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  1. Blazer49

    General MBB thread

    Let's hope Joey D is not involved in the discussions!
  2. Blazer49


    2012 thank you for this post. I actually was in the process of writing something similar about the baseball program but then decided to delete, didn't know if there were any baseball fans on here. Outside of their extra inning loss the other day against the Twerps, not only are they losing a lot, they really are not completive in most games. Hopefully as Mat eluded to, some improvements may be coming.
  3. Didn't they just announce him as the interim coach earlier this week? Kind of clumsy if they do that Monday and then tell him later in the week he is out of the running to be permanent. Good luck to him.
  4. Blazer49

    2022-23 Transfer Portal

    How many years of eligibility does he have yet? There are still a number of schools in Carolina he has not transferred to yet! Who is next? Charleston Southern? East Carolina? How about an HBCU, A&T or Central?
  5. DAWN STALEY IS COMING TO TOWSON! Come on Steve-O get her done! Looking for the sarcasm button here can't seem to find one. But it was fun to type.
  6. Ouch. Good for her, bad for us!
  7. Blazer49

    MLax thread

    The best 30 minute team in the country.
  8. Blazer49

    MBB falls to Wake Forest 74-64 in the NIT

    The team got comfortably behind before it started to play well last night. Actually had to hold my breath last night as I took Wake Forest -8, just did not like how they played in DC and although Wake may have been disappointed in not making the field of 68, it is not like they are a perennial tournament program so I figured they play well. What a dizzying down spiral to end the season. Kind of wonder how the season would have played out if the last 18 minutes of the Delaware game happened when it was suppose to happen how would things played out. Kind of seems looking back that the season kind of ended there for some. On to football now as lacrosse seems like it will be a lost season.
  9. Blazer49

    MLax thread

    That might be part of the reason but unfortunately as lacrosse continues to grow, Towson's position as being a perineal type program will continue to fade. There are so many more options now for lacrosse players to go compared to 10, 20, 30 years ago and we will NEVER be able to compete with Big 10 schools in any sport on a long term basis. We need "one of the nest recruits in the history of the program" to pan out and hopefully start to bring others here. Towson was fortunate in the past that if a player did not draw interest from the Hopkins, 'Cuse, Duke, and Twerps of the world then they could come to Towson and play for a quality program. Now if the lacrosee "blue bloods" don't want them, Towson now competes with Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigans to name a few. The once shining light of our athletic department has been in a slow fade for a while and now it seems it is barely a glimmer. Add this to an already large list of challenges for Stevie E. when he takes over the reins.
  10. Blazer49

    Delaware Semifinal preview

    It is great to be nervous for a March Towson basketball game. Let's hope I have the same anxiousness this time tomorrow!
  11. Blazer49

    UMBC Lax thread

    A W for Towson Lax. a W for Mat and his great work an another huge L for Flosports. Great stuff CAA!
  12. Blazer49

    General MBB thread

    What Flosports has no pull?
  13. Blazer49

    Delaware II 18:42 preview

    Full speed from the tip off er uh I mean inbound. This reminds me of 2008 World Series Game 5 when they resumed 2 days later in the bottom of the 7th.
  14. Blazer49

    Richmond Lax Thread

    Ugh, did not see any of the game, knew we lost in 3OT. Went to this thread to get a sense of the game wish I didn't! Every post from Mat had our lead growing and growing all the way up to 9-1. Then I started to doubt myself and thought "How the hell did they lose this game?" Unfortunately I kept going. Good job by Mat to get the feel early on during Richmond's comeback that he did not feel good about the way the game had turned. Terrible, terrible loss obviously. Believe it or not is that Towson covered. Not sure what is more shocking to me 1) you can bet on college lacrosse (I didn't), Draftkings has lines or 2) and I know things are dirrefent now but how the heck should Towson lacrosse be an underdog at home to Richmond?
  15. Blazer49

    Towson hires Steve Eigenbrot as new AD

    Good start, someone needs to work on the pronunciation of Towson with him as I sensed a few Towsens in there but I have seen worse introductory press conferences before in my life! Mat thanks for getting the TV/streaming question in there.

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