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  1. tu_fan

    CAA Update

    College of Charleston has to go to OT to beat D2, Columbus State (who is 5-7 overall).
  2. tu_fan

    Back on Pause

    I agree with Bay Tiger, we can't blame the players or staff. It happens sometimes, despite the best possible precautions. Brutal season and hopefully we can somewhat bounce back next year.
  3. tu_fan

    Fire Pat and Leonard

    To that point......Outside of Zane Martin, we had exactly 1 assist today. We had 4 total counting Zane's three. Walker himself out-assisted our entire team....
  4. tu_fan

    Fire Pat and Leonard

    I'm annoyed we never pursued Lyles and he ended up at UMBC. We just don't seem to care about landing folks who can score (like Walker, today)...
  5. tu_fan


    Great effort today. Proud of the team despite the loss - and an outstanding play at the buzzer, just rimmed out. Zane and CT were beasts today....
  6. tu_fan

    Charleston Preview

    what player is missing from C of C? Are the brothers back today?
  7. tu_fan

    Late signing day thread

    Great class. Hat's off to Rob. Is DeBerry back for one more year? Love the focus on the secondary.... Excited for Pass, love his upside.....Reminds me of when JMU got Vad Lee a few years ago. The DL from St John's was a huge get. He had an offer from Purdue!
  8. tu_fan

    Towson by the Numbers

    Yes - some of the SWAC teams are worse in a particular category, but no team is as bad across the board as we are. It's remarkable. What's crazy is that after each game Skerry always glances at the stat sheet. Is he and his staff aware of these numbers? I agree, I wish we could clean house.
  9. tu_fan

    Towson by the Numbers

    And based on these numbers, don't tell me we are not winning based on our defense, or more specifically our 3 point shooting defense. We are not winning because we are the most inept offensive team in all of D1. We can't shoot, pass, handle the ball, or create turnovers. It's not our defense that is holding us back.
  10. tu_fan

    Towson by the Numbers

    Let's take a look at where Towson stands statistically across a few key categories in D1. It's shocking and pretty much a statistical anomaly to be historically bad across so many categories. In 7 of these major categories we are in the bottom 10 teams of all of D1 (340 teams). It cuts across assists, steals, turnovers, and shooting. Based on this, you'd have to conclude, statistically, that we have the least effective offense in all of D1. Knowing we were losing Fobbs, who did Skerry recruit to fill his scoring and passing? Bieku, a seemingly offensively challenged bruiser and Darrick Jones, a highly recruited athlete, and while I am thrilled to have Jones, how did Skerry not address the needs of the team at guard, again? We are getting two guards out of 3 scholarships next year. Hopefully he hits on both. Depressing details below: - 3 Point Shooting %: 26.11% 338 our of 340 teams. - 3 Points made/game: 4.3: 336th - Assists per game: 9.2: 336th - Assist / Turnover Ratio: .66: 330th - Turnovers Forced: 10.4: 331st - Turnover Margin: -3.5: 316th - Steals per Game: 4.3: 332nd - 3 point FG Defense: 38.4%: 323rd - Rebound Margin: +3: 92nd
  11. Disagree about gibson....He has to shoot 5 feet beyond the line - if we had more outside threats to spread the floor / or if he got the wide open looks that Nick gets, he'd shoot 40% This system and lack of offensive production holds him back.
  12. thought this was a better effort overall. I disagree taht we are not a good enough defensive team at the moment. The issue is that we do not have the dead eye shooters like JMU (Lewis) or Hofstra has (counting last year, they have had like 5) and we can't compete cause we don't have the marksman like most everyone else has......We only have Gibson as a reliable outside shooter and the other teams can sell out on him since there is no one to take the pressure off of him. Skerry AGAIN didnt focus on shooters with this class either......It's an important part of the game and we can't beat good teams with brute force.... Still, liked the ball movement and liked the fact that FINALLY Skerry ran a press - it was effective, hope he keeps it in his arsenal. Good effort and some nice progress......
  13. tu_fan

    Hofstra Pt. 1 Preview

    Yes! Skerry does this every year. Gorham should have started over Alex Thomas - yet Skerry loves to start guys who do not contribute offensively. It's maddening. Thought the ball movement was pretty good in the first half.
  14. tu_fan

    Charles Thompson and the defense

    I'm impressed. Smart guy. CT really reps the university well.
  15. tu_fan

    MBB holds on to defeat UNCW 78-74

    good win(s). Lets see if we can keep it rolling against a much stronger Hofstra team. Also, I'd like our brand to be 3 point shooting in addition to defense, rebounding and toughness. the last 3 will only take us so far.... I don't fault Solly or Gibson for those T's. Gibson got kicked in the face (inadvertently), so how can you blame him for throwing that guys foot off of him. Solly has looked good all year. He and Charles Thompson were really good recruits (held good offers). Wish Skerry could pull in similar high profile recruits at guard - then we would be onto something.....

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