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  1. I like Blakney's moves close to the basket. How many times did we fail to finish close to the rim this past year? If he's consistent on that front, I'd be happy to have him.
  2. Can't name the source, who also referenced a Dayton transfer we are close to landing.
  3. TigerFan54

    MLax thread

    How many years left on Nads' contract?
  4. TigerFan54

    WBB General Thread

    I guess I'm also a Towson sap, because I watched a good chunk of the game. Harvard shot the three extremely well, but our defense was non-existent during the time I was tuned in. This was a chance to wash the bad taste of the CAA final out of our mouths, but we only added to it. Very disappointing way to end the season.
  5. TigerFan54

    MLax thread

    I foresee a worse drubbing. But you never know -- maybe U-Va. takes us too lightly and we miraculously cut down on turnovers and generally bone-headed play. It's just hard to believe that players at this level lack basic competency.
  6. TigerFan54

    Pete Shinnick named football coach

    Great interview. I have high hopes for Coach Pete. He seems like such an authentic guy and plenty smart too. Couldn't ask for a better ambassador for the school and program.
  7. TigerFan54

    MBB falls to Charleston in Semifinals 77-72

    Not to knock the guy, but one of many key moments came with about a minute to play, tie game, and CB is fouled by the Serbian center -- flagrant -- so we have two FTs and possession. A chance to go up by four. We come away with one... As I say, one of many missed opportunities, but with so little time left, that one sticks in my craw.
  8. TigerFan54

    Charleston III preview

    Bolon will try to get into Cam's head in hopes of (a) getting him off his game and (b) getting CH to commit some flagrants (or maybe do something even more stupid and get thrown out). Let's hope he keeps his cool.
  9. TigerFan54

    UMBC Lax thread

    Is Nads recruiting weak players or just unable to develop recruits?
  10. I hope Steve E. has taken notice of Holden's dirty play of late and insisted Skerry address it. This sh*t is unacceptable if it happens once, but he' been a repeat offender.
  11. TigerFan54

    MLax thread

    Yeah, Nads just seems too low-key to be much of a recruiter. Don't know enough about the assistants to say if they're part of the problem, but something's been amiss for a while.
  12. TigerFan54

    Gymnastics thread

    Another very impressive season. We have a couple of matchups coming with U-Md., which is ranked slightly ahead of us, then the EAGL championships. Let's hope the mojo doesn't let up.
  13. I thought he deserved a T against CoC when he got tangled up with Bolen beneath the basket and then "accidentally" fell on him. This is going to get even uglier in the CAAT if the coaching staff doesn't take this bull by the horns.
  14. TigerFan54

    MLax thread

    These weaknesses seem to reflect one or perhaps two things: 1) we're just not able to recruit better players and/or we just can't develop the ones we do sign. Either way, it falls on coaching.
  15. One other thought: In post-game interview after post-game interview, PS keeps saying that "we're not there YET," as if he's waiting for some magic key to be turned, but this team has showed us all season long who they are. Think back to the Albany game, where we were clearly just a weak imitation of last year's team at its best. That disappointing performance has repeated itself over and over, even in wins (UNCG). I had plenty of complaints about Nolan, Gray and Rizzutto, but their replacements this year -- Sylla, Russell/May, Hicks -- are a steep drop-off (occasional flashes notwithstanding). The upshot is that our so-called big three have felt the need to carry a bigger load. Other than Nic, and Cam or CT occasionally, the burden has produced lesser play. So, I'm not just being glum when I say my expectations are shot. Having said that, I shudder to think what next season will bring. I guess hope doesn't spring eternal.

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