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  1. Bay Area Tiger

    MBB beats up on JMU 63-48

    One positive is having the two teams above us in the last 4 games of conference play. Win or lose we will be more prepared for DC. Be something if this team pulls off 20 wins. I know I buried them earlier and I’m so happy to be proved wrong. Suddenly with the emergence of AB and having the two bigs back for next season along with the Long Beach transfer we can compete again for a CAA title. We can’t change the past etc. All we can do is support this current regime and players as best we can. I’m not at the games but from watching them through the 7 game win streak and this past stretch of games.. they are playing together and hard.. all we can ask.
  2. Bay Area Tiger

    MBB beats up on JMU 63-48

    Eight is Enough. Pat is Dick Van Patten! Something inside tells me this group is gonna get to the CAA final however my magic ball can’t see past March 10th. That DC Holiday hoops tournament gonna pay off for us in Quarters & Semis.
  3. Bay Area Tiger

    MBB beats up on JMU 63-48

    10-12 from the charity stripe. Foul shooting on the road is huge.
  4. Bay Area Tiger

    MBB beats Regent 71-55 (story)

    8 guys the rest of the way.. gonna make for a helluva story if they can get it done. We are in the mix and anything can happen.
  5. Bay Area Tiger

    Betrand leads MBB over Drexel 76-69

    20-23 from the line. Down 7 and Betrand says at halftime to his teammates.. “I got this!” Huge road win. Enjoyed Spiro! And Skerry is adjusting this coaching style.. love it. Maybe we need Kevin yelling from the bench more.
  6. Bay Area Tiger

    Delaware II preview

    Jump on them fast again. Mutts was limited to 2 points and fouled out. We had 33 bench points last time we played. Let’s get this one Tigers!!!
  7. Bay Area Tiger

    Cougars @ Tigers

    Having someone in my extended family with Autism I always enjoy this game.. puzzle piece etc. On a side note... latest projections have SD State (1) vs W&M (16) in Sactown. Beat Charleston. We want to 💃
  8. Bay Area Tiger

    MBB wins seventh straight; takes out UNCW 77-66

    7 in a row!! I want Tampa.. dance game and spring training!! Sometimes transferring pays off... I watched a horrible USD team tonight. Gray must be thrilled to be out of there. Jenny Craig Pavillon makes SECU look like Cameron... what a ghost town. Happy for Spiro.. he calls a great game and his snide remarks about officials from game to game are so enjoyable. Wish I could be there this weekend. I miss Towson so damn much. Please please understand despite our basketball struggles through the years... that is such a great place to live. Very very special. Go Tigers.
  9. Bay Area Tiger

    UNCW preview

    I was there. Denny Crum. That win and our preseason NIT win on St Johns.. they were a big deal back then. If somehow we get into the Dance this year.. I’m going. Come on and let it be SACRAMENTO!!! Ps- I’m drug free mind you. Go Tigers... keep it going! Why can’t it be us!!!
  10. Believe I heard it correctly from Spiros in the postgame. That was the 5th straight conference win by 8 or more points by Towson.. never ever done before. Look the postgame celebration in the locker room via Instagram says it all. I love being proved wronged and keep doing it to us team. Play with that chip on your shoulders. Why can’t we dance come March!!?? Fun listen today as I thought when it was cut to 2 we were in big trouble. And last thing.. can we recruit another Philly!!?? Davis and now AB.. they come to play!!!
  11. Bay Area Tiger

    TIGERS @ W&M

    Both William & Mary gonna show up today and we couldn’t always say that in the past. Tigers continue to hit their shots from the charity stripe.. 25-29 against Elon. Only one aspect of a game however hitting foul shots on the road is a must if you are going to win. I’m sucked in yet again.. my ankle may shatter falling off however so be it... Tigers cover the 5 and win in a nail biter. Don’t call him “Backstreet” Nick Timberlake goes off today!!!! Go Tigers.
  12. Bay Area Tiger

    What is the potential of this team?

    Our foul shooting has been pretty damn impressive in this 4 game win streak. 14-22 then 13-15 then 19-21 then 20-21 This is a great sign going forward for Towson basketball. After beating this coach and team up early I truly think they’ve banded together and are gonna finish in the top 4 of the CAA
  13. Bay Area Tiger

    James Madison preview

    Yes. Win!!! 4-3
  14. Bay Area Tiger

    James Madison preview

    Let’s get a win today and push to 10-9. We hammer this program myself included all the time. Prove us wrong boys and win a game you are supposed to win.
  15. Bay Area Tiger

    MBB routs Delaware 89-73 to go 3-3 in CAA (story)

    Omg. We are Towson. 2 steps forward and 3 steps back has been the norm. So I’m confident we will beat JMU and sweep the homestand and I really hope we go on to run the table in the CAA but we tend to fall back to mediocrity. Trying to stay positive but how many times have we all been burnt. Again I’ll take the wins.

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