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  1. griggey20

    2024-25 Transfer Thread

    Absolute STUD and a good kid. I’ve reffed him 5-7 times the last couple years. Missed a bunch of time with a broken bone in his foot, was cleared too early and hurt it again. He was recruited by Tobin Anderson before he took the FDU job (who’s now at Iona). I have a feeling he’s going high major.
  2. griggey20

    2024-25 Transfer Thread

    I’ve seen it live
  3. griggey20

    2024-25 Transfer Thread

    Stay away from this kid. He’s a bad teammate. Worries about himself and doesn’t pass. Takes awful shots.
  4. griggey20

    Hofstra edges MBB 59-56

    About as bad as we can shoot the ball and only lost by 3. Would’ve loved the win but happy with the fight feel like we are primed for a top 4 spot.
  5. griggey20

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    So anyone who thinks Skerry should be fired means Harbaugh should…right???
  6. griggey20

    MBB stuns Charleston 82-78

    As bad as the FT shooting was by Williamson late, the 2 by CT were HUGE. To go up 7 with about 30 seconds left kind of ended it. going back to Tarke, saw him at Monmouth. That kid is so strong. His legs look like tree trunks. hoping this win gets the team some confidence and allows them to mesh a bit. Getting a top 4 spot in the tourney is where the focus needs to be.
  7. griggey20

    Northeastern preview

    Northeastern backdoored the hell out of them in the 2H. Hofstra guards nobody. Northeastern moved the ball incredibly well and are patient on the offensive end. If Towson shows up (unlike Monmouth) they will win.
  8. griggey20

    MBB holds on to beat Nicholls 65-55

    *almost everyone.
  9. griggey20

    May scores 27 to lead MBB over UMass 81-71

    Not sure when you were at TU but there was certainly no shortage of talent in Tower C circa 2003. Regarding your statement with the P6 wins, maybe the league doesn’t stink like it’s claimed to. With the team being so young I’d think PS would want to compete in as many games as possible so they’d want any postseason that’s offered. So having a solid season and beating teams who’ve won big non-conf games could be beneficial.
  10. griggey20

    Charleston Classic

    Did something happen to Hicks?
  11. griggey20

    State of the Union on Monday

    Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook, a fairly reputable publication has Colorado as #23 in the nation and picked 3rd in the PAC12. I’d say he’s spot on.
  12. griggey20

    CAA Media Day Thread

    Sorry if I trust Jeff Goodman’s opinion about basketball more than yours.
  13. griggey20

    CAA Media Day Thread

    I think the point you’re missing is that everyone in the country knows what a train wreck the program was in when he took over. He’s made us competitive to the point that a preseason ranking of 5th is a disappointment. We all know it’s about the tournament and winning there but many people in college basketball still value winning regular season games and the development of the program. We also know you don’t and that’s fine
  14. griggey20

    Football stuns No. 13 W&M 34-24

    I find it impressive how you make every positive a negative about a different program.
  15. griggey20

    Morgan State Football preview

    Good call 👍
  16. griggey20

    2023 General Football News

    I’m not shocked. Does anyone in his position think there was more he could do and deserve to be fired? It’s unlikely.
  17. griggey20

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Mat, any chance G. Neal starts to be an ambassador for us to build a pipeline from Calvert Hall?
  18. griggey20

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    No you don’t. Kid plays like a punk
  19. griggey20

    NIL Challenge

    This is incredibly judgmental of a group of athletes with no facts behind it.
  20. griggey20

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    Had him this season. Kid can play.
  21. griggey20

    It’s official: Messiah Jones to Towson

    Be interesting to see how he works with CT. How many years does he have left?
  22. griggey20

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    We stink, we should just give up and not play next season.
  23. griggey20

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    What you hinting at here?
  24. griggey20

    General MBB Thread 2022-23

    1) That video is awesome 2) To me this matters. And I know we all talk about wins/losses but this means something and it’s great for the university to have such a positive ambassador.
  25. griggey20

    General MBB Thread 2022-23

    Agreed, he can’t get any workouts if he doesn’t declare. He knows he won’t get drafted but he needs an opportunity to showcase his skill set. Someone commented on Twitter about the Shanghai Sharks and his response was “I’ll take it”. Not sure what else you want him to do…say “I’m not good enough, hopefully I end up in Bolivia”

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