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  1. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Close Game Losses/Other Numbers

    had a nice actual LOL from this
  2. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    TU Baseball Disaster

    watching a game on the hill randomly on a nice spring afternoon - what a time. the beach and the baseball hill always had great people watching.
  3. JMU won the sun belt. two years in the league.
  4. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Close Game Losses/Other Numbers

    that 2016 Maryland game just kills me - up 13 in the second half. talk about what could have been a program changing win. I was at the game and I remember Maryland had to call a timeout in the first half and all the Towson fans spread out in Comcast stood up and got loud. It was awesome, we had so many fans there and to see all the twerp fans losing their minds 😁.... then we proceed to blow it. the color guy during the CofC game still it super well - playing not to lose vs playing to win. we play not to lose and thus do most of the time. bay area said it in the other thread: we have alums that want to believe and turn on, go to, the big games. You see it when we play power 5 schools in MBB and FB; when we made the FB championship game, the CAA tournament. People post pictures of their TVs along the lines of 'here we go' and what Towson goes full Towson and chokes. At some point give the alumni base something to cheer about, something to remember, something to talk about new since 1991.
  5. it's my fault. 😬 I saw the 91% chance of winning up by 7 on the ESPN app so I turned the game on which was a huge mistake. Watched the complete and total collapse. The first time in a very long time I yelled at the tv for the stupid plays we made. Towson basketball and football have totally desensitized me to the point I don't even watch much anymore. I'll still check scores on my phone and I desperately want us to win, for the school to figure out WTF it wants to be for athletics, I'll still donate, I'll still root for the teams but each time the disappointment kills any passion left just little by little. Towson Horse said it well on Twitter at the beat down by COFC at home. After all that hype at some point you have to win some of these games. In no order off of the top of my head games for MBB and FB that could have turned the tide and didn't: MBB: Wake this year, Clemson last year, Pitt in 2021 Florida in 2019, Maryland in 2016 FB: the national champion game; when NDSU came to town; Maryland in 2011; LSU in 2012; San Diego State in 2021; pretty much any JMU or UD game over the years.
  6. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    CAA Men's Basketball Thread

    exactly what I was thinking. the MAC will be looking at least for another school to make it 14. the A10 will look for more (mostly) private schools that focus on basketball - they want to be the big east 2.0. Hofstra, Drexel, Northeastern would all love to go to the A10. (also 2/3 are only in the CAA because of football then dropped the sport) we continue to get left out because we have no plan. the CAA is dead - i'd love for us to break away with the other northeast state schools that play FCS and maybe look to move up as a conference to FBS. Towson URI - they don't fit with the private school/basketball only A10 Stony Brook W&M Albany - upgrade from American East Maine - upgrade from American East UNH - upgrade from American East One to Three of the following Force Vermont or UNCW to start football to stay relevant VMI and maybe the The Citadel (military rivalry) Chattanooga Youngstown State (doubt they leave the MVFC and trash school)
  7. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Football comes back to beat URI 31-30

    ohhh I would 100% take the worst stadium in the country if we won championships and had a packed house.
  8. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Football comes back to beat URI 31-30

    Very late to respond with the holidays. Was just my personal list. I think it's pretty clear I favor views of elevation change and historic buildings in the background and walkability vs flat parking lots in the middle of nothing. For the most part our lists are not that different and clearly my list isn't tied to actual fan support. HOWEVER; I will firmly stand by believing Delaware Stadium or the Fargodome are not better than Johnny U. Delaware Stadium: is in a field, with zero views of anything other than parking lots and other athletics buildings. some of the parking lots are legit fields. you have to cross the northeast corridor high-speed rail tracks to get to core campus. It's a 28 minute walk to the library which is much closer than most of the rest of core campus. Fargodome: is just as close to core campus as Johnny U (using my library landmark it's 18 mins vs 17 to Johnny U) but you are surrounded by 360 degree of flat parking lots and nowhere near downtown if you wanted to walk to a bar before/after the game. it's also a dome built in 1992 with blue and red seats for a school for colors are green and yellow. not to mention the stadium is at the literal end of a runway for the airport. no thank you Johnny Unites: yes we have parking lots near the stadium but they are pretty small and have nice trees to break up the sea of asphalt. I actually think it's more annoying when they get full and you have to park in the union garage but that isn't a huge walk and a full stadium is a great problem to have. the stadium is built into a nice natural bowl, giving it a more enclosed feel and the views of Sheppard Pratt at least are of historic buildings and trees that really shine in fall colors. By no means in Johnny U perfect, cough... track.. cough but of all the things not great about Towson athletics our stadium is not one of them.
  9. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Football comes back to beat URI 31-30

    Here is my personal list. Biased for places I have been. I enjoy checking out stadiums on road trips so been to a decent number Newark: Absolutely not, I almost spit out my coffee reading this. the stadium is in the middle of flat parking lots and fields. nowhere near the core campus or downtown. literally on the wrong side of the tracks. Been to a game Missoula & Bozeman: 1000% both fantastic towns with amazing views of the rockies from the stadiums with huge local support because the Cats/Griz is the only sports in the state. I lived in Bozeman for a winter, driven by both many times. Yes, it's cold but the scenery is worth it Fargo: No; it's just cold and flat. Same for all the Dakota schools. Driven by Williamsburg: Yes; but also pretty stuffy people. Same feedback for most of Ivy's. Generally cool, old stadiums but the alumni are the worst. Been to a game San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly): Yes, in the heart of SoCal wine country. Rolling hills, palm trees, beaches, sun, warm weather. Driven by Georgetown: Small but built right into the heart of campus. Went to a lax game Ogden (Weber State): Right in the mountains, very close to campus. Cool ski town. Driven by Driven by: UC Davis, Sac State, Western Carolina, Maine, UNH, Youngstown, Howard...we beat all of them BONUS Personal FBS ranking: Awesome: App State, Nebraska, UCLA, Penn State Fine: Notre Dame, UVA, VT, GT, USC, Minnesota Booooo: JMU, Maryland, GA State (lol, its a baseball stadium)
  10. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    2023 General Football News

    some quick googling - we've had a basketball team for over 100 years (1921-22)!! How did we not celebrate this?!? forgetting covid and all but still could have done something last year to make up for it. So many throwback jersey opportunities. https://towsontigers.com/sports/2014/8/4/gen_0804140237.aspx?id=88 https://archives.towson.edu/Documents/Detail/first-mens-basketball-team/60531
  11. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    2023 General Football News

    not bad. they finally got someone who has shopped in this millennium to do merchandising. love the vintage collection and cartoon collections. only small thing is I wish for the vintage stuff they used TSU vs updating to TU for the pre '97 logos. It's not really vintage, more retro-inspired. I get hating when people call us "Towson State" (mostly on tv...looking at you ESPN) but we don't need to erase history. I'd love some kind of super retro inspired: Maryland State Normal School; Maryland State Teachers College; Towson State College. So much cool history the university could use but we really only function like most of the post WW2 schools. https://archives.towson.edu/wiki/normal-schools https://archives.towson.edu/wiki/name-changes
  12. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Canada Thread

    Spokane or Salt Lake would be better for me personally coming from SoCal but the West Regional would be ideal. 😁
  13. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    I hate the track sooooo much. Should have moved it down the soccer and practice fields when they redid those
  14. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Thoughts on Timberlake?

    Very much will be pulling for him. If he goes off on national tv you know for sure the announcers will say he was at Towson for 5 years.
  15. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Softball wins 20 games


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