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  1. ReverendRemulak

    Defense, Hunter lift Football over Villanova 27-3

    Back to back wins feels great. Hunter is an absolute stud. Would be great for the seniors to end their careers on a nice run and for the program to have some momentum heading into the regime change.
  2. ReverendRemulak

    #12 W&M routs Football 44-24

    What else is there to say at this point? There is really nothing to be happy about right now with regard to this program. New regime can't come soon enough. Dr. Steve and co. have a lot of work to do.
  3. I'm pretty nervous for the future of our program and FCS as a whole. Several of the schools that have moved up in recent years have done well (JMU, App St., Coastal, Liberty) and I'm sure there are other consistently successful FCS programs who think they could do the same. For those of you who want to see us drop down a division, I fear you might get your wish when all is said and done because I do not see FCS/D1-AA continuing as-is and we are not even close to ready to move to FBS. Strange times.
  4. ReverendRemulak

    General Football News

    I hate everything about JMU, but that’s cool for them.
  5. ReverendRemulak

    It's early, but who would you start?

    Hicks, Timberlake, Cam, Sylla, CT This team has options. I could see Conway starting over Hicks and Russell for Sylla. The depth is looking great and we have a team that can move pieces around and play against the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent.
  6. ReverendRemulak

    No. 14 Elon beats up on Football 27-10

    I wonder the same thing. I can’t find a reason why we aren’t putting the best players on the field. It’s not like what we are doing is working anyway, so why not shake things up a bit?
  7. ReverendRemulak

    General Football News

    Big fan of the Tiger Town idea. Here's hoping it's a good experience and draws a crowd. It would be great for current students to have something like what Lot 5 was for many of us.
  8. ReverendRemulak


    No, they've repeatedly called for us to cut football. They're also under the impression that if you don't constantly trash RA and the team, you're thrilled with the way things are going.
  9. ReverendRemulak

    College Football at this level

    I think the conference moves we're seeing in FBS are indicative of where CFB in general is headed. The truly big time schools will continue to separate themselves from the rest of the pack and a lot of schools will be left in a sort of no man's land. To the point made before, I think the kid who plays well at a "lesser" FBS school and then looks to transfer to the SEC/B1G/whatever other super conference pops up will happen more and more. FCS, in general, seems to be for the less heralded recruits or for FBS players who transfer "down" for one reason or another. Wouldn't be thrilled to be a fan of a team moving up to FBS right about now.
  10. ReverendRemulak

    MLax thread

    You make good points. I definitely like Nads and what he's done for the program. Respect him not jumping ship after the Final Four run too. I think it's easy for me to look at final records and where our season ends and lose sight of the successes in a season, like those you listed. I'd love to see us turn it around this year and have some momentum heading into next season.
  11. ReverendRemulak

    MLax thread

    A valid question. I'm not 100% sure I'm there yet, but barring some sort of miraculous turnaround it'll be hard to argue against making a change. The drop off since 2017 has been really frustrating and, as someone else mentioned, the growth of the game is going to make it more difficult for us to recruit well and keep up with the bigger schools.
  12. ReverendRemulak

    MBB falls to Wake Forest 74-64 in the NIT

    First half was hard to watch. That slow start ultimately killed us, but I'm proud of how the team didn't quit and made it a game (sort of) in the second half. Rally disappointed with some of the guard play last night and that was the same way I felt during the CAAT. Poor shooting, both in selection and execution, and playing out of control at times. On another note, the WF fans calling our players "thugs" should be embarrassed.
  13. ReverendRemulak

    CAA Tournament Thread

    Boy am I glad that Wilmington fans don’t get to see their team dance. They’ve been really obnoxious this year. Here’s hoping UD gets bounced quickly.
  14. ReverendRemulak

    Charles Thompson

    As much as the early part of the season was the Cam show, the back half was all about CT. I love the kid. I genuinely believe that we are playing today if he was 100% yesterday. We're lucky that we get at least another year out of him.
  15. ReverendRemulak

    CAA Tournament Thread

    This final is really a worst case scenario. I think Wilmington's luck finally runs out and UD takes it.

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