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  1. Chris Datres

    Football routs URI 28-7 on Homecoming

    Ball control, taking care of it, and great defense is an excellent winning formula. It might not be exciting but it gets the job done.
  2. Chris Datres

    Football holds on to beat Stony Brook 21-14

    Well there's a surprise.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the game was on Stadium, which I magically get through YouTube TV so I tuned in once I saw we were up 7-0. Big mistake. What I saw was a lot of horizontal passes that gained a yard and inaccuracies when throwing downfield and a defense that, while quick, couldn't figure out how to tackle and gave up extra yards. So at 21-7, I turned it off to go back to concentrating on the golf. Look again and see 21-14 at halftime and I knew we were getting the ball first. OK, I'll tune in again. Blocked punt for a TD and I'm out. Why is it that our special teams often finds a way to bungle something? Though, any coach worth their salt would take one look at our punt formation (at least the one that was set up on the block) and have it figured out by the 3rd time we punted. I'm not sure why some teams have to put these spread formations for punt safe when it all it takes is one fast guy on the other side to exploit the hole and blow it up. They put up more points than I expected they would (Vegas expected score based on spread and o/u was 32-9) on a SDSU team that is known for the defense and running game. But what I saw out there today doesn't give me much encouragement that the rest of the conference season is going to be anything more than mediocre.
  4. The QB play was horrid, there's no sugarcoating that. That being said, UNH gave us plenty of opportunities because of their own mistakes. But I go back to something I had said in preseason -- if the staff is saying great things about the talent on defense, then let's unleash that talent. Instead, we let Coyne or Coyle or whoever that guy was run roughshod over us in the first half. Zero pass rush, zero blitz, zero coverage. It's the same BS that we've seen with the defense since 2013. Despite all of the offense's f-up's, they got it to 20-14 at the beginning of the 4th quarter and the defense immediately gives up a drive for a score. Get a freakin stop on that possession and things could have been a lot different and we escape with a win. As for the playcalling inside the 10 in the last 5 minutes, I think the coaching staff gets a bad case of hubris and tries to prove that a pass play is the right play. Could have easily run on first down from the 9 and the 4th down call was the type that should get the OC fired. But again, you can't turn the ball over 4 times as well as once on downs inside the 10 and expect to win any game, let alone one on the road.
  5. Chris Datres

    Is JMU leaving the CAA?

    Let em go. ODU football has been non-existent since leaving the CAA. What's Mason done in basketball since leaving the CAA for the A-10? Not saying that the CAA is the be-all, end-all but the wins don't always follow whatever extra money you might get for being in a 'bigger' conference.
  6. Chris Datres

    Second Scrimmage Review

    And you'd be like the owner from the movie 'Major League', hoping that the team is just bad enough that you can move it to Miami...or in this case, get the coaches out. If the defense is this experienced, I would hope we're smart enough on the sidelines to unleash them and play as aggressive as you can. None of this cover-2 crap that doesn't work or not taking advantage of the speed by sitting back instead of sending extras on QB pressures. When you haven't played in almost 2 years and you have a ton of new players, the defense is often going to be ahead of the offense so they may have to set the tone the first couple of games of the season until the offense can catch up.
  7. Chris Datres

    Did anyone else get the "Towson Athletics Stakeholder Survey"?

    Didn't get it but would love to take it.
  8. I think Louis Bullock for Michigan was from somewhere around DC so it was billed as a bit of a home game for him as well.
  9. After seeing Abilene Christian beat Texas and Loyola smack Illinois in the NCAA Tournament, it made me think that all of these P5 teams are foolish for not scheduling just one simple road game at a lower-end non-con opponent. If you're a Bill Self or a Coach K or a Jay Wright, why wouldn't you subject your team to a hostile environment against a much lesser team in November or December to give them an idea of what they could run into if they earn that expected high seed in the Tournament? But no, if Duke is gonna play a Temple or Maryland is gonna play us, etc, they have to do it at a neutral site/big arena rather than expose their kids to an actual pressure game that could pay dividends down the line. I'd think that a Michigan would rather lose to Oakland in November than ignore them and then get upset as a 3 seed in the Tournament. Not only would it help the high major get a little bit of experience in that type of game, it would also help grow the game a bit more across the board. It's one game in November or December. If they're a pretty decent team, a potential loss shouldn't be an issue for their Tourney hopes.
  10. Chris Datres

    FCS semifinals today

    Certainly not sad about today's results. In fact, it's pretty funny to see the Chickens get smashed and JMU yak a lead. I'm going to be in the Frisco area next week and I didn't want to run across any enemy markings. Now maybe they'll be banged up for the fall season but that's doubtful.
  11. Chris Datres

    MLax faces Drexel in regular season finale

    Oh I’m not advocating for a coaching change, especially with the contract extension he signed a year or two ago. They need one or two guys that can ensure a closing attitude in the 4th quarter. A lot of this year’s losses could have gone the other way and we’d be singing a much sweeter tune.
  12. Chris Datres

    MLax faces Drexel in regular season finale

    How many big games under Nadelen has his team yakked a 4th quarter lead? Seems to be too many. Pretty embarrassing that we can’t even make the conference tournament.
  13. Chris Datres

    Spring FCS Playoffs...

    *checks bracket* *sees UNH didn’t make it* *declares whole thing a sham*
  14. Chris Datres

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    I refuse to get suckered into any more optimism about any more transfers unless I actually know who they are and/or have seen them play. 2nd team all-conference? Team captain? Team's 2nd-leading scorer? Grrrrrreat. And then they get here and turn into lemons or in Holland's case, never sees the floor. I'll reserve judgment to when the ball gets tipped in November.
  15. Chris Datres

    2021-22 Transfer Thread

    Northeastern's Tyson Walker runs off to Sparty. Byeeeeeee

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