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  1. tu_fan

    Easy Money

    It's true. They are dreadful from 3 and have been so for a few years now. Amazing they cannot find a marksman.....While I'm glad Timberlake didn't go to the Terps, he would have been a great fit for them.
  2. tu_fan

    MLax Thread 2024

    How is Nads unable to get any D1 transfers....Last year the team was hurt by his inability to hit the portal as well. Geez...We had a great freshman class last year, wish we had some more firepower via a transfer
  3. tu_fan

    Easy Money

    Like Blounge, i've been having fun betting the under and the other team based on how awful we are on offense right now. This team just can't score and Vegas has not yet adjusted....Would love to see them turn this around though, and hopefully Tarke and Watson can come back late and salvage the season...In the meantime I'm going to keep hammering them
  4. tu_fan

    2024 Offers and Commits

    We've had good luck recruiting at that school. he seems like a nice potential get.
  5. tu_fan

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    Super excited to have someone this strong join the team. With CT back I can see us competing this year...Welcome Marcus Watson - this guy is a baller!
  6. tu_fan

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Can you show some class on here for once? How about some respect in wrapping up a 41 year career - that's an impressive accomplishment.
  7. tu_fan

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    i wish him the best of luck, but that feels like a reach. I hope he can play overseas though and he was athletic.
  8. tu_fan

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Maybe we can bring back Danny Nee
  9. tu_fan

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    same - and as far as i can tell, we've hit the bullseye on GU transfers (Josh Thornton who was a great shooter on an otherwise dismal team) and Benimmon.....
  10. tu_fan

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    aren't scholarships renewed annually? I 100% agree with this post, we don't need all 3 of these guys - i'd swap all 3 and gamble on transfers...
  11. tu_fan

    Gymnastics wins first EAGL title!

    what is EAGL? is that a conference affiliation? Women's sports sure are dominating the men's sports.
  12. tu_fan

    Spring roster is out

    Man, I remember when our transfers were from UGA, Oklahoma and Oregon....That doesn't mean these guys are not D1 players, but that's not exactly a stellar list of schools that we are poaching from.
  13. tu_fan

    Virginia lax thread

    Team looked pretty good. Constantinides looked good on faceoffs - I like how he attacked more and didn't panic as much as he did against UR. Team is generally slow and allergic to fast breaks although they did push some against UVA. Defense looked really good against a high powered offense. On offense, they lack speed and dodging ability. Mikey had a few nice goals (the one where he dove just short of the net was exciting). He has some wheels too. Was great to see him get his first 3 and would love to see him carve out a larger role. Long was really good - I thought the book on him was to shoot high, and he stopped pretty much every high shot early on and solely kept us in the game during the first 20 minutes or so........I feel like if we had a Drenner on this team we could we be really good. Excited to see how we fare in CAA play.
  14. tu_fan

    2023 Offers/Commits

    I don't understand why we would offer a guy scoring 10 a game at JUCO. That translates to 2 ppg in D1. There are JUCO guys scoring 25+ can we aim a bit higher and target folks who can create their own shots or are 3 point specialists? I don't want Brian Starr 2.0... Now after taking a moment to look at both of their stats, each of these guys are shooting over 40% from 3.....So maybe neither would be Brian Starr 2.0.....I really want the staff to pursue scorers over power lifters
  15. tu_fan

    MLax thread for 2022 and 2023

    i just got back from the game. passing game was terrible. forcing stuff, passing to areas where they expected someone to be there and they were never there, simple errors that took place all game long. Constandines looked good on the draws, but when they pressed him, he'd panic and just throw the ball up for grabs. He needed more composure. Mikey's turnover was on a play where he attacked the goal and ended up in the crease - i will take that turnover versus the zillion others where we just threw the ball away. He seems to have wheels and I wish they have featured him more than they did. The offense was too much passing around the perimeter and then trying to thread needles on perfect passes, which led to turnovers or passes being knocked down. Think Berkeley could have attacked more..... In general the offense lacks speed and athleticism. We had a few break opportunities and we would just pull the ball back out, which was incredibly frustrating to watch. No transition offense to speak of. Lastly, I think half of UR's goals took place with less than 10 seconds on the play clock - heartbreaking. This team has some potential, but Nads really needs at least one speedy dodger and the team needs to practice handling pressure b/c they folded against it all game long and lost a winnable game.

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