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  1. Chris Datres

    New Uniforms?

    Definitely like the white helmet with the Tiger head on it. I'm a giant fan of the gold jerseys in all sports.
  2. Chris Datres

    More Digital TV for CAA

    I'm with ya. Hopefully we're getting plenty of cash in this deal because otherwise, it'll be a bust since how many people are going to want to foot the bill? I'll just listen to Spiro.
  3. Chris Datres

    2019 OOC opponents

    Blazer definitely brings up some good points -- don't have to shoot for the stars, can still get the lower-end of the power 5 conferences -- Rutgers, Vandy, Wake, etc. Those schools could definitely stand to market themselves to the Baltimore recruiting market. But an athletic department that doesn't want to schedule teams that might/will likely blow us out is an athletic department with a loser mentality. We're not gonna try to schedule Carolina, a team that will guarantee a sellout and a nice financial kick in the ass, because there's gonna be more blue in the stands and we might lose by 25? That's a bad precedent to set. I would hope that no one anywhere would think like that...but nothing would surprise me about ours. One last issue about scheduling the biggest of the big teams -- they won't play on campus. The last time we played a 'home' game against Maryland, we had to play it at the Arena in '95 and we got hosed. We can call up Duke or Kansas or someone of that caliber and they'll be like, 'sure we'll play you but let's go downtown or to DC. Duke's done that to Temple for years -- we won't play in your 10,000-seat on campus arena but we'll gladly go down Broad Street to Wells Fargo. That's the arrogance of those schools and unfortunately, the little guys give in because the payday is that much bigger.
  4. Chris Datres

    2019 OOC opponents

    The remedy is....well, it's pretty tough. Why can Elon and UNCW get Ol' Roy into their building? Probably because someone in both programs has a special connection to Roy and he'll do them a favor and bring his Heels in to stomp them. Does Pat have any of those type of connections? No idea. Scheduling at our level is not easy at all because it takes two to make a matchup and I've gotta think that they reach out to a number of A-10/MAC/Big East etc. teams to bring in but the vast majority of those teams are, frankly, too scared to take a road game against a school like us. Why won't Maryland come play us at SECU even if it was a 2 or 3 for 1? Same goes for a Georgetown or a Virginia/VA Tech or a West Virginia. It's because those coaches look at it as a no-win proposition. They don't feel like they need to come into the Baltimore market with their team to mine recruiting and playing against someone like us does nothing for their power rating especially if they should happen to <gasp> lose to us. As a result, we have to scrounge around and get what we can. Personally, I think it's right that we play the Baltimore teams just like I think it's right that all the Philly teams play against each other (even more so if Drexel gets left out). We can't help it that those teams might be down or that people in Baltimore aren't basketball fans enough to pay attention to the locals. I also give Pat and Tim credit for getting us into these various tournaments these last couple of years. Fort Myers was perfect for us, Bahamas was the right class but we weren't ready for it, and Charleston is definitely a step up but it'll be a great barometer to show us what we need to do for the conference season. As for the Goucher game, I don't like it from the standpoint that it's a D3 game that's essentially an exhibition. But having it as the 2nd game of the season and a tune-up before Florida and the Charleston Tournament will get everyone a good amount of reps because depth is going to be necessary in 3 games in 3 days against 3 likely difficult opponents. I'm just curious to hear others' opinions on who they think we should be bringing in and if they understand how scheduling these games works.
  5. Chris Datres

    2019 OOC opponents

    What's your solution then?
  6. Chris Datres

    2019 OOC opponents

    No surprise you'd have that reaction.
  7. Chris Datres

    Gary Neal, Jamal White set to be inducted in HOF

    Don't think you can really argue with anyone on that induction list.
  8. Chris Datres

    3 Point Line Being Moved Back

    There might be a negligible dip in percentages in the first year but it won't take long for players to adjust. There aren't too many out there who barely have their toes outside the line when they take 3's. I don't think 17 inches is going to make a giant difference as far as the quantity of shots taken. What it might end up doing is forcing teams who have to defend against those 3-point teams to come out far enough that it ends up opening more traffic lanes to the basket. In the good old days of the Princeton offense, I'm sure Pete Carril would be salivating at the opportunities a pushed-up defense would afford.
  9. Chris Datres

    2019 OOC opponents

    There's a chance we could get Florida twice in less than a 10-day span. Good for the strength of schedule.
  10. Chris Datres

    2019 OOC opponents

    *perk* *checks calendar* Yesssssss, not the week I'm away for a tournament. Sign me up!!
  11. Chris Datres

    Struggling to find words

    As Spiro called the final play and it got to 7 seconds, I’m like ‘just take a penalty’. Can’t let their best player even have a sniff of a chance. Unfortunately, this is what we do with lacrosse - can’t put games away. Drexel, Duke, Denver, Ohio State in the Final Four a couple years ago. Gotta play to win and stop this ‘play it safe’ business.
  12. Chris Datres

    Struggling to find words

    I have some words - stop playing the f’ing clock game!!! I know you have to kill most of that time but get into something with more than 15 on the shot clock. Just like a basketball team playing for one but the point guard pounds the ball and chucks a 30-footer. We nearly got burned last week. We did get burned today. And it’s capped off by a damn turnover in OT. At least get a shot in overtime and then you can say you tried.
  13. Chris Datres

    Future opponents

    I'd also prefer to play them in week 0 or week 1 since it really doesn't matter what our skill level is coming out of the summer, we're gonna get whacked anyway. A lot depends on when those 1-A opponents have spots available. In Florida's case, they always play Tennessee the 3rd week of September to open SEC play and usually have at least one cupcake in the first two weeks of the season. But this year, they got into a week 0 game against Miami in Orlando and the SEC saddled them with another conference game during week 2. So we're the sandwich game between a home game vs. the Vols and a home game vs. Auburn.
  14. Chris Datres

    Tigers are CAA Champions!

    Beating Delaware and Drexel to win a championship is like having Halloween and Easter on back-to-back days as a kid. Those Game of Thrones characters could take some lessons from us on how to slay a dragon. Hopefully we play on Saturday cuz I'll be on a flight Sunday afternoon during when gametime would likely be.
  15. Chris Datres


    https://towsontigers.com/news/2019/5/2/records-abound-as-mens-lacrosse-advances-to-caa-title-game.aspx SUCK IT, CHICKENS!!! McNallen gets my MVP vote for the way he DOMINATED the X tonite. We seemed to be having trouble the last couple of games with Woodall out and this kid stepped in and just tore it up. We get the same performance on Saturday from him and I'll feel pretty good about our chances. I thought the turning point in the game was getting the 3-2 goal from the other side of midfield. Why the F would Delaware set up their goalie to play a pass and leave the net wide open? Yeah, it's a bit of a stretch to think someone could hit it but at that point in the game, we were scuffling on offense and that goal sort of opened things up for us a bit, leading to a 3-0 run. 3rd quarter was total domination and the kind of thing that you love to see when in a close situation. Now let's go kick some Dragon ass on Saturday.

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