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  1. Blazer49

    Thoughts on the rest of the season

    Then he should not mention it in his post game. From my knowledge no one knew about it. Was there a mention of anything happening on this board? Not that this board knows everything but there have been whispers of things happening in the past. Did anyone in the press conference press him on it?
  2. Blazer49

    Thoughts on the rest of the season

    I am kind of wishing I did not promise to meet a friend of mine at the Blue Chickens game this weekend. Not looking forward to going to watch getting our "arses" kicked. Different sport of course but I had enough of that while going to watch us play Drexel under PK. I follow the board to get insight on our teams as I remain an avid supporter. I refuse to buy into Flosports so I usually cannot watch any of our games so my only knowledge of players on any of our teams is strictly from what I get on this board. For as long as I have been on this board this maybe the first time where there is overwhelming agreement on something and it seems like almost everyone thinks that Rob has to go. His quotes post games this year almost seem like even he knows he is a lame duck. If Rob mentions "off the field issues this week" he has to expound on them. He can't drop that nugget and walk away. Seems like there is no respectable leadership whether it be from the coaches or players when "off the field issues" start to get out of hand whatever they were. I know we are not like other schools that can eat buyouts of coaches and just let him go now, but if he knows and the AD knows, the player know and the fans know, can't we at least right now announce that this is Rob's last year so we can start moving forward now?
  3. Blazer49

    Shake up in Athletic Department

    Similar challenges but I think he has a better chance of success here as compared to La Salle. You think we have problems, I think although yes in a better basketball conference, La Salle would love to have our "problems". It should be much easier to get people to come to Towson/SECU/Unitas than getting people to come to North Philadelphia and a gym that is arguably below Drexel's Dak. I'm sure Ari ran not walked to take this opportunity to leave La Salle.
  4. Blazer49

    General MBB thread 2021-22

    I assume he is a better coach than actor. Yes it is good to celebrate a Regular Season Conference Championship but we all know it means nothing as far as the NCAA Tournament is concerned. Let's get a ring to celebrate the making it to the dance in 2022-2023 season.
  5. Blazer49

    2022 Summer Camp Thread

    All credibility is lost. I know it is a bigger program but no one refers to Memphis as Memphis State any more. It's just lazy, do your job!
  6. Blazer49

    General Football News

    Virtual? So typical of CAA. Where is the Aunt Flo link? Only good thing is that it brings us a step closer to having games to talk about.
  7. Blazer49

    Top 10 Running Backs of all Time

    Tony Vinson was a beast obviously that year. Hey Mat since Tiger93 mentioned the homecoming game vs. Howard, which was incredible even though a devastating loss, how about your next list be Top 10 all time games? I am sure the I-AA quarterfinal and semifinal games will be 1 and 2 but this Howard game and the Miracle at Minnigan in 1992 are right up there. Two of the best in person games I have seen.
  8. Blazer49

    General MBB thread 2021-22

    It is frustrating that "most of the big boys on the East Coast won't play us." I guess the teams that could "afford" to play us, not financially afford, but more so taking a chance of losing to us, and still being a basic lock for the tournament say Villanova, would rather take their open dates and play other ranked teams. The "bubble" type teams like say Rutgers, those are the type of teams that cannot afford an "L" against the Tigers. Rutgers losses to Lafayette at home and UMASS last season on the road are probably the reason they were in the First Four. It would be nice if we could somehow play top teams from high mid-majors but the risk there is just like the CAA you may think a team is going to be good and then they are not. This is not a true example of what I mean, but I think Albany was supposed to be better than they ended up last season. Hopefully down the road the New AD can use some of the relationships he built by working in the SEC to try and get a lower SEC school to do a home and home. The team should bring people to the SECU but besides that what team listed above gets anyone but the hardcore fan to come or even pay attention?
  9. Blazer49


    I'm sure they rested some players, but to take such a hit on their RPI hurts if they happen to win the CAA. Was a rough season for Towson good way to go out, hopefully they can work their way back to be somewhat relevant. They were not even in most games this season.
  10. Blazer49

    General MBB thread 2021-22

    Let's hope Joey D is not involved in the discussions!
  11. Blazer49


    2012 thank you for this post. I actually was in the process of writing something similar about the baseball program but then decided to delete, didn't know if there were any baseball fans on here. Outside of their extra inning loss the other day against the Twerps, not only are they losing a lot, they really are not completive in most games. Hopefully as Mat eluded to, some improvements may be coming.
  12. Didn't they just announce him as the interim coach earlier this week? Kind of clumsy if they do that Monday and then tell him later in the week he is out of the running to be permanent. Good luck to him.
  13. Blazer49

    2022-23 Transfer Portal

    How many years of eligibility does he have yet? There are still a number of schools in Carolina he has not transferred to yet! Who is next? Charleston Southern? East Carolina? How about an HBCU, A&T or Central?
  14. DAWN STALEY IS COMING TO TOWSON! Come on Steve-O get her done! Looking for the sarcasm button here can't seem to find one. But it was fun to type.
  15. Ouch. Good for her, bad for us!

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