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  1. Bay Area Tiger

    Tony Shaver

    In defense of 2012... he cares and is a diehard fan. I may not agree with him however he makes valid points and gets me thinking as a fan. I truly see both sides. We all want to win and it does suck when our neighbor is winning and shows us up. We are all frustrated and want more from our program. Sometimes a change is needed and I saw this first hand out here with the University of SF. Rex Walters cleaned up the program after academic issues etc. Built the foundation. Then Kyle Smith came in and took it farther however still more needed. I’m ok with giving PS one more season. I’m also ok with cutting ties and bringing in fresh blood. This is the sporting landscape of 2019 now. What have you done for me lately.
  2. Bay Area Tiger

    Best backcourts in school history

    Guard play still rules the college game landscape. Zags frontcourt is really good however we sensed all season long that their backcourt was vulnerable and boom... they shoot 5 for 25 & 0-9 from 3 and are no longer a 1 seed. Increase the recruiting budget so our staff can take more trips to Australia & beyond. Aussies make foul shots and are not afraid to bang inside. Saint Mary’s plays in a small crappy gym. Ah to be a Towson fan. Next season.
  3. Bay Area Tiger

    Best backcourts in school history

    Blalock was a Delaware kid and to me he was a student favorite because he was always so personable with us on campus. Very dependable and his game always reminded me of Rip Hamilton if he was more bulked up. I love this entire thread and although the game has changed reading all this reminds me of truly what’s been missing the past couple of seasons aside from 🏀 IQ and sharp shooting etc.. true unbridled on court enthusiasm!!! When Boyd and Jacobs played.. they brought that enthusiasm to the court. Damas & Guthrie had it. That love for the game and joy of playing D1 ball. Not saying this current crop doesn’t but being a “gymrat” doesn’t always mean you love the game.
  4. And this is why I think you try to grab a grad transfer if one is out there. Not saying he has to play starter minutes. Just a guy who has high basketball IQ and can lead by example for the younger guys and contribute consistently.
  5. A band aid would help for next season and allow our younger guards to develop more. Fobbs is a really nice player we only have for one more season. Maybe I’m crazy but I’m seeing West Coast Conference Teams grabbing them left and right and it’s been effective. Hell give me a grad transfer big if he’s out there. I know we’ve done in the past with some success. You have a ton of underclassman coming back. He’s gotta win next season or else. EG/Geno Crandall at Gonzaga/Josh Martin at Santa Clara Wow maybe we need an entire thread on Spiro... He’s fantastic in my opinion however I didn’t realize it was unpopular!? You graduated in 2012!? You need to try on a pair of plyometric sneakers to understand what someone of us have had to sit through these decades plus. I’ll take Thomas & Sanders over Crump any time.
  6. Appreciate all your insights. I will continue to have hope here in CA as I beat myself up for attending Towson State the Fall after we had made the Big Dance. At least we have Spiro.. one of the best. One wish would be for a grad transfer who plays the point to help us. I know I know we need so much for next season. And PS to some of you... Jamie Dixon will have TCU in the dance... bet that. His formula is still effective despite the plethora of injuries he’s had this season. I like PS and want him to succeed. One more season at the helm. Now give all the diehard fans a better home schedule!!!
  7. Bay Area Tiger

    TOWSON 92, DREXEL 77 (story)

    5th in the CAA looks real nice. 8-10 is attainable Always love the blue uniforms Finish strong Tigers and damn it reward the fans with a premier non conference game early next season to get some buzz going
  8. Bay Area Tiger

    MBB comes back to beat JMU, 66-59 (story up)

    Now 6th in the CAA. 4 of the last 6 at home. Some team is gonna be drawing us in the tournament and saying damn! All the players are buying in. Couldn’t say that last season. Credit to the coaching staff.
  9. Bay Area Tiger

    MBB falls to Charleston, 54-53

    This group is competing and playing a lot better than we all thought.. Do you remember the Bahamas!? I may question the coach at times but I still love Towson and support this team. Are you really a tiger for life!? These kids are playing hard and representing our school proudly. Of course we all have expectations but we lost 2 keys players. Unless you have a coach lined up who can come in and bring a Fab 5 in... Skerry is our guy. 7 games left.. let it play out.
  10. Bay Area Tiger

    MBB falls to Charleston, 54-53

    We all wanted to see improvement and we have for the most part. 4 conference wins. 7 games left. I was giving our coach this season and the next to get us back on track. 16 games in and I’m more optimistic about some of the pieces in place. I know we need shooters and higher 🏀 IQ players. Be interesting to see how this all plays out. Credit to our coaching staff for reading this board and hopefully understanding how bad we all want to win. I truly understand all your frustrations. I want it work out for Skerry and I want us in the big Dance before I die.
  11. Bay Area Tiger

    2019 Basketball Offers

    Are we bringing soccer back!? Wink.
  12. Bay Area Tiger

    Down goes Northeastern, 75-72

    I listened to Sprio here in San Francisco.. Sunny Skies and low 50’s. +18 on the boards +22 in the paint Skerry style ball worked tonight. Huge win. 3-5 in the CAA... not bad.
  13. Bay Area Tiger

    5 stages of grief...

    I’m truly on board with all this discussion... and some of you guys go way back. We can’t forget that we had 17 straight losing seasons going back to 94-95’ before Skerry was hired and he finally turned this program around. So the extension wasn’t that baffling... however after a taste of some 20 win seasons we as a fan base want more safe to say... The college game truly has changed a ton since Skerry took over in 2011... PG play is essential... and every good team has at least 2 of them... every good team has 3-4 players who are marksman and can hit from long range.... every good team has at least one foreign player who is a big and can score inside. I agree now that we aren’t targeting all the right recruits. The stats we have today are truly amazing. I give coach the rest of this season and the next to fix still but if no results then I think it’s time we make a change.
  14. Bay Area Tiger

    5 stages of grief...

    Appreciate all the insight. I’m Mr California sunshine of course.... if indeed we don’t have enough talent which it ultimately looks that way after 17 games... we know we have a recruiting class coming in along with the WCC transfer... this underclasman Group has to at least be more consistent defensively... I get off nights with the offense however you can’t regress defensively. Skerry’s comments are very telling now... hope I’m wrong but sounds to me like this group isn’t buying in!!?? I had said he gets this season and the next to fix this... here’s hoping Timberlake gets back and gets his feet wet and the rest of these Freshman & Juniors get more experience and ultimately get better. And in defense of Skerry with the two transfers... this is truly happening everywhere and we unfortunately got the double whammie. So many asshole kids out there who aren’t happy... BYU’s Hartnett a perfect example... junior not happy with playing time. New Arena... no VCU or Old Dominion to worry about.. no NBA team in town... Maybe we need a name... eg/Musselman with Nevada & Dunlap with LMU ex NBA coaches
  15. Bay Area Tiger


    Sounds like Morgan was like a splash brother tonight. Did we make him bounce it!?

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