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  1. tu_fan

    Is JMU leaving the CAA?

    that blowhard from the caa zone days, Ben Moore (GStateBen), seems to think that Georgia State will be getting an AAC bid, he won't be happy that GSU, who also sucks at football, will be hanging around in the sun belt...
  2. tu_fan

    Magazine Predictions

    I think it's hard to make a reliable projection with so many transfers joining the conference. That said, it's depressing to see these projections. Any updates on Curtis Holland? He seems to have quite a bit of upside, and the other transfers *should* bring more talent to this team than we have had in recent memory.
  3. tu_fan

    The Weisshaars

    have we gotten a face off guy yet? love adding more offensive fire power!
  4. tu_fan

    2021 Spring & Summer Transfer Thread

    Does Vad lee have any eligibility left?
  5. tu_fan

    2021 Spring & Summer Transfer Thread

    too cryptic for me to figure out......
  6. tu_fan

    2021-22 Roster, at the moment

    For so many years we have started offensive stiff's. Guys that played hard, but could not contribute offensively. Skerry loved these "junk yard dogs," but it held us back. Starters like Eddie Keith, Alex Thomas, Deshaun Morman, Brian Starr, Kris Walden (PK recruit), Victor, Parker-Rivera, McNeil, Tunstall....i could go on, but you get my point, most of these guys were offensive liabilities, but they were "Skerry guys." Look at this line-up and try to find an offensive dud....The top 3 were all-conference guys and Gray had good years w USD. CT is talented and young. He'll benefit from having skill around him. Holland and Gibson off of the bench? Gibson was our 2nd best offensive player last year (in my opinion) and I like him, but he may be the 7th best option with this roster. Finally Skerry and staff appear to be getting it.... I've been fooled by skerry before, but this is the most well rounded and offensively talented squad since his first recruiting class.....
  7. tu_fan

    Melo goes to Vegas

    Congratulations. Way to represent the black and gold!
  8. tu_fan

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    I'm really pumped about this add. Holden also averaged 1.7 steals a game with only 2 turnovers. And at 2 assists a game, he'll be one of our best passers. I really want to see a competent offense next year and with Holden, Nixon, Rizzuto, Gray and a returning CT (and not to mention Holland), we have more offensive firepower than I can remember. Excited that we are FINALLY not solely focusing on athletic ability or brute force and have picked up some talent!
  9. tu_fan

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    I agree. Morehead State was no slouch either. The top OVC schools would have crushed the top CAA schools this year, no doubt about it.
  10. tu_fan

    No Spring Football

    We missed out on the playoffs thanks to that crooked AD from UNH that kept putting his team in the playoffs (for like 15 years), when they had no business being there because he had a seat on the selection committee (Marty Scarano). We pasted UNH like 66-35 on the final game of the season to end up with the same record as them, yet they got the bid. That LSU game was fantastic. I wouldn't trade it for the playoffs. We had the lead for a chunk of the game. We rushed for more yards than ANYONE did on LSU that entire season. We had 4 sacks vs. 0 for LSU. We played outstanding. Too bad we didn't get in the playoffs though, to your point, as that might have been our best team ever. If we had Enders the next season, I think we would have won it all. We were featured on 60 Minutes b/c of that game, we made some show like hard knocks for LSU, etc. That was so memorable.
  11. tu_fan

    Coaching Futility

  12. tu_fan

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    Looks like we are sniffing around another JUCO guard. This guy shot over 50% from 2, but only 22% from 3. He does hand out assists and went to Montverde Acadmeny......
  13. tu_fan

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    We need to aim high. He may not come here, but we should go after good talent. I'd kill for one more good shooter on next year's team!
  14. tu_fan

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    I dunno guys....I'll agree to disagree. The CAA was garbage last year and our offense was one of the worst in all of D1, so I'm not sold on how inferior the MEAC was, at least compared to us (although we beat Coppin by 5 in our only MEAC game). Take a closer look at this guys numbers the last 10-15 games of his sophomore year at Coppin. They were real good. His final 12 games the guy averaged 13 points and 13 rebounds a game with a ton of blocks (and he would have led our squad in assists). He started to figure things out.....He may not be the next Kevin Durant, but he's no Victor or Jamel Flash, either. Averaging a double / double in the MEAC would still play well in the CAA....... https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/brendan-medley-bacon-1/gamelog/9999/
  15. tu_fan

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    yep....our leader had 53 (zane) followed by gibson with 28......Matt may be right, he might be a reach, but his numbers at Coppin were good, certainly better than Victor's....and if our new shooters could spread the floor, a pass first big man might not be a bad addition to the team....

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