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  1. Blounge

    NIL Challenge

    I said hi and he smiled and shook my hand. I never realized how much he limps until I saw him up close today. Hope his back is okay or whatever is ailing him
  2. Blounge

    NIL Challenge

    I spotted coach Pat Skerry at Ocean Pride for lunch today. Hope he is adding crabcake sandwiches to our NIL offering. Big upgrade from bagels
  3. Blounge

    Monmouth Preview

    After about 5 months of waiting for the line to die down I finally tried Raising Canes! Good chicken tendies, but the sauce is the best part. Crinkle cut fries and cole slaw left more to be desired. The Texas toast was buttery and delicious. Uptown Towson is sprawling and beautful now. This ain’t your daddy’s Towson that had The Crease and nothing else. Uptown has about 50 different options for food now which is absurd
  4. Blounge

    2024 Football offers/commits

    I agree, I don’t believe Rob has the connections with high school coaches in Florida the way Pete does. At the very least it’s different. Break from the status quo. Also, Rob seemed like a big meanie with his smug attitude and I know some high school coaches that didn’t like him for that. Pete seems like a nice guy and I like that vibe for the program. These gen x kids get offended and hop in the transfer portal without giving it a second thought. Gotta treat these kids with more respect or they will up and leave
  5. Blounge

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    Hopefully our guys can handle the altitude! Anyone know if Colorado is gonna be good?
  6. Blounge

    2023 Offers/Commits/Transfers

    https://twitter.com/samherderfcs/status/1658848511213948944?s=46&t=_ArGClX3XZ7EdROrGIJtmw https://twitter.com/samherderfcs/status/1658844448724230144?s=46&t=_ArGClX3XZ7EdROrGIJtmw
  7. Blounge

    New TU NIL Collective

    Wonder how much dough he’s getting? The video kinda made it sound like May is getting free bagels in exchange for marketing. As a college kid I would have loved free THB/Uber/Bagel Works but I think I would have preferred money
  8. Blounge

    2023 General Football News

    Love the way the O’s have been playing! So happy we have the Orioles who are some winners (unlike the tigers football team the past 10 years!) Great night at Camden Yards to introduce our new coach. Nice pitch, Pete! You better score more points than that lame duck Rob Ambrose did last year! Shinnick seems like a nice guy, much like Pat Skerry! Hope we had enough NIL money to get our athletes and recruits a hot dog at the O’s game. In other TU athletics news, I saw the women’s basketball team won a giveaway for a free vip table and bottle service at mosaic nightclub this Saturday! Good for them, gonna be some tall girls in that section, especially if they wear heels!
  9. Blounge

    General MBB 2023-24 thread

    https://twitter.com/jonrothstein/status/1655586619649413127?s=46&t=_ArGClX3XZ7EdROrGIJtmw solid tournament
  10. Blounge

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    Lol who would want him with those numbers?
  11. Blounge

    It’s official: Messiah Jones to Towson

    Hopefully a guy named Messiah can save us from this NCAA tournament drought!
  12. Blounge

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    My gut is saying UConn because it’s closer to his hometown and they will have lots of media attention being the championship winners. Kansas also has Gradey Dick as their 3 point assassin so Nick may be a better role player on the Huskies.
  13. Blounge

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    It’s like a big stack of lottery tickets, we’re just giving ourselves more chances to win knowing most will not hit
  14. Blounge

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    Gonna be interesting to see where he lands. What a crazy world we live in that a Towson guy has UNC, UMD, and Ohio State fighting over him
  15. Blounge

    General MBB Thread 2022-23

    He has won a lot of games in conference and against bad teams, but in typical towson fashion we can’t seem to win the big games. This year I will cut him some slack for not getting it done in the tourney, CofC is on a team of destiny run and with 30 straight wins I don’t think any one in the CAA tourney was gonna beat Charleston. I also agree give him a mulligan on the first 1-31 season. Hard to recruit guys to come to a losing program, that can’t make the tournament because other guys did bad academically, and play in a dimly lit depressing towson center. I think we gotta stick it out with Skerry for a few more years. The grass may not be greener with a new coach

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