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  1. I just read my post from our semifinals loss to CoC last year… Groundhog Day.
  2. We wasted a truly great defensive performance. All game I was complaining that we would get a stop or TO and either turn it right back to CoC or chuck up a bad shot. The lack of a half court offense continues to be a major problem. I said it in the chat - we often look like a group of guys playing pickup who don’t really know each other. We just sort of play around until it’s time to shoot.
  3. Unsurprising, and yet I’m still crushed. Another year, another “almost.”
  4. ReverendRemulak

    Towson shocks No. 14/17 UNH 54-51 in overtime

    What a win. I’ll admit that somewhere in the second half I had my mind made up that the game was over. Very glad to look foolish on that. Impressive performance from the offense, with Kent in particular deserving a lot of praise. I’m not going to expect this every week, but damn does it feel good right now. I’m officially trusting the process.
  5. ReverendRemulak

    2023 General Football News

    Interesting that he's on the defensive side of things. Hope he does well.
  6. ReverendRemulak

    2023-24 WBB Thread

    Can you elaborate, or point us in the direction of where we can learn more? I haven’t seen or heard anything.
  7. ReverendRemulak

    Thoughts on Timberlake?

    Kansas will be my #2 team this year. Grateful for his time as a Tiger and wishing him all the best at KU.
  8. ReverendRemulak

    It’s official: Messiah Jones to Towson

    Like clockwork...
  9. ReverendRemulak

    2023-24 Transfer Thread

    Those Dulaney teams had some serious talent. Got to see them play in person a few times. Che Evans was arguably the biggest name on those teams and he ended up transferring from SDSU to UTEP to USC Upstate. I would not have guessed that none of those kids would have stuck at their original school. Nature of the beast that is the transfer portal I suppose.
  10. ReverendRemulak

    MLax thread for 2022 and 2023

    Hammer that. We are going to get abused. Hoping for a miracle, but this program is in a bad way right now.
  11. ReverendRemulak

    MBB falls to Charleston in Semifinals 77-72

    Completely agree. People are as high on Towson as I've ever seen in my time as a fan and we need to keep that going. We have to keep this program moving forward and I have serious concerns about what the next few years will look like if we keep the status quo.
  12. ReverendRemulak

    MBB falls to Charleston in Semifinals 77-72

    The second half was maybe the most Towson way to lose. Have the lead and momentum, come out flat and choke it away, and then claw back to give us hope just to have our hearts completely broken at the end. Plenty of missed opportunities and head scratching "offense" throughout the second half especially. I never like to complain too much about refs, but they were bad last night. Calls were not consistent on both ends. I'm not going to pretend that's why we lost though. Despite some seeing it as blasphemous to say anything positive about this program or these players, I'll miss the Occasionally Big 3. They were inconsistent and frustrating at times, but when they were on it was a ton of fun to watch. I thought they had something special, and I suppose they did at times, but we just couldn't get over the hump. It's going to be hard to look back and feel anything besides disappointment about the last two years because of how these teams underperformed in March. I'm not going to blame things 100% on Pat (he doesn't miss the FTs, make guys chuck up insanely bad shots, forget how to rebound, etc.), but he's the common denominator here. I'm glad that we aren't a consistent bottom feeder anymore (not asking for a 20 win banner or parade, nor is anyone else - relax) and that we all have ever-growing expectations for this program. That said, it feels like we're stuck in the mud. Good enough to hover around 20 wins and be competitive during the regular season. And then, March. I agree with the sentiment that Dr. Steve has a chance here to make a statement about the future of the program. Is where we are good enough? Or do we want more? Here's hoping we hit the transfer portal lotto and don't have a lost season next year.
  13. I strongly dislike UNCW fans, but I'd be mad too if an opposing player did that to us. Cam is a complete headcase. Opposing coaches should be letting their guys know to try and frustrate Cam because it's just a matter of time before he gets T'd up/ejected. I'm really sick of it. On the happier side of things, I'm glad the team didn't have the same loser talk energy as some on this board and fought back and got the dub. Love to see a freshman with the big shot at the end of a game. This year as we approach the first week of March, the most trying of times for a Towson basketball fan, I am choosing cautious optimism. I won't get ahead of myself as I did last year and I won't let myself completely succumb to the doom and gloom. One game at a time, fellas.
  14. ReverendRemulak

    MBB Collapses in 2nd half against Charleston 83-75

    I know we aren't supposed to be positive about anything related to this team, so I apologize in advance 2012, but Nick has been awesome lately. I think he has 25+ in 5 of our last 7? Most career 3 pointers is pretty cool and he has a shot at the single season record as well. Moving beyond the positive from the game, I've said it before and I'll scream it over and over - if CT or Cam could consistently step up and play to even 50% of their potential, we would be a threat to make a run. Maybe if we don't foul so much (they shot 35 free throws!) or could hit our free throws (even the worst FT shooting teams can manage to shoot above 58%) we're feeling better today. I'm fully aware that if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry Christmas so it doesn't really matter. Just extremely frustrated. It was said over and over that this game didn't matter and I get that. I didn't expect us to win. It's just so annoying when we go out and do the Towson thing of almost getting there and falling apart. The program feels stuck. We aren't the 1-31 team anymore, but we aren't doing much more than 19-20 wins and an early exit from the tournament at best. I'm sick at the idea of looking back at this team and the last two years and having very little to show for it. Here's hoping I'm wrong.
  15. ReverendRemulak

    Charleston II preview

    While I do think tonight is going to be an uphill battle, I absolutely believe that we can win. Going into their house and leaving with a W would be huge for the boys. I'm not sure I buy into the logic that winning tonight will make it harder to beat them again if we see them in the tournament. I think that proving we can run with and beat the top teams in the conference could be a huge confidence boost as we get closer to DC. Could just be that I don't see any games as meaningless and always want to see us win, period. Side note, is there a reason that Towson doesn't sell jerseys? Drives me nuts.

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