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  1. etiger

    MLax faces The Mount on Wed., at 5pm

    Well, the Tigers won 11-5, but no one seems to really care. The Woman beat #8 loyola 13-7 today. Big win for the ladies.
  2. etiger

    2021 Fall Football Schedule is out

    Not anymore. We fly when appropriate. (Stoney Brook, UNH, Maine, URI, Elon, Albany) we bus to W&M, Richmond, JMU, Nova, Del
  3. etiger

    2021 Fall Football Schedule is out

    The reason I have been told that we are not playing Deleware and Nova is that the CAA tried to make sure that teams only had to fly once during the season for CAA games. We only have to fly to UNH. The rest of the CAA games are all drivable. We do fly to SanDiego State - But it is in Carson CA, not SanDiego. The game is being played at the stadium the Chargers used before their new stadium was finished. This is due to SDSU building a new stadium and it is not going to be done until 2023
  4. etiger

    2021 Fall Football Schedule is out

    No Deleware on the schedule. That stinks!
  5. etiger

    Jawon Pass!

    This is a big time get for TU. Really puts us in a postion to win it all
  6. etiger

    2021 Early Football Class (story up)

    looks like a really good class. Small, but impactful
  7. etiger

    Maryland game canceled

    We can never get MD to play us. Then, when we do finally get a game, it gets canceled. To top it all off, MD is now going to play JMU at JMU on 5 Dec. MD would never consider coming to TU, but they can go to JMU? U of Maryland SUCKS!!!
  8. W&M cut M/W Swimming/ M/W gymnastics, Men Indoor /Outdoor Track, Women Volleyball. That stinks for all those kids
  9. etiger

    2020 CAA season

    I do not disagree, but it just stinks that others are going to play and we are left out! Really just hard to take
  10. etiger

    2020 CAA season

    What really stinks is that JMU and Elon are still going to play a football season...The NCAA has not cancelled the playoffs, and pushed a decision down the road to Aug 4. If the NCAA decision is to go-ahead and have a championship, then the decision to cancel football is a really bad outcome for TU. Not to play when other conferences still do, a real stab in the neck to future recruiting!
  11. etiger

    All-time football team

    I would put Konstantions Kosmakos (Gus) at Center. He was a beast. Played with Bushrod. You have to put Gary Rubeling on this list. He had 9 Interceptions in 1982 and 13 interceptions in 1983 and 25 for his career. The best in the Defensive backfield to ever play at TU.
  12. All, I know that I said I would never post again because of some idiots attacking me on this board, but in this time of social distancing I needs to talk to some folks. What are your thoughts on this question: Do we have a 2020 football season due to the COVID-19? Me - I am really not sure. The boys will need to be able to be back together no later than 1 July to work out and get in shape. If they cannot, then it is so risky to put them out on the gridiron without being physically ready. What are your thought? Ed
  13. etiger

    Early Signing Day Thread

    This is one of the reasons I do not post often...Garbage comments from the peanut gallery. I seem to get a personal attack when I post, so you all can have it. I wont post anymore. Chase off the most loyal TU fan of them all. I will still do what I do for TU, donate money, time and energy, and yes my tailgates, which most people seem to think are pretty good. I hope you all can be half the supporter that I am.
  14. etiger

    Early Signing Day Thread

    Yes, but we are equally balanced at most positions with the breakout of Fresh/Soph/Junior/Senior...Plus, DeBerry and Simpson are back. Both would have expired their eligibility this year. That would have been two more ships to give out. Transfers can't really be talked about yet as they have to make sure the grades are posted first.
  15. etiger

    Early Signing Day Thread

    Guys, we did not lose many seniors, and we brought in a big class last year. There will be more (Transfers) I am sure. No time to panic!!!

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