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Depth Chart after Spring Practice

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With NT RJ Evans, WR Matthew Akuchie, DB Andre Stewart, CB Sean Tucker, LB Jakari Patterson, DT Samuel Obiang (CFL), LB Mason Woods, OG Mathias Andnigbaruk all gone in the portal, Towson has some holes to fill, but they also have extra ships over the summer which is never a bad thing. OL, DT, LB, CB and DB are all needs.

Going into the summer, I can only go by what I see and hear as Coach Pete is rarely going to get specific about starters or even backups, but I like creating some discussion so here goes nothing.

QB Carlos Davis, Nathan Kent, Sean Brown, freshman Winston Watkins, Sean Smith, Jack Pellicciotti

Analysis: Davis adds a playmaker with a big arm. Did not see him turn the ball over. Kent has the experience, but is more of a game-manager.

RB Devin Matthews, Chris Watkins, Tyrell Greene, Ike Daniels (Syracuse transfer), Trey Engram (K-State transfer). 

Analysis: Matthews is the north-south runner as is Greene. Watkins gives the offense explosion and is a pretty good receiver. Daniels is the x-factor. Will get some touches. Freshman Caddy Phillips (5-9, 185) from St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia is supposed to be a stud.

TE: Carter Runyon, CJ Schaefer, Malik Jackson, freshman Jordan Stallworth.

Analysis: Probably could use another body, but let's face it, Runyon is one of the premier tight ends in the CAA and possibly FCS with about 10 added pounds.

WR: DK James (6-1, 190), Zay Perkins (6-2, 210),  John Dunmore (6-3, 190), Lukkas Londono (5-10, 185), Cee Chosen (6-0, 180), Brady McElhaney (6-0, 175), Zack Jackson (6-1, 205).

Analysis: It will be interesting to see who the next young guy will be since most of those guys listed above have 1-2 years left. Junior Sam Reynolds could return. Freshmen Cleveland Charlton (6-5, 180) and Nayad Walker (5-10, 160) are probably going to redshirt, but you never know.

LT: Dan Volpe (6-6, 320)

😄 Ralph Paige Jr. (6-3, 305), Ian Markham-Miller (6-3, 300)

LG:  Ibrahim Giwa (6-4, 290), Flo Staehler (6-9, 300), Jaelin Montgomery (6-3, 310)

RG: Jean Germain (6-6, 350) if he's healthy, Joden Nelson (6-4, 295)

RT: K.J. Brooks (6-3, 305), Kevin Gaston (6-5, 290)

Analysis: Little concerned about depth at tackle, Giwa is a Wagner transfer, but if Staehler and Germain are healthy, there should still be competition at left and right guard. Nelson had a really good camp. True freshman Tkhi Alexander (6-5, 330) is a huge tackle from Richmond, who might be able to add depth, but most likely, they are adding a transfer.

DL (3/4)

NG Dion Crews-Harris (6-0, 290), Junee Dunbar (6-0, 305),  Daniel Johnson (6-2, 290)

DT Rion Roseborough (6-2, 315), Brockman Wallace (6-2, 285), Shamir Boyd (6-2, 290), Anthony Delle Donne (6-1, 290)

DT/E Ernie Smith (6-2, 290), Elijah Tarlton (6-5, 240), Mazio Randall (6-5, 300)

Analysis: I really like Roseborough, but he's just a redshirt freshman. With Evans gone, they are going to bring in another NT and probably a DT along with the juco transfer just added today Mazio Randall (6-5, 300). So there likely be two more transfers, but there are some huge and talented freshmen coming in. Bernard Birch (6-2, 315) is a 3* recruit from Kansas. JR Stegall (6-3, 310) is a talented DT from Fort Worth. Aaron Clark (6-0, 310) is a NG from West Virginia.


OLB: Rodney Roane Jr. (6-2, 225), Evan Rutkowski (6-2, 210)

OLB: Daniel Raymond (6-0, 220), Nick Haynes (6-1, 210)

IL: John Gioia (6-1, 230), Alijah Bivens (5-11, 220)

IL: Will Middleton (5-11, 215), Branson Peters (6-1, 215).

Analysis: Middleton is a transfer from Saint Francis and Gioia from Wagner. Gioia had a terrific camp and Middleton should help against the run and pass. So here's the thing, Gioia, Middleton and Peters are all transfers. But they are placeholders because there will be a transfer or two at most likely EDGE and a very talented freshman coming in led by Alfred Thomas (6-1, 220) from Orlando.


S Kaden White (6-1, 190), Jason Shiggs (6-1, 170)

S Xavier Terry (5-10, 190), Mike Swain (5-10, 180)

CB Myles Brodie (6-2, 175), Justin Toler (5-10, 175)

CB Shafeek Smith (5-10, 175), Zakaa Brown (6-1, 165)

Analysis: This will be the most important competition over the summer. Not sure that anything is locked in. Maybe Terry starting since he has experience. But they brought in Shiggs and Zakaa Brown as freshmen along with White. But they are not done yet, as they really need a corner who can start, hopefully with some size though Brodie had a strong camp. In the summer, more freshmen are coming along with Emiril Gant (6-0, 170) from Apopka, Fla., T.J. Sands (6-2, 190) from Orlando, Cody Williams (6-0, 175) from DeMatha, Shamir Johnson (6-0, 165) from St. Joe's Prep in Philly. 

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