; with just two weeks left in the CAA regular season, it'll be interesting to see how everything shakes out. Check out our power rankings for a brief update on each team, and where we see them ranked heading into these all-important final games. Good luck the rest of the way! Article: https://wmsportsblog.com/2019/02/20/caa-power-rankings-week-8/
  9. WMSportsBlog

    CAA Basketball Power Rankings

    CAA Compatriots, With several conference games having been played, we recently compiled CAA Power Rankings through week 2 of conference play. Most of you probably won't be surprised where we ranked Towson at this point in the season -- but maybe some will be. Either way, check it out, and let us know what you think of the rankings. Good luck the rest of the way! Article: https://wmsportsblog.com/2019/01/06/2019-caa-power-rankings-week-2/
  10. WMSportsBlog

    2018 CAA RANKING: Which School has the MOST NFLers?

    Good catch -- then this list must only include players on active NFL rosters (or so it seems). I've updated language in the article to reflect that.
  11. WMSportsBlog

    2018 CAA RANKING: Which School has the MOST NFLers?

    We pulled our data from ESPN (http://www.espn.com/nfl/college/_/letter/t) -- I had assumed it included practice squad players, but perhaps it only lists players on the active roster. Is there a Towson guy on a practice squad that's not listed?
  12. First off, Happy Halloween! Secondly, with the NFL season in full swing, we at the W&M Sports Blog thought we'd compile rankings on which CAA teams currently boast the most NFLers. Following that ranking, we broke it down by position, to see if there were any CAA-wide trends (i.e. does the CAA produce more NFLers at a certain position?). The results are very interesting. Check it out below -- Good luck the rest of the year, Tigers! Article: https://wmsportsblog.com/2018/10/31/2018-caa-ranking-which-school-has-the-most-nflers/

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