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  1. Royal Tiger

    1491 Days

    The question I have for the numbskulls who made this decision (cough, Tim Leonard, cough) is what is the cost in dollars to have a moribund basketball program, no hope, no alumni engagement, just a worthless activity run by a failed regime. Whatever money is guaranteed to this guy is already wasted - there is no chance of success. If that is the only cost, then go ahead, let him run this program further into the ditch for 5 more years. But if it is worth anything to the institution to have a basketball team that brings alums together, provides a positive social activity for people based on their connection to the school then its high time to stop throwing away seasons and make a change. I'd love to care about Towson basketball again, but as long as the school doesn't care there is no point in anyone else investing their time or interest either. It won't happen, of course, because the Fordham playbook that dictates decisions these days says athletics are unimportant, a waste of resources, and simply an expense that must be managed to lowest possible number. It not whether you win or lose, but how much you paid to play the games.
  2. Is zane in harrisonburg?
  3. Royal Tiger

    "Bubbleville" set for Nov. 25-27

    SOT. Pieces change, but always know what you're gonna get. Incapable of beating above average, well-coached teams.
  4. Royal Tiger

    "Bubbleville" set for Nov. 25-27

    All teams tested yesterday upon arrival and getting results back this morning so may change again.
  5. Royal Tiger

    CAA Tournament Thread

    Sole possession of least amount of tournament wins of all CAA teams since he took over. Guy is a bum, and anyone that supports him is a loser.
  6. Royal Tiger

    Top 6 seed

    Will have to go 3-0 vs the top 5. Unless can steal one this weekend will most likely be 2-8 against on the year, none of which have been that close. 8-0 vs the PIG teams though!
  7. Do you want an extension/banner for breaking an 8 game conference losing streak Mrs. Skerry?
  8. Lol squeaked by the worst team in the conference
  9. Obviously the 2014 semifinal loss was disappointing on its own to not make it to the NCAA's let alone championship of only legitimate chance since the early 90s. But the loss is compounded by the fact that skerry would have almost been guaranteed to be gone if the 2014 team had gotten him to the big dance (one of the oldest teams in the country that year). Could have landed a bigger job and would probably have been fired from there already. Another poster has stated it but you should want your coach to leave for a better program. That means you've had success and its proven to be a launching pad job for another hungry young coach to come in. If that coach fails you can get rid of them after the initial shorter contract or better yet they could succeed and move on too. That ridiculous extension by Tim has to be one of the worst in the history of the NCAA. By the time it is over will have 15 years of ineptitude under one regime (30+ years total), no public interest, and no more new attractive arena.
  10. Historically this is where skerry teams might win 6 of 8 or so. We'll hear on the post game that we're right in the thick of things, have a shot. Then stumble down the stretch and a first round exit. Next year they'll be so-so in the out of conference schedule, some reason for optimism. Then fall face flat again at the start of conference play.
  11. Royal Tiger

    Pat Skerry Stinks

    Regular final whistle thread
  12. Royal Tiger

    Bad at recruiting and coaching.....

    Yep we have this same thread every year a couple times a year.
  13. Future of towson basketball looks very bleak
  14. Royal Tiger

    MBB Falls to Florida, 66-60

    Good effort. Bertrand really has a good chance to be a solid robin, now just have to get batman's shot going. Gibson struggled vs better athletes, but not sure if dottin is capable of a better offensive performance than he had tonight. Will be fine down low defensively all year if nakye is capable of not fouling like tonight. Two games in a row struggled to score down the stretch. Has a skerry set out of a timeout ever worked? Always ends up launching a wild 3. As mentioned not going to have a great ooc record but playing about 6 teams that would be favored to win CAA this year (kent, fl, xavier, buffalo/uconn?, 3rd charleston game, vermont, liberty). With Timberlake coming back and 9 strong should be favored for caa regular season title. Problem will always be skerry throws in a few home clunkers and end of game execution.
  15. Royal Tiger

    Athletic Department Ideas/Suggestions

    Saw that and good idea. Problem is you get to these events and nobody from Towson athletics is there and the C&R bartenders have no idea about the watch party.

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