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  1. Blounge

    And there it is....

    ^Will be interesting to see how many programs disband after the panda. Spring football could be fun to watch! Especially if everyone is getting a vaccine by then
  2. Blounge

    2021 Football Offers/Commits

    ^Rob has said more or less that “other schools try to poach our players and their strategy is to intentionally go after the same guys as us because they know how good we are at recruiting” Might make sense to keep things low key so bigger schools don’t swoop in and steal our guys away from us
  3. Blounge

    Towson Refunding Prorated Athletic Fee

    It's a pandemic, people will gladly take any check they can get right now. I agree they should have kept the money this was just to appease the masses. I'm glad the Orioles have been surprisingly good this year cause it doesn't look like we'll have Towson sports for some time.
  4. Blounge

    Shane Simpson/CAA Transfer Thread

    Virginia is the winner! Wahoo
  5. Blounge

    Shane Simpson/CAA Transfer Thread

    Said on Instagram he is making his commitment tomorrow
  6. Blounge

    MBB Coach’s Show in Quarantine

    Good to hear Pat and Mike Jones keep in touch. Need to funnel some DeMatha boys to Towson!
  7. Blounge

    2020 CAA season

    ^All the people going to Ocean City and back are causing Maryland to become a new covid hot spot. Baltimore is getting hit hard right now, it was the right call to say no this year.
  8. Blounge

    Scott Smith commits for 2021

    @TuTigers2012 you wanna fight 👊🏻 Wya?
  9. Blounge

    Scott Smith commits for 2021

    Woohoo! We landed a local star QB guys gonna be a local celebrity when he comes to campus. Hopefully he can draw some fans
  10. Blounge

    2020 CAA season

    The big outrage on Twitter is the $500 athletics fee that the students would LOVE to have refunded but unfortunately nope they get access to the rock wall at Burdick so Towson gets to keep their athletic fee money.
  11. Blounge

    2020 CAA season

    This sucks but I can't say I'm surprised. How can they safely have a season this fall with no vaccine? Seems impossible
  12. Blounge

    I guess Dartmouth Game is now Postponed

    ^Are you implying this is the beginning of the end for towson football? @TuTigers2012
  13. Blounge

    Football preview

    Hmm perhaps that gives us an extra bye week? Could be helpful in the long run
  14. Team Hines could have really used JB to pull down some rebounds. They got tired in the second half and started to play sloppy and lose hustle
  15. Marcus Thornton hit a strange looking 3 and it made me remember oh yeah he did that quite a bit against us when he played for William and Mary
  16. Will be nice to have some sports back on! Bennimon could get a nice audience to showoff his skills while everyone is stuck at home
  17. Blounge

    Quarantalk with TL

    How has he performed in regards to fundraising? Isn’t that what he was known for? Have donations gone up during his tenure?
  18. Blounge

    Press Box video interview with RA

    Gonna be a strange year for sure. Hopefully they can build a championship comraderie while also maintaining social distance and avoiding sickness. Usually it’s just injuries that are unpredictable but now there’s the unpredictable nature of covid-19. Stay safe tiger fam
  19. The turnout at the Tulsa Trump rally was about 6,200. At least we can outsell the don!
  20. I really enjoyed this hour long conversation Rob has about life, football, and faith.
  21. Blounge

    Football ranked 25th by Athlon

    Do you think we’ll be good enough to finish the season a top 25 team? Can we go in to College Park and pull off an upset against Maryland? Weeks 2,3,4-The tigers should be able to take care of business at home against Morgan State, Stony brook, and Dartmouth weeks 5,6-Then it’s tough sledding @ Villanova followed by James Madison at home. Could be a two game losing skid here Week 7-get the W at Richmond Week 8-Toss up game, could get the W against New Hampshire or have a sloppy home loss as we see from time to time. Week 9-go into Delaware and get the dub on the road for rivalry week Weeks 10,11-finish off the year with wins against Elon and Rhode Island. by this guess we would go 8-3 or 7-4 on the season. Who is gonna run the table in the CAA this year?
  22. Blounge

    Jake Constantine to Towson

    He's got a great arm, played for a top program, and can move his feet well. Doesn't have the same speed but has some of that Tom Flacco sizzle we have gotten used too.
  23. Blounge

    Part time work

    Hey Tiger fans, I'm a Towson business school alumni who was recently furloughed from his job due to covid-19. I was hoping someone in this network might be able to help find part time work or even full time in the greater Baltimore area. Would appreciate any feedback. I know grocery stores are looking for stock boys, Amazon needs warehouse workers, and GrubHub needs deliver drivers but I'd like to see what else is out there. Please let me know, any ideas are welcomed.

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