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  1. etiger

    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    TU Football fans, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends. Glad to have all of you on this board passionate about TU Football. Ed Molen
  2. etiger

    Ambrose let go

    Well, you all got what you wanted. Rob brough this program to a place we had never been to before. The playoffs and the NC. I want to personnly thank Rob for bring life to our program. For those that say I am a Rob Supporter, I am. I am a supporter of the program period. I started with Gordy (1991 - when there was no fundrsiing at all for football) and was a super Gordy Supporter. I started the Quarterback Club to help Gordy and the program raise funds (funds the school by the way would not give the program). I don't want to go into all the things I have done to help this program, but I can tell you it is more than any of you all have done combined. When Gordy was let go, I became a Rob Supporter. I will be a Super Supporter of whoever the next coach is too. For me it's not about who the coach is, its about the program. I get behind whoever the coach is and give my TOTAL suppoprt to him. I have been involved for 31 years (as a volunteer, never paid for anything I do). My wife and I have been to every game home and away for 31 years (Minus the Eastern Washington game in 2013 due to canceld flight and snow storms). Can any of you people who are so negative about this program say that! I hope that the next coach gets all the support from the Admin he needs for US to be successful. I know that I will be a big supporter of whoever it is, because thats what I do, SUPPORT THIS PROGRAM with my heart and soul. So whoever the next coach is, I am your biggest supporter. Go Tigers Ed Molen
  3. etiger

    Hampton preview

    Time to come support these players no matter if you HATE Rob Ambrose or not. (Yes, I am talking to you TuTigers2012). Theses men did not give up when we were down, and now it's time for you all to come support them. They have won 3 in a row and looking to make it 4. Go Tigers
  4. etiger


    Do I think we need to be better than last week vs Bucknell - Heck yes I do...Not happy with how we played...But, I am not for shutiing down the program
  5. etiger


    See, Here is his agenda. Shut down football becase he thinks FCS sucks.... Tutigers2012 said: fcs football is awful and regressing each year. All levels of football are. Quality of play is going down. Fcs football for a team that draws 3500-4000 isn’t feasible. it’s expensive. Students don’t care or want it. Most Alums feel the same. It sucks but no one in the caa draws well for students. It’s alum and the locals, which we don’t have any support from. This is for hoops too so it’s not a football thing it’s a Towson thing.
  6. etiger


    Seems to me that you, TuTigers2012, want to kill the football program and not have one. I see your agenda. I hope all the others do too.
  7. etiger

    General Football News

    I will be there
  8. etiger

    Fall Roster is out

    LIU Transfer Singh and UMD transfer Jackson are here. The SID staff just needs to update the roster again.
  9. Matt, Thanks for the write-up. Good info. Let's hope he can move forward and take this Athletic program forward with him.
  10. etiger

    Press Box Interview with Steve Eigenbrot

    I agree on the SAFE gestapo... They need to let the kids alone. No college kids will come to tailgate if they are being harassed! Let them have fun. If and only if they see a group getting out of control, then they move in. Until that. DO NOT BOTHER THEM!
  11. Sean Patterson and Milke Mazur during the Dan Croqley era. Great blocking anbd receiving TE
  12. etiger

    Top 10 Offensive Tackles

    You hit this list right on the nose. Great list
  13. etiger

    Top 10 Running Backs of all Time

    I am 100% in agreement with this list
  14. etiger

    Top 10 Quarterbacks of All-Time

    My bad....I missed that. Sorry
  15. etiger

    Top 10 Quarterbacks of All-Time

    Kurt Beathard and/or Ron Meehan would be on my list somewhere

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