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  1. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Towson Refunding Prorated Athletic Fee

    I personally don't think the school should have refunded them. All the facilities and staff need to be maintained for post COVID. We are creating future debt for ourselves. It's $20 line item on the tuition bill...who cares. If it doesn't come from student fees, it has to come from the State (lol the state of Maryland supporting Towson at all). People are going to have to pay for it regardless, just a matter of when and how.
  2. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Shane Simpson/CAA Transfer Thread

    Bummer but I expected this and it's the right thing for him to do. But I honestly still doubt he will ever play an FBS game since it's just a matter of time before those seasons are canceled as well. Baseball has shown its bubble or nothing and you can't do college football in a bubble.
  3. kicked off the team or it's not enough. "addressing internally" or looking the other way is exactly how we ended up with systemic racism as it is now.
  4. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    State of Towson Athletics Briefing Set for June 18

    i'm not seeing football played with fans in 2020 at our level. no reason to risk it.
  5. TheGoldCrotchPiece


    not to mention we have nothing in DC....
  6. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Neal returns to Towson

    glad he is back and it should help the team but it is weird they didn't post his official role
  7. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    More Digital TV for CAA

    I'd pay $10 for the season. It's not all the games and I'll be at the home games. Would be nice if this was included in our season ticket holder perks. The caps do that with monumental sports network. Hearing from friends that have DCU season tickets FLO sports is a joke.
  8. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Our Tigers @ Georgetown (LAX) Preview

    bummer it's going to be rainy, cold and gross otherwise I would have gone to the game.
  9. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    The FBS 2022 opponent is.....

    The atmosphere was great. Stadium was full and everyone was very nice, unlike the couple of UMD games we've had when their fans that do show up are total jerks and don't realize they are taunting a team/fans from a division down.
  10. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Baseball adds familiar transfer (Flacco)

    Drafted by the Phillies (granted in the 32nd round) so he must be okay. Also bio said he has graduated summer 2018 so must have free time on his hands.
  11. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    New Year's Wish List

    Did you have a link or info you can share for the costs you are seeing/hearing? I can't seem to find anything when I Google. People seem to be very secretive about domes in their cost reporting. I wonder if we have even gotten any serious cost quotes.
  12. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    New Year's Wish List

    I would think the new practice fields would need to be indoor for that to make sense. if they are just looking for a large area of field turf to keep the ball park grass nice why not just use burdick? much easier with all their stuff right there.
  13. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    New Year's Wish List

    any serious talks of putting a seasonal bubble on one of those new back practice fields? would likely cost about $4MM http://www.mankatofreepress.com/news/local_news/msu-looks-to-build-m-sports-dome/article_7d9f8dca-e6dc-11e8-adfe-ef74a25501ee.html
  14. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Jared Ambrose named OC at Delaware

    I don't mind the 6 people comment. We have about half of the number of comments on this topic as they do as we are the ones losing the OC no one liked Our stadium is also half their size but I'd take our much nicer stadium and our message boards not from 1995 any day. The fact is that guy actually did some research unlike the rest of the UD idiots who are just like "Oh I like the hires". It took them to the second page to bring up he is Rob's baby bro. Only a handful of people over there are being objective and critical. Of course our offensive is going to put up a ton of numbers when we are losing in a shoot out for the better part of the seasons since the twest days. The only years we have had a good O with Jammer is with Walter Patton candidates that came via transfer. Now its's time for Rob to earn his cookies, hire a good OC or get out.
  15. TheGoldCrotchPiece

    Maine Head Coach...

    I actually kind of get this move. Power 5's pretty much only hire top power 5 assistants or group of 6 coaches that make a major bowl. See UMDs past two hires and Texas. (other than k state taking the ndsu guy, even the NDSU guy that started their run only got Wyoming) For good FCS coaches the move is to go > bigger FCS job (JMU, UD, NDSU, Montana, etc) > lower group of 6, turn them around, hen maybe a step up to a bad power 5. Or he can go Power 5 right now, hopefully turn into a top assistant under an up and coming coach and get either an okay group of 6 job or another better power 5 assistant job that could spring board him to that power 5 HC role much sooner.

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