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  1. Blazer49

    Monmouth Preview

    Good teams have to worry about trap games, we are not good.
  2. Blazer49

    Delaware handles MBB 72-59

    Yes, Dr. Dave Zang, loved his classes, he was a HUGE Phillies fan which fueled our relationship as well!
  3. Blazer49

    Delaware handles MBB 72-59

    If Bay Area Tiger has reached this point, then the ship has truly sunk. BAT is the silver lining positive one on this board. The Bob is less than 30 minutes away from my house and I had no schedule conflicts and I had no desire to go to the game. Drexel is not too far away either and I do not anticipate heading to University City for that game either. Changes need to be made but it sounds like the only changes that can be made would be at the assistant level since PS contract still has years on it.
  4. Blazer49

    Delaware Preview

    Simple solution. GO TO ESPN. If on ESPN at worst the game would be on ESPN+ a streaming service that is viable and offers a lot more extra programming than flosports ever would. CBS Sports Network has one station so yes if a once in a blue moon game like this comes up there is nothing they can do. If the CAA was with ESPN it would have a better chance of moving things around and getting this game on 'The U" or ESPNNEWS or like I said the last option of ESPN+. I am sure it would be impossible to find but I would love to see the subscriber numbers of each. As an ESPN+ subscriber I cannot tell you how many games I "trip" into just by searching. I guarentee you no one "trips" into anything with flo. Those that have it watch the team they subscribe for and that's it.
  5. Blazer49

    General MBB Thread 2022-23

    +1 although trying to figure out what my man Wayne was looking at!
  6. Blazer49

    MBB beats Drexel 64-58 without Holden

    Kind of a cryptic message here from coach. Seems like whatever happened with him possibly involved coach/coaches. Whatever it is, it needs to be addressed quick as possible, back next game, two more games, not coming back decide and announce soon. Best of both worlds for me, thanks to that late three by Drexel. Towson wins but doesn't cover! You have to continue to fade this team when favored for the time being.
  7. Blazer49

    Drexel Preview

    Towson -6, have to keep fading them until they prove something
  8. Blazer49

    What is wrong?

    That is part of the problem however. We ALWAYS go "toe to toe" "lost by 5" against teams that are better than us. Look at the headlines on the Towson site for those games: Towson "Battles" to Force Overtime..." Towson "Hangs Tough...". Even in past seasons almost beating Pitt or Maryland you name it. Those headlines are just like a friend who tells you about a girl and you ask if she is good looking and the response is "She has a great personality
  9. Blazer49

    What is wrong?

    Thursday we should have some answers. Did we play closer to our potential on Saturday or did we get hyped up to play the best team in the league? Right now I think it is the later. Let's see how they play against Drexel.
  10. Blazer49

    2023 Offers/Commits

    Williams Caden, got to get the name of the school you just received correct. At least "State" was not included!
  11. Blazer49

    Bryant Preview

    I supplement my following Towson by fading them while betting. If they are going to disappoint me might as well make a few bucks doing it. Can we go back to the start of the season when we "thought" we were good? Reality is becoming a bitch.
  12. Blazer49

    Bryant Preview

    Nice crowd for a Thursday 12 noon start.
  13. Blazer49

    Volleyball 2022

    It's probably happened in lacrosse a few times, but can anyone think of the last time where a Towson team has beaten a team in the regular season and that team ended up in the Final Four. Obviously thinking of the volleyball team beating Pitt this year.
  14. Blazer49

    Pete Shinnick named football coach

    I like the fact the Locks reached out.
  15. Blazer49

    Pete Shinnick named football coach

    I hate to stereotype but in all honesty when I first saw his picture on Sunday I thought he appeared to be a "Gosh darn it" "Oh fiddlesticks" type of guy. Time will tell but if no "F" bombs increases our "W" total I'm all for it. I wonder how the first meeting with the team went as it is all about buy in right now.

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