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  1. tu_fan

    Coppin State Preview

    I have not seen Coppin send a person to the offensive glass as single time. Wow- Juan Dixon is a poor coach....
  2. tu_fan

    Ambrose let go

    totally disagree - our OL was starting to feast on them, then Victor slipped on that unrooted turf, leading to ambrose calling for a long FG, which was blocked and returned for a TD (or close to it) and we never recovered. Athens shoulder was shot. Enders with his arms and legs, with that OL and West, and we win that game going away. We had more yards than they did when we made that dumb choice for the FG
  3. tu_fan

    Ambrose let go

    Enders was one of the greatest QBs in the history of the team - in my opinion much better than Flacco (better runner and passer). He was way more than a game manager and I'm convinced that if he was on the team that played NDSU, we would have easily won that game. That said, I get you point, and outside of Flacco, we brought in one dud after another at QB....And the freshman recruits at QB seemed like D3 talents to me....
  4. tu_fan

    Around the CAA

    Charleston looks sensational. Looks like Kelsey still shops for his shirts in the boys department....
  5. tu_fan

    Around the CAA

    Watching some of the Hofstra / GW game. Aaron Estrada is out of this world. 9 for 11 shooting in the first half for 23 points. Not watching C of C, but they have a nice lead over Richmond.
  6. You have to give the team and Rob credit over the last few weeks. The Tigers have looked a ton better and been competitive and /or dominant (Villanova). Where was this all season though? We looked miserable the first 5 games of the year and not sure why it took until a month ago to turn the ship around.
  7. tu_fan

    Matthews, Hunter run over Monmouth 52-48

    Great offensive outburst, it's a shame it took 2 months before it showed up (against a really bad defense). Pigrome has been relatively good this season....
  8. I'm concerned that Conway is that far down the depth chart - I was hoping he would be an instant contributor. Also, why is Gibson bulking up? He's there for playmaking and shooting, he does not need to be a power lifter and my concern is the bulk will mess up his shot. Similarly with Hicks - we don't need everyone to be an adonis on this team....
  9. tu_fan

    2022-23 General MBB Thread

    any other details you can share? How did the new guys look? How did we shoot it?
  10. tu_fan

    Volleyball 2022

    UMBC's coach, who votes, has us at 16.......We cracked a few new ballots this week - I think we break through next week!
  11. tu_fan

    First scrimmage update

    Good for Skerry. He's right. We should invest heavily in hoops between TV rights, attendance, the $ associated with making the tournament, etc., this is the sport that needs to be prioritized within the university. While it is probably not popular wihtin this board, I'd be fine with investing less in football & dropping baseball if it meant creating a sustainable hoops program. I recall PK stating how underfunded the program was, making it nearly impossible for any coach to succeed. I assume we invest more these days, but am not sure. I think Skerry should have a ton of leverage- we were literally the worst D1 basketball program in the country for years (how many losing seasons in a row did we have? shitty APR rates, scant attendance) and we ended the year close to top 50/60 in Net rankings.
  12. tu_fan

    First scrimmage update

    Conway will be the starter, right? 5 of 9 from 3 is music to my ears.
  13. tu_fan

    General Football News

    i saw the video earlier today as well. I was not for sure that was our locker room, guess that it was?
  14. tu_fan

    MLax thread

    So many good ones. For me it was beating Maryland in 2001, at College Park, in the quarter finals. I was at the game and it was so tight throughout, but we couldn't get any possessions late in the game. We had Justin Berry, who was like Alex Woodall on faceoffs, and were trailing by 1 late. We scored to tie it and Berry won the ensuing faceoff, and the terps strategy was to concede the face off and harass the shit out of Berry to try and force a turnover. He was sprinting back, out of control, and somehow had the vision to throw a hail mary, ~40 yard pass to a streaking Tiger up the sideline. You could have heard a pin drop as the pass was in the air. A tiger caught it in stride, we had a 2 on 1, and fed the ball to a wide open Kyle Campbell was camped in front of the goal to bury it, with seconds to go. Was the greatest game I've been to and the comeback was nothing short of heroic. And to do it in College Park made it that much sweeter!
  15. tu_fan

    Volleyball 2022

    Thanks for the continued explanations. Remarkable performance and great to see the well earned recognition...

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