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  1. Does anyone have any Insight on this years non Conference scheduling

    Lame! this is why we are never going to make the tournament again. We can never seem to schedule more than one good OOC opponent each year and never at home.
  2. CAA title game lax blog

    We had some rebuilding after last year's run but I'm okay with the progress made. Now time to keep building.
  3. Football announces new additions to coaching staff

    Jammer needs to go for any changes of the coaching staff to matter.
  4. Zane Martin - NBA

    Not getting an agent so still hope but not a good look. my guess is he is trying to be get a scouting report from the NBA then graduate quickly to be a grad transfer at a power 5.
  5. SECU/Basketball Game Day Improvements

  6. SECU/Basketball Game Day Improvements

    tunit!! the free wings! we had something going there for a bit with student leadership, then athletics and student affairs (aka Deb Moriarty, the fun police) killed it with that stupid docs army thing.
  7. Towerlight Opinion - State of Athletics

    Amazing. Funny all around! I love that Towerlight kid called out the big two sports for not winning. Totally true and something I joke about all the time at work with coworkers from power 5 schools (duke, wake, umd, florida, az state, uva, va tech) jmu and mason. But like many times with amateur journalism he lacks facts when he is trying to call out the entire athletics department. Going to the final four was awesome for MLAX, clearly they are head and shoulders above the other sports as our number 3 behind only football and MBB on our give a crap factor. I also love that TL gave a sh*t to comment back same with the intern...go intern...someone hire that kid. We need more passion coming out of that department. TuTigers2012 questions the marketing and promotions department and I totally agree. As someone how makes a living in Marketing and Advertising it's pretty laughable. I believe TL was hired for fundraising and from what I can tell he does okay at that but for Marketing we are just plain boring. TL is too cookie cutter and low energy. We can all laugh now at MW for mismanaging the department long term but the guy could sell. That football playoff game atmosphere vs lehigh was amazing. (I saw people scaling tickets! scaling at towson!!) Crushed any atmosphere during the 13 finals run and I went to dallas for the game. Also if anyone remembers the caazone days I've had my issues with both the towerlight (getting misquoted over tailgating) and the athletic department (fire gordy shirts) so I'm super amused all around since I don't have a strong option either way. Both are right and wrong in some ways. Downside of the internet - everyone gets an option to share...including us
  8. New Look

  9. Tigers Leaving Under Armour?

    Not trying to make this a political issue more a focus on the quality of the product for the price and it's just not worth it. I'll continue buy gear for whoever is the official supplier of Towson because I'm supporting Towson not the athletics brand. But outside of anything TU branded UA is not my jam. I do think it's in UA best interest to continue to support us, building that local fortress but I don't think we should bend over backwards for them, in fact we should leverage UA short comings to get a better deal. If we get a better deal from another brand do it, simple as that. Don't care about Plank being a Marylander...I'm a Washingtonian and will continue to see bmore as a second city. (sorry it's just the view of anyone south of route 32) Baltimore is cute in it's historic pockets but just isn't a true international city. Plank was at one point a Washingtonian first too then he was able to get ploy bmore to fork over Millions in tax breaks. Regarding CEO of major companies not being Dems.. that is just ridiculous and has nothing to do with us coming into an athletics brand contract renewal. CEO typically keep political affiliations on the DL because they do not want to alienate customers on either side. Being a Republican or Democrat does not quality you as more or less business savvy The data literally says the opposite.
  10. Tigers Leaving Under Armour?

    If it's true I'm sure it's UA leaving Towson since we bring basically no sponsorship value to them. UA is just coming out of their 5 year low on stock price; I'm sure their execs are not trying to give us any deals and I'm sure we are wanting the bmore hookup. The current deal is up at the end of this semester. https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2013/01/08/towson-university-under-armour-extend.html I am personally losing interest in UA as a consumer, the gear just isn't better than the competition at this point and with Plank being a Trump homie no thanks. I stopped buying any non-Towson UA gear after their failure into low quality shoes. If we can get Nike or Adidas to give us a sweet deal to basically give UA a big FU on their home turf I'm all for it. Even FILA is coming back into style. Give me the adidas trefoil or FILA logo on Towson gear and that will sell like crazy with students and younger alumni.
  11. New Look

    I like the dark look but don't care too much either way. I am a fan of the updated hero image, nice work! Also don't forget to update the footer copy, the copyright year and can we get a favicon? The generic gears are harder for me to keep track of all my tabs.
  12. Story on new UMBC Arena

    why is it only 3 sided???...weird. I think secu is still better and will get more events.
  13. FB routs URI, 29-10 in finale

    Agreed we HAVE to make a change at OC. Jammer is not qualified and if Rob doesn't want the ship to go down with him on it he needs to have the guts to fire his brother.
  14. Blast coming to SECU?

    I wonder what the set up will look like. the field is going to be a lot smaller.

    how was the crowd and the stadium looking? missed the game due to travel and seems like it might have rained?

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