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  1. Royal Tiger

    Monmouth routs Tigers 42-23 in home opener

    When should we start to care about wins and losses? Towson athletics may be #1 in terms of most seasons that don't count/matter.
  2. Royal Tiger

    Monmouth routs Tigers 42-23 in home opener

    Lol mentioning playoffs and this team was hilarious. 3k for a home opener is abysmal. If it weren't for UD, we would probably sell 15k tickets all year, may get to 20k with the hens. Let that sink in. In the mid atlantic , outside of Happy Valley, which isn't even really mid atlantic, there is no appetite for college football let alone a below average fcs team. Even more so there has been no sense of urgency since T West has left by anyone involved with Towson University to change the below average status. Everyone involved has just been happy to get their paychecks and the limited fans are just happy we have uniforms running out there on Saturdays. Respect the tradition and the few of you that actually care, but in this day and age it's time to do the fiscally responsible thing.
  3. Royal Tiger

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    Know Charles wouldn't be able to play P5 and loves Towson, but props to him for staying around for what is going to be a throwaway year that we won't count against Skerry's record. If this was professional sports, we'd be shopping him for some prospects to rebuild. 8-10 in CAA with a couple of local OOC wins is officially the ceiling in 2023-24.
  4. Royal Tiger

    General MBB Thread 2022-23

    Probably outplayed Charleston (11 or 12 seed) 90 of the 120 mins played them. Unfortunately the 30 minutes we lost, we lost big.
  5. Royal Tiger

    MBB falls to Charleston in Semifinals 77-72

    At least we had that February 25th win guys!
  6. Royal Tiger

    MBB falls to Charleston in Semifinals 77-72

    Please say he used a slur Dalton. May be our only way out. Heartbreaker tonight. Many long years ahead with nothing to show for it.
  7. Royal Tiger

    Delaware III preview

    ChalkAA. Some of these games have been crazy uncompetitive
  8. You play to win the tournament, not the game. IMHO tonight's win was a strong indication of the low basketball IQ this staff has. Oustide of those of you who hang a banner for 20 wins, nobody will remember this game in a week. Praise the fight, celebrate the win, 57 points will be lucky to lose by single digits next weekend. We were set up perfectly for a path of Drexel who has been horrid outside of the DAC (maybe even Monmouth or Hampton who they recently lost to both), shut down Hofstra on fresher legs who we've outplayed 7 of the last 8 halves, then go to battle with 30 win Charleston who may have had that false safety net belief judging by press clippings of "30 wins and make it to finals, we deserve to be in". Instead we have maybe finally fully healthy defending champs with a great guard and big of their own. Maybe they'll slip up, oh great then we have Coen and Co, sure he'll be an easy tournament matchup for us. If can get by quarters then have the battle with Charleston going for that magic number 30. If pull the shocker there after what is likely to be extremely physical, then less than 24 hours later have to shut down 2x POY and his Robin. That is last I will bring up tanking, as moot point now. Will be in DC each night we play next week rooting for the best. I don't think some of you realize the magnitude of next weekend. This conference is only adding more teams, as long as Kelsey and Charleston stay, they will be at the top. Uncw and hofstra also likely to stay strong right behind. Delaware cares, will see if W&M recommits to basketball. Monmouth and stony brook had extreme rebuilds this year, but are good programs that will be back. Who knows with portal but next year(s) looks like rebuild for us. It's not unrealistic to be skeptical if we can finish outside of the pig again under skerry. It's now or never Patrick.
  9. Royal Tiger

    UNCW preview

    Much easier to play earlier games next week and go hofstra in semis then Charleston in finals. Much different path brawling Charleston in semis then turning right around to try and stop Estrada and thomas. Looks like siddle sees that from the vegas line, will pat?
  10. Royal Tiger

    Charleston II preview

    2022: Won last 7 in a row - first round of CAAT struggled vs 8 seed and lost by double digits vs Hens who we beat by 25 in a half days before 2021: Won last game before 2 week COVID shutdown - CAAT blown out by Elon 2020: Won last 3 including last game of year vs NE - CAAT blown out by NE 2019: Consistently bad all year - Lost PIG on JMU last second 3 2018: Pat had lost lockeroom here - finished 2-6 down stretch - blown out by W&M in 4-5 game 2017: Lost last 2 of regular season - best performance under Skerry in CAAT - blew out NE and then lost close one to Chealey, Riller, Brantley in their backyard 2016: Won 4 of last 6 - CAAT blown out by NE 2015: Consistently bad all year - Lost PIG in OT to Elon 2014: Won last 6 - CAAT won slopfest vs 7 seed JMU and lost to Tribe who they beat a week earlier This weekend is meaningless - Skerry teams playing good ball do not carry their momentum into tourney
  11. Royal Tiger

    Charleston II preview

    Seems like every year we are either ending the season down south or up north, and of course last year 18:55. Know Skerry thinks every game is the super bowl, but really hoping the group treats these like two scrimmages this week. Talking Hawaiian shirts on planes and busses, enjoying that outing with the Soistman’s, letting Bieku run the point, and just hope all the seniors have a nice time on the last road trip of their college careers. We need everyone 100% healthy physically and mentally for hopefully 3 battles next weekend, last thing we can afford is an injury or being drained from 2 this weekend. Attempting to set the tone for next weekend would work for some programs, but it is not the Towson luck way to carry in any momentum. This year has always been NCAA or bust for us and since the first loss to Fairfield, really was always going to be determined by Southeast DC. We’re all less optimistic than in the preseason due to Charleston being a lot better than expected, Pride being significantly better, and us being…everyone has their own thoughts there. Did not care about finishing in any order 1 through 4 this year, and obviously less so between 3 and 4 which is all that is left to determine, but just securing that first round bye was key. More so due to 66% of the teams in the league being terrible, than our play this year, but the regular season goal has been accomplished. Hopefully Skerry too is able to recognize this and take it easy this weekend with some southern living in preparation for the biggest weekend of his career next weekend. Practice calmness and serenity this week, last year and the right before COVID year, dude looked like he was going to puke the whole time in the Entertainment & Sports Arena and truly believe his own nervous energy affected the rest of the group. With next year and probably the year after looking bleak, and then entering potential lame duck years, next weekend is officially now or never for Pat. It’s time we as fans expect and demand this and begin the quest in 11 days to end the drought.
  12. Royal Tiger

    MBB beats Drexel 64-58 without Holden

    Good defensive effort against a bad offensive team. 64 points with just 8 turnovers and Nick and Sylla playing at their ceiling is not too encouraging. Luckily there are a lot of bad teams in this conference that 9-9 and 5 seed is probably attainable with what's left and go 1-1 in CAAT. 18 wins this year and people will be ecstatic here, just playing with the hand we are dealt this year! Despite being near unanimous preseason favorites and preseason top 80 team, looking more like McNeil and Alex Thomas type season.
  13. Royal Tiger

    UMass preview

    Cliche talk but will find out a lot about this team tonight. Matchup is getting some good national attention. If have a third clunker in a row would no longer be a small sample size, this OOC record could get ugly.
  14. Royal Tiger

    Matthews, Hunter run over Monmouth 52-48

    Nice positivity for a win over monmouth, didn't know the hawks had a football prorgram. Playing with fire if upset the cats next week, last two games vs stony brook and hampton probably should be wins. Very scary to think what the administration will do if they see a 6-5 final record with 4 wins in a row to end the year.
  15. Royal Tiger

    2022-23 General MBB Thread

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013–14_Colonial_Athletic_Association_men's_basketball_season Looks like it, but probably wasn't unanimous.

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