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  1. Chris Datres

    Tigers in the NFL thread

    Jordan Dangerfield sighting on the punt team for the Steelers.
  2. Chris Datres

    Towson embarrassed 38-21 to Albany

    In positive news, Street made #2 on Sportscenter's Top Plays.
  3. Chris Datres

    Towson embarrassed 38-21 to Albany

    I know we're banged up on defense but it's not the personnel, it's the scheme. We could have the members of the 2000 Ravens in their prime as our defense and that scheme would F it up. Albany looked at that tape of Nova and Florida and they salivated. Same old shit every freakin week -- let em hit the short stuff, let em convert 3rd and 4th downs, no pressure on the QB, just an absolute sieve. Only reason why we got 14 points was because Albany stepped on themselves inside their own 10 and gave it to us. If that's the way we come off a bye week, then we might wanna skip right to hoops season because there ain't much optimism left for this season.
  4. Chris Datres

    How was Gainesville?

    I’ve had previous experiences at Florida so I knew a little of what to expect. Stadium was about 70% full which isn’t surprising given the opponent. I had a mile walk to the stadium and passed by a few tailgates and was asked about us - where we’re located, who we play, are we any good. When I mentioned Flacco, they all knew that name. I didn’t encounter any sort of negativity anywhere around the stadium nor did I expect any. A quirk in Florida’s schedule has them playing 3 straight weeks of Tigers, 4 overall. So a frat house across the street from the stadium had a large banner that said ‘Beat the Towson Auburn LSU Missouri Tigers.’ Inside the stadium, our section was pretty much left alone even though we were surrounded by students. There were a couple of idiots here and there yelling at Aiden as he was kicking into the net or calling us Tow-suck. But otherwise, no sort of hostilities. The place was loud but I’ve heard it much louder. Of course, our guys have never seen a crowd that big so I wonder what they thought of all that noise. I stood out by the buses after the game and the majority of the players were upbeat and had smiles on their faces when they came out. Stover was real fired up about getting to play. Came over to get a pic with his family after the clock hit zeroes and he had a huge smile. Despite the result, it feels like they truly enjoyed the experience.
  5. Chris Datres

    No. 9 Florida shuts out Tigers, 38-0

    Impressions from the front row... 1. It's incredibly frustrating to have moved the ball on all 3 drives in the first half but then get the gun out and shoot ourselves in the foot with it. A dropped snap, a missed FG, a missed blocking assignment...all these things cause fans to pound the bleachers in agony. It would be nice if when we get into these 1-A games that we stop doing stupid stuff to ourselves that caused missed opportunities. 2. I thought the O-line was outstanding in that first half. We're not leading TOP by them being swivel doors. While they weren't opening up massive holes, they were at least winning the LOS long enough to get the necessary yardage to move down the field. They just ran out of gas in the 2nd half and Florida's got too many athletes and speed, plus they were bringing a couple extra guys knowing they could limit Flacco's time in the pocket. 3. Special teams was awful. This is something I come to expect from Towson teams. I know Aiden is a decent kicker but it just seems like whenever we get into one of these games, the special teams lets us down and missing a pretty simple kick and then getting a kick blocked (not the kicker's fault in that case, the rush was immense) just furthers the bias in this fan's mind that our special teams will never be fully reliable. Also, will someone teach the kick returners that they can call a fair catch inside the field of play and get the ball at the 25? Every time we tried a return, I don't think we made it past the 20. 4. The defense. I'm sorry but this is unacceptable. Whatever we did in the 2nd half against Maine hasn't carried over. Nova had an insanely high percentage in 3rd/4th down conversions and Florida had zero problem making things work on those downs today. Mullen preaches that his QB will take what the defense gives him. Trask completed 18 in a row because all he had to do was dink and dunk down the field since we give up an incredible amount of cushion. Ya know what, let's see if the QB can hit a deep ball. Stop giving a 7-yard cushion when it's 3rd and 5. Whatever other passing teams that are on our schedule have to be salivating at the opportunities available after watching film of these last 2 games. We had Florida in a number of 3rd down situations today and all but twice in the first 3 quarters, they succeeded. Today, who cares...but a league game and it kills your season. 5. Proud of the way the guys fought today. They didn't give up. They belonged on the field with Florida for the first half. I wish we could have put some points on the board on those first 2 drives of the game and I wish that we'd have been a little bit more urgent with Stover in the game in the last 2 1/2 minutes (never know when he may have to run a 2-minute drill). But the biggest thing as said here is no injuries and hopefully we can use this bye week to get ourselves right and start smoking teams like we're capable of.
  6. Chris Datres

    Not an excuse but...

