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  1. Blazer49

    2019 OOC opponents

    Northeastern released their 2019-2020 schedule. Their OOC opponents: @ BU, home vs. Harvard, @ UMASS, home vs. Old Dominion, @ Holy Cross, playing in Fort Myers tournament, opponents not announced but participants include Kansas State, Northwestern, Pitt and Bradley, home vs. Maine, home vs. Davidson and @ Eastern Michigan. I would take a similar type of schedule like that for the Tigers. The College of Charleston tourney is probably better than the Fort Myers, but will the rest of our OOC match up?
  2. Blazer49

    Early rankings

    And there it is. Target squarely on our backs. Work hard boys and show people that ranking is correct!
  3. Blazer49

    Demetrius Mims transfers to Towson

    I was thinking the same thing or at the very least Canada and Mexico do not have the same NCAA trip limitations as opposed to going overseas.
  4. Blazer49

    In other CAA news

    It's like the mid-major version of One and Done. Instead of going pro, the player comes in for one year and then goes to a Power 5.
  5. According to the selection show last night Hopkins got in because of their Strength of Schedule, which is BS because if 99% of the other schools were number 1 in S.O.S and had an 8-7 record they would be sitting out this weekend. Would Hopkins beat High Point right now? Probably but no way an automatic bid should of gone to an 8-7 team.
  6. Blazer49

    More Digital TV for CAA

    Embarrassing. I do not know why they continue to make it difficult for people to watch their conference sports. WTH? I am a huge sports fan and think I have a pretty good idea of different tv stations and websites but NEVER have I heard of flosports. If I haven't I know most other people haven't either. You HAVE to make it easier for the casual or heck even the big time sports fan to find your product in order to watch it. TERRIBLE, just TERRIBLE, but unfortunately not surprising.
  7. Blazer49

    Regular season lax wrap-up

    IF we happen to lose the conference championship, I think a good 3 or 4 plus goal win in the conference semis and a close loss in the championship assuming its against UMASS should get us in no?
  8. Blazer49

    UMass dominates MLax, 14-10

    Whenever any of the teams we care about on here have any success it is usually early. Past examples 2018 Football, 2019 Lacrosse, 2017-18 Basketball. Is it once teams start to take notice or there is film on us the reason why other teams catch up and we struggle at the end? If so and I am not saying this to get rid of anyone, but are coaching staffs not making any adjustments and still thinking previous success will continue to work? It just seems to be the same narrative Towson (fill in the blank sports team) is off to a great start, they are ranked, moving up the ranks, getting votes etc. Then there is one game where everything changes and in the case of football and lacrosse we just seem to be hanging on to early season success in hopes that gets us into the tournament. Why doesn't our success last the whole year? Look I know in the case of the lacrosse team it was a perfect storm of things that got us to #1 in the country. No one thought we would stay there, but to get dominated at home by UMASS and not appearing to HAVE to win the tournament to get in something is just not right with our teams once we hit the home stretch
  9. Blazer49

    Conversation with RA about spring practice

    Good stuff, thanks Mat.
  10. Blazer49

    In other CAA news

    That's what you have to wonder when any team let's someone go. It may not be the best but keep what you have may be better than what you get. It is not as easy as "fire that guy" or "get rid of this guy." Only time will tell.
  11. Blazer49

    Pro Day thread

    Hope the guys have a good day. What are the chances of any of our guys getting drafted? I assume most of our guys are working out in order to get signed as free agents after the draft. Would that be correct?
  12. Blazer49


    Wow someone or some"many" from ESPN will be looking for a new job. Shame the women cannot enjoy the moment they worked hard for to enjoy. Plus add the fact they get UCONN.
  13. Blazer49

    WBB to Host Selection Show Watch Party

    Should be a fun couple today's starting tonight with the watch party and leading up to the game. ESPN has us as a 15th Seed headed to play Iowa in Iowa: http://www.espn.com/womens-college-basketball/bracketology This site has us at 13: https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/womens-basketball/bracketology
  14. Blazer49

    WBB Hofstra thread

    Just looked it up. At least near me I can watch it on NBCSports Philadelphia
  15. Blazer49

    WBB Hofstra thread

    Yes the semis. Is tomorrow's game on tv? I mean something that I don't have to figure out with a firestick or something like that?

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