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  1. Blounge

    Delaware I preview

    the gamblers seem to like us tonight
  2. Blounge

    Delaware I preview

    For the biggest college basketball rivalry game being played today!
  3. Blounge

    Delaware I preview

    Interesting phenomenon this year as we get back to back games against our rival. Always a physical back and forth high energy matchup between the chickens and the tigers. We need to crash the boards harder than the stock and crypto markets have been crashing the past few days! Good opportunity to see how tough these guys really to try and bounce back after a quick turnaround on the road. I would think this back to back rivalry series would have drawn some ESPN attention but so far i have not seen anything
  4. Blounge

    MBB falls in OT to UNCW 81-77

    Couldn’t believe the officiating crew this afternoon stopping to help UNCW any chance they could. Can’t blame it all on the refs but they certainly hurt us. Wish we could rebound like teams of the past. Would like to see some better in game adjustments by skerry to finish out these games. Towson gets into these games that could be life changing and can’t seem to get the big win we have all been craving. We got the potential we just gotta execute better. Year is far from over. Ball if life. The train keeps chugging along
  5. Blounge

    UNCW preview

    Hopeful chase part and Charles Thompson will be too much for them to handle and we can bully them with our size and strength
  6. Blounge

    MBB holds off Charleston 74-67

    I was just thinking the same thing #1 vs #2 in the conference at the moment. Big game Saturday in a packed sports weekend! Maybe the biggest home game in the skerry era? Hope the students show up, of course I’m working tomorrow trying to keep my job smh lol but that’s life. UNCW has won some close games and I see they also lost to Pitt earlier in the season. Great test for the most fun and nicest group of guys Towson has ever had. I hope in a few months we can say with confidence these guys are the best team Towson basketball has ever had! Been a fun ride, love our guys! Chef Skerry cooking up some sizzle on offense
  7. Blounge

    MLax thread

    Lots of Calvert Hall boys on the squad. Sure makes recruiting easy with Calvert hall only 3 miles from campus
  8. Blounge

    Christian May becomes second commit

    Beating dematha, PVI, and Good Counsel are all big wins in a WCAC usually dominated by the Stags. Gonzaga usually has a team that can hoop as well. He seems confident but is a big fish in the high school pond. We’ll see how his game translated to playing with the big boys in the CAA. I hope he can make an immediate impact as a freshman
  9. Blounge

    Gibson leads MBB over W&M 91-69

    This team is playing with confidence and unselfishness. We gave them a whooping to the point where you almost have to feel bad for the fans that came out to watch W&M. Love that different guys are getting quality minutes to develop and grow. Would like to see lots of these guys come back next year bigger and stronger. Been a fun ride so far this year. The train continues on. I think we have found out rhythm and it plays to our advantage that we have games basically every other day for the next two weeks. Keep the good times rolling. We seem to cool off after extended breaks. Need to keep the 3’s raining! We have never been this fun to watch? Hope some good crowds will come out to secu to support the boys and girls
  10. We have gotten it done with different guys different nights, gotta love the grit and poise this team has. We have some fight in us regardless out who is starting/sitting that particular night. Getting all the guys involved helps them progress and build confidence. Hats off to Gil for performing tonight. Hail to the towson tigers!
  11. Blounge

    CAA Football news

    Did you apply to be the new A.D? You have lots of opinions but do you have the answers!
  12. Blounge

    Elon preview

    Of course the CAA Commissioner scheduled this one for 4:00 on wildcard weekend same time as the first playoff game Bengals/Raiders. Joe D’Antonio come on man! towson better show up with some Joe Burrow swagger and pummel the phoenix!
  13. Blounge

    CAA Football news

  14. Blounge

    General MBB thread

    pleasant Surprise given the 28% COVID positivity rate in MD. Keep the faith!
  15. Blounge

    MLax Preview Thread

    Are these made by a student? Do we know of any TU athletes selling shirts or anything after the nil deal went through?
  16. Blounge

    MBB edges Northeastern 70-67

    Women’s team might be dancing in March! Men’s team got the W but it wasn’t pretty towards the end. We have to learn how to close the door on teams. Can’t falter while playing stall ball. I thought pat looked pretty disgruntled with the performance. Gotta get better as the season goes on. Hope terry is ok
  17. Blounge

    Eight Years ago this happened

    At least thru 2025 it’ll be there. NDSU possibly goes D1 by then? Maybe it moves to somewhere else. I prefer M&T Bank Stadium
  18. Blounge

    Eight Years ago this happened

    Looks like that field issue still has not been fixed 8 years later in Frisco. Lots of players getting hurt in the fcs championship game on now on ESPN2. As Darius Victor said “that was the worse field I’ve ever played on and i grew up in a refugee camp on the Ivory Coast.” Probs for the best our guys didn’t make it to the championship so they don’t have to risk life and limb playing on this ripped up field.
  19. Blounge

    Delaware preview

    I really need a hobby outside of towson athletics
  20. Blounge

    MBB falls to Drexel 65-61

    Gambling Twitter was really disgusted with towson tonight or maybe it was bots tutiger2012 created! Terry Nolan jr kept shooting even if he kept missing. Some are off balanced bad shots but he chucks it up with confidence. Jason Gibson could not seem to buy a bucket tonight either. Need somebody to be the alpha and pick the team up when it’s a bad shooting night. Also didn’t understand the four foul shots to end the game? Why even bother with all that? We couldn’t make a free throw tonight and were so frustrated we almost fought the other team. I’ve said it before this team has balls but lacks brains at times!
  21. Blounge

    Around the CAA

    Covid running rampant in the caa today
  22. Blounge

    Drexel Preview

    We appreciate the content but who is the person who checks these before sending? Brian Fobbs and Dennis Tunstall still being listed as on the team? Lol Glad our boys got some much needed rest and recovery time throughout the grind of the season, covid, exams… etc Excited to watch the game on TV we have looked good on tv so far this year so hoping that trend continues. Looks like we are still the top rebounding team in the CAA this year even if it hasn’t seemed like we have been dominating the boards like in year’s past. Keep splashing 3’s and crashing boards and we should be in a good spot!
  23. Blounge

    General MBB thread

    I’m watching Delaware/Charleston on flohoops. It looks like 3pm at LA fitness. Very sloppy lots of turnovers and missed shots. Hope we run the table in conference play!

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