    Given that we have the bye week following Florida, I'd find it highly unlikely to see these players at the Swamp on Saturday. Makes no sense to sacrifice your conference season on a 1-A game if you have significant bumps and bruises.
  7. Chris Datres

    Poor decision not to go on offense first in OT

    Doesn't matter who it is, EVERY team goes defense first in OT so they know what they need to get in the bottom half of that first inning. I was thinking that had we scored a TD to match Nova's that we'd go for 2 and try to win it right there. I'd have had no problem with that decision. But to go pass-pass on 3rd/4th and 1 from the 7 was a giant mistake. We have the big back in Yeedee, if we can't get that 1 yard on 2 plays, then we don't deserve it. Between that and the defensive breakdowns throughout the game and especially on the final drive, those are the things that bother me the most about this one. Had 4-0/2-0 right there for us and we gave it away.
  8. Chris Datres

    Florida Roll Call

    Well, now that we pissed away an opportunity to have Gameday show up in Gainesville for our game... Who's making the trip to join me in the Swamp on Saturday?
  9. Chris Datres

    Florida game time announcement

    Ideal time for tailgates and getting home in time for the night games. Thankfully, 4:00 means the Florida heat will be waning a bit AND our sideline will be in shade for 3/4 of the game. Had this been a noon game, our sideline would be broiling. Only drawback of a 4pm start is the potential for the daily thunderstorms so hopefully we can avoid that. At least now I don't have to leave at 8am to get thru traffic and deal with Gainesville parking.
  10. Chris Datres

    Citadel beat Georgia Tech

    Any time you beat a team that has or then goes on to beat a 1-A team (no matter who it is), you’re gonna get a little extra credit. Or does that only work for UNH?
  11. Chris Datres

    No. 8 Tigers demolish No. 9 Black Bears, 45-23

    Kentucky was missing 2 DL and got one booted for targeting in the 4th quarter. Stoops lost them this game by some of his decision making on both sides of the ball. Also didn't help that they got a little conservative on offense once they got inside the target zone and they left it on the freshman kicker to hit a 35-yarder from the right hash but he never got enough draw on the ball. Trask looked decent in the pocket but he really wasn't pressured too much and did have the presence of mind on a broken option play to flip it as he was going down for a loss.
  12. Chris Datres

    No. 8 Tigers demolish No. 9 Black Bears, 45-23

    And I 100% stand behind what I said. You have a dynamic playmaker who can take the ball to the house every time he touches the ball so why wouldn't you give him that opportunity while in all that space. This injury could have happened just as easily on a 2-yard dive play given the way knees and ankles just buckle nowadays. Look at the Florida QB who broke his leg/ankle last nite on a simple scramble that he got twisted around in. Actually, don't watch it...not a pretty injury. It sucks that Shane's out but let's not question the 'how'.
  13. Chris Datres


    Good motivation for the newcomers to get one of their own after seeing their teammates all giddy.
  14. Make sure you get us a good seed, Tim!! https://towsontigers.com/news/2019/8/26/general-leonard-to-serve-as-chair-of-ncaa-di-mens-lacrosse-committee-for-2019-20.aspx
  15. Chris Datres

    Final scrimmage update

    A number of Penn State fans (not me) had similar hand-wringing about Saquon Barkley bringing kicks back but that worked out pretty well. I think you try to get the ball in the hands of your playmakers as many times as you can and Shane's speed on a KOR can be a big field position changer much like it was against Delaware. Can't go through these games worrying about injuries.

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