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  1. Blounge

    W&M II preview

    It looks like it's "rush week" for the fraternities. I remember when I was there two frats went to the basketball game as their recruiting event. Made both sides of the student section looked packed. Hopefully that happens this Thursday
  2. Blounge

    W&M II preview

    towson horse has upped the ante to 5,000
  3. Blounge

    Mount blog

    Big Yikes! The Tigers are in trouble if we can't win a possession. Need to figure out the faceoff situation or it will be a long, ugly, year. Nads has his work cut out for him.
  4. Blounge

    JMU II preview

    Very interesting final stretch to see how the conference standings shake out. You would have to think we are statistically overdue for a win at JMU. They haven't gotten to 10 wins yet and our guys should be healthy and ready to go after a week of rest and a tune up game. Need to splash jumpers and dominate the boards!
  5. The DC Defenders could be real good with Vito bodying people like he's known to do
  6. Blounge

    What is the potential of this team?

    I think they willl finish in the middle of the pack. Consistently inconsistent. The same team that took Florida to the wire and has been up 20 at half time back to back games still struggles through seemingly endless scoring droughts. I think they key this year is gonna be the production we get from the guys outside of the big 3 scorers that are Fobbs, Betrand, and Sanders. You hope to get 10-12 points a game from all four of these guys Gray, Tunstall, Dottin, and Timberlake. Take it one game at a time. hopefully we will be firing from all cylinders come tournament time
  7. Blounge

    James Madison preview

    This guy Pinkard sounds like the prototypical towson basketball player. Averages more personal fouls than points and his role on the team is defense and energy, not scoring points. How did skerry not make an offer to this guy?
  8. Blounge

    Shane and Ricky are officially back

    POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME! Sugar Shane is back! I’m sure there’s plenty of people in the CAA punching air right now that this guy is back for his 6th season. He’s a game breaker, v excited for his future
  9. I feel lucky but also spoiled that I was enrolled at Towson during the 2013 years when sports were at their peak. Football in the national championship and Bennimon and Co winning 20 games a season for the basketball team. At the time, I thought Ambrose and Skerry were miracle workers reviving dying programs to relevancy and a chance at winning conferences. Fast Forward to 2020 vision and I’m starting to wonder if following these programs are even worth the heartache/headache anymore. Rob and Pat give a lot of lip service about how great their players are, but they can’t seem to execute in big time games. Do we need to clean house? Ambrose, Skerry, and Leonard? It sure seems like it.
  10. Blounge

    Pat Skerry Stinks

    Do we need to print "fire the coach" t-shirts and stand at the games with a paper bag over our heads to get some change around here?
  11. Blounge

    Hofstra preview

    Fire the coach! Gary Neal can be in charge from this point moving forward
  12. Blounge

    Mitchell twins leaving UMD

    the Mitchell twins’ mom took to Twitter to rant about Mark Turgeon
  13. Blounge

    Happy Holidays!

    I hope all my fellow Towson Tigers had a wonderful Christmas with their families! I’m grateful for this community that celebrates and suffers through Towson fandom as I do. I apologize for any snarky comments or knee jerk overreactions that may have offended some on here. I think this forum is very important and appreciate everyone’s feedback! Here’s to 2020 being the best year in Towson history! Cheers
  14. I’ll have what TTiger2024 is having. This years team doesn’t seem to have that dominance on the boards that is typical of a Towson basketball team. They also haven’t shown the confidence to put teams away late in the game with a lead. I do think this team is progressing and building good chemistry. We are battle tested from a tough out of conference schedule and that experience should pay dividends down the stretch. Need to see more of that Boston bounce from Timberlake now that he’s healthy. I’d like to see us press or trap more on defense with our length and athleticism. Also,want to see more up tempo transition plays that lead to dunks.
  15. Blounge

    2020 Basketball offers

    ^LMAO I love when we give ships to guys that don’t even know the schools name!

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