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  1. Blazer49

    Florida preview

    Looking forward to watching. Not that it matters too much but it is going to be tougher now with Florida coming off a bad loss.
  2. Blazer49

    Kent State preview

    Tigers -1.5 O/U 138
  3. Blazer49

    GW Preview

    Must be some action on this game as the line actually opened at Towson -6.5, but has been bouncing between -5.5 and -6 all day currently back at -5.5 O/U a very Skerry like 132
  4. Blazer49

    GW Preview

    Towson -6 ? I don't know about that. Respect to us or lack of respect to GW?
  5. Blazer49

    Another perspective on TF at the next level

    This is not a negative question as I am thankful that TF is our quarterback. He has done some great things in his season plus and hope he finishes the season strong. It is not his fault that his brother is a veteran Super Bowl winning QB (regardless of what people think of his skills now) and a lot in life is not what you know its who you know but my question is if Tom's last name was say Flanagan instead of Flacco is he getting the same looks from scouts?
  6. Blazer49

    Flo Sports announces broadcast team

    Major League team, minor league media outlet.
  7. Blazer49

    Comments before the Comments

    Incentives for all college coaches are jokes. UCONN's Randy Edsall has accumulated about $40,000 in bonuses this year even though they have only 1 win this season.
  8. Blazer49

    Latest poll

    Glad we didn't drop after a loss to a Top 10 I-A school. Especially since for the most part we did not get embarrassed.
  9. Blazer49

    Florida scouting report on Towson

    Oh yeah I remember LSU...
  10. Blazer49

    Boston Globe story on Coby Tippett

    I know the only reason why he got interviewed i because of his father's connection to the Patriots, but getting an article in the Boston Globe hyping Towson is great!
  11. Rolled the dice and took the Tigers at -4.5. So happy to see we did not settle and kick field goal at the end and got the touchdown plus 2 point conversion!
  12. Blazer49

    Tigers in the NFL thread

    Ty Smith had four tackles in Tennessee's game against the Eagles last night. Looked good in coverage a few times too.
  13. Blazer49

    More Digital TV for CAA

    I read an article saying that FLO sports was having issues during the DCU broadcast. Yeah I will follow @Towson_fb and the chat. No way I'm paying.
  14. Blazer49

    More Digital TV for CAA

    No one is nor no one should have to pay for it. Here's hoping that @towson_fb provides good updates on Twitter because this is how I will be following football this season. Sad because special things could be happening this year.
  15. Blazer49

    2019 OOC opponents

    As mentioned above scheduling at our level is certainly not easy. I do not expect an “Power 5” school to come to the SECU every year because it is just not going to happen. But once every two or three years there must be some kind of team that gets people on campus and around the area excited to see at Towson. This is what the 7th season (damn time flies) of the arena and who was the biggest name team to come? Temple? You can’t tell me that we cannot get Temple type of schools to come in every other year or so. They are going to hang their hat on Kent State and George Washington as headliners but that is not going to move the meter. Like Chris said earlier you must play the local teams. It helps to keep cost down as you do not have to worry about travel and hotel stays, but those savings could be used to help draw other teams to play us. Villanova is not walking through that door, but a Providence can. I mentioned no Power 5 schools but when we think like that, we think Michigan or Ohio State, but Rutgers can certainly walk through our doors. (Haven’t we scrimmaged them in the past?), we have a relationship with Penn State through lacrosse we should be able to get them to walk through those SECU doors. We talk about getting recruits that stay here and are productive all four years. It helps in recruiting when you can say “this place will be jumping when you are on the court in front of a packed house when we play Temple, Penn State, Rutgers, Providence, fill in any other type of level school, in this building.” Instead of hey Vermont and Kent State are coming in.” I think part of the lack of name teams coining on our end is the fear that there will be more of the visiting fans than our fans. That maybe true, but I was at both the Louisville game and the Michigan game and I can tell you Towson Center was rocking the then “Fight On Towson Tigers!” I understand the athletic department does not want teams coming in to town and blowing us out, but you have to get people talking and scheduling the right teams helps that cause.

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