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  1. Chris Datres

    Other Fall Sports

    Seems to be standard practice to 1)wish the outgoing ‘nothing but the best’ (too bad there aren’t some that would say ‘I hated their guts’) and 2)have security escort a person out, regardless of the industry, so they don’t go nuclear and start deleting and/or corrupting files.
  2. Chris Datres

    MBB falls to St. Joe's 78-76 in exhibition play

    I think I heard Joe Lunatic say on the broadcast that they were picked 12th in the A-10
  3. Chris Datres

    MBB falls to St. Joe's 78-76 in exhibition play

    In the end, it doesn't count and that's probably a good thing. I was disappointed with the defensive rebounding effort in the 2nd half and also with the lack of finishing ability in the lane. Thompson has been here for 4 years and he still can't seem to take it strong at the basket, instead fading from contact. Timberlake was also doing that in the 2nd half on his takes to the basket. Yes, you have to avoid charges but more often than not, we're beating defenders to that spot and not powering through it. The free throw misses down the stretch were unnerving as well. On the positive side, the ball movement was really good and we had a number of open looks, especially in the first half. And since it was an exhibition, Pat was running some rotations, especially late, that I don't think he'd run in a regular season game. I can't see Hicks getting that many meaningful minutes in a tight ballgame. He got them today and he struggled with it. Russell made a 3 but I wouldn't want him taking that shot all that much. I'd rather he slash and look for opportunities in the lane. Until that BS charge call on Holden with 30 seconds left, Russell was on his way to the lane for a potential something before the whistle sounded. Sylla is another that has potential to be assertive but there is a jump involved from D2 to D1 and to me, he showed that he has a couple rungs to go to get there. I was disappointed we didn't see more of Conway today. I have a feeling that if this were a regular season game, this wouldn't have been the result. I was also disappointed with the final sequence. Timberlake, as a senior, has to recognize that a defender up on him like that means he has to go to the basket, especially in a 2-point game. He didn't need to hoist up a desperation shot there as he still had plenty of time to pass it off or drive.
  4. Chris Datres

    Other Fall Sports

    Big win out of women's soccer in the tournament quarterfinals last night. Unbelievably, that's the program's first tournament win as a CAA member. Coach Vettori has certainly turned this ship around. Semifinal game vs Hofstra on Sunday afternoon.
  5. Chris Datres

    New Coach Thread

    I do not know the number but I've been told that we're bottom 3 in the conference.
  6. Chris Datres

    New Coach Thread

    For whoever it is we decide to go after, let's hope that the proper amount of funds are appropriated for it. Our pool for assistant coaches isn't all that great and a lead guy may be pretty hesitant to come here if he can't pay his assistants the right amount, whatever that is. Madam President is going to have to start caring about athletics enough to open up the purse strings if she doesn't want to be angry like the rest of us in future football seasons.
  7. Chris Datres

    No. 14 Elon beats up on Football 27-10

    I love the spin on the news releases -- "Football keeps it close until the 4th quarter..." We lead the league in moral victories on these releases and not just in football.
  8. Chris Datres

    2022-23 General MBB Thread

    https://twitter.com/RoccoMiller8/status/1577342564939681793?s=20&t=y-uCr8SqtblQRAX-5_iJ9A Yeah, the website is a little slow on the change. I was on a plane when I saw it so I couldn't link the tweet source. But here it is. Read through the thread to understand how the rest of the teams are being shuffled throughout this event.
  9. Chris Datres

    2022-23 General MBB Thread

    And of course, things change. Instead of the Jackbunnies on Friday, we now get Fairfield.
  10. Chris Datres

    Punchless Tigers fall to No. 6 Delaware 24-10

    So much for having that offensive coordinator pedigree as a head coach.
  11. Chris Datres

    Football falls to UNH 37-14

    Dropping down a division is absurd. Dropping the coach is an excellent idea. When you're supposed to be an offensive mind and you constantly put out these results, not just in these first 4 games, but throughout the last 3-4 years and you fail to develop any quarterback that you bring into this program whether they be transfer or recruited from HS (other than Flacco) in the last 5-6 years, you've failed at your job. The offense is a joke. The playcalling is a joke. The clock management is a constant joke. The defense is a comedy troupe -- no pass rush, no fill, no blitzing, no attack, all cushion. The only somewhat capable individual is the punter and then special teams goes and wastes his best punt of the day by allowing the return for a TD. Getting burned by an onside kick on the opening kickoff is on the entire staff -- lack of preparation. Fortunately, there's a new AD in town with hopefully a fresh perspective and can take a clean, unbiased look at the program. Barring a miracle turnaround, it's over. Time to cut bait and find new blood.
  12. Chris Datres

    2022-23 General MBB Thread

    Schedule for Savannah Invitational posted on the tournament's website. Tickets now on sale. We've got South Dakota State Friday, South Alabama Saturday, and Mercer Sunday. https://enmarketarena.com/HHCClassic/
  13. Chris Datres

    We're on to UNH....Tigers fall to West Virginia 65-7

    Part II has been a pox on this defense for at least as long as the Championship Game year. It's unnerving to watch def. coordinator after def. coordinator come in here and not run an attacking style of defense, especially when it comes to long yardage situations. Here ya go, catch it after 15 yards and then we'll tackle you to move the sticks. Bring a blitz or 3 and let the corners press cover.
  14. Chris Datres

    Volleyball 2022

    Pretty stunning result but when you look at the way the match played out, we were definitely the dominant team. After having a thousand turn out at the last home game, it would be great if our new athletic department can spin this weekend's results into something big for the two Hampton games this coming weekend. Pack the house and make it the toughest place any of the opponents will play this season. We're thisclose to being called a volleyball school. 😎
  15. Chris Datres

    Bucknell preview

    Line is 20 1/2. Until researching Lehigh last night for a potential play, I didn't realize just how bad Bucknell was last season. Hopefully the line is right and we can have a comfortable evening.

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