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  1. Royal Tiger

    General Football News

    @RundaPower @TuTigers2012 @Blounge my treat - what section should we sit for this shootout? Goh Tigers!!!!
  2. Royal Tiger

    Bucknell preview

    Probably have the two worst teams in fcs to start the year, a bit alarming if need to play games vs the bad bison and morgan.
  3. Royal Tiger

    2022-23 Transfer Portal

    Maybe it was a bored Wednesday night for him and wanted to troll the 8 of us in towsonfans
  4. Royal Tiger

    2022-23 Transfer Portal

    Looks like back to UT Martin with ex coaches son who is returning.
  5. Royal Tiger

    2022-23 Transfer Portal

    There's a clear #1 next year and then that tier above and a lot of yuck. With one more good transfer let's get a ooc schedule worthy of an at large if can only drop 1 or 2 in caa.
  6. Royal Tiger

    2022-23 Transfer Portal

    Towson MBB dynasty: 2/28/22 - 3/7/22. Very disappointing, where does he think he can go with no jump shot and undersized to play 4 in a bigger conference? We fit his game perfectly. Grass has never been greener for others who have left, Four made some shots in grad year at URI and Gorham had team success as 6th man for Houston. Had as good of a shot as any one bid league next year, would be difficult to replace second main cog to the system. I can only assume leaving a legacy at a school and getting the dance might just not be at the top of kids' priorities these days.
  7. Royal Tiger

    NIT Selection Show at 9pm on ESPNU

    Disrespected with a 7, on show, and in region
  8. Royal Tiger

    Down but not out

    Lol what could these schools be seeing on his resume to even remotely warrant consideration over another candidate at a bigger program. I was shocked seeing this twitter talk today. I'm a skerry supporter, but even I can admit he doesn't deserve another job (he barely deserves this one). This was the first season out of 10 or so that you could call legitimately successful.
  9. Royal Tiger

    Down but not out

    Yes, it should be deservedly impossible to win tourney if finish 11th through 14th
  10. Royal Tiger


    All agreed, a ton to be happy with during the regular season. The tournament was a disappointing showing in both games as a whole and definitely think Skerry's nerves played into the teams start on Sunday which excuses or not was a big reason why lost last night. Pat definitely wears his emotions on his sleeve and if we had started out like we ended the regular season vs Northeastern, would have liked our chances much more last night. So while ultimately last night wasn't entirely on Pat (pathetic effort by everyone except 32, 55 was also not himself) he does get the overall blame for Sunday and not setting the tone for the tournament and coming out of that 100% fresh. 2014 margin of victory was larger but had a slugfest with #7 JMU, 2017 had a good effort vs better Charleston team in semis. Next years team has to play to win in quarters rather than play to just survive. Also shame the tribe couldn't hold on Saturday. Should definitely take the NIT seriously as one of few times get good national exposure on the ESPN family of networks. Good for recruiting and especially transfer portal if can entice an good contributor to come in that wants a great shot at getting to the dance next year with this core. Assuming the final 4 is back at garden this year that's also something to play for. Know that its a major long and would require running the table in the CAA (which very well could have done this year), but hopefully get a resume worthy OOC schedule next year. Nothing to lose building around the upper half of A-10s, Iona, MAC, and a good holiday tournament. It's obviously not explicitly stated, but committee would consider a run in NIT this year if were to finish say 28-3 next year.
  11. Royal Tiger

    MBB advances to semifinals with 68-61 win over NE

    Would add one part that was downplayed in press conference is holden falls at end. holden shoulder in this video though
  12. Royal Tiger

    MBB advances to semifinals with 68-61 win over NE

    Outside of Charles injury, three plays that would have gone against us prior years and would have been a first round exit: Paar coming up with a loose ball and laying it in triple teamed after they cut it to 1, doherty's 5th could have been a hook and hold on cam, and northeastern missing a few open 3's on the one possession that would have cut it to 2. Shows that fate may be on this teams side. Whatever my hunch is worth thought we'd finish 6-0 (wasn't sure about suspended game), didn't feel as confident today, but do feel good about tomorrow. Hopefully we crushed any hens confidence they might have storming back on them last week. Tomorrow will be the gibson/rizzuto game and will help if CT can at least suit up to play some decoy in the beginning. Thought entire team, pat included came out today with an "uh oh here we go again" mentality and didn't blitz them right out of gate like have been doing offensively. Good job getting the 1st teamer involved and him wanting it in second half.
  13. Royal Tiger

    CAA Tournament Thread

    Yes. Huskies shifted their focus 2 months ago to this weekend
  14. Royal Tiger


    100% agree, but coen is a good smart coach. I doubt they're scouting w&m much this week, more game planning solely for Towson. If comes back to bite them vs tribe, so be it they can just say they were 9 seed for a reason.
  15. Royal Tiger

    Roll call for CAA tournament

    Will be there. Hopefully Crowley puts together a Towson reception although fortunate to have the noon start, so not sure what time it will be.

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