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  1. griggey20

    MBB falls in OT to UNCW 81-77

    welcome back! We missed you!
  2. griggey20

    General MBB thread

    I generally agree with everything that has been said. BUT, success in March doesn't only mean getting to the tourney for me. If we win the 1 seed, play well in the tourney, get to the finals and play well I think I am okay with it. Still get a shot in the NIT (not ideal) but at least we are making progress towards getting there. Everyone on this board has been disappointed with what we have done in the conference tourney. Winning a couple games and playing in the finals is still an accomplishment, while not the pinnacle, for me at least.
  3. griggey20

    Gibson leads MBB over W&M 91-69

    You have no choice but to be glass half full at this point!
  4. griggey20

    Gibson leads MBB over W&M 91-69

    If we look at the standings right now you're correct, we do have some tough opponents. At the same time 3 of our 4 conference wins were against the top 6 in the pre-season picks (NE-2, Hofstra-5 and Elon-6) with our only loss being to the preseason #3 team (Drexel) which was on the road. I do agree the next 6 will dictate how good this team can be: Coc UNCW @ UD UD Drexel JMU If we manage to go 4-2 or better I think that's when expectations will really increase for me. As we have all said, it's been a great start, but our biggest challenges are in front of us. We all have the bad taste in our mouth come March and that needs to change. The good news is Nolan and Cam have no idea what that past is can will hopefully push us through.
  5. griggey20

    General MBB thread

    if you're going to call someone out, do it.
  6. griggey20

    Gibson leads MBB over Hofstra 78-66 (story)

    I’ve never met someone more half empty about a team they root for. You’re Randy Quaid in Major League II.
  7. griggey20

    Hofstra Preview

    Nolan update?
  8. griggey20

    General MBB thread

    Only bracket I care about is the one on March 13th
  9. griggey20

    MBB falls to Drexel 65-61

    Agree here, but i think he can make an open shot if given in a big spot. I think the ball needs to be in Nolan's hands, he has to make the right decision and be agrressive. He's got guys who can make shots, I think we can all agree, he shouldn't have settled in the last minute yesterday
  10. griggey20

    MBB falls to Drexel 65-61

    I was there last night. We couldn't have played worse and lost at the last second of the game. Looked like that layup by Nolan sat on the rim FOREVER, it was a great look. I thought he should have went up with the right and tried to dunk it from my angle, that was a veteran crew, if he got fouled he would've gotten the call. A few observations from the stands: - Cam was struggling with the mask, at halftime the trainer was sanding down the bar between his eyes to help him get a better line of sight. You could tell he couldn't see with that thing on. I think its great he was there and hes going to have to learn at somepoint to play with it on. Hopefully he is more used to it moving forward, it looked like he felt more comfortable as time went on. - I think Rizzuto makes a difference if he's there. Gibson is on the floor to make shots. He didnt make s**t. Therefore, you play the guy who can guard, that last posession Drexel isnt getting that foul if he's on the floor IMO, Rizzuto is guarding that. -IDK how many TOs we had left but we should've used one after the offensive rebound with under a min. Once the shot clock got to 15 we still looked confused I think we go TO there to get a good set and run something to the post for Cam. I dont think we can go with a set for CT there due to his poor FT shooting. I HATED holding the ball till 6 on the shot clock there and hoisting a 3. -We made ZERO shots, we out rebounded them and had less turnovers which is normally a recipe for success. I thought in the first 5 min we had some bad shots/possessions then Skerry corrected that and we generally had good possessions the rest of the way. -Defensively I thought we contested well, they made some tough shots late in the shot clock. Credit to them. I said this before, we couldn't have played worse and still had a chance to win. I am interested to see how we bounce back vs Delaware tomorrow. 2012 is going to criticize and its fair. If we don't come out and play well the next 3-4 games we are going to be the same 'ole Tigers, fighting for a 4-5 seed and bowing out before the Conf Title game. I believe this team has a chance to be really good and compete for the CAA title. I think Nolan and Cam can both be that late shot guy, we just couldnt throw the ball in the ocean last night with many open looks. 1 Question, at the end of the 1H there was a double T on the two coaches. Does anyone have any information with what happened. Skerry talked to the official (who works a TON of Big East games) all the way to the locker room. It looked like he had heard enough of Pat and didnt want to punish him but send a message. The double T negates any FTs and they moved on, just curious if there was any good angle from the TV feed.
  11. griggey20

    Stat Update II

    Biggest stat is the record....9-4. If you took a straw poll after the non-conference I would be shocked if anyone had us at 9 wins. We've lost to 2 P5's (yes I know Pitt isnt good) and 2 teams that will probably be playing post-season basketball in March. I think the most exciting things for me are; 1) we have multiple guys that can beat you any night 2) we aren't playing down to bad teams, we are blowing them out 3) we can make shots and are scoring inside 4) we are unselfish. I feel like this team really likes eachother and is more worried about the whole than the parts. I am not sure if we've had that since the Bennimon era.
  12. griggey20

    Timberlake leads MBB to 69-52 win over Navy

    Any F1 is going to be reviewed when there is a monitor. It’s way easier to explain an upgrade than a downgrade. Definitely could’ve been a F2. Not sure they screwed up the shot clock. The rules changed a bit this year with the reset. Any dead ball possession in the front court that would need a reset (dead ball TO, foul, back court, OB, etc) will be put back to 20.
  13. griggey20

    General MBB thread

    Don't sleep on 2006-2008 when we had Casper, Bushrod and G. Neal. Not sure many mid-majors had 3 pros in all 3 major US sports.
  14. griggey20

    Gibson leads MBB over Coppin State 89-75

    Covering the spread is one of the better barometers for what you’re supposed to win by. Just saying we are supposed to win by 30 isn’t realistic when we are favored by 9. I agree Holden hasn’t been great but other guys playing well around him will force teams to continue the adjustments. To me it doesn’t matter who’s doing it each night as long as two of them are. As long as we are making the appropriate adjustments to the opponents defense I think we are fine. One of the things I like about the roster is the ability to adjust and it seems like the majority of the guys are good with their roles. Paar being the one exception from the games I’ve seen.

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