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  1. TigerFan54

    Football Transition from D2 to 1-AA

    That was a memorable era, often for heartbreaking reasons. Along with the narrow loss to Youngtown State, we lost at Lehigh the next week on the final play of the game (a preview of the Howard loss at home in '93. which kept us out of the playoffs). Then came an endless string of injuries in '90 an '91, and the STF near-debacle. Glad we persevered.
  2. TigerFan54

    Tiger Throwback: 1990 Gymnastics Team

    I remember that team and saw several of their home meets. It amazes me that our scores were sub-190, when today our teams hit 193, even 194, but don't do as well against strong competition. Is it grade inflation or are the gymnasts just that much better these days? Also, compare the size of the rosters: 18 on the team this year compared to 12 back then.
  3. TigerFan54

    CAA Preview (pretty detailed)

    I don't see any mention of the UAB transfer in the previews. Is he still coming? Does he have to sit out? (The latter might work to our advantage, given how many newcomers/returnees we have to fit into a rotation.)
  4. TigerFan54

    No Spring Football

    Do I have this right: players don't lose a year of eligibility by playing in the spring? (Meaning,for example, that Villanova's senior QB Smith and senior stud RB Covington get to play both in the spring and in the fall?) If so, that doesn't seem fair.
  5. TigerFan54

    Revisiting 4th and 29

    That play (and game) is one of my top three TU football memories. The miracle comeback against Northeastern (on an untimed down with the clock expired) in '92, the near-miraculous 22-second drive to defeat Richmond on the final play (2007, I think), are the other two. But this one ranks highest because it was emblematic of such a special season. I love that team.
  6. TigerFan54

    NCAA basketball season to start on ....

    That's about when it used to start. The weekend before T-giving, if I recall correctly, the Devin Boyd era and earlier.
  7. I assume I'm not alone, and probably not alone in being pissed off either. When I clicked on the "contact us" button on the FS website, the only thing that pops up is snail-mail address in Texas. So redress is limited. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  8. TigerFan54

    QB Vincent Amendola transfers from UNC to TU

    He seems to sense pressure and moves well to escape it. Also like how he keeps his eyes downfield when scrambling.
  9. TigerFan54

    Zane coming back to TU?

    I'm with Chris Datres on this one. It's all about chemistry and I liked what we were building. I didn't like what I saw from ZM too many times, especially when he would drive and lose the ball or get snuffed rather than dish it off.
  10. TigerFan54

    Adrian Feliz Platt

    I was pleasantly surprised by Platt's improvement this past year. He looked overmatched as a freshman, but in 2019 showed some elusiveness. Mat, on a related subject: With the PAC-12 season "postponed," what are the chances Constantine comes back here if we have spring football? His chances of playing are far greater than at Wash. State.
  11. TigerFan54

    Nice video package on Caleb Smith

    Very impressive young man. I remember watching his father play -- he was a relentless, so the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
  12. TigerFan54


    I'm sure RA was supremely disappointed when the CAA pulled the plug, especially since so much effort had gone into working with the team/staff remotely and coming up with a plan to proceed. And then ... it's all gone. I wouldn't have known what to say either, or seen much point in it. My disappointment (apart from just missing out on games and cheering us on) is that we had a chance to be pretty good with Shane, DeBerry, and Ron Johnson all back, a very good o-line, some promising defenders, and Constantine. Now, at least some of those prospects for the coming season have all vanished, even if games are played in the spring. I fear the same way about b-ball, with Big Vic, the UAB transfer, and our returnees giving us reason to hope. Would be a real shame if that season falls by the wayside too.
  13. TigerFan54

    I guess Dartmouth Game is now Postponed

    Maryland game has been canceled. Very disappointing, as I liked our chances given that Md. lost their star RBs, we're getting key players back, and Constantine (assuming he pans out) seems like a better QB than Josh Jackson.
  14. TigerFan54

    2021 Football Offers/Commits

    Very impressive combination of speed and power.
  15. TigerFan54

    Press Box video interview with RA

    Rob says 70 players will arrive in July. Does that mean we'll have a smaller roster because of budget cuts or do the true freshmen come later?

